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Just Visiting [AFWC]

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posted on Jan, 2 2010 @ 04:53 PM
Just Visiting [AFWC]

It starts as a little tickle. If I ignore it it grows into a minor irritant. Unanswered the urge overwhelms everything else. Eventually the need takes over and I have to go back. So why fight it? It has happened enough times that now I start moving with the first little twinge.

No big deal, I tell myself. It isn’t that far as the crow flies. I just head out and zero in on the old place. I was born there you know. Left when I got drafted. Memories of home got me through most of my worst nights in ‘Nam. I owe it to the old place to visit once in a while. I like to think of it as a mutual quieting, soothing, return to normality.

Only reason I used to resist the call was I hate to see how much has changed. How can any change to the best place in the world be an improvement? No, I hate to see changes. But, what can you do?

There it is! Just west of the Baptist Cemetery. Third house on the right. Damn, they painted it. Was always white with blue trim now gray with red trim. Looks gaudy. Cretans!

Key under the backdoor welcome mat – some things never change. An electric range where my mom had a perfectly functional wood stove. Last time I was out here it was a gas range – every new tenant has to make changes. Really steams me – no pun intended. Sure the old white porcelain sink had a few rust stains but these assholes put in an American Standard double bowl stainless steel sink that is just so inappropriate – why do these jerks buy a great old country house and citify it?

That wallpaper has to go. Hey, not my fault if they didn’t attach it so very well. A little pealing just gives the place a lived in feel. Don’t cha think? And add a little stain to the carpet – hey, it’s almost the same color as the old sink’s stain – they toss out one iron based stain and I return a slightly different iron based stain. Gives the place a died in look – don’t cha think? Can’t undo the changes but can neutralize them – eh?

From the master bedroom, “Footsteps on the stairs? Honey, did you hear footsteps on the stairs?”

“No, just the old house settling – go back to sleep, Sweety.”

I pass Honey and Sweety’s door on little cat’s feet, a trick I learned only to well from Victor Charlie, and enter into my old room and of course they have made it into a nursery. No imagination. The third time a new owner has decided my room should be a nursery! And a handmade cradle – how precious. Shoddy Amish workmanship unless I miss my guess. Not like my nice little shaker bed. Change for the sake of change really gripes my nanny! Gets my goat! Makes me want to scream! Oh, sorry baby did I wake you? Let me rock your cutesy little cradle.

“Rock a bye baby,
Rock really hard,
Bounce out of the cradle,
Carried down, out into the yard.”

There is no use crying baby the need to move is upon us. The urge to undo change. Turn left on the street and head back to the cemetery. That is as far as they brought me when I was shipped home from war. They said I almost made it home. You’ll like it there. Quiet and nothing ever changes. Well at least until someone else buys the old place and rouses me back.

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 09:11 PM
reply to post by urwatu8

Aww thats sad!!

I loved writing from the hanters point of view instead of the hauntee

S & F

posted on Jan, 16 2010 @ 10:34 AM
i dont quite understand this story?

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