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Can a traitors word be believed?

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posted on Jan, 2 2010 @ 03:27 PM
Or who do you trust?

Major Scott Ritter, U.S. Marine Corps – Former Marine Corps Intelligence Officer and Chief Weapons Inspector for the United Nations Special Commission in Iraq 1991 - 1998.
"You articulated the one argument that I support whole-heartedly, which is the absolute requirement to find out what happened; that the 9/11 Commission's Report is inadequate to the task. And that until they answer all the questions, you will leave open, at least in the mind of certain individuals, the possibility of collusion, the possibility of conspiracy ...

Do you know this guy, he was involved in the 'CAPT Scott Speicher investigation in 1995. All indications are that he sold out to the Iraqi government and misled and misreported the findings of the search team he was on. Had this team done their job and the truth was given to the US at that time CAPT Speichers remains would have been recovered in 1995 not 2009! Investigations into his actions were sealed by the govt. but information leaked was that the Iraqi govt paid him millions. At the time of his being involved in the Speicher search he was in the position of a UN weapons inspector ~ who constantly said Saddam did not have any weapons, he did have a tough time explaining how a bioweapon killed hundreds of iraqi citizens north of Tikrit. He was one of the voices that said we were mistreating Saddam and his govt.

Like it or not, Maj. Scott Ritter had it right all along.

Most of the rest of us, from the president to his key advisers, such as Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell, Rice, Wolfowitz and Tenet, to the majority of Congress and to most of the talking heads – including the pre-Iraq War NBC analyst David Kay, who reported WMDs (weapons of mass destruction) behind every Iraqi sand dune – blew it big-time when it came down to the awesome arsenal that Saddam had supposedly squirreled away.

Ritter, the United Nations' chief weapons inspector in Iraq until 1998, took us all on – virtually alone, against incredible odds – stating, "Iraq is not a threat to the U.S." and begging the American people to take charge and not "sit back and allow your government to go to war against Iraq ... [without all] the facts on the table to back this war up."

France, Germany, America, Russia, et al. all sold Iraq the stuff so we know they had it and the NSA tracked where it went. Why does the media and the government still say no WMDs?

Is he a patriot, a traitor, a double agent obeying his government at all costs?
Who do you trust?

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