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Radical Jewish sect spends Sabbath in Gaza

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posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 11:39 AM
Israel is probably the biggest terrorist threat in the entire middle east region. They just terrorize brown people with a different religion, with America's weapons... So I guess that makes them freedom fighters, or something.. Kind of like Oli North's Contra's, or the CIA coup which lead to the Chilean dictator/fascist Pinochet....

And we wonder why they hate us..

posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 11:41 AM

Originally posted by December_Rain
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I did not read your post beyond the OP before putting link to the website. I see you have already discovered their link
, should've known nothing escapes you.

I was truly curious to learn more about this sect. I am surprised so few other people here on ATS are.

With all the threads regarding Israel and Palestine, Iran and the Middle East and the quick accusations of critics of Zionist being anti-Semitic you would think it would be comforting for people to know about this Hebrew Sect and their own very serious anti-Zionism.

Thanks for posting friend.

posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 11:44 AM
I actually came upon their website trying to find the question, Why was Israel created? As per some sources I came across it said it was thru Zionist movement. That made me more confused how did a political movement (Zionist) is related to Jews? So I was looking for that answer: What is the difference between Jews and Zionism. I was researching this for some my own knowledge. I am still going across it, if you have any good sources please do share with it.

posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 12:12 PM

Originally posted by December_Rain
I actually came upon their website trying to find the question, Why was Israel created? As per some sources I came across it said it was thru Zionist movement. That made me more confused how did a political movement (Zionist) is related to Jews? So I was looking for that answer: What is the difference between Jews and Zionism. I was researching this for some my own knowledge. I am still going across it, if you have any good sources please do share with it.

That question my friend…”Why was Israel created” is certainly one for the ages, and arguably perhaps the most critical and defining act of the 20th Century with an impact that will ring long beyond.

The truth is I don’t think there is a verifiable straight factual answer out there to be found or had because of the incredible politics and machinations that went in to creating the circumstances of Israel’s rebirth.

I have my own theory but its one few people would accept.

Even getting the accurate how the modern state of Israel sprang into being as opposed to the why is a very difficult exercise.

For the most accurate glimpses as to how I suggest the New York Times archives starting with the Federal Reserve Act in 1911.

It’s important to follow all the developments of World War I and the tone of the United States and who we were primarily supporting in World War I prior to the Balfour Declaration.

For those who aren’t too intimate with real or early 20th century history we here in the U.S. were staying relatively neutral and arming all sides to the conflict and loaning money to all sides in the conflict but we were primarily supporting Germany in World War I up until the Balfour Declaration.

In large part because many of the Wall Street Bankers and Industrialists had German and German Jewish Roots and the Jews in Germany at that time enjoyed the greatest acceptance and privilege and prestige of any country they existed in Diaspora including the United States.

Every year starting in 1914 when the Christmas Holidays rolled around the trench war fare in Europe would halt for a week right before Christmas lasting to New Years. The men on both sides of the trenches would climb out and exchange gifts with their enemies, shots of Cognac, Whiskey and Schnapps. They would sing Carols and celebrate the holiday and then January 2nd go back to trying to kill one another.

The Christmas Truce in 1916 was a bleak time for France and England. England was bankrupt and virtually out of ammunition and the French Army after having lost millions of men in the fight were at a stage of mutiny. The Germans enjoyed a dominant battlefield position and offered to extend out the truce indefinitely with an offer of a no condition armistice and an end to the war for the British and French to mull over.

They generously offered for everyone to just go home no harm no foul, Germans would retreat back to their border and they would just call the whole things quit with out assessing blame for the war or any restitutions or penalties for it.

The Germans were relatively confident that the British would accept this offer, Germany had at this point in time for all intents and purposes won the war, was flush with cash, lines of credit, and ammunition and troops as held on to a huge chunk of France.

The British weren’t just bogged down in France but in the front against the Turks in Gallipoli and throughout the Middle East.

Overnight the Balfour Declaration came out of the British Parliament addressed personally to Lord Rothschild the world’s preeminent Zionist but also the owner of the Bank of England, the principal owner of the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, and the principal owner of the German Reich’s Bank.

Amazingly the document promised land in Palestine for a Zionist, Jewish homeland even though the Ottoman Turks were in full possession of it and England was loosing on every front in the war.

Within days financial pressure was put on the U.S. through the Federal Reserve to join in the war and abandon it’s support for Germany. The English were given fresh lines of credit to buy ammunition, the French were given fresh lines of credit for the same, and the German lines of Credit were cut off!

Within a year the Germans were bankrupt and facing unconditional surrender under the harshest terms.

The Prussian aristocrats originally sent to Versailles to negotiate the surrender terms at the Palace of Versailles owned by the same Lord Rothschild that the Balfour Declaration was issued too were quickly replaced by a team headed up be Reich’s Bank Minister Max Warberg. Amazingly he would be negotiating the debilitating and punitive terms of the Versailles treaty that would keep Germany bankrupt for the next decade with the Federal Reserve Chairman of the U.S. who just happened to be Paul Warberg, his biological brother.

It’s a sordid tail so full of plots, subplots and machinations that Woodrow Wilson and the U.S. Congress rejected the Treaty and the League of Nations that was attached to it when all the details came out.

It’s all in the New York Times, it just takes a while to read several years of Newspapers.

The long and short of it is Albert Pike was correct in that World War I was fought to reestablish Israel as it’s chief goal. World War II was fought to repopulate it as it’s chief goal.
They why… I will touch on in my next post. Thanks.

posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 12:44 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler


Thanks, Very interesting post and links. My first reaction is that these were Karaite Jews. They do not appear to be Zionist or Talmudic Jews as they adhere to the Torah as it is written.

I know that Karaite Jews do not follow the Talmud. And most Zionists are Talmudic.

One definition of that one group of morals and ethics apply among members/followers of the Talmud...and another group or set of morals and ethics apply to those not of the Talmud.

This is a dual class..feudal system in operation. It is the basis of feudalism and royalty.

Most of the Jews of whom I am aware in Israel are not deeply religious. Many are in fact secular and also many are Athiests. This seems to be a carefully hidden secret about what is today called Israel. Carefully hidden by our own government, our educational system and also by our religious leaders.
And most certainly it is carefully hidden by our main stream media. For the MSM is in bed with the government and public school system.
This is to keep the USA on a treadmill...or face the wrath of anti semitism.

I hear this template...anti semitism so often along with racist, sexist and now homophobe. I have concluded that the same group is running all four of these sects for a neutralize opposition to their plans or face being labeled.

All of these groups have one common fingerprint which is what clued me into the manipulation and maneuvering of their masters. They all use the

"Victim Dictum"

to promote their positions while doing the very same to others behind the scenes where it cannot be seen and is often financed by government public/taxpayer expense.

This is why the holocaust position is so vital to be promoted and foisted off on the public.

Yet one hears next to nothing about the Holocaust in Cambodia..or in China or even in Yugoslavia...or even in El Salvador. Yet several times a year ..we hear and are bombarded constantly by this Holocaust of WW2.

I am not saying that the Holocaust of WW2 did not happen..but only that it is greatly lieu of other and even worse Holocausts which have happened since.

The one sidedness of this is very stark when one knows some history. It becomes obvious that it is a control mechanism over an unthinking peoples.

Another thing...if you dont lock step with them or at least shut are labeled or even persecuted. Is this not the tack taken by the Nazis, the Communists and others? Even our own government?? The very fingerprint they used in history. It is a type of censorship. You must lock independent thought tolerated.

I post this as informations or food for thought..independent thought. Outside of what is obviously spoonfed to us by our government, media, and pubic education system. the way..there are other groups..non Jewish..who also follow the Talmud and Talmudic practices which are not of the Olde Testament. Jews have no monopoly on the Talmud.

Our own government here in the USA uses Talmudic practices on Americans ..a system for insiders...Congress and the President and Justices..and another system for ordinary peoples. This should be obvious by the controversy over the health care system..and the fact that the Senators and Congressmen have a different health care system from the rest of us. This is Royalty...Feudalism..Talmudism in operation.

A system for insiders or Adepts and a system for the outsiders or Profane.
Royalty...the very system the Fouders of this country abhorred.

The manner in which such a Talmudic system works is that those who are subjects or victims of it..dont even know of it's existance. They believe what they were taught in school and on television. Television/movies is where most of us today get our beliefs and thinking. So if it is never mentioned, how would one even know of its existance.

It is obvious to me that some of these Jews know more than they even want anyone else to know...or even have a clue.
And so too with non Jewish Talmudic followers.

BeWarned of this trend and knowledge.

I salute these Jews for their stance against Zionism.


[edit on 3-1-2010 by orangetom1999]

posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

An excellent post friend and very insightful and informative, we can only hope in time more people wake up to these kinds of manipulations and deceptions.

Talmudic Law is part of the Christian Bible and our Government Institutions. Most people are woefully unaware of that and its truly a shame. The United States has more people in it’s penal system than any other nation on Earth including China and Russia.

For all of our vaunted freedoms we are the most heavily imprisoned people on the planet.

We are also perhaps the most tightly controlled through some of the slickest and well thought out propaganda and brainwashing, and the victim dictum does play very much into that as do many other things including the illusions of constitutional freedoms left to us by our forefathers.

Its all produced a world steeped in slavery and violence and few people are even aware of who the masters truly are and how they so control the populaces to rebel against it.

The existence of Zionist Israel facts heavily into the whole control system based on a trio of religions and the world’s governments play that card well and often.

Thanks for sharing friend.

posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by Protoplasmic Traveler

Protoplasmic Traveler,

Though it has been many years since I have listened to it, I have a cassette tape outlining pretty much what you have stated about the founding of the nation today which is called Israel.

Most peoples have never heard this version of history nor have they heard of the Balfour Declaration nor Aurthur Balfour.

That is pretty much the history I know..most of American was neutral or pro German. Then suddenly a switch took place and we were in war.

There has been a cozy relationship behind the scenes with England which seems to go back to the 1890s and the wars in China..the Boxer Rebellion. Since that time America seems to be the boot lackey for England in her mistakes and endeavours. Or perhaps I should more clearly specify...The Crown. The mercantile monopoly which operated out of Olde London.

I am also aware of the takeover of the English government by the purchase of the bonds by Nathan Rothschild during the Napoleonic Wars of the early 1800s. He bought the English Government. That family was also financing both sides of that war as well as WW1.

This leads me to ask ..who is financing today's wars??

Nonetheless..I am surprised and pleased to know someone else out here knows some history ..not just the standard drivel spoon fed to us by the MSM and public education standards.


posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 01:09 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Thanks for sharing your assessment. I will go through the articles you suggested.

posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 01:15 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

Is the tape you are referring to by chance an audio recording of a senior diplomat addressing the United States Congress stating these things prior to the vote that rejected the Versailles Treaty.

If it is, I have heard it, it was after hearing it that I went through the New York Times Archives to verify what was being said on the tape.

The tape was in fact acurrate, the News Paper Reports of the day beared everything out in detail and substantiated it.

Thanks for sharing all your vast knowledge.

Oh in answer to your question who is financing the wars today it's the same suspects, just their children and grandchildren.

War serves a dual purpose, population control and creating debt.

Debt is what enslaves people and nations and robs them of many of their options.

The War on Terror is being fought to saddle the United States and its citizens with as much debt as possible.

The amazing thing is of course is the currency itself is just worthless pieces of paper attached to nothing of value.

We are ruled through Instruments of Debt and at the heart of that system is the Rothschild and Rockefeller dynasties, and Zionist Israel.

There is one more layer to that onion though, that few would dare to imagine.

They all operate and are beholden to a little town on the banks of the Tibre called Rome.

Vatican City, London and Washington D.C. are all city states not beholden to the laws of Italy, England, or the United States.

They are the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, the trinity of Judaism, Christianity and Islam that controls and manipulates 3/5ths of the world openly and rules almost the remaining 2/5ths in it's entirety through the paper currency rackets.

Rome has been using and scapegoating the Jews for 2,000 years and will continue to do so until it sets up a one world government, with Israel the prize all will fight over in that process.

Who is financing these wars? Caesar is, divide and conquer, divide and conquer, divide and conquer.

posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 03:02 PM
reply to post by Protoplasmic Traveler

Protoplasmic Traveler,

The tape to which I am referring ..was done some time in the late 1960s or early 1970s. As I recall..though I could be in it has been many was done by a Jew. I believe this speech was done before a United Nations committee...and in it were details about the Versailles Treaty and the Balfour Declaration.

Now, I knew about the Balfour Declaration and Aurthur Balfour but did not at the time know many of the details of which we are discussing. It did not take me long to get to a library and research it as I have done with many topics of interest since those days.

As I recall the speaker told of the Jews in this country being dominantly pro German as the Kaiser had taken in a large number of Jews from the 1905 Revolution attempt in Russia. It seems the Czar had turned on the Jews after this attempted overthrow and many of the Jews fled to Germany where they were taken in with open arms. Most peoples do not know that there was an attempted Revolution in Russia in 1905.

And when the opportunity came up with the Balfour Declaration to obtain by secret treaty the land of Palestine for a new state..they took it on. In America the Jews did an about face and all the media turned on Germany ..from pro to anti. Before we knew it we were in war and entered to cover up the strike of the French Army in the trenches.

Yes, the French Army went on strike..they would not go over the top in these insane charges against artillery and machine guns. They would protect France..but they would never again go over the top for the Crown.

The British found themselves in desperate straights. They sealed off the lines such that no informations got out and the Germans never knew it.
Soon enough the Americans came in and became the new cannon fodder to replace the French. We have been cannon fodder ever since.

I realized how badly we have been conned into this because just like the French who became the cannon fodder after the defeat of Napoleon...the French went around the world dying and bleeding for the Crown's investments when needed. And when the take was split up..the Crown got the Lion's share and the French got the outposts miles and miles from no where. All the profitable places and the keystones Gibraltar, Port Said, Singapore, Hong Kong et al..were in British/Crown hands.

But by 1916 the French were bled out for the Crown. And America has been the cannon fodder for the Crown investments since.
I realized this when I was able to parallel the history of the profits....the take.

Only Americans are so dumb that they would bleed all around the world and not bring home any real spoils. The Victors get the spoils or so the history goes. If we dont bring home any spoils or territories..we lost the war..or were fighting it for someone else's spoils..someone not seen..someone not known.

This is the lesson of the English Crown and also of Rome.

I am going to correct you on something here and tie it into Rome.

This here...

Talmudic Law is part of the Christian Bible and our Government Institutions. Most people are woefully unaware of that and its truly a shame.

Talmudic Law is not part of the Christian Bible. It is however a policy of our government. You are correct in that most peoples are woefully unaware of the Talmud and Talmudic practices.

The Christian Bible teaches that our yes be yes..and our no's be no.

The problem in using Rome in the manner you are wont to do is that Rome itself is Talmudic. They too have a standard for Roman Catholics and another standard for heretics. A dual system..Feudalism.

This is not what Talmudic practices teach...that yes means yes and no means no.

The Talmud is a system of rules by which the rules can be bent or broken. You are allowed to break or bend the rules..but you must follow the Talmudic Rules to do so.

For a devout Talmudic Jew cannot work on a holiday. Therefore you go to your office...often by walking instead of driving or riding..then you lock yourself in your office and your secretary sends you messages ...folded just so...and inserted into an envelope..without licking or sealing it...and slid under the door. You must retrieve the messages by unfolding them just so and then reading them..replying in kind then doing the reverse to get the messages slid back under the door.
Therefore no actual work is done and you have not broken any rules by following these rules.
This is the very legalism which doomed the Hebrews and caused them to lose their land by 70 AD. This is in what the Pharisees were heavily involved and for what Jesus told them they were after their father the devil.
These are secret occult practices..totally against the Torah.
They do not apply in the New Testament as well. No such thing.
They are not even needed as we are not under the Old Testament Bondage. It is that simple once one knows.

This is how yes becomes no and no becomes yes. It is legality ..not lawful.
There is a difference in legal and lawful for which most lawyers do not want you to know.

legal pertains to the "form of law" only the outward appearance..the form.
This is Talmudic.

Lawful pertains to the "substance" of law. What the law is intended to do.

You can find this informations in Black's Law dictionary.

You must come to understand the difference in "form" and "substance."
Legal and lawful. To operate in substance is to put Light on their doings and they dont want this. They will fight this tooth and nail to bring back in form for substance while keeping us ignorant of it.

Our government today operates mostly in form and not substance. The substance they now steal and give to someone else..not American. And without the knowledge of most Americans even having a clue as to what is happening.

The difference in the Talmudic Jews and Rome is one is of the Judiac Pharisees and the other is of Hellenic Pharisees out of Alexandria, Egypt.
They are both Talmudic Pharisees. Which pharisee do you want...Hellenic or Judiac??

Here is what I am detecting quiet hidden subtilties. That there is a war going on. This war is very ancient. Going back thousands of years. It continues unto this very day. That this war is for total dominance. It is a war between different Talmudic Factions. What is not told to the public is that this is the nature of this war for dominance of the whole earth.

New players/nations come and go..but the secret is kept that they are allowed under certain fight nation against nation..people against people...but never to know the true nature of these wars.

This world has been carved up...into sections dominated by these players as they continue to vie for dominance.

Banking and finance are the tools of this hidden hand and have been one of the important tools for thousands of years. These groups have been in operation since before Rome. They cause nations to fall and rise on their financing and even various wars when needed.

These groups are highly Occult in nature...having allegiance to no borders nor people..but to the objectives of their sect.
And Talmud is of the Occult.

This general outline is what I have detected is missing from the history books and most of our educations.

From time to time these groups make a mistake. Japan was originally their investment. But Japan decided that their cut or take was not large enough. The did not approve of the Crown taking the Lion's share as they were want to do . Japan cut themselves a territory out of what sovereignly belonged to another Talmudic group. Germany did the same and Italy joined them. In WW2 Germany only continued with what the Kaiser was doing.

It appears to me that the Usual Suspects ..the descendants of these groups are still at it today. China is their investment. My question is will China turn on her handlers as did the Japanese. Will "Asia for the Asiatics" become a world doctrine and dogma once again? Will it be reborn??
India is their other investment ..designed to keep China in check should China reneg on the did Japan.

Well I hope you get the picture in this long winded assessment. Rome is a continuation of the Ancient Occult Talmudic dogmas concealed under a counterfeit system attempting to pass itself off as Christian. They are no such thing. They are just Hellenic in origins verses Judiac..but pharisees nonetheless.

These groups will sleep with each other when advantageous. At other times they will quietly and secretly work against each other for dominance. I believe in the end the gloves will come off and they will turn on each other.


Post Script,

The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is part and parcel of the Talmudic practice of looting and pillaging a nation of anything of value. Central Banking has been the bane of many a nation in history. Ironically Banking is a history seldom taught to a peoples. I believe this is closer to the true history of nations and the world than most want taught. Banking and insurance is the true history of this world and the hand behind most of the wars.

The Federal Reserve System is a talmudic system..a system of secret one way rules to steal the "substance" from many while only delivering "form or appearances."

Our government has switched from the God of , silver , and copper coinage to hollow form in irredeemable fiat paper moneys.
From a system of Biblical just weights and form..hollow fiat paper moneys or a system of unjust weights and measures.

Our government like the pharisees of old ..has switched gods secretly and privily and told no one they have done this.
Our government now owes allegiance to the god of unjust weights and measures.


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posted on Jan, 3 2010 @ 04:07 PM
reply to post by orangetom1999

Once again thanks for posting that wealth of information.

Few people understand the importance or significance of what you have shared or the sinister and secret system by which we are enslaved and governed and how it works.

Knowledge is power and of course that is why such knowledge is carefully guarded.

It is truly gracious of you to share it.

Tis a pity more people won't read it, but you are putting it out there, and that's the most important thing.


posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 02:39 PM
Did I miss this thread?

Thanks for posting OP

This should prove to be a strong message to those that say that being against apartheids is anti-semetic

wow, the things that people come up with as a defense mechanism.

In any case, I applaud these guys and their strenght of character!

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 02:57 PM
reply to post by ModernAcademia

Yes you did miss this thread! I was half tempted to send you a U2U because I was fairly certain you would enjoy reading it but you have been posting so many great threads of your own recently I didn't want to burdern you.

I found it all facinating and Orangeton is a gold mine when it comes to religious matters, he has done some very very serious research.

It's always great when he weighs in with some added and deeper perspective.

You really have to admire this sect of Jews it has to take a lot of courage to face that kind of peer pressure that comes down on you when questioning anything about Zionist Israel.

Thanks for posting.

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