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The Sign of Christ's Birth - Discovered.

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posted on May, 27 2004 @ 05:33 PM
I don't think it is wise for us to use the traditional dates to base our theories on. December 25 is obviously not the date of Jesus' birth, it is a far more ancient holiday. most of us here have heard of the pagan roots of of Christian holidays.

Not even knowing the exact date of the birth sign of Jesus will reveal anything, the signs that surround a birth can be quite some time before or after the actual event.

The conjunction that I posted just so happens to be on 11/1/0001 - It's like the greatest celestial DUH I have ever seen. That sign could have been predicted by star charts, months, or even years in advance, so there erally is no way of telling Jesus' real birthday. All I am certain of is that it was sometime near the date of this sign.


posted on May, 28 2004 @ 02:26 AM
Jesjuah was born around Passover the year 6 BC. The three major conjunctions between the Star of David and the Kingstar in the constellation of Pisces, their syncronised retrograde motions, together with some remarkable alignments with the Moon, some important occultations etc. Well his whole life was basically foretold in the stars. Arch Gabriel (constellation Orion) "announced" his birth one whole prophetic year prior to his birth. And he was killed on Erev Pesach year 30 at the age of 35. He probably left Earth just prior to his 36th birthday.

posted on May, 28 2004 @ 07:20 PM
His life might have been foretold by the stars.
Or it is entirely possible that his whole life story was manipulated to fit around the stars.

Astrology back in those days was as powerful a control tool as religion was later. We know that religion is a tool that can manipulate - isn't it possible that astrology was used as the same thing?

posted on May, 28 2004 @ 08:15 PM
If you recall, the civilizations of men were all founded by the gods, and they came from the stars, and they taught men the science of the stars and of their effects on mankind. Astrology is the oldest science there is!

[Edited on 28-5-2004 by Arkaleus]

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 02:59 AM

Should be read by all the lost souls following a myth

posted on May, 29 2004 @ 03:01 AM
The book is - 'The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold'

posted on May, 30 2004 @ 01:33 AM
Call him a myth or whatever you like. I prefer to call him focus and keys.

posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 04:54 PM
That is the most interesting description of Christ I have ever heard!

Focus and keys. Christ's real teachings were for the powers of the mind, the spirit, and the fight against the powers of darkness that try to take over both mind and spirit.

That the real teaching of Jesus, and not a single one of the western churches today is teaching this. That is because the power behind those churches are part of the darkness, they are not about liberating the souls of men at all.

Can you name even one Christian church that speaks about the power of the mind, the light of power of the mind, and what it can do?

No, but it keeps ithe truth in the shadows, it teaches them to rely upon dogma and human beings, and tells them nothing about the true power of the mind. It is simple, the power of control and the powers of the mind, and there are forces and people on this earth that want this for themselves. That is their true religion, it is not Christ at all, but the devil.

And the devil is all about the control and eventually destruction of the human mind and spirit.

Any "Christian" who does not teach this aspect of Christ is just trying to control you, and lead you into slavery.

In fact, any human being that does not speak of teach, or practice this knowledge is an adversary, and their numbers are many.

Most adult people in America know this reality very well, they keept it secret, it is an unspoken deception. To them, it is "Control" and the mishief of mind interference and psychic misbehavior. That is the "Power of darkness"

It is destroying the country, corrupting the world, and driving humankind into an era of darkness and slavery. All because every person is set on the the comination of the other, a ridiculous and destructive selfishness.

Christ, and many others, taught the keys and focus that allow the mind to gain the "light" and strength that enables you to overpower the darkness that exists on the earth, that power that is projected from other living beings, and demons.

That's all religion really is, the rest of it is just BS, dogma, social structures, and civil matters. The real nature of life on this earth is concealed, lied about, and Americans especially are totally cut off from this understanding.

The rest of the world is a group awareness, a system of slavery, submission, fear, and darkness. Demons occupy large numbers of people, some greater than others, every institution in America is occupied by the slaves of this system, it is run by their governors, and it is a grand abomination. This is why the nation is degenerating at such a frightening rate.

It has become just a gigantic system of slavery, the large portions of the population are mentally broken into, they have accepted a form of psychic slavery, a submersion into a sea of darkness, a psychic blob, that possesses only a will, and a rude intellect, and is completely carnal and violent, like a beast.

Sorta off topic, but spekaing about Christ does that to me.


posted on Jun, 16 2004 @ 06:49 PM
Couple of things for people on this thread to chew hard.

First, the 4 gospels that were eventually settled upon at the councils ("there are 4 because there are 4 winds and 4 corners of the world, and thus 4 directions to which the gospel message must be spread"...) are not history or biography in the modern sense, but thorough Jewish Haggadic MIDRASHIC creations carefully designed "in order that you may believe the Jesus is the Messiah and by believing, you might have life in his name..." (which Gospel of John explicitly relates). Shelby Spong points this out in his book Rescuing the Gospels from Fundamentalism in the mid 1990s.

Second, Post Exilic Judaism from which Christianity emerged was thorougholy saturated with Persian Zorastrian ideas and theological concepts: the naming of the Magoi in Matthew's gospel may not be so strange after all....

Now for some background:

"Jesus" (R. Yehoshua bar Yosef the Galilean) was born in a post-Exilic environment after PERSIA had ruled Israel for more than 200 years, having introduced "foreign" Zoroastrian Persian Religious tendencies into Palestinian Judaeism (such as the concept of the Resurrection of the Dead, The Last Judgment, Angels & Devils, a Good God and a Bad Satan, Light and Dark and other Dualism) and thus the stories of the MAGI (Persian Priests) connected to the birth of a Messiah figure are not necessarily entirely foreign to POST EXILIC (after 480BC) Israel, or necessarily made up out of thin air.

Persia was after all the homeland of Zorloaster (cf: the German: Thus spake "Zarathustra").

The Jews (Judaeans) were conquered by Babylon (Iraq) in 587 BC who brutally took out (i.e. EXILED) all the "political" people in Palestine who could read and write (i.e. influence public opinion) and work in metals (i.e. who could have fostered a Rebellion against them).

This meant the SCRIBAL CLASSES (sofrim) and the PRIESTS (cohenim) of YHWH in Jerusalem were the first to be taken out of Palestine and reolcated into present day Iraq. That is why the prophet Hezekiel writes "by the waters of Babylon.."

The land of "Israel" was immediately re-populated with IMPORTED Babylonians and Assyrians (i.e. people who were regarded as more friendly to the new regime).

Not surprisingly, many foreign (non Canaanite) ideas were suddenly introduced into Palestine between 587 and the 163 BC when the Maccabees finally seized control of the Temple in Jerusalem away from the Syrian Greeks (331-163BC) who had succeeded the Persians in Israel.

But backing up a bit: Babylon had been in turn conquered by Persia (Iran) in around 531 BC and (read Isaiah chapter 45:1), Cyrus the Persian sent the Jews home to Palestine (out of the 24 priestly families that were EXILED into Babylon, only 4 came back however).

And Cyrus was called "My Christ Cyrus" and he was not even a Daviddic Jew ! (Isaiah 45:1) .

But Persia did not just sent the Judaens back home: they physically accompanied the Levites and the metalworkers on their way back home nearly 60 years later and occupied Palestine: Israel was governed foir 200 years by Persian forces (despite the odd counter revolutionary attempts by descendants of King David, such as Zerubbabel around 420 BC, who mysteriously disappears from the story in Nehemiah!) i.e. from BC 531 to 331 BC when Greece conquered Persia, and therefore any holdings of Persia, including Palestine).

Since Palestine-Israel was OCCUPIED by PERSIAN ZOROASTRIANS for 200 years, there was PLENTY of time for the older religion of Israel to ABSORB the foreign occupyers Persian -Zoroastrian ideas (even the word Phar-i-see is releated to PARAS: Persian) such as ANGELS, RESURRECTION, FINAL JUDGEMENT AND ALL THE DUALISM we read in post Exilic Writings.(i.e. incorporating a kind of Theory of Opposites: dark/light, life/death, sin/righteousness, Righteous/Wicked, Wise/Foolish, Good God/Bad Devil, Flesh/Spirit, War/Peace etc.)

It was these same Zoroastrian Persians that gave the Jews the idea of a "good God "verses a "bad Satan" which they adapted from their own Persian Devil named Ahriman who fought against their god of light Ahura-Mazda (Ohrmazd) : The word "Satanas", is the Greek for the Hebrew word "Shaitan" meaning "Enemy" or "Adversary", formerly attributed to Israel's political enemies, like the Philistines who were called "shaitanim".)

The Garden of Eden story in Genesis was even written with Persian & Babylonian loan words like "Qeden" (eden) which derives from a Sumerian word which means "valley" or "steppe".

Before 400 BC it was YAHWEH the clan god of Israel who created BOTH good AND evil (see Isaiah : It is I YHWH who create the good; it is I YHWH who create the evil: and see also Amos: Does Evil Befall a City and YHWH has not done it?)

After the Exile, we see the figure of Satan appearing in the heavenly court (modelled after a Persian court) filled with Angels, another Persian borrowing.

The Book of Job is written by two hands: chapters 1 and 2 (written in Late Hebrew) and the final paragraph of the book is written in PROSE with Satan as a character on the stage of the Heavenly Court with YHWH. But the rest of the book is written in OLDER ELAMITE HEBREW in POETRY where the god's name is NOT YAHWEH but a curious Female Deity (in the singular) known as ELOAH (translated GOD in the King James version) written with a masculine form of the verb.

Thus the later sections (prose chapters 1-2 which forms the fake introduction to the story) were influenced by the POST EXILIC Persian Idea of Satan causing "temptation and evil things to happen."

If you read the POEM itself of JOB beginning with chapter 3, you will notice that Eloah causes Job to suffer because that is HIS WILL, with no need to introduce any kind of later Persian Satan figure...or angels in a Persian Court for that matter.

With respect to the "Gospel tradition" of the birth of the Messiah in "Matthew's" gospel, don't forget the fact that the socalled Gospel of "Matthew" circulated for 200 years without a title, (in other words, anonymously!) and according to "Luke" there was not even a disciple called Matthew (Luke has a Levi in his place) until Judas committed suicide and he was "replaced" after the death of "iesous" with a replacment named Matthew who was chosen "by lots".

Also: all four gospels originally circulated for 200 years without titles, and the earliest was "Mark" which can be dated around 75 AD, long after the execution of R. Yehoshua bar Yosef the Galilean ("Jeeezzuzzz") for Armed Sedition against Rome (breach of LEX MAIESTATIS was punishable by Crucifixion for non Citizens). Matthew and Luke each borrow long stretches of Mark's gospel upon which to base their narratives, and add their own peculiar material (Matthew's own unique material is called M by scholars and Luke's is called L; what Matthew and Luke share, but what is missing from Mark is called Q for Quelle, German word for Source).

John's gospel is the odd man out, with hardly any overlap with the others until the crucifixion narratives (he mentions a Temple Riot and a Baptism but little else in common with the first three "synoptic" gospels) .

The Birth of R. Yehoshua bar Yosef (Greek: Iesous) is only described in TWO gospels, Matthew and Luke, and both are Midrashic expansions of a few OT verses (i.e. not history) BUT BOTH are however, MUTUALLY CONTRADICTORY ACCOUNTS.

Even the Genealogies of Matthew and Luke don't match (Matthew wants the magic Daviddic number 14 to occur in three sets of descendants, leaving out some 12 generations of Judaean kings in his list of Ancestors in chapter one, i.e. from about 680 to about 615 BC---all missing so he can have nice neat groups of 14 which is the magic number for the name DVD or "David" the line of the Messiah(gematria = D =4 + V = 6 + D = 4 = 14 for the name David without vowels). See the fact that Joseph's father's name is different in both accounts (Yakkov or Heli? which one is it?)

Notice in Matthew there is no cattle trough (manger) or angels or shepherds and in Luke's account there is no house, or wise men (or Kings) or gifts, or star to guide anyone.

The Christian church in their iconography often mixes up these two traditions in order to allow people to make pretty Christmas Cards with Shepherds AND Kings, Angels AND Magi, Mangers AND Frankincense!

But the stories are MIDRASH (i.e. Haggaddic expansions of Old Testament verses pertaining to the Messiah, such as "And the Gentiles shall come to thy LIGHT and KINGS to the BRIGHTNESS of thy RISING" (Is 60:3); accounts for the switch of the MAGI into KINGS in the common rendition of the story in the churches (but not in the text of the gospels!).

The Greek word translated "wise men" is "Magoi."

It has several possible meanings. One is "deceiver." They were magoi because they deceived Herod by returning to their homes by a different route rather than betraying the location of the Messiah to him. Another meaning for Magoi is magicians or sorcerers or priests of Zoroaster (the three terms were inter-related).

Magoi" can also refer to those who interpret dreams and offer wise council and in Matthew's gospel, "Joseph" has a Dream not to divorce Miryam ("Mary") because of her awkward condition. (Oddly, perhaps, Matthew lists only 5 women in his Genealogy-----all of which had illicit sexual MISCONDUCT in their past, e.g. Rachel the Harlot, or Bath-Shebiti (BathSheba), or Ruth the grandmother of David etc. the last of which is Mary !)

Throughout Matthew's birth Narrative we see Haggadic Midrash at work, not History. Certain verses were "guiding" the story along (sometimes with contradictory results later in his gospel, like "Iesous" mounting two animals to fulfil his bad translation of Zechariah 9:9 !)

"The kings of Tarshish and of the isles will bring presents; the kings of Sheba and Seba will offer gifts" (Ps 72:10) is another obvious Midrashic expansion point which Matthew tries to illustrate in his birth narrative.

See Isaiah 49:7 KINGS shall See and Arise: Princes shall bow down and worship.

The so-called oracle of Balaam was thought (in the Dead Sea Scrolls) to have had Messianic overtones: "a Star shall come out of Jacob; a Scepter shall rise out of Israel..." (Num 24:17).

Remember, MIDRASH not HISTORY is guding the hands of the writers, who were NOT EYEWITNESSES, but was the next generation of believers who were, shall we say, a little more educated than Galilean fishermen....

The same kind of Midrashic Guiding principles formed the Crucifixion narratives out of Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22, where we see details added to the story that could not have been known (no eyewitnesses if all the disciples "left him and fled" as it said pertaining to the Arrest on the Hill after the Slave of the High Priest's ear somehow got cut off with a sword...(see Luke chapter 22:18-20) but that's another subject altogether.....

posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 05:52 PM
There is a tendency for us humans to separate religions and nations. It is a silly notion - The original revelations given to Zoroaster are from the same source of Light and Knowledge that appeared to Christ, Moses, and Muhammed.

Any spiritual being understands that this pure intellectual light is the source of all wisdom, intellect, and goodness, perfection is the same in all eras, religions, and languages.

It isn't right for us to say there is one revelation for the Parsi, one for the Jew, and one for the Christian. There is only one kind of Light, it comes about only one way.

There is only one human race. The great beings of Light that have appeared from time to time are all similar to one another, they each loved the same things, hated the same things, and spoke the same way.

Looking at the world as divided among eras, nations, and religions is a false perception we have perpetuated to this day. It is ok if the profane portion of the world thinks this way, but the enlightened should consider this and perhaps reevalutate how they have considered the unfolding of human history.

It is easy to say, the Romans came into Judea, and opressed the Hebrews, and to consider it as two dissimilar nations interacting. The more enlightened view, indeed, the Godly view, is to see one people, who dress and speak differently, fighting over things that are mundane and material. In truth, the Romans the Hebrews are one people, with the same origin, and the same course in the cosmos.

It began with Zoroaster, it was perfected in Jesus, and is continually revealed to this day. Western Christians like to stop at Christ, and they do not consider that anyone else will arise, they think that revelation died with the apostles and that is that.

Mormons encountered this kind of intellectual prejudice in their early days, their countrymen could not understand how a new revelation could be given, or how any new prophets could arise, or how any man could speak with God in the modern era.

That is the damage done by 1600 years of the current system, will mankind ever rise out of the dark ages? We never really rose out of them! Men can land on Mars, but cannot comprehend even the most basic spiritual truths that were known to the ancient faiths.

What do you think about that?


posted on Jun, 19 2004 @ 08:53 PM

Originally posted by Arkaleus
I have another good thing to share - The sign of Christ's Birth. It wasn't a single star, or anything like a supernova or comet or UFO. It was a very rare and wonderful conjunction of planets in the consteallation of Libra, which is the Balance. It appeared as a perfect triangle of planets right where the fulcrum of the balance would be, and it appeared in the East, right above the rising sun. It was in November of 1 AD on our current calender. Persians had star charts and would have been able to predict this event well in advance, and it would have been very hard to see, only those with knowledge of star and planet movements would have known about it, because the light of the rising sun would have made it hard to see. You would only see about it if you have a very high vantage point and a clear view of the horizon.

This is the only astronomical event that has the correct timing, position, and meaning to the ancient astronomers. What better sign for a King who was to judge the world than the fulcrum of the balance.

I will try to get a link to an image of this event from my astronomy software up soon.

I am certain this is the correct sign. It is just too rich with symbolic meaning and also, if you count them, there are twelve stars total inthe event, and the moon is right next to them. That is what is probably meant by the mystery of the woman standing on the moon with the twelve stars on her head. Cool huh!

[Edited on 25-5-2004 by John bull 1]

Teehee, you primitive Christians somehow get me to laugh every day.

posted on Jun, 20 2004 @ 04:25 PM

Mechanized laughter commences.

I guess my post was funny. Ha!

I guess being a Christian is an object of scorn for you really enlightened folks.

I have yet to find a single scorner wiser than the simplest child who has faith and goodness within him.


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