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Congressmen can be Arrested:

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posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 08:46 AM
I dont know where I got the thought that once a person was elected to Congress the Laws no Longer applied like nothing else they pass pretains to them. My thinking was this was another land District of Columbia and not a State. well I asked this question:
What crimes can a congressman be arrested for?

and here is the answer I got~!
A Congressman can be arrested for any crime he commits. The only immunity a Congressman has is freedom from arrest inside Congress or going to or coming from Congess if it is in session for charges other than treason, felony or breach of piece. So if there is a warrant out for his arrest he can stay in Congress while it is in session and be free from arrest. But the moment Congress adjourns he is fair game.

Ok, now all we need is what...?

Note: all the republicans or democrats have to do is just stay home and nothing could happen on the hill without them.

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