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Final Judgment: All are Scheduled to Perish

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posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 12:35 AM
The spirits of Earth’s past, reborn again. The spirit of Justice has observed all. Judgment has been made. The spirits of the Universe have been called. If you were designed to understand, you are fortunate, if not, you will never escape the prison. The call for a miracle, and a Messiah, resounds as echoes throughout the Universe. Inevitably, the collective thoughts form action, and, with this action, came judgment.

The first birth of spirit, occurs within the Universe. The spirit is conscious awareness. The spirit comes to a planet, to perceive a physical sense of existence, within an environment, such as planet Earth. The human body created within Earth, was created after, the birth of the spirit, which was created, inside the womb of the Universe.

The Creator formed air, to distribute all sound and thought, and created the sun to distribute sight and information. This exists throughout the Universe, all other forms of physical sensory, are designs inherent with the planet, for which a spirit experiences. The creation of a planet, allows any spirit to temporarily inhabit the environment.

The resources within a planet, are capable, of responding to the thoughts of the spirits, who inhabit bodies, and therefore, all elements within the planet, can form together, to create unlimited invention, within the physical realm. However, the spirits, who come, and are born, within a physical environment, are imprisoned by the planet, during the temporary experience of existence, as the body, is merely an extension of the planet.

Spirits come, to experience the illusion of physical existence, and in this time, the spirit has a time, to achieve clarity. All born in Earth, form a body from nothingness, but the cells which form proteins and nutrients, to nurture and maintain the physical illusion.

The body is designed, to assist, in realizing the experience, of physical sensory, and emotional feelings; however, the mind, is pure consciousness of spirit, and can either be pure or negative. Therefore, the evils of the Universe, truly unfold, within the environment of the planets. These environments, are the grounds for testing, which spirits must remain in physical form, and which spirits, will be permitted to return and then remain, within the first birthplace of the Universe.

When the Creator first thought new spirits into existence, the Creator did so, with the intention, of creating free spirits, of independent choice. The spirits that are thought into existence, are free, to experience existence, however they choose. Some choose physical existence, over and above the Universe, and this is where judgment is made.

The body is not eternal, and thus, will not be judged; it is the spirit, that must be judged, and the negative spirit that thrives, on the prosecution of another spirit, is condemned. The spirit that lives without desire, to harm another spirit, will be free, to return to the first birthplace within the Universe.

The negative spirits, who were attracted to control, and to the prosecution of others, will remain after the cleansing, and will continue, to experience the physical illusion eternally. The spirits who were not embraced, by positions of false power, over others, will remain free, to return to the first birthplace. The call has been made. All have been judged.

Those who enforced authority over another, to achieve joy, will not be forgiven. There will be no forgiveness, from the Creator, nor the Universe; because those spirits, who took position of false authority, will become naked to all others, and will hide in shame.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 12:35 AM
Those who have imprisoned another unjustly, judged another with iron fist, or destroyed others as an act of strength and courage, they are destined to remain. Not one spirit, is a property to a government, or a department of man made law, or any divisions thereof, nor any gang of power seekers, they are not, the power that thought your spirit into existence, and created your everlasting spirit. They are false authority, with false agendas.

Your spirit, is the property of the Creator, and your birth is as descendant; your physical being on Earth, is not a property of other man. All who have cherished, the control of others, and enjoyed in their losses, are negative spirits destined to face judgment. They are not rulers, nor judges, nor an authority. They are the great deceivers, and fulfill the bidding of their masters, who oppose the laws of the Universe.

Know now, the colonies of Earth, are children of lies, and all of history, is a manipulation of truth; and all, is under the watchful eyes of the prosecutors in Chief. The testaments have been modified, to suit purpose of the Chief, as has all activity; this is the time for truth. Their time is at hand, and they grow fearful of the descent.

Those who participated, in the murder, of the first teacher, thousands of years ago, have been reborn, to face their judgment. Those who have participated, in the control of other spirits, throughout the centuries, have been reborn, to face judgment. The time is ripe, for vindication. The grand promise, to pierce the clouds from sky, and to unleash justice, against the negative spirits, is soon achieved; the call to the spirits of the Universe has been made. They are here, hidden from the eye of man, waiting the final signal.

The history of teachings, have been misleading, for the benefit of few, and the promoters of religion, have been led to believe a lie, many lies, and all that is taught, is done so, under the watchful eye, of the prosecutors in Chief, the controllers of nations. The controllers, will now face judgment. The time, when all will exist under one; and word can spread, from one end of the planet to another, is manifested; the grand promise, will now be fulfilled. The time is now.

The advancements, of both population and science, has opened the door to righteousness, and those who will oppose, will know their might, was as much an illusion, as their ability to create their own person, and remain immortal, it is illusion. Do not trust the antagonist; do not listen to them, they respond in shame, to discourage freedom to another. They are but fools. They are a design, and nothing more.

Those who have harmed other spirits, for centuries, have remained, and have been reborn, to experience the world, until now, when all spirits on Earth, are ready, to become victors or victims, of self judgment. The negative spirits of history, have come together, under one world, under one governance, to face their fate as one. Their time is now, as promised. No spirit escapes judgment, no spirit is immune to judgment.

The call of spirits has been made, the flights of demons will be quashed, and the vindication of pure spirits, will be unified. The order of natural design, will be fulfilled, as will the collective calling, for justice on Earth. The court of the Universe, will unfold judgment, upon the court of man, and all physical beings, are guilty, before the Creator, but not all spirits. Herein is the great balance, the design of the Creator and Universe.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 12:36 AM
Fear of physical death is natural, while inhabiting the physical body; however, know now, that the body and mind - your spirit created, from nothingness; inside a womb, by assembling invisible cells – which cells were consumed, from within the planet Earth, in which all your bodies, are only, mere extensions thereof. Your physical illusion, the body you inhabit, is nothing more, than the dirt you walk, the air you breath, and the water you drink. Your presence here, is all but an illusion, a creation, of temporary use.

The return, to the first birthplace, is imminent, for the pure spirits; and the detachment, from the body, will serve as justice, for the pure and innocent spirit; and, will serve as horror, for the false authority, the negative spirit - who stands to lose, both the illusion of physical power, here on Earth, and, will also lose, their eternal connection, to the first birthplace. This time is now. The Earth is now likened to fruit, it is ripe, with spirits to face judgment, as promised. The natural order, of the grand design, will be fulfilled.

There was no Messiah sent, nor a Messenger, what was sent, was Justice, one designed to understand, both the Universe and this Earth, to also understand, both the physical being and the spirit. The understanding is now clear. This world will be cleansed of iniquity. All are guilty, by the natural instinct of the body, and the design of emotion. All who breathe, are guilty before the Creator. The body however, it is only temporary, and is a part of the Earth, and belongs to the Earth; the body will not be judged, only the spirit will be judged, and only the pure spirits, are worthy of saving. There will be no change of heart. The call of spirits, to procure final judgment, is made, all will face their destiny.

Judgment of all mankind, it has been made, and every living physical being, on the Earth, is guilty, by natural design. All have been judged, the spirit of Justice has called out, and the spirits of the Universe are here, they await the final signal. The beings of Earth, they exist contrary, to the laws of the Universe, however, the pure spirits will be released, from this prison, called planet Earth.

Forgive others for their inadequacies, their lack of insight, and their selfish desire, to fulfill their own agendas. Remove yourself from those deceivers, who claim to be an authority, appointed by man, they are false, and torment the spirit. The time is now.

The spirits of the Universe, they have always appeared, to the bodies on Earth, and they have been symbolized, with wings for flight, when as yet, not one, has the wings of a bird. The armies of the Universe, outweigh the armies of man, and all of man’s allegiances of technology. The cleansing will come, through the skies, and through the seas, and will end, as quickly as it is recognized. The cleansing has been ordered. The time is ripe, judgment of all begins.

The spirit, it can only choose, to desire the existence of physical existence, or, to be released, from the suffering of physical existence. Those that have chosen, the illusion of authority, over other spirits, whom inhabit physical bodies, they will remain as prisoners; and the adult child, who has turned, from the temptation, of ruling by appointment, over others, those who have not, that remain free of guilt, they will receive their reward.

Those who have used, the illusion of governance, law, or authority, employment, association, or gang, to effect harm on others, and, have justified their actions, with joy and pleasure, of the conquer over another, will now understand the wrath, they have harmed the children of the Creator. Those who have harmed, without appointment or intent, will be forgiven, and will receive their rewards. The time is now.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 12:36 AM
Inside the kingdom, the light of the Universe, spirits are judged, not the illusion of the physical body, but the spirit; so forgive the physical actions of the body, as no physical being, will commit harm, without first, the conscious desire, to enforce the action. Action can not be fulfilled, without an intention, and it is intention, that negative spirits form guilt. The body can not be judged, as the spirit controls the actions, only the negative spirit, can sleep well at night, after destroying the liberty of another, within the environment of Earth. They are condemned, and their time is now.

Therefore, the negative spirits, who have wilfully, attained enjoyment, in the destruction of others, whether by employment, religion or other, know their conscious to be guilty, and will hide in shame, from the kingdom. They will return to Earth, to hide their guilt, behind the cloak of physical disguise, and will remain here, as insects. Their purpose here, will be to remain, and become maintenance, as extensions of planet Earth.

For those who have understood, your purpose is to spread the word, to read it to the blind, to introduce it to the deaf, but not to educate, as this message, is one that is either understood by the spirit, or not, this message, is to prepare for judgement.

The king of man came, tried to speak and was ignored, tried to participate and was prosecuted. The call for his return echoed, the Universe heard, and the spirit returned again, and the judgment made. Once again, he learned he was alone amongst mankind, and he seen the sorrow, the captivity of the spirit, and he seen the evil of the physical man, the judgment was made. He can watch the negative spirits torment the pure no longer, the order was made, the spirits of the Universe await final signal. Judgment.

All physical form is guilty, of the consumption and destruction of Creation, but it is the pain of the pure spirits, that harm the king of man, and it is the arrogance of negative spirits, that fuel the final judgment. All, are guilty, all. The grand promise to vindicate is now, the pure and innocent will be freed, but not freed from Earth in human form, but freed from captivity of the Earth and body, in spirit form. That time is now.

The call was finally made, and the spirits of the Universe will respond, the judgement rendered, there is no altering in decision, they are here, and, by natural order, all must be washed into the seas. All must face their destiny, after the release of all spirits, when the pure spirits will return, and the negative spirit, the deceivers, the authorities, they will remain, a physical reincarnation as insects.

For those negative spirits, who can not understand, or choose to play roles of oppressor, and attack, the credibility of the message, you are a pity of this Universe, and have no role to enjoy, beyond the physical life, you are temporarily experiencing. You will remain. Your fate is your design, your guilt will be exposed, self judgement in humility.

Although the Creator, will not decreate your spirit, and your spirit, will not be destroyed, you will remain limited, in pain and suffering, as a physical extension, of the Earth you inherent eternally. No law of man, will challenge or overcome, the law of the Universe.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 12:37 AM
Not one man, has created just one cell, in the whole of the Universe. Not one man, can destroy a single cell, that the Creator thought into existence. Those who feel empowered, in the destruction of others, have destroyed their own, and have brought final judgment.

Understand now, every man, woman and child; judgment is made, the spirits called, and the court of the Universe, will unveil justice, over the courts of man. The time is now, there will be no recourse, and the planet, will temporarily, not bare physical life.

The judgment is made, the call has been made, and the great vindication, will begin immediately. Look forward to release from the prison, and for the man and woman, who judged others with iron fist, fear the ominous judgment, that will expose your guilt, and force you to remain eternally. The only way to save the worthy spirits, of this Earth, is to release the spirits, from physical captivity, of both body and environment. Turn away from those who claim authority, they consider you hostages, and they barter your spirits with others; whereas the call for cleansing is made, bartering will be no more.

All bodies, are extensions of the planet Earth, and must remain, from where it was formed, only the pure spirit will ascend, into the rays of the sun, and enter the kingdom, from where the spirit was first born. The Earth, will soon echo, the sorrow of the spirits left behind. The Earth is ripe, the great promise will be fulfilled, that time is now.

The kingdom awaits, where the Creator is father, and the Universe is mother, to which all exist within the womb, and, by grand order of design, the cleansing has been ordered, and the spirits of the Universe prepare, to release all the spirits of Earth. The Messiah will not appear to the human eye, but to the spirit. The only way to save you, who is pure, is to release your spirit, from the prison, of the body and the planet. This time is now. Your family awaits. You will enter the dream world, with a conscious ability, to form anything you imagine, instantly. Those you miss, will instantly be with you. The time is at hand.

The physical tradition is to celebrate birth, and mourn death. Have undaunted faith, those who are pure in spirit, physical death, in these final days, will be worth celebrating. The return to the Universe, is a carnival of unlimited enjoyment.

For the pure spirits, who understands the message, you were designed to recognize the message, and it is your design, to pass it to others, who will continue the distribution to all, including the deaf and the blind. Fulfill your destiny. The collective call for a Saviour was heard, the response was Justice, all will see the great promise unfold, judgement was made, the spirits are here, and await the final signal, make use of your remaining time.

All on Earth, are now scheduled to perish. Rest assured, all await a miracle, and all will see with the human eye, but it will all be over, before you have time to scream.

Happy New Year everyone.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 01:19 AM
Wow this is pretty impressive. Straight outta the bible, revelations, vengeance of God impressive. I read the whole thing, and since I'm writing this 13 minutes after you logged out, the time is definately not "now", as you put it.
As a matter of fact, it is guys like you who've throughout history put clever words and long-winded sentences in front of mankind, coupling them with an heir of urgency with no other agenda than to control the very people you claim to be saving.
there is something real going on out there. There is something that will judge. Remember that when you spread this bull#.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 01:33 AM
reply to post by Unleashed68

So, did you have a question?

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 01:51 AM
i dont believe he wrote 250000 posts of this crud. i dont know why i clicked on it.

how is this garbage a conspiracy to discuss..

we should be allowed to vote for banning on crap like this. telling us we are all going to die because the flying spaghetti monster says so isnt much evidence.

oh how a long for the rapture... then all these idiots would be gone. and we could have some reasoning on earth...

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 01:58 AM
speak for yourself. I'm agnostic and im sure that any impending cataclysm is either absolutely 100pct random or mans doing...

My belief about the bible ... a warning to man from man period.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 02:06 AM
Oh, for pete's sake! All that writing for what most of us have been introduced to before many times on ATS and just about everywhere.

Oh, well, some people receive a bit of enlightenment and think they are the first one and nobody else has ever thought about such things.

Welcome to "enlightenment" OP. Where ya been? You're a brand new soul or spirit or something?

Hey, nice words, by the way.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 02:10 AM
reply to post by okamitengu

Hey! Hey! Hey! There ain't no flying spaghetti monster!!It's a flying spinach monster, and it's green and it causes adults to smack young children upside the head for not enjoying communion by eating boiied spinach! Sheesh! Do I have to enlighten everybody around here?

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 02:24 AM
Great, another Poo sandwich.
Why did I take a bite? Gag.

PS I want my 5 minutes back or compensation for reading that tripe.

[edit on 1-1-2010 by Absum!]

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 02:33 AM
I don't get it. Who wins?

And I sure wish you would learn how to use commas correctly. Your sentence structure is really muddled and your thought process is difficult to follow as the wording jumps incoherently.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 04:36 AM
finally. it looks like its serious this time. well, to those who made it, congratulation. for those of you who will remain, i'll be seeing you.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 04:36 AM
double post

[edit on 1-1-2010 by DOADOA]

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 04:49 AM
My - someone took a creative writing course.
Of course it might be honestly meant - just delusional. You can get tablets for that...

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 03:26 PM
Some people here should be nice, I was courteous enough to wish all a Happy New Year

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 09:17 PM
After reading this I just stopped thinking that maybe you were telling the truth about your visitations and stuff on your other post.

You could do with putting down the Bible if you're going to use it like this, especially the end part (Revelations). Lots of repetition and gloom indeed, maybe you was a former Vicar gone mad, I dont know. It's too far fetched though, way to far.

The Human race isn't going to be thrown away just like that. We are more special to our creator than that.


[edit on 1/1/10 by NibiruWarrior]

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 09:31 PM
We do reap what we sow...but we do this so we can relearn. The cycle never just ends, until all is finished.

When all die, they relearn everything they once knew. They use this knowing to construct another life that will suit them for what they need to work on and be tested with.

When we die, its not an outsider judging us....we are in the divine eye after death, we know what was right and wrong and we understand why we did the things that we did.

The judgment of today after we die is no different then the judgment in the past. The process doesnt change, it is the same as it was and will be. This is a place of learning and relearning.

There is forgiveness...for God understands what caused a man to fall short due to Earths temptations. God knows its not obvious that we know Thee is here and will not judge man for not knowing this. The soul evolves with many life's, many hardening of the hearts, many catalysts and rewards. When a soul see's the pain and wrongs they did while on Earth, the soul is connected to the true way and divine will in that moment, the regrets and guilt's are over the top for that soul....and all the soul wishes to do is learn how to sift through the world again to become righteous.

Those souls that have fallen to loving authority, power, greed ect....must experience these shortcomings before they can embrace the worth of not loving authority, power, and greed. Dont judge a soul because it still has learning to do....instead, find the light in even the darkest of souls...because that is what God does.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 09:50 PM
What if I was to tell you it is not as complicated as you described...would you believe me?

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