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The Mystery Woman in the Woods that Revealed me All

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posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 12:08 AM
It was a beautiful morning, and as I often do I was out walking on my own in the woods, deep and far away from "civilization" - indeed I had walked at least 7 hours into nowhere, when I met her. A most beautiful yet mysterious woman with the clothing of Nature was simply standing there among the trees, looking at me, waving me towards her.

Something mysterious and strange,‭ ‬that I could never before have even imagined in my most bizarre dreams,‭ ‬was about to unfold.

I stared at her palm as she lifted it up and exposed it for me,‭ ‬and there it was,‭ ‬the eye‭ ‬– staring back at me-‭ ‬and at the same moment I felt myself being tugged,‭ ‬violently pulled would be a more fitting description,‭ ‬towards the gazing eye in the palm of her open hand which was now stretched out towards me.‭ ‬And in that very same moment time itself ceased to exist‭ ‬– there was no longer any now,‭ ‬or before,‭ ‬or what was to come‭ ‬– I found myself sucked through the black darkness of that empty eye,‭ ‬and as I hurled through space with images indescribable flowing through my mind as‭ ‬the abyss grabbed me,‭ ‬a feeling of despair went through me that seemed to last an eternity.

And then it happened‭ ‬– I was there,‭ ‬on the other side,‭ ‬within the endless dark void of the inner world of the eye itself‭ ‬– exploding in fire as I entered this new realm,‭ ‬nothing yet everything could be summarized to be there within at the same time.‭ ‬And now I was too.‭ ‬Flames engulfing my body‭ ‬– it was no longer my body‭ ‬– I WAS the fire‭!

Those who saw me from their own eyes at that moment‭ ‬– if they even had eyes,‭ ‬or if they were even there‭ ‬– would see me as a shiny spark igniting into a combusting explosion that only lasted for as long as a blink of an eye.‭ ‬Yet there I was,‭ ‬burning,‭ ‬screaming with no sound but only thought,‭ ‬and having great surges of tremendous energy‭ ‬blast through my body‭ ‬– the body I no longer had,‭ ‬the fire I now consisted of.

What seemed to me like twirling tornados of electric blue shapes came towards me,‭ ‬and engulfed my entire being,‭ ‬spinning through me and within me and making me turn inside out.‭ ‬That was the moment I finally felt free‭ ‬– a great relief,‭ ‬a burden of stone cast away from me,‭ ‬and I gained back my sight to view this new place which I now found myself.

That was the moment I noticed them.‭ ‬The tubes.‭ ‬Endlessly weaving their ways through this cosmos,‭ ‬in their great transparent yet botanical splendor,‭ ‬as the veins of Earth itself.‭ ‬Slowly,‭ ‬yet fast,‭ ‬the forms were changing,‭ ‬or rather morphing,‭ ‬into existence around me where I was standing within one of the great tunnels of Life‭ ‬– or was it Death‭?

Seeing a strange blue growth with an field of energy reminding me of electricity, lightning and thunder - but without the sound - I decided to touch it, there as it was sticking out of the wall within the tube I found myself.

And in an instant, the Universe filled my entire being, and I filled the entire Universe, not only so - I was All of Existence, God - the Source of All - was me. There were no questions, nothing to wonder about, as I knew it all, everything was as clear as it could ever be, "Illumination" now had a new profound meaning and I did indeed feel myself as an endless Conscious enegy source radiating a form of light-energy in all directions.

Absorbed into my Soul, the entire Knowledge and Experience of All that is, have been and will be, I again found myself elsewhere. This time I was back, standing with the Woman, in the very same spot, and she said "You now know your purpose and who you are. May you work for the better of them all".

My body was paralyzed, I could not move - my head was hurting as about to explode. Every bit of knowledge, and insight, that I had just experienced, was still there within my Mind - but split, as fractions, in pieces, like my brain could simply not hold it all together.

The Woman started walking away from me, into the woods, until she was gone - and I could finally manage to move again.

It had been a most exhausting and startling yet wonderful experience. I did not know what to think of it at the time and had to get back home as fast as possible, find my bed, and get some rest. During my sleep I re-entered the worlds and experiences I had in the woods.

Waking up the morning after, having slept more than 12 hours, I felt refreshed but puzzled and enlightened at the same time. From then on I Knew. I received constant knowledge, as if directly from the Source. I was filled with Understanding.

I never found out whom the Woman was, or why she had been there as if waiting for me, yet I realize it was because the time was right, and I had to fulfill what I had come here for, in this body , this incarnation.

Ten years have passed, and still my brain is putting the pieces of the puzzle together, and my understanding of All is evergrowing.

I truly bless the day I met the Woman - yet at the same time wonder.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 12:14 AM
reply to post by IX-777

I have been watching the different posts that you make for quiet a while now, and I will be totally honest here.
I think this belongs in creative writting rather than the grey area.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 12:32 AM
Indeed, this is a fictional story based on truth. Or true story based on fiction.

I have used a different form of language and explained a spiritual experience in a re-adjusted way to create a short story out of it, as an experiment, by shaping its basic scenario around my interest for nature.

As I was not sure where to post it, I put it here, but if there is such a forum as you say I would be more than glad if any moderator moved it there.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 03:23 PM
What a beautiful experience this must have been indeed. I take great value in such experiences each of us have as they are beautiful and true to ourselves as we were created to be and fulfillment of our life plan.

Words and visions as I learned can have more than one meaning but as I would interpret this, you were given the knowledge of creation because you are a true creator. As Sylvia Browns stated in her book named “GOD, Creation and the Tools for Life” she states that GOD, the Source of ALL is the scientific wisdom behind creation. He is responsible for the science of the universes energy and planetary systems. The feminine Goddess is responsible for emotions of the heart and soul.

Interesting . . .

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 07:26 PM
Thanks for the comment.

Of course, we are all fractions, or sparks, of the Source (GOD).

Thus, we all have a connection with the First Cause itself, and an ability to obtain Cosmic Consciousness, Connection with the All, Entering the Akashic Records and so on.

We are All-Knowing, we just forgot what we really Know. The reasons behind why we forgot I have explained in my other thread "What do you want to know about the secrets of the world and existence?"


posted on Feb, 5 2010 @ 05:49 AM
I enjoyed it, thanks for sharing. It was the kind of story where I could create the images as I read the words you typed. Like making a short film in my mind. These tubes you spoke of. I believe I've actually dreamed of them before. The other dream thread you have, is it just for current dreams or dreams of the past too? I'd like to share it at some point. Thanks bud...Gumerk

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