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UFO´s over Holland at new year

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posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 02:35 PM
Maybe you have seen the Dutch flying Drones.
Can you confirm if it was in this area of Holland?

If so, it could be that you have seen the Dutch flying Raven.

The last link shows the Raven drones in a video on Youtube.

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 03:05 PM
reply to post by Syrtunis

Thank you for starting your interesting thread, Syrtunis.

I've read all the posts & viewed all the images.

This all seems to point towards the chinese lantern option.

As per the other current threads regarding such sightings, it is logical that more chinese lantern sightings will occur during this Christmas - New Year celebratory period.

One of the issues that confounds these sightings is that observers are not aware of how much wind velocity & direction can vary with just modest changes in height & position.

If you really want to analyse such sightings from this perspective, you should be able to track down local weather balloon reading for wind vs height in your general area.

Sometimes a good place to start can be to search for the met data from a local airport.

Kind regards
Maybe...maybe not

posted on Jan, 1 2010 @ 06:21 PM
They are Chinese Lanterns, there were loads in the sky here in the UK, they move very quickly and silently in the sky and glow orange, it looked like an alien invasion last night here in the UK.

They are made from paper with a tea light candle in the middle, very popular here at the moment

posted on Jan, 2 2010 @ 01:24 AM
I live in Den Haag, and also noticed the unfamiliar lights you spoke of, but when I pulled out my binoculars to have a better look, they were in fact the 'Chinese Lanterns' that everyone here has mentioned.

Which was my first thought, but they were different colors (different ones, not changing colors). The winds were moving at 30 knots NNE at 10:00 pm when I checked atmospheric reports. (Altitude was not posted.) And by 01:00 1/1/10 the wind was calm at 5 knots.

This years display was phenomenal here in The Hague. I am originally from Finland, and spent a lot of years in the USA, but have to admit the Dutch spend a lot of money on them, and they much more fun to watch in Holland than anywhere else on the planet I've been during the New Years celebrations! Not to mention I had a great show from my 4th floor flat overlooking Den Haag.

posted on Jan, 2 2010 @ 02:25 AM
i got a phone call N.Y.E at 12:18pm from my brother joey, whom was at a new years eve party in pollocks hill, thats just outside bedford in bedfordshire england, he sounded very worked up and struggled to get his words out down the phone,

he said your not gona belive wot we all just all see, i was like wot are you on about! expecting a happy new year bro atleast.. but he just kept on trying to get his words out,

he said we was all in the garden letting of fireworks when a solid red light the same as one of thos lights on the antenners and hills around airports, come hovering over the sky as all the fireworks was going of and just hung in the air, a second proceded to come into veiw, "fairly quickly" and then redball number 3,

thay alinged in a triangle formation for around 10-20secs maybe longer then disspersed some rapidly some slowly in diffrent directions,

from wot i know there is no vid/pic from this event it all happend so fast and thay dont think as quick as us ATSers but i'll double check with him later today.

i did not witness this event as i was 15miles south of bedford in luton (home] nye, but i have witnessed the red lights on firework/guyfaulks night some 15yrs ago, so i know wot thay look like and i watch it just pop on like a light and hang in the exact same spot "i remember thinking hang on who put that there" thinking it was a huge new marst with a red light to warn low flying planes over night sort of thing, it was at a simular hight and intenceness in colour, but when you really looked at it it was more of a blood red. it was there for more than 1hour then just blinked off, sadly i never had a video cam then and the mobile phone tech was earlydays with no cam or video...

also that night a girl i used to date see the same thing with a number of her mates over feilds to the southeast of luton, from wot ive heard there has be a number of these redball type lights down here over the years, some completly stationary and some moving very fast and stoping to make a formation.

but i can tell you these red lights was 110% no laterns, so wot was thay and why on nights of the year when put on lots of firework displays?

posted on Jan, 2 2010 @ 03:33 AM

Originally posted by Fraank Fontaine
I lived in Den Haag for 5 years until 2008, and to people who have never been in Holland for a New Year, I really can't describe the sheer number of fireworks set off at midnight! It is crazy... There is a constant fireworks display for a minimum of 20+ mins, as everyone and his dog set off the most ridiculous fireworks they can get their hands on, which continues to the early hours! I love it!

There are literally 3cms of red paper from fireworks covering everything the next day due to the sheer amount of fireworks released.

However... trying to spot 'unusual' lights in this time is just crazy. ET and every type of alien could land, in space ships lit up like Christmas trees... and no one would see!

You're totally right. I live in Amsterdam, on the outskirts of the city just outside of the ring and ther fireworks over here are insane at new year. People set off flares and everything and it goes on for an hour + here and can be seen in every direction . I'm not Dutch though and have lived in a few other countries over the years and I have never seen anything like it anywhere else. The Dutch seem to love their fireworks on new years eve there's no doubt. Like you say, my street is literally covered in red paper from the fireworks the other night and theres a fair bit in my garden aswell.

Trying to spot UFO's on new years eve would be pointless. On of the flares that I saw the other night stayed up there for ages, got caught in the wind and carried off at quite a rate. I bet If I'd filmed it it could have passed for a possible UFO vid on youtube and would have looked a hell of a lot more plausable that most of the rubbish out there.

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