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At the very top, less than 12 men control the world. A council of 7

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posted on Mar, 22 2010 @ 05:48 PM
reply to post by a-being-?

--------> Continuation

That Rastafari believes in a kingdom with a king but that king can only be the one who has the insight to guide for the purpose of the well being of human kind and not greed or self interest

5) what is your opinion of such a king and queen should they ever rise?

6) That they view Haile Selassie I as that king who have held such speeches as this:
and this:
the first was held in Geneva Switzerland at the league of nations in 1938
the second is and audio from UN general assembly in 1963
the first exposes Italy Rome for what it is IMO (here I mean the workings and deceiving )
the Second talks common sense again without saying it points the finger for all to see
I hope you will read and listen to the audio and comment what you think of this or know of this (here I mean the speeches, in connection with the times and of course the message, do you think its good and in romes face? or something else? ( this requires to read the speech and listen to the audio to comment)

7) And then comment on the position that Rastafari view (not Rastafarians review my post again maybe) . based on what he promises and tells, as a true king. Could he be an accepted leader in your eyes or one who shares the same views disregarding his Ethiopian orthodox church ? if not who in your view is worthy ( I did add the last part)

also forgot to address this

8)You stated earlier that nothing would make the elites happier than for people to wake up and take responsibility to lighten their burden..or something in the lines of that , could it be that such people as those I have mentioned might be selected or do they pose to big of a threat , in that they want everyone to be happy and when the time comes abandon much of modern society in favor of a more natural one ?

And for fun and speculation

9) What do you believe the flood was and what caused it? (some have said post nuclear holocaust not here as far as I remember but hope you get my point when I ask what do you think the flood was)

10) You have also said that the old Roman Empire almost got bankrupt due to entertainment and that they paid for the roman citizens well being as long as they were a part of the system …so what would happen if the entire population refused to fight wars, and went on welfare in rebellion of their hypocrisy?

11) one more additional question you said that the Zionist were offered Ethiopia but they refused when was that what year if You know ? (also just added)

I hope you will answer them if not then just say so maybe you just missed some of my postings as they were not posted in one go.. well yes but with some minutes in between there are 3 in total.This is simply a second attempt to get answers, as the opinions you hold so far fascinates me, therefor I really hope you will answer as i am of the same conviction in regards to the shall we say network of Rome now before it was only Rothschild's. I do not believe everyone has always been submissive and that in my eyes Haile Selassie I was the best option that we have seen in the world for a long long time in regard to leadership, or as a model of leadership. Anyways thanks for taking the time posting you experience in regard to Rome and thanks for replying, although I believe what you have written was not what I asked but still thanks for your time and dedication to the thread. and so I post again btw take your time you don't have to read or listen to it right away I will check back tomorrow or the day after heck even week if you require that ...

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posted on Mar, 22 2010 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by a-being-?

1) In regards to Rome, what is your position on Ethiopia seeing that they have attempted invasion and conquest but apparently failed ?(here I mean for or against Rome and maybe as to why

Looks can be deceiving. First you have to look at any treaties regarding Ethiopia and read them carefully. Once Rome gets a nation under contract that contract is a contract and as long as the state performs up to expectations Rome does not really care what system of governance it’s under. Is Ethiopia a signatory to The Laws of the Sea, the Geneva Convention, the International Court of the Hague, the United Nations etc., etc., if it is then it is under Rome’s control?

Many parts of Africa (nations) are owned out right by some Roman oligarchs and others are owned by corporations. Africa was carved up a long time ago. I would say Ethiopia became firmly a part of the Empire no later than the British Occupation of World War II. The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is in fact an amalgamation of Roman distinctions so it’s highly unlikely it’s not part of the Empire.

2that Ethiopia has been a sovereign nation the last 2000 years now I talk about the actual country ? (you said its ancient and mysterious and had the oldest bloodline monarchy, does that not mean its older than that of Britannica/England as you talked about earlier?

What I said was that it had the longest continual blood line reign in recorded history. Not the oldest, but the longest continuous reign by people who could trace direct ancestry to the same blood line. That in and of itself does not make it a more powerful or noble bloodline as bloodlines go, as that is typically decided by wealth and resources, for instance the Queen of England is the largest single land holder of record with the Sultan of Brunei coming in a few places behind her. It’s not just their blood but their wealth and extensive holdings that make them relevant and powerful.

3)could it be that this is the oppsition to the PTB after the flood and before?

Not likely as being a monarch is a lot like being a parent. It’s not a good idea to teach a child to talk back to one parent that isn’t you, hoping that they are not going to get the idea to talk back to you also.

Ethiopian Coptic Christians were one of the Christian sects that the Mufti of Jerusalem gave a piece of Jerusalem to as their own little fiefdom. One of several to be precise which simply means they have their own take on Christianity.

Trying to better define the Roman Bible is simply acquiescence to Rome. The Protestants were not protesting the notion of God but how Rome interpreted God’s law. If you need some flexibility making the system work that’s fine with Rome but at the end of the day the people are still enslaved to the same fundamental notions of a mythical invisible all powerful being greater than they are, still believing in Heaven and Hell as rites of passage based on performance in life, and still willing to allow others in authority in both Church and State define what God and religion should be.

This is not a new wheel or a slightly improved wheel, it’s just a wheel. It’s like being a little bit pregnant, you either are or you aren’t. If the religion is based on the Roman instilled concept of God then it is what it is.

4) do I take it that you believe they are also part of the Rome legacy according to your convictions ?

We are all part of Rome’s legacy my friend like it or not. There is no escaping that fact. Presently though I am the auctorictas principis (self appointed) which makes me Rome’s preeminent Moral Authority.

Basically at the heart of everything I discuss are Rome’s morals and Roman morals and the impact that they are having on humanity and the planet.

The auctorictas principis was one of four powers held by the emperor its probably best to not give me command of an army at this point!

5) what is your opinion of such a king and queen should they ever rise?

A king is but a mortal title for someone playing God and acting as a supreme authority. I believe in the sovereignty of the individual human being.

The notion that each man cannot successfully be his own keeper is in fact based on the entire concept of God and supreme authority.

It is simply another word for Master and those who follow are simply another form of slaves. Why should my thinking and my perspective on the life and the universe be limited to and regulated by another man who fancies himself or herself to be in a better position to know what’s best for me (and everyone else) better than I do?

That system has brought to bear an unmistakable fruit and it’s a fruit that is always going to lead to free thinkers and free spirits feeling oppressed and put upon.

It is telling when people’s various ideas that would constitute the utopian include having an idol like a ‘good’ king or president or premier as its basically just their own individual abdication of saying I don’t trust myself to lead myself and I don’t really trust everyone else to know what’s best for them either, we must have a leader!

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Rome had what was known as the ‘Five Good Emperors’ who more or less came on the heels of one another, but after that once people were used to it, it just became a system that went from bad to worse. Of course people would fondly remember the ‘good old days’ and tell themselves they will come back around in due course, but its not a good idea to hold your breath for them.

6) That they view Haile Selassie I as that king who have held such speeches as this:
and this:
the first was held in Geneva Switzerland at the league of nations in 1938
the second is and audio from UN general assembly in 1963
the first exposes Italy Rome for what it is IMO (here I mean the workings and deceiving )

Speaking against the system and acting against the system are two entirely different things. Talk is often for lovers and those in power who are speaking against others in power are usually doing so for internal reasons intrinsic to their own rule or for the actual person they are talking about even when it is against them. Nothing can more galvanize a society or an institution to rally around its leader and support their system than having an outsider criticize it.

If the President of Iran was not the President of Iran a lot of his views would be a big hit here on ATS. Yet when he speaks as the President of Iran and is the President of Iran it has a whole different kind of impact.

People often base their opinions on whether to believe something or not simply on the source, on the messenger. As an anonymous messenger the Iranian President would make a lot of sense to a lot of people here in the west regarding many of the things he feels and believes. As a known source though what he represents as a source discredits his messages not because they are bad messages but because he is considered a bad source.

So everytime he says something Anti-U.S. or UK or Israel all he is in fact doing is causing people to rally behind their flags, is he hurting the U.S., UK and Israel by doing that or is he actually helping them.

Some would argue he is helping them (I would) and since what I have just described is human nature someone in a leadership role more than anyone should understand human nature. After all you don't inspire others to wanting you to lead by not understanding human nature.

So appearances can often be deceiving.

Now as far as Ethiopia being a paradise under the monarchy you might want to consider how it then gave rise to Idi Amin.

People rally around and take comfort in the distortions they create of history for their ideals and notions, that though doesn't make their ideals ideal or their notions historically accurate. That is what a lot of this thread is about by the way.

Reconcilling history as its told with instead how it really unfolded.

7) And then comment on the position that Rastafari view (not Rastafarians review my post again maybe) . based on what he promises and tells, as a true king. Could he be an accepted leader in your eyes or one who shares the same views disregarding his Ethiopian orthodox church ? if not who in your view is worthy ( I did add the last part)

No such thing as a true king in my humble opinion.

I wasn’t born though to be a vassal or to rent my mind to any God or Government but rather to experience life to the fullest of my abilities and live, laugh and love when and where I can. The two G’s of God and Government typically have a way of getting in the way of that, cutting short lives, making people cry, and teaching them to hate.

The switch and bait sales ethics are a big part of all governments they start out great just like the advertisement says but give them a little while and see what they stick you with.

Have you ever considered being your own king?

posted on Mar, 22 2010 @ 07:33 PM
reply to post by a-being-?

8)You stated earlier that nothing would make the elites happier than for people to wake up and take responsibility to lighten their burden..or something in the lines of that , could it be that such people as those I have mentioned might be selected or do they pose to big of a threat , in that they want everyone to be happy and when the time comes abandon much of modern society in favor of a more natural one ?

They by and large remain hopeful that one day people will evolve to the point that they will lead themselves and not simply appoint a new cadre of leaders to submit to.

I can not stress enough it is the abdication of personal responsibility and people’s general willingness to submit, and submit easily and cheaply that causes the people to loose track of and control of their own destiny.

As long as people aren’t willing to take true responsibility for themselves, and want and or need someone else to show them the way and make life easier for them, then they are going to be abused in that process.

The truth is the majority of people have an expectation that their leaders are going to care more about them, and safeguard them better, than they are capable of doing themselves.

It is the most dogmatic and self defeating type of thinking that is all based on communal herd concepts with centralized leadership and life and death authorities.

This is truly what people presently want because this is all most people can comprehend or envision. The notion of them having to be sovereign in their own right and 100% responsible for their own actions and destiny is for some reason foreign and frightening to them.

So no I wouldn’t look for the powers that be to appoint a new user friendly group of leaders or to accept a new slate of leaders in what would just be a changing of the guard, I do believe though once a true evolution occurs to where people decide to discipline themselves and master themselves that they will gladly step aside knowing that people can and will do the right things for themselves.

No matter what a bitter pill it is to swallow the powers that be only get away with the misery they cause because people submit to it, tolerate it, and even make excuses for it.

The path isn’t wanting something better, the path is BEING something better.

9) What do you believe the flood was and what caused it? (some have said post nuclear holocaust not here as far as I remember but hope you get my point when I ask what do you think the flood was)

Oh that’s easy a runaway planet that broke out of its orbit that legend calls Nibiru struck earth after every attempt was made to blow it up in space and save the planet. It crashed in the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle!

It could have gone either way and by the time it was realized there was no stopping a major portion of it from hitting the planet it was too late to save most people.

These things happen in an imperfect universe.

10) You have also said that the old Roman Empire almost got bankrupt due to entertainment and that they paid for the roman citizens well being as long as they were a part of the system …so what would happen if the entire population refused to fight wars, and went on welfare in rebellion of their hypocrisy?

Probably the same thing that happened in Tiananmen Square, people would sit around all giddy at first and self confident and full of excitement and then realize that there is more to survival than blocking a thoroughfare and a subway station, and certainly a lot more to leading a quality of life.

Government would simply outwait the people as long as they could continue to deliver basic goods and services and control the resources.

If government(s) fell the people who control the resources individually likely wouldn’t and they would just set to work doing what they always do and that’s corrupting the new crop of leaders with wealth and privilege by making it easier for them to deliver goods and services by coming to a temporary accommodation with them on how to better deliver more goods and services.

Once people got complacent it would slowly revert back to the way it was, which is why they call them revolutions and not evolutions.

As you have displayed yourself you really believe that a basic system that is inherently flawed could work as long if were theoretically possible to remove all the flaws from it.

But the flaw is the bottle neck that having just a few select people at the top of a pyramid like structure creates. Crap rolls down hill not up.

11) one more additional question you said that the Zionist were offered Ethiopia but they refused when was that what year if You know ? (also just added)

Actually I stand corrected it was Uganda I always get Ehtiopia and Uganda confused it was offered to the Zionists in 1903 and 1904.

In 1903, the British Colonial Secretary, Joseph Chamberlain, suggested the British Uganda Programme, land for a Jewish state in "Uganda" (in today's Uasin Gishu District, Eldoret, Kenya). Herzl initially rejected the idea, preferring Palestine, but after the April 1903 Kishinev pogrom, Herzl introduced a controversial proposal to the Sixth Zionist Congress to investigate the offer as a temporary measure for Russian Jews in danger. Despite its emergency and temporary nature, the proposal proved very divisive, and widespread opposition to the plan was fueled by a walkout led by the Russian Jewish delegation to the Congress. Nevertheless, a committee was established to investigate the possibility, which was eventually dismissed in the Seventh Zionist Congress in 1905. After that, Palestine became the sole focus of Zionist aspirations.

I hope you will answer them if not then just say so maybe you just missed some of my postings as they were not posted in one go.. well yes but with some minutes in between there are 3 in total.This is simply a second attempt to get answers, as the opinions you hold so far fascinates me, therefor I really hope you will answer as i am of the same conviction in regards to the shall we say network of Rome now before it was only Rothschild's.

I am sorry if I missed some of your earlier questions, I try to answer everyone’s questions to the best of my ability.

I can’t stress enough that my perspectives are my perspectives. I simply share them, and will debate them to the extent that it is required for others to understand and accept why I don’t share their own perspectives.

It’s not my intention to cause anyone to accept or reject any thing in particular just that they can understand why I might choose to reject something they accept, and why I accept those things that I do.

To me life is just one great mystery that cries out to be understood and that is all I am attempting to do is to is in essence reverse engineer history to figure out where I am presently.

That involves a very detailed look at history, politics, wars, religions and other pertinent movements and institutions and a lot of conjecture and theory and a laborious process of elimination.

I feel I have come up with some credible perspectives and some sensible answers in that regard, but my nature is to always question and keep learning and keep studying.

I advise everyone else to do the same, because invariably just when you think you have things all figured out something you didn’t factor in or anticipate will come along. It’s something that a lot of other great members here on ATS and people in life have helped me with.

So to the extent I can share I will.


posted on Mar, 22 2010 @ 07:54 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

In regards to Ethiopia, this article is from the Catholic encyclopedia. We know also that Ethiopia has an embassy in Italy.

Of the history of this country we know only what has been handed down to us through the documents of Egypt and those erected by the inhabitants of the country itself in the vicinity of the Cataracts. It was the almost unanimous opinion of ancient historians that this was the cradle of the people occupying all the Nile Valley; and in proof thereof they pointed out the evident analogy of manners and religion between the kingdom of Meroë and Egypt proper. But today we know without a doubt that the Ethiopia known to the Greeks, far from the cradle of Egyptian civilization, owed to Egypt all the civilization she ever had. The chronological evidence of the monuments makes this quite clear. Whereas the most ancient monuments are to be found along the Delta, those in the neighbourhood of Meroë are comparatively modern. The antiquity attributed to Ethiopian civilization was disproved as soon as the hieroglyphics had been interpreted. What its beginnings were, we do not know.

The Queen of Sheba was the woman who ruled the ancient kingdom of Sheba and is referred to in Habeshan history, the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Qur'an. The location of the historical kingdom may have included part or all of modern day Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Yemen.

According to the Hebrew Bible, the unnamed queen of the land of Sheba heard of the great wisdom of King Solomon of Israel and journeyed there with gifts of spices, gold, precious stones, and beautiful wood and to test him with questions, as recorded in First Kings 10:1-13

The story of the queen of Sheba visiting Solomon is one that makes me wonder. She had to travel quite a long way to gain this wisdom that she sought. I watched a special on Ethiopia once. There are caves that have some very interesting paintings on their walls.

Some of them looked very Babylonian. I did a search for the cave paintings and the only site that had anything viable to offer was password protected. That in and of itself should tell you something.

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posted on Mar, 22 2010 @ 10:24 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

That is very true, and very astute. It is something i rail about quite a bit when i take part in political discussion: the inaction of my fellow countrymen.

People across our nation are, in general, pissed off. The leadership we recieve is the same on both sides of the aisle (Obama had bombed more in his first year than Bush did in 8 years, Gitmo is still open, and we are still in Iraq), and it is rigged to distract you from the inaction by creating the various diversions we have.

The Tea Party movement is a good example. They had their "protest", which amounted to a fairly large number of folks camping on sidewalks/corners, shouting various Tea Party slogans. It was a 1 day affair. What kind of results do you get from 1 day protests? Nothing. Nothing at all. Even the MSM ignored them.

No one is willing to protest any more than that. A previous poster asked, "Why not rebel and go on welfare?". No one will quit their job. I know i am not going to....not unless i see millions doing it. I am all about action, but not action that achieves nothing. Most people wouldn't even do that much. Most just want to keep their big screen HDTV, their DVR/Digital Cable, and their Internet service. If they can do some texting and web browsing from their phone, even better.

Proto, you mention that Rome went bankrupt paying for the entertainment of its people. Is that not what our own government has done? Subsidies are pure drain on the economy, usually. Sure, they have good intentions, but they always end up corrupted and misused. Paying people to NOT grow crops? WTH is that all about?

America, as flawed as our system is, requires corporations and their tax money to run as designed. But we are allowing our businesses to move off shore at record rates.

OK, this is a divergence from our topic. But there are spooky parallels between Rome and the US. It has often been assumed that Rome killed itself by spreading too thin with the legions. No one was left to repel the Goths and Huns.

Well, that may be true, but Rome was already a sinking ship by this time.

posted on Mar, 22 2010 @ 11:36 PM
It is worthy to note that the Vatican operates an advanced telescope. What is it they are looking for?

The Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope, aka the VATT, is a 1.8 meter Gregorian telescope observing in the optical and infrared. It is part of the Mount Graham International Observatory. It is situated on Mount Graham in southeast Arizona, and it achieved 'first light', the first starlight to pass through the telescope onto a detector, in 1993. It is operated by the Vatican Observatory, one of the oldest astronomical research institutions in the world, in partnership with The University of Arizona.

The Vatican Observatory (Specola Vaticana) is an astronomical research and educational institution supported by the Holy See. Originally based in Rome, it now has headquarters and laboratory at the summer residence of the Pope in Castel Gandolfo, Italy, and an observatory at the Mount Graham International Observatory in the United States. The Director of the Observatory is Fr. José Gabriel Funes, SJ. Many distinguished scholars have worked at the Observatory. In 2008, the Templeton Prize was awarded to cosmologist Fr. Michał Heller, a Vatican Observatory Adjunct Scholar. In 2010, the George Van Biesbroeck Prize was awarded to former observatory director Fr. George Coyne, SJ.

All this looking into this stuff led me to quite a funny article that I have to share.

Vatican astronomer relates asteroids with love, faith

Dr. Guy Consolmagno, a meteorite curator at the Vatican Observatory, gave a lecture Tuesday titled "The Virtuous Astronomer: How the Work of Science is Shaped by the Virtues of Faith, Hope and Love." Consolmagno, a member of the Jesuit faith. is a world-famous astronomer who had an asteroid named after him by the National Astronomical Union. In the lecture, Consolmagno, who specializes in asteroids and meteorites, explored the broad connection between faith and astronomy. Dr. Gerald Cleaver, associate professor of physics, said the purpose of the lecture was simple. "The purpose was to help students see the connection between faith and science and to realize that they are complementary," Cleaver said. "Brother Guy does a great job as a speaker and scientist."

So this Vatican astronomer equates asteroids with faith and love? I hope one lands on his forehead. Seriously, they have all this technology and they are looking to space so they can be awed by the faith and love of it all? Give me a break.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 12:54 AM
reply to post by infinite

The article you post is misleading. The story's been debunked many times. The causation is reversed. The city had a high twin population BEFORE Mengele travelled there, IF he travelled there (I believe he did but theres not solid evidence).
We do discuss it in this thread:

I dont get why people say the Nazis singled Jews out. They didnt. They had Communists, Romas, Slavs, mentally disabled, they even had NORWEGIANS in concentration camps. So no racist bull#: racism was an excuse to get racist people behind their POLITICAL goals. Ask yourself. What did all these groups have in common? They were 'ENEMIES OF GERMANY'. Groups who had perceived loyalty elsewhere or did not submit 'patriotically'.

SERIOUSLY, you may think Im just prejudiced, read the book, Hitlers Jewish Soldiers, and various memoirs, and such, there WERE Jews in the Wehrmacht and such. They just needed to be patriotic. The Zionists SPECIFICALLY told the Nazis high command that "no Jew can be loyal to Germany" which heavily influenced policy. Hitler was very concerned about persecuting Jews, many of his beloved friends were half-Jewish (by descent) or their husband/wife were... and he worried what would happen if they took up a wholehearted policy.

Also, you mean to say, lebensraum, living room, not lebensborn, just saying.

You are right though Himmler did envision a blonde blue Germanic utopia where Christianity and Norse mythology combined, and Mengele was their means to achieve, he was studying twins and devout to figuring out how to 'clone', they wanted cloning to perfect and to increase production. Just repeating myself so read here.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 08:41 AM
reply to post by Ridhya

There is no doubt though that the Nazi's were very interested in the phenomenon of twins and genetic manipulation. Mengele went so far as to sow his subjects arteries and veins together to study the effects. There were so many atrocities and I believe we are aware of some of the more hair raising ones.

So the town in Brazil, I could believe it. I watched a documentary on this town and in it they mentioned as fact that Mengele visited the town on more than one occasion posing as a veterinarian. I'm sure he had something to do with the bizarre happenings there.

This is an interesting bit of information actually and it leads us to the fact that for some reason they wanted to be able to duplicate a human.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 09:10 AM
reply to post by Ridhya

Personally I think Nazi Leadership was full of some really radical avant-garde thinkers. There were a lot of really exceptional thinkers in that day (maybe part of why the war was fought too many out of the box thinkers).

Now I am saying that from an intellectual standpoint not an emotional one.

It’s very hard but if you are really going to understand history you have to be able to study it in an academic context without a politicized bias and agenda.

We see a great deal of politicized bias and agendas when it comes to events of World War II and most especially the chief Nazis and the debates are often emotional ones and not intellectual or academic ones.

To illustrate how deeply entrenched the biases and agendas go when you look at World War II Japan in may ways the Japanese were even more barbaric in their militancy and medical experiments and imprisonment tactics than the Germans were but the politics of Zionist Israel are not involved there so people tend to look at it in a much less biased light with a lot less emotion added into it.

I think what both Infinite and I have been driving at is that the Nazis had some very out of the box agendas that included trying to understand and learn more about breeding but more importantly looking at ancient clues on how gene and DNA manipulation might have been carried out in the ancient past by survivors of the great flood, and secondarily how Rome itself was involved.

When the debate turns to out of the box alternative thinking by the Nazis it tends to polarize two opposite sides of the debate on one side those who want to use Nazi examples to build a better reinforced box to keep people’s thinking inside of primarily for the sake of Zionist Israel politics and on the other hand those Europeans especially Nordic ones where they have been stigmatized into accepting a moral responsibility for a cadre of officers, leaders, and scientists that did employ a lot of out of the box thinking and innovative ideas and solutions where it came to reshaping their world and environment.

I think we all agree to one extent or another that Zionist Israel and Zionists in general at least in the upper echelons are working in tandem along with Rome.

There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that certain Jews were targeted for extermination and other Jews were spared. Norway for instance where the House of Dan (Rothschild) hailed from originally literally saw the Nazi Army camped out on the beaches for weeks patiently waiting for the Norwegian Jews to be evacuated out independently to safety.

Now it’s entirely possible that between the great wars politics made just Jews who leaned towards communism or aiding communism targets. It’s possible too that just the Jews from areas who played a great part in the deceptions regarding the final days of World War I and the Treaty of Versailles financial settlements and attempts at communist unionization inside of Germany were targeted.

Personally I think what really happened is that certain types of Jews were not wanted in the Jewish Colony in Palestine as letters between the Rothschild family, Churchill (when he was the British Colonial Secretary in Palestine) and Herzl when he was still alive suggest.

Because the academic debate is usually deliberately muddied by the politics of Zionist Israel and the politics of emotion it’s a very hard subject to get all the information on. The vast bulk of it is tainted and biased and there are a number of things regarding the Nazis and the Holocaust that have long been disproven but still widely accepted as popular knowledge. When you do in fact try to point out those proven distortions it inevitably leads to charges of Holocaust denial and anti-Semitism and other accusations.

I don’t think anyone here on the thread is purposefully promoting dogmas of World War II but rather looking for tie ins between the Nazis and Rome and the Nazis having a love affair with ancient knowledge that some of us theorize dates back before the great flood.

In the end I believe that Hitler was a tool of Rome and though people will argue it because of the politics of emotion and the box that has been created for them to think in post war, the truth is that pre-World War II immigration by Jews into Palestine rarely exceeded 7,000 people a year. It would have taken a century at that pace for the Zionists to reach a critical mass where they could have expelled the British and had dominance over the indigenous Arabs and had far fewer allies in doing it with out the emotional manipulations of the Holocaust to play upon people.

Most of how I view history is looking at the outcome and simply saying who gained the most, who had the most to gain, were there real motives for things that are being presented as a simple series of random events and anomalies that would have caused someone to plan this all out to the conclusion that would have logically occurred through these events if they weren’t in fact random or isolated at all but deliberately planned instead to create the precise outcome that did in fact happen.

Then I start looking for historical evidence that suggests that such random events were in fact planned for the precise outcome that supposedly randomly occurred.

I have no doubt that Rome wanted to repopulate Israel and that it worked with both the Zionists, the British, and the Nazis to bring about the circumstances where life in Palestine would suddenly seem attractive to the typical cosmopolitan Jew of good education and some limited or significant wealth and stature.

World War II was likely orchestrated to accomplish many things depopulation, keeping communism as a competing ideology in check and in balance with others, redrawing some national maps and creating spheres of influence for a profitable ongoing post war, cold war between ideologies that would enslave nations to the concepts of militarism and military industrial complexes while at the same time causing each opposing ideology to accept elements of the other’s as a means towards compromise and that has definitely happened. Communist China has the second largest number of Billionaires today than any other nation. Russia and the Eastern Bloc are pseudo-democracies and Western Governments have more elements of communism and socialism being woven into them every day along with a mountain of debt that makes their sovereignty all but a joke.

But yes the war also forced the mass migration of Jews out of Europe into Palestine where Rome and the Zionists wanted them to be. Well, except for a certain large number of them that had more or less been designated as undesirable for Israel because of their bloodlines and work ethics.

About the only thing we don’t know for sure was it the Jews of real tribal ancestry being wiped out so that the Zionists could completely take over Judaism, or was it the Jews of non tribal ancestry being wiped out so that Israel would be primarily populated by Jews with tribal bloodlines?

There is a lot of contention on that issue too. Yet as far as this thread goes its really about tying all that in with Rome and ancient concepts and ideas that date back into antiquity, and how Rome is attempting to create a self fulfilling prophecy it wrote into the Bible to in fact make come true over the course of time with emerging technology and trends to create a one world Government ruled at the top by Rome.

No need for anyone to get sidetracked into the politics of emotion, in my humble opinion.


posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 09:53 AM
So that people might better understand in the early days of Zionism and the Zionist desire to have a colony inside of Palestine, such a massive undertaking needed funding. It wasn’t as if 5,000 Zionists and Jews could just show up in primarily Arab Palestine and hope to find jobs the next day. Let alone 100,000, let alone 1,000,000, so a whole support mechanism and new economy inside of Palestine would have to be set up for them to arrange for them being fed, housed and put to productive work.

Herzl like many people still to this day who felt they had a great and worthy idea went to pitch it to the Rothschild Family of Paris.

The Rothschild Families of course have the money to make more or less anything happen but the Parisian Rothschild Family did not like the idea. They saw it only as a liability and one at a huge financial cost, they easily envisioned poor rural Jews from the Soviet East jumping to emigrate at Rothschild expense and then getting to Palestine to basically just enjoy free food and housing courtesy of the Rothschild family, that if for any reason the free food and housing would stop it would lead to riots and bad press and stigma on the Rothschild family.

Herzl was not one to take no for an answer easily and explained to Rothschild that he had enough Zionist Jews who supported his efforts to create those riots and politically contentious situations throughout England and France and other places where Rothschild Businesses were dependent upon good relations with the Government.

So what we saw then was the extortion that groups like AIPAC are still involved in today. Give us what we want, pay for it, or we will cause you chaos and embarrassment to the extent it’s going to make doing your normal business harder and less profitable.

The Parisian Rothschild Family held firm in its belief and turned Herzl down, but the idea soon gained traction with the London Rothschild Family after Herzl partially made good on his threats by causing some Jewish unrest in London.

The London Rothschild Family saw the true potential of literally having an army of Jews and Zionists in every land, hill and dale that would be beholden to it if it just funded the attempts to establish a Jewish/Zionist colony in Palestine.

As long as there was a real colony in Palestine to appeal to Jewish romanticism and ethnicity and the Rothschild Family was its chief patron and funding there would always be a vast untold number of Jews and Zionists spread throughout the world Rothschild could manipulate for his own ambitions and ends.

Yet the same initial concerns remained and that was how to keep the less educated and less wealthy and less productive and less disciplined Eastern Jews out who the Rothschild Family only saw as a liability and entice the Western Jews who were far more educated, cosmopolitan, political savvy, aggressive and disciplined to go there.

He saw the first group as a great anchor around the proposed colony’s neck and the second group as being what would enable the Colony to become a real self supporting enterprise in time that he could take credit for but wouldn’t always have to pay for.

It is likely Herzl was poisoned so the Rothschild Family of London could have complete control over the Zionist Movement but the fact remains the same that it’s the PAPAL Rothschild Family and it would require the commitment of the Vatican’s funds to achieve and therefore the Vatican’s and the Pope’s blessing in the undertaking.

While the French Rothschild family didn’t have the strong ties to the Vatican that the London Rothschild family does it then becomes entirely possible that the reason the French Rothschild family wasn’t interested in the plan besides just the liability is because they didn’t have the same line of Command starting at the Vatican.

So when the London Rothschild family caught wind of it and ran it by the Vatican the idea took on a whole new appeal with Rothschild then acting primarily and secretly as Rome’s chief agent.

Regardless of those elements detailed letters between Winston Churchill and Lord Rothschild while Churchill was the Colonial Secretary and in charge of Palestine in that position and in charge of Zionist/Jewish immigration in that position clearly show that the quality of immigrants remained a chief concern for Rothschild and Churchill throughout the period between the wars with a far greater number of Eastern Jews immigrating than Western Jews, and they did in fact find it hard to motivate and put the Eastern Jews to productive use once there in Palestine.

So is it coincidental that Hitler spared a good number of Western Europe’s non-communist leaning Jewry to instead focus on primarily the communist leaning Jews of Eastern Europe and Russia for extermination?

Hitler who had close ties to the Vatican and Hitler who received the lion’s share of his initial funding and armaments from American oligarchs many of them who were Zionist and Germanic in ancestry who owed their initial fortunes to Rothschild/Vatican funding and investment?

There are a lot of historical facts involved here that the politics of emotion and bias make it very hard to ever discuss productively and very much like 9-11 is today, the most serious crimes become the hardest ones to investigate and discuss because of the agendas that are developed using those events as a pretext for future and subsequent events.

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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

There is one subject that has not been addressed by this thread; and that's the concept of Christian Zionism. As we see, from the contemporary movement, Israel must exist in Jewish hands, and Jerusalem too, in order for Christ to return.

Christian Zionists go even further, the Temple of Solomon must be rebuilt in order to fulfil the final requirement for the end times. Now, could we align this to the thinking of the Vatican, who supported Zionism, and conclude it's just arcane religious nostalgia, influenced by Rome. Or, at the heart of the conspiracy, are we seeing a destructive cult formulating and resulting into a final war-that will usher in the New World Order?

The belief of Christian Zionism is essentially based on the premise, the end is nigh and they must bring it about. Could Rome be manipulating and exploiting the emotive beliefs of Christians who support and defend Israel...

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 10:06 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Good points my friend. I wanted to share a bit of an article on genetic manipulation that came from none other than the Pope himself. In the whole speech he was really saying nothing at all as usual, but one part struck me as strange.

DANGERS OF GENETIC MANIPULATION Address by Pope John Paul II to members of the World Medical Association (October 29, 1983)

To tell the truth, the expression "genetic manipulation" remains ambiguous and should constitute an object of true moral discernment, for it covers, on the one hand, adventuresome endeavors aimed at promoting I know not what kind of superman and, on the other hand, desirable and salutary interventions aimed at the correction of anomalies such as certain hereditary illnesses, not to mention the beneficent applications in the domains of animal and vegetable biology that favor food production. For these last cases, some are beginning to speak, of "genetic surgery," so as to show more clearly that medicine intervenes not in order to modify nature but to favor its development in its own life, that of the creation, as intended by God.

Now on the surface here is the Pope reminding physicians of the moral dangers of genetic manipulation, but acknowledging that it is leading to a superman. I'm not saying this is proof of anything but it shows that the Vatican is indeed interested. Nothing he says in the speech is groundbreaking or revealing, it just shows that they know and to an extent agree with it.

When the Nazi's are referred to in the MSM it brings all of the emotions into the story doesn't it? We have been taught to equate it with murderers and psychopaths and rightly so I think. On the other hand, we cannot let those emotions get in the way either because that is how they play us. For some reason they want people to reject the very idea of it all and feel as though it is a subject that should be shunned.

Is this because they do not want anyone to understand the true motivations behind what was going on? Can it be because if someone digs too deeply they will uncover who was actually involved and why so many had to suffer? No doubt it was a brutal campaign and worthy of not repeating, but it was enacted for a reason. They would like us to believe that it was evil in its truest form and be repelled and I agree.

I am looking at it in a much broader sense though. Like Proto said, who gained the most? What did they actually discover and who benefited? Is the search still ongoing in the guise of another more noble endeavor? I believe so and I believe we can look at that whole thing as a stepping stone of sorts for whoever and whatever was really behind it all.

In the Christian world – I do not say on the part of the Church as such – erroneous and unjust interpretations of the New Testament regarding the Jewish people and their alleged culpability have circulated for too long, engendering feelings of hostility towards this people.”– Pope John Paul II, quoted in “We Remember: Reflections on the Holocaust” Reading this remarkable statement, one is compelled to ask: if Christians did not get their belief in Jewish culpability from the Christian church, pray tell where did they get it? Many people, including some Jewish leaders, have praised Pope John Paul II and “We Remember” for facing up to ‘errors’ made during the Holocaust. But if the Church never aided, and indeed opposed, the Nazis, and never accepted even non-racial, religion-based hatred of Jews, then to what errors would the Vatican need to face up?

“‘Even if the most recent, loathsome experience of the Shoah (Holocaust) was perpetrated in the name of an anti-Christian ideology, which tried to strike the Christian faith at its Abrahamic roots in the people of Israel, it cannot be denied that a certain insufficient resistance to this atrocity on the part of Christians can be explained by an inherited anti-Judaism present in the hearts of not a few Christians.’” – Joseph Ratzinger as quoted by Abe Foxman in an Anti-Defamation League (ADL) press release welcoming Ratzinger’s election as Pope. Also quoted on So Joseph Ratzinger claims that: a) Nazism was “anti-Christian”; b) Christianity erred only by “a certain insufficient resistance” (notice the modifier, “a certain,” which limits the insufficiency - i.e., it wasn’t so very insufficient!) to Nazism, not by complicity or active support; c) even this error resulted from individual Christian’s religious hostility to Judaism – “an inherited anti-Judaism present in the hearts of not a few Christians” – which rather avoids the question: from whom did they inherit it, if not the church?

The evidence shows that: A) The Catholic church hierarchy, acting under Vatican orders, played the decisive role in making Hitler the dictator of Germany. B) Subsequently, the Catholic hierarchy was active in Nazi movements outside Germany, for example in the Balkans, where the church was the institutional base of the Nazi puppet State of Croatia. C) Although at Yad Vashem, in the year 2000, Pope John Paul II described the Nazis as having “a Godless ideology,” in 1933, when it mattered, the Vatican ordered German Catholics to love, honor, obey and protect the Nazis.

The following translation of the very important Article 16 of the Reichskonkordat was authorized by the Vatican: Article 16 “Before bishops take possession of their dioceses they are to take an oath of fealty either to the Reich Representative of the State concerned, or to the President of the Reich, according to the following formula: “‘Before God and on the Holy Gospels I swear and promise as becomes a bishop, loyalty to the German Reich and to the regional - EC State of . . . I swear and promise to honor the legally constituted Government and to cause the clergy of my diocese to honor it. In the performance of my spiritual office and in my solicitude for the welfare and the interests of the German Reich, I will endeavor to avoid all detrimental acts which might endanger it.

Read thoughtfully, the Vatican-authorized translation of Article 16 (above) is damning. Even so, it is a false translation, with the falsifications lessening the horror of what the Vatican was ordering German bishops to do.

Article 16, above, is a translated version from the Vatican. For the actual version, which is even more damning, you have to go to this link. It states on the site that the original cannot be duplicated and posted elsewhere with permission from someone. So, I posted the Vatican's watered down version.

There is much information at this site and it shows clearly the Vatican's role in it all. Is it propaganda aimed at making the Catholic church look bad? No, it is historical evidence and should be deemed as such. Let's not get all emotional about it.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by bigfatfurrytexan

reply to post by bigfatfurrytexan

Proto, you mention that Rome went bankrupt paying for the entertainment of its people. Is that not what our own government has done? Subsidies are pure drain on the economy, usually. Sure, they have good intentions, but they always end up corrupted and misused. Paying people to NOT grow crops? WTH is that all about?

There are a lot of parallels and the chief ones are often entirely overlooked. The Roman citizens were driven into poverty, and slavery, and the government set up to administer to them went bankrupt but…and this is a big but…this happened because the principals or Rome, the wealthiest Patrician Families ended up through their monopolies with ALL the money in their pockets.

It helps to think of Rome more as a business concept, taking a territory and its people and making them relevant in the securing of vital resources and tempting them to do that by offering them a stake in the riches a chance to get rich themselves and to keep them highly entertained and play to their vanity and ego while doing it.

Once the average people then secure the resources and some wealth along the way its time to play the rich’s favorite game which I call “A fool and his money soon go separate ways” but Parker Brothers calls “Monopoly”.

Gold like cash does not simply disappear, it does not commit ritual suicide, it doesn’t get kidnapped by space aliens, it doesn’t go off trekking in the Himalayas to find itself and true purpose to never return.

Instead it ends up being horded into fewer and fewer hands.

When Rome itself appeared to collapse the city of well over a million people emptied out to well less than a hundred thousand people within months once vital services and government collapsed yet some of those people fleeing weren’t destitute but obscenely rich.

Those fortunate few would go on to be Savoy and Venetian Princes and principals of the New Rome. The wealth of Rome was not gone, just the wealth of the average Roman citizen. The leading Patricians had fortunes and power that would continue to make them and their descendants powerful and relevant right on up through today.

This is really what the concept of Rome and Empire is all about. Making one people more relevant by inspiring them with notions of destiny and greatness and extolling them to fight for that glory, the riches and resources is the base formula.

Average people will go from rags to riches but it is far easier to make a million dollars than to hold onto a million dollars, trust me when I say Proto knows all about that!

This flurry of expansion and activity breeds more activity and expansion and breeds and not only allows for but necessitates that wealth being spread around and people prospering for a while. After all why would they fight and die and kill to secure resources and wealth if they weren’t given a lucrative share of it, and the bulk of the people in that society given a high standard of living to justify the aggression and blood shed?

But once they do secure those resources and once they have reached their high water market of stretching those systems and armies and concepts just as far and wide as their logistical numbers will effectively allow for then its time to start separating the people from their wealth and the resources and to put it all back into the few controlling hands that made those people and system relevant to begin with.

How much wealth is concentrated in just say Bill Gate’s hands, sure he spreads a portion of it around to charities throughout the globe (globalization) but the bulk of it no longer circulates through the economy.

To give you an example in the early 1980’s the two principal Columbian Cocaine Cartels the Medellin and Cali Cartels approached Manuel Noriega then the President of Panama with an offer to take the President of Columbia.

If the Columbian President would guarantee through legislation and law that no Columbian Drug Kingpin would ever be extradited to the United States to stand trial then the two cartels would pay off Columbia’s entire National Debt to foreign nations in exchange! At the time Columbia’s national debt was estimated to be between 3-5 billion dollars. Not only could these two principal criminal cartels afford to pay it, they were indeed going to pay it with American dollars they had in their possession.

Of course in the game of separating fools from their money the Columbian government of course turned down the offer because they knew with the U.S. government’s help, principally the CIA that they would end up with all their money anyway and not have to make any concessions to get it, just shed some blood and let some poor people die all the while creating a chaos that would make government more relative and desirable as a solution to the violence and the chaos.

Right now we should make no mistake about it our government is looting the treasury and the financial markets are being manipulated to suck the wealth away from the people and to put it and the treasury’s money in the hands of the same few wealthy Roman principles that secured their monopolies on resources a century ago and have simply since then been exploiting people to consolidate those resources and holdings for them while slowly manipulating all their individual wealth away from them in the process.

The Health Care Bill is but one more way that the government is going to take the remaining collective wealth of the nation to bankrupt the American people to eventually collapse it just like the Roman state was collapsed with the same skill and purpose. The people are left with nothing; the richest of the rich get everything!

Now let’s look at the Health Care Bill by first looking at Health Care. Health Care in the United States literally started as a means for the Russell family to sell more opium and drugs. The Russell Family was the primary importer of Opium during the 19th century; by the 20th century it was developing a whole medical industry to push that and other drugs to expand the market for their drugs.

The Russell family by the way founded a little organization back in the 1830’s some of you might have heard of called the Skull and Bones 322!

When was America celebrating its Health Care Reform being passed?...3/22!

The Russell Family also founded John Hopkins University and Medical School the premier institute for the teaching of health care!

Both John’s Hopkins and Skull and Bones 322 are administered by the Russell Family Trust who are also big players in Citicorp, and JP Morgan and Chase.

It’s been a great year for the Russells!

Russell founded the Skull and Bones 322 society in protest regarding a backlash against the Masonic Movement and Secret Societies in the aftermath of the war of 1812 and many Americans for the first time realized some of the agreements they had been saddled with to London and to Rome through the Masonic founding fathers.

The Masonic Founding Fathers looking to establish a New Atlantis on behalf of Rome and London!

The rise of nation’s are planned by making it geographically relevant and their people relevant and then them carrying nation into empire as far as they are capable. Then they are systematically robbed of their wealth and then the Empire and then the nation collapsed and made irrelevant once that wealth has been separated from them.

It went from Rome, to Germany, to England to the United States next stop will be China! Then the New World Order.

Behind it are the same principles from antiquity. Rome is a concept, Rome is a business plan, Rome is a plan for taking over the entire world by separating the resources and wealth of the entire world from the people one region at a time until it is all in the same small group of hands who can enslave people into doing virtually anything then for the resources to survive.

Recognize it for what it is, as almost no one does, but that is what it is in my humble opinion!

Thanks my friend.

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posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 02:23 PM
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Googling around searching Hertzl and Zionism, i found this on youtube, looks like Theodor Herzl, the father of modern political Zionism was first and foremost anti semitic and had very close relation with rome. Looks like Isreal may be more, under rome's secret influence then the world thinks.

If rome planned ww2 and the number of Jewish losses has been greatly exaggerated to permit the creation of the strategic State of Israel by the united nation after ww2, is that mean Rome planned it all and isreal will play a important role in middle east crisis, like attacking Iran? that may lead to a post ww3 new world order.

posted on Mar, 23 2010 @ 10:40 PM
I have been interested in Francis Bacon for awhile. My reading of the Manly Hall books has only fueled the legend in my head. I believe Bacon to be among the greatest geniuses, and among the greatest social architects, in human history.

He is believed to be a Rosicrucian, and is believed to have been the head of the order as well. He wrote new Atlantis with the purpose of presenting a concept of how you could deal with the erection of a new government in a new nation.

As pointed out by others in this thread, it is believed that Rome had "feelers" out all over the world, and could have been astutely aware of happenings in North America. it is also pointed out elsewhere that the Roman movement is still alive today, and has been since the "Fall" of Rome.

I was reading the William Sidis book linked earlier in this thread ( ), and came across this passage:

Thus the red nations gradually began forming federations in all directions around the Iroquois empire. The Lenape federation on the seacoast to the southeast, the Pottawatomie federation still farther south, the Ottawa and Illini federations to the westward, the Penacook federation beyond the Connecticut River, and the Wabanake federation still farther east, were all cases of how this process worked. Each such federation became in its turn a center around which more counter-federations had to be built, and it is very probable that, had the transatlantic invasion been delayed for two or three hundred years―had it taken place, for instance, in the twentieth instead of the seventeenth century―the entire continent of North America might have been covered with federations of red nations, and those federations in turn might have been able themselves to federate into a super-federation, by way of a peace pact similar to that between the Iroquois nations so that, in such a case, the invasion from Europe would have met with a formidable, gigantic nation of red men, which would have made it difficult for any colonization to take root in North America. The old Mound-Builders' empire had recently been destroyed when the Iroquois federation was begun; what originated in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries was the germination a new national power, erected on a federative basis.

But, as it was, federation among the red nations was not allowed to reach its full development, on account of the invasion from Europe pouring in during the interregnum between the destruction of an empire and the formation of a large federative super-nation of independent nations. Either much before or much after the seventeenth century, such an invasion could not have been successful; which may explain why the invasion did take place at that particular time. But the white invaders of North America were themselves not exempt from the necessity of counter-federating in the same way as the red nations in the northeastern part of the continent were forced to do. Thus the white invasion of that section of North America was a series of attempts to federate finally resulting in the formation of a great federated nation such as no other part of the world could possibly produce.

Could this have been another instance of Rome moving in on a crumbling nation? Possibly not robbing it of its wealth but rather setting up a New Atlantis, as per their plans, in North America? Maybe, like our own CIA, they went in and helped foment some unrest and coax the collapse along?

The reason i bring it up is that it would seem, based on the above, that the timing was too convenient to believe without question.

posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 12:20 AM
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Wow... I feel like I wrote that...

Yes, as I mentioned before I find it weird how most of the Israeli Jews have German names and such, and I think I mentioned on here, I believe a lot of the Nazis who escaped posed as Jews and fled to Israel, I mean who would think to look for them there, yet they could continue their genocidal policies. I also mentioned direct to you Proto how Herzl says in his diary that his desire is to be a German high-class, but since he cant, his second choice is to create a Jewish country based on the German system, with HIM as chancellor.

I have some sort of American 'congressional report' thing printed off many pages long, and in it Mr. Thorkelson (Scandinavian American I can only presume) lists off European aristocrats who has married Jewish Wives in order to 'officially' convert their family in to Judaism, obviously the one caught my eye was Rothschild and such, but it basically means, they deliberately MARRIED in to Judaism, in order to get away with manipulating Jews!!

Brings up the point, wealthy kings use to marry for wealth, and both King and Queen would not love, they would have mistresses on the side who they loved, but in legal terms, their walth would be kept in the bloodline!

What you said of communism is wrong, the point of WWII wasnt to keep it in check, it was to make it same size as 'Christendom', remember what Albert Pike wrote!

I wonder, too, is it the ancient Hebrews wiped out by the Danskene, or the real tribal Jews the ones to take control of Israel?

For your part 2:
The Rothschilds funded the Zionists in this way, heres an excerpt from my essay:
Baron Edmond Rothschild of Paris was the main support for the Zionist movement thereon, without whom the entire interest would have failed. In addition to provision of funding and advice, he sent them French vines and expert instructors in wine growing, buying back their grapes at a fixed price. This assured a steady stream of subsidy for more Zionist enterprises. While in the early stages of his vision Herzl had suffered financially (personal diary, 1895-1904), the backing of the Rothschilds eased his mind on monetary matters, leaving him to tend to more pressing issues. His position as architect of the Jewish Empire required that he constantly travel, and was a great strain on him.

The Zionists could grow grapes easily there especially with French experts, it benefitted Rothschild obviously too, as he gained more product to make wine.

As we talked about in message Herzl told their family that the best way to gain wealth of Palestine was to create a reason to occupy it, and so they decided it was best to utilise Zionism, and control the movement from within, then ensuring that, it would go in the direction they choose...

Honestly overall I dont know what to think, but Im leaning toward Judaism was infiltrated by Roman Nazis, just like it was to crucify Jesus, the puppet Jewish leaders who went in favour of Caesar, im sorry Kaiser.

posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 12:31 AM
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My belief is that it is a new age cult, designed specifically to unite all people together. Remember how Christianity stole pagan holidays and used lies to cover up their origins? (Christmas is really Jul) well, that was to appeal to pagans, to accept the new faith...

I think then that this new age stuff, that mixes truth with appealing intelligent-sounding-but-no-substance and pseudo-religious rituals and morals, is meant to kind of amalgamate all religions, into this NWO cult. Raise your chakra vibrations!

Christian Zionisms just a tool to get millions of people to do their dirty work, they well self fulfill the prophecy thinking it is prophecy when it is really a plan. Notice how Jews are their focus even though Jesus preached against the corrupt Jewish society, and Israel today doesnt require you follow 'God's Laws', which is strange you'd think...

reply to post by Investigateconspiracies

Herzl wasnt anti-Jewish, he was so pro-Jewish, he believed in sacrificing many for his overall profit, though he did sacrifice everything he had too.

In his diary he mentions, on his gravestone or something, they ought to write 'His problem was he just thought too highly of the Jews' (or similar I forget) because he wrote that in a depressed state, when things werent going so well. He envisioned a great Jewish dominated fascist state based on the German Empire, and he believed he had to do drastic to achieve it. He explicitly advocates making Jewish suffering worse in order to increase immigration to Palestine...

posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 12:34 AM
why has it been removed, due to violation ??

violation of what??


posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 04:05 PM
Proto most recent thread about Skull and bones is very interesting, i posted some pics about skull and bones and rome. i think they could be appreciate here to, because it fit in the topic of this thread also, so here is the link to those pics in Proto's thread.

posted on Mar, 24 2010 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by Pocky

For those who can't see the original video I posted in the OP, here it is!


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