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At the very top, less than 12 men control the world. A council of 7

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posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by DeepBlueSky

Well you get right back then to how the various nations are contracted in to the Empire. For the average person nation, religion, creed, race, is all important.

To globalists it means nothing. Pyramids are ruled from the top. How many investigations into 9-11 do you think have been squelched from the top?

The people who make it to leadership roles are carefully screened and preselected, the rewards for playing ball are enormous, and the penalties for not playing ball are enormous too.

Ultimately what makes a conspiracy a great conspiracy is even when shown proof of it, people will be unable to wrap their minds around it because it is just so hard to fathom. What is hardest to fathom is not the logistical capability to pull it off, and not even how any one person or a combination of people could be so evil.

In fact what is hardest to fathom is when the depth of the conspiracy literally makes everything you have ever believed in and put faith in a lie, now you are confronted with the very difficult and daunting task of letting go of an illusion and a series of illusions that are the basis to your reality.

It’s just not about feeling that dumb that you have been that duped, its about letting go of and having to grieve for basically everything that rooted your existence and gave it meaning.

So even if shown absolute proof most people are going to be in the same kind of denial you would be if a close loved one died. No, not them, I am not ready to let them go.

Basically for most people one or two things are going to happen, an apathy where they simply cling to the same dogmas and lies because that’s literally all they have, or a reassessment of their logistical capabilities to challenge the Status Quo.

If the Powers that Be can assassinate a U.S. President, the most protected man in the world, then start calculating your chances taking them on.

If you are in basic denial over the depth of the conspiracy to the point you are inclined to apathy, then how easy it is going to find other people to assist you and enlist to taking on the Powers that Be in a hope of defeating them.

Even lets say you have in fact determined you are going to fight and have enlisted some people to fight with you, how are you going to take on a well hidden enemy that you aren’t even sure where to strike at them or how, how many people are working for them and where?

So no the reality is not that simple, for the people at the top of the Pyramid they are not married to your same reality they know its false, they don’t have to grieve for it, or be hampered by it. In fact they are for the most part quite happy because as people on the top of the Pyramid they are going to be least impacted in a negative way, and most impacted in a positive way.

From there everything is compartmentalized purely on a need to know basis.

Most of the Intelligence Agencies are in fact hidden armies of Rome for instance the Skull and Bones of the CIA; they are in fact the people fighting to bring all this about, not the people who feel compelled against it.

As far as the numbers of people who have actually figured it all out, they are small, very small, and the reality is most people are inclined just to dismiss them as being crazy, or overly paranoid, or subject to extreme flights of imagination.

Rome is not simply a geographical city my friend, Rome is a form of governance and a philosophy whose tentacles are spread throughout the world, with leadership elements throughout the world, with powerful weapons and tools dispersed throughout the world.

So in short, no you aren’t going to nuke your way out of it, in fact you aren’t even going to ferret out all the hidden elements of Rome many of whom have been operating for centuries even millennium as secret societies, and secret societies within secret societies, and bloodlines.

How you defeat Rome is to simply rebel against the conspiracy by not being manipulated into playing your part it, and even that is almost impossible because Rome has laid a circular trap where much of what people are required to do to make the conspiracy work is them believing it is the work and will of a deity and that it is absolutely wrong to ever question that deity, and that anything that would shake your faith in questioning that deity is the hand of evil and you must resist it at any and all costs or risk not just your life here but your immortal soul.

I can’t help you wrap your mind around it in a way that it will be comfortable for you my friend. I can’t suggest to you that there is some simple solution that some one else should have already taken as you look for a way out of the potential nightmare that is unfolding in front of your eyes.

You simply have to make and find your own peace with what ever you ultimately want to decide your own perspective and reality should be for you.

That doesn’t mean that it will go down that way, it just means that you will be ok believing that up until the point reality intrudes in a way that no longer makes it possible for you to be ok with it or deny it.

The people who govern the world and run the world and rule the world are in fact not infected with the same perspective and mindset and attitudes of those that they govern and rule over, you will never make sense of their perspective by trying to make it fit with your perspective. The things that you believe in are to them simply tools to use to govern and rule, no different than a shovel or a trowel or a telephone.

How the world got in this mess is the abdication of the masses that in fact always look for someone else to be responsible and safeguard them from the things that they aren’t sure how to safeguard themselves from or even identify.

For those actual rulers though that didn’t abdicate their own personal destinies and desire to have a greater extent of control it is very easy to sell out to the system and very rewarding to as well.

Look at Obama a year ago, and look at him tonight giving his first State of the Union Speech, not an Obama supporter in the world a year ago would have dared dream that the person the leader they had so much faith in would accomplish so little and screw things so badly in such a short period of time but he sure did.

He didn’t do it out of incompetence, he did what he was told to do, and the minute he fails to do what he is told to do will be the minute that is minutes start becoming numbered.

Fighting a seen enemy is relatively easy, fighting the unseen enemy, well that’s another matter all together, fighting an unseen enemy that could be anywhere around you, beside you, underneath you, above you? Well that’s a real trick my friend.

A real trick indeed!

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posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 09:15 PM
So there is basically no real resistance and everything is under the control of Rome? Don't misunderstand me. I'm open minded to everything that sounds racial to me. But if everything was and everything is under the control of Rome. And if their major goal is to reduce the population drastically. Why they left the popuation to grow in such high numbers on the first place?

There was the oportunity in WWI and WWII to drastically reduce the population but all the casualities of both world wars were less than 112 millions dead. Now compared to whole population even in 1950's this is less then 4% of the world population back then. And as far as i know this plan about reducing the population is far more older than that.

I'm not arguing. I only try to post questions which I'm uncertain about and I'm curiously waiting your opinion about them.

posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 09:39 PM
reply to post by DeepBlueSky

I understand my friend, and I appreciate your questions.

As I mentioned elsewhere in the thread there are a few states resistant to Roman rule, Cuba, North Korea, Iran, Afghanistan until recently.

Basically the nations you see that are heavily sanctioned by the United Nations and the United States and the U.K.

Somalia for instance is another state not under Roman rule.

As far as why the populations were allowed to grow is varied, part of it has to do with the numbers need to conquer and drive migrations, part of it has to do with the numbers needed to identify and secure resources, but in large part most of it has to do with religion.

The only state to date that has been able to successfully regulate breeding is China, the New World Order prototype state.

While religion was instrumental to the divide and conquer plan Rome has it’s also something that has outlived its usefulness.

In China that Sate is the highest authority.

For many people in the Muslim East and the Christian West G-d is the highest authority. The same circular logic that is instilled in the religious that makes it a juggernaut and powerful army for change also makes it a huge drawback and liability.

You can’t tell the religious not to breed that is when they will look at G-d as a higher authority than State authority.

What World War III is really about is getting rid of religion in its present form by eliminating those who practice it and believe in it.

Then you can impose breeding regulations like China, where there is no higher authority to the State to look to for answers or guidance.

There are some rebellious elements in the world but they do not in fact really know who they are rebelling against or to what end, they are rebels without a cause, simply anti-authority, anti-status quo, the rebel against the authority in their face, they seldom conspire or act to identify authority and defeat it, but more to simply not be subject to it.

Rome’s most powerful weapon to take over the world was Religion and monotheism, but it is a double edged sword that has outlived its usefulness, and society as they want it to move forward, can not move forward with 2/3rds of the world arguing over what G-d really wants from them and who is wrong and who is right. It’s counter productive and no side to that argument is going to abandon their side to the argument, or abandon their beliefs in that higher authority and those religious laws unless absolutely shown the folly of their ways in the most horrendous way possible.

That’s why it is all being set up over Israel, because it all emanated from religion as it was invented and put forth from there. It’s the opposite of the big bang, ones the matter reaches its further point it implodes back on itself.

It really is about doing away with those trio of religions, creating a state friendly religion for those who truly must have one, and creating a one world government that is not full of redundant and overlapping and duplicate layers of costly control as they now exist, preserving the earth’s resources and getting the population back down to where a horde of righteous people fired up with notions of G-d could not overrun the whole globe independent of the existing oligarchs and rulers.

If the religious in fact were not so stubborn and set in their ways it probably could be done another way.

Sadly I don’t think there is another way, and since the religion actually incorporates the prophecies where they will all destroy one another, how the heck do you convince them not to when they really believe that is what they are meant to do and there is a heavenly reward for doing it?

posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 09:39 PM
reply to post by DeepBlueSky

if you don't mind, my thoughts on Proto's theory base on his posts i've read on this, is that Rome's strategy was first to push every christian families around the world to populated territories as much as possible with many children, to compete against Asian and Islamic populations.

Now that Christianity dominate the World, Rome is ready to phase 2, depopulation to gain ultimite control over the World, with a new world order, under a One World Roman Empire.

am i right Proto...

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posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

So basically their plan becoming reality is inevitable. Right?

posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 10:14 PM
reply to post by openmindresearch

Yes you are basically right, the other thing is that people are more productive when they have competition and they look for multiple ways to establish dominance through the indulgence of pride and ego.

Basically you are setting up a competition; you want it to be close to balanced and fair so people who are blindly competing never question why they are competing.

You want each element to be able to counter balance the other, because while you control their environment you don’t control them, and part of controlling their environment is getting them to believe that there is non-earthly source of greater power than anything that exists on earth.

A power that they are technically more beholden to than your earthly power, so there is always that risk that if each side wasn’t close to evenly matched and they discovered what you were doing to control their environment they would rally around that allegiance to a higher non-earthly power and band together to fight you instead of each other.

It likewise too a huge number of people to explore, conquer people in various pagan systems, identify the resources, extract the resources, and build the infrastructure.

Now the entire pagan peoples are conquered but the pagans you yourself created, the infrastructure is built and complete, the resources are indentified fully known and tapped, but the competitions you have actually created amongst the people in tricking to do all this for you, never knowing they were doing it all for you are now counter productive.

You can’t actually pick one of the three to simply win, because they are still going to believe and be beholden to a deity that has imparted them in a circular logic that can’t be defeated except by that deity, but that deity doesn’t exist to defeat it. Yet in order to progress further you need them to actually step outside that circular logic to now get them to do things, view things, and create things, and produce things, that the circular logic previously forbade.

So since they are pretty much evenly matched you simply get them to fight each other to annihilation based on the subtle differences in their circular logic and the appeal to each faction’s ego and desire through competition to be the best.

Since part of this circular logic that they desperately want to validate because its all based on something they have always had to take on faith includes them having an apocalyptical battle in order to obtain the ultimate reward promised through the circular logic, getting them to fight this battle of annihilation is literally something that the adherents and laity believe they were destined to do.

So the really sad thing is how do you get people to rebel against something they have lived their whole lives in fact countless generations of lives looking forward to as the ultimate test of their faith, conviction, and system, and the gateway to the promised land of milk and honey and a thousand years of utopian bliss?

I don’t know if there is a way to get them to abandon that, no matter how it was presented to them and by whom.

Even some of the posters to this thread who believe that there is some kind of conspiracy afoot believe none the less its part of some preordained fate G-d saw and told them about and warned them they must face.

They simply want to be on the winning side and believe that they can be on the winning side.

The fact is though that there is no winning side, everyone goes home a looser.

posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 10:28 PM

Originally posted by DeepBlueSky
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

So basically their plan becoming reality is inevitable. Right?

Honestly all I can say is I will do everything I can to try to make sure it doesn't come to pass.

I sure hope others will too.

I don't know if that will be enough though.

The fact of the matter is we are living in a world where 2/3 rds of the people living on it are wanting to kill each other over the differences that they have in religious beliefs, and they are in fact busy as bees already killing one another over these beliefs.

The whole plan is based on them actually wanting to do that, the other elements are just additional ways to whittle down the population and then sieze open control and rule out of the ruins and the chaos.

If the people could be convinced not to fight each other the most important element of their plan can't be realized.

You would still have huge numbers who are beholden to a higher other worldly power that they have a desperate need to believe in that they all consider to be a greater power and guiding force than any single man or group of men.

That would leave the Powers that Be stuck on stupid with no way to get off of being stuck on stupid.

The only way in my humble opinion to defeat the plan is to convince Muslims, Jews, and Christians to stop fighting each other, and presently they all believe its the others fault that they are fighting each other and no one wants to take responsibility for the emnity and discord so therefore no one wants to take the responsibility and chance of extending the hand of peace and looking for real ways to put their distrust and differences with one another aside.

As they exist right now they are combined one huge engine of chaos, death and destruction, and not one of them on either of the three sides sees them selves in that way but sees their oponents in that way and believes that it is a killed or be killed situation.

Even without the Powers that Be fanning it and manipulating it, it would be a difficult thing to keep a lid on until all three sides of the argument want to change their attitudes.

I honestly don't know how to get them to do that, because I don't honestly know a way to get them to step out of the circles of their logic to look at anything objectively.

It always boils down to the Lord said this, and the Lord said that, and it's the Lords will, and his will shall be done.

I mean I like to think I am good at presenting an argument and getting people to at least consider it but even I am not that good.

So the real problem here my friends is even though yes, Rome and the Powers that be are driving all this, 2/3rds of the world think this is the coolest ride they could possibly be on.

So its not just defeating the Powers that Be its having to defeat the billions of people who actually want to eagerly defeat themselves by attempting to defeat and dominate one another.

It's a huge problem, and the sad part is that the reason that the Powers that Be are going to eliminate them all and basically start from scratch all over again is they pretty much can't figure out a way to disuade them to stop competing to the death against one another either.

It's literally easier at this point to let them have the fight, let them get it out of their system and see it didn't create the pomised land but just more hell on earth.

posted on Jan, 27 2010 @ 11:37 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

Through my life i learned one thing for sure: The desire to compete is in people's blood. It is in our genes from the beginning of human race and through all our history. And one thing is for sure that our desire to compete is the number 1 responsible for every war and most of the violence that escorted the history of humanity. And in my humble opinion it doesn't mather if the PTB falls (which would require a real miracle) or not, war and violence will go on until humanity exist. And if the current PTB falls then I'm 100% sure that there would be always a replacement. People love power and love to rule uppon others. So basically we carry the self-destruction in our blood.

Now this desire to compete is a double-edged sword. Simply because the desire to compete is also the main responsible for progression of humanity.

This comes to conclusion that humanity requires controll indeed, but in my humble opinion it could be done better than the present concept of PTB.

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 07:05 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

This sounds almost exactly like the graphic novel I am doing. I'll have to send you copies once its somewhat done. Maybe post pictures on here.

There is a saying that I use often, and that is "there is a saying where I come from". So, heres a few:

Everythings okay in the end. If everythings not okay, its not the end.

Cattle die and kinsmen die, and surely I will die, but one thing that will never die is the honour to your name.

A coward thinks he may live forever, if only he can flee the sword.

I could go on forever, just ponder those. There is no sense in hopelessness or giving up. A man who worries and loses sleep, sees morning, with troubles still there. When you have the opportunity to mope or mobilise, what do you do?

You can only run so far and for so long before you tire. Some day you will find the only choice is to stand and fight. Tis better to die standing than to live on your knees. If one acts only in defence he will always be in the right. When they invade and come after you, what happens to them is their own fault. But remember what Sun Tzu teaches, annihilating the enemy is not the acme of skill, turning him to your side is. The more people you convert to fighting the real enemy, who still maintain compassion, the better. But do not be hasty deciding who to turn your anger on.

I am lucky because resistance is in my blood, still in present memory is the Nazi invasion of Norway as some of my further relatives fought tooth and nail against people who considered US the progenitors of their master race.

A fool thinks sacrifice is not necessary in combat and Norway was liberated on the blood of the martyrs fighting vastly superior numbers and forces and equipment. Passion was their ultimate weapon. Strength of will can not be broken unless you let it.

It would be nice to not have to fight and let others do it, but is not my style. I am a pacifist but also a soldier, equalling a warrior. Warriors fight, when necessary, soldiers fight, when ordered. This is the difference.

When they come to put shackles on you or kill your family, put two in their heart and one in their mind. But, give them the option to surrender first
I do see their plan as going to happen, and while we cant stop a train in motion we can sure as hell damage the tracks.


posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 07:55 AM
PT, your vision on futur events are so dark and evil that it seems almost impossible that the roman empire would do so much sufferings and atrocities but then i found this video on the roman inquisition and torture and start to beleive that nothing will be to evil for the roman empire to control the world.

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posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 08:15 AM
It seems also almost impossible that a religious institution like the Roman Vatican church could be filled with crooks and liars but then i saw those vids

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by mick1423

The truth is Mick that cruelty was a big and intricate part of Roman life. Part of that stemmed from their Stoic philosophy where one’s duty to the State was a privilege no matter how difficult, humiliating, painful or cruel your fate was. You were expected to fact it bravely and without complaint and to revel in the cruelty and bloodlust of it all.

They were forever dreaming up ways to make punishments and entertainments even more cruel and humiliating.

The whole Roman system in many ways was built on violence and cruelty all centered on a hierarchy.

Romans practiced Patrician Law and the head of every Roman Household had absolute power of life and death over everyone living under his roof. He could murder his wife and children no questions asked, inflict any kind of punishment on them for transgressions against him. He could murder and torture his slaves in any fashion no questions asked. The Roman man was absolute lord of his household.

The power of life and death extended to the arenas and amphitheatres where the average plebian citizen could vote with their thumbs up or down to show mercy on the condemned or a brutal end to their life.

The whole culture was so immersed in cruelty and blood lust that in reality the crueler you were, the more imaginative you were in making others suffer, the more you were revered and respected.

Romans actually believe in part what made them Masters of the Universe was their propensity to show no mercy and to be intolerably cruel to friend and foe alike. This is what gave them extra leverage when it came to competitions and rivalries against what they considered to be lesser people.

Unwanted and deformed babies were thrown alive into the city dumps to just starve and perish in the elements, people crucified on the cross typically had a separate pole which one end was inserted into the earth and other end inserted into their anus to add extra stability so they wouldn’t tear off the cross by the weight of their own flesh tearing through the nails. It typically took about 90 hours for someone crucified to actually die which would usually occur when their organs shut down and their lungs filled with fluid. The condemned were often offered the chance to either die in the arena or die on stage. In plays when a scene called for the death of someone they would usually then take out the regular actor playing that part and put a condemned person in their mask and put them up on stage where they would be murdered as the play’s script called for.

Rome was in many ways all about cruelty and inventing new ways to be cruel and tweaking the old.

While I think most of us will stand and fight for our lives and our own notion of freedoms when the time comes, the truth is that we have no idea what array of weapons we might be facing. We know that Sound Cannons are now in use, we know forms of mind control called Silent Sound Spread Spectrum are in use, we know that Sonic Cannons and Lasers are in use and being further developed, unmanned drones, and robots. We have seen these weapons used in Iraq and Afghanistan and even against protestors in the U.S. and elsewhere.

While we hope that should there come a knock at the door that we will only be facing normal men and women such as ourselves armed in a traditional fashion, rounding us up in traditional ways, we in fact might not be so lucky.

We might be first bombarded for days with Silent Sound Spread Spectrum tormenting us with thoughts of our own cruel deaths and worst fears, then assaulted with Sound Cannons that hurt the insides of our brains so bad we can hardly form a thought, only to come face to face with a robot armed with a laser.

As cruel and horrible as World War I was, as cruel and evil as World War II was, World War III will make them look like cake walks in comparison.

Roman cruelty in fact knows no bounds, it never has, and it likely never will.

Great video Mick, thanks for posting it.

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 11:55 AM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I wonder how they managed to preserve their cruel mentality through so many generations and almost 2000 years by hiding in the shadows?

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 02:40 PM
i guess, like all secret society, the secret society of the Roman Empire have rituals and secret procedures to control their power over the world.

The 13 Caesars and kings of Rome, could folllows a decorum like a secret political syteme. like freemasonry for exemple. i've read that from the 13 Caesars, those who reach the level of Kings of Rome, only one is choose to be Romulus, the King of kings and Emperor of the Empire and so for a year only. Just like a political system but with a 1 year mandate instead of 4 like ours.

like any powerful organisation i guess...

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 02:51 PM
reply to post by ProtoplasmicTraveler

I found something that backs up the way you say they operate. The author of this article hit the nail on the head.

The American right’s shrill attacks on environmentalism, accusing it of being a left wing conspiracy, are deeply unhelpful. How anyone can cast the likes of multi-millionaire tobacco heir Al Gore as a friend of the working person is a mystery, but unfortunately, his role as poster boy for the green movement has given a propaganda victory to those who seek to restrict the growth in incomes, allowing them to portray themselves as being on the side of those they seek to hurt.

Allowing them to portray themselves as being on the side of those they seek to hurt. That summed it up for me pretty well and I had to share that with you. How do you see the environmentalist movement in this grand scheme playing out?

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by jackflap

The environmental movement is all funded by people who simply help well intentioned citizens who demand that the environment be controlled and regulated and part of code law.

Of course the people providing that funding actually stand poised to be the people who will most profit off of the controlled abuse of the environment through legislation that allows them to not just pollute to the extent that they want to pollute but also bilk huge taxpayer subsidies to enrich themselves further by actually being paid to pollute so much in certain ways, and pollute less in other ways when it can be made highly profitable through grants and subsidies to not pollute.

The citizens are actually fooled into demanding that the environment the very air they breathe will fall under their control.

It would not surprise me there will come a day before all this is over that we will actually have to pay for the oxygen in the very air we breathe or be denied clean sources of air in an environment they completely own and control by treaty.

The depths of the treachery and schemes to profit and control and enslave are truly only as limited as the imagination. Someway or another eventually they always find a way to surreptitiously convince the people that they want these very things and to demand it of them and government.

Certainly water will become more controlled and regulated in the near future and with things like cap and trade on the books where people will have to pay a tax to pollute the air, it won’t be long before they have to pay a tax to breathe it too!

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 08:05 PM
I absolutely love all of your theories and ideas on this subject Protoplasmic. It offers a lot of light in those areas where I couldn't see before. I have looked into the whole thing about Rome and I could see elements that you have explained quite well.

The only thing I cannot agree with is that the scriptures were prepared by a mere man, or group of men. It is so intricately written so as to include truths that jump out at you. These truths can be found from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

From what I've gleaned so far, I see it as Rome absorbing and hijacking the religion as they clearly see what is going to go down. This idea alone can account for a lot. I hope you don't feel I'm helplessly blind at this point.

Your ideas and explanations have given me quite a lot to watch for, with a much broader understanding of the grand scheme and I appreciate that wholeheartedly. Wasn't the religion that was supposed to be the uniting religion in Rome, centered on their god of war at one point?

When this didn't work, I believe they hijacked Christianity. The fox in the hen house. Does this sound feasible with what you know?

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 09:15 PM
reply to post by jackflap

I think what confuses a lot of people in regards to the scriptures is that in fact the people who wrote the Bible were a collection of 300 of the preeminent philosophers of the day who had a multitude of faiths amongst them.

Man from the earliest days of civilization has been studying the human condition and its relation to the universe and this is what philosophy is about. Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, and even more modern men like Nietzsche and Casey made understanding the human condition and cataloging the wisdom of the ages garnered through the trials and tribulations of man into the written word.

These weren’t average people but wise, learned, travelled and studious philosophers and students of the human condition.

Many of the other aspects of the Bible are Talmudic Law which is Jewish Law, and while Talmudic Law claims to represent what G-d wants and G-d will accept (If you ever read the Talmud there is some really scary stuff that they imagine G-d wants and will accept) it really is about what man, governing man wants and will accept passed off in a guise as coming from a higher source. For instance one of the things that the Talmud says is ok is to have sex with children before the age of 4 is alright because their virginity will grow back! 5 year olds no, no! But 4 and on down is alright because their virginity will grow back. Now the truth is if that were written into law with the claim that well just a bunch of old powerful rich pedophiles think its ok, people would be inclined to accept it. Stamp G-d’s name on it and now you are in business, after all who are we to question the Lord?

Yet clearly that’s a very questionable call on anyone’s part deity or not.

I understand that people have a deep seeded need to believe in something higher in order to make sense of those things in life and the universe that they have presently found no reasonable explanation for.

Yet I also understand that the most brilliant minds available in the vast Roman Gene Pool that spread from Africa and Egypt throughout the Middle East and Persia, Europe and parts of Asia, and Great Brittan were called upon in an ecumenical council to write the Bible, none of them started out life as Christians, and few of them were in fact Christian, what they did know very well was philosophy contemporary and ancient wisdom, history and the added benefit that in essence Rome was writing a book of laws and a plan of conquest through a story based on a G-d and how that G-d should be worshiped and obeyed and revered and what that G-d wanted in order to convince people to accept and obey those laws and follow the plan.

The Bible has in fact had over 128 rewrites just since the invention of the printing press and for the first thousand years or so before the printing press they were all written in hand and copied by hand by clerks and scribes.

Until the invention of the printing press in fact not only did the majority of people not own Bibles because they were so expensive to have one written for you, but likewise could not even read. Royals, Nobles, Clerks, Scribes and the Clergy, and Judges and Lawyers had Bibles.

In fact as time goes on Rome has modified the Bible as it has modified its plans and laws.

If you were actually able to see the non-existent first Bible supposedly lost to History but likely in the Vatican and compare it with a modern version you would probably spot more discrepancies than similarities.

There is nonetheless wisdom for the ages in the Bible, but in my humble opinion it was simply the already known wisdom accumulated through ages that was written into it and not the word of a Deity.

The whole concept of G-d creating man, but being so disappointed with the outcome of that he would predict he would in fact one day simply wipe them all out like it is man’s mistake, and man’s fault, when in fact that G-d is claiming to be the creator of man, would in fact make it that deities mistake and that deities responsibility and fault.

If G-d really had created man it would have been much simpler just to rectify that mistake right away as he certainly presumably had the power too rather than sadistically tormenting them with their inferiority and prophecies of punishment and doom.

When you actually look at in a wise way that would suggest that G-d was not only incompetent, but lazy, as well as sadistic and cruel, and unwilling to take responsibility for his own work and actions, how the heck Rome sold such an imperfect character was only possible by convincing men at the same time they were imperfect so that Rome itself could sadistically torment them and lord over them. That they laced the story with the wisdom of the ages, challenging people to become wise and learned and studied or to suffer that sadistic form of governance and disparagement just goes to show how much faith Rome had in people looking for the easy way out, and the path of least resistance by not so much encouraging them to learn the wisdom of the ages, but showing them how unwise they actually were in the face of it and their ignorance and inability to discipline themselves in such ways.

In my whole life I have only seen one group of Christians actually follow the laws and edicts of the bible to the letter and that is the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish and the reality is that in following all those edicts and ascribing to all that wisdom they actually function as a nation unto themselves within ours immune from almost every law of the land.

They lead a very hard life and a very disciplined life following all that scripture and religious laws to the letter, but their reward is that Rome literally does not screw with them.

I laugh at the notion that most people who think they are Christian are Christian because they don’t even come close to espousing or behaving or living as a Christian is instructed to do. The Pennsylvania Dutch Amish do EVERYTHING a Christian is instructed to do.

The truth is most people use religion as an excuse not to learn, to be lazy, and to excuse themselves for a host of imperfections and Rome in fact does know where that leads too, and they learned it through their own experience before they wrote the Bible, and that’s a whole lot of worthless eaters who sit around and do next to nothing except stick out their hand, whine, cry, complain and moan.

The Bible is a great book for learning the Wisdom of the Ages, its an absolutely self defeating one though as a book of laws, and as prophecy since the end result of believing in it and wanting to see that prophecy come true or accepting it is preordained is the utter destruction of the human race in a terrible apocalypse beyond description.

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 09:42 PM
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Does the papacy have anything in common with the true rulers of Rome or are they only puppets (of the puppet master) as everybody else?

posted on Jan, 28 2010 @ 09:49 PM

Originally posted by DeepBlueSky
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Does the papacy have anything in common with the true rulers of Rome or are they only puppets (of the puppet master) as everybody else?

Religious puppets. The Pope and Superior General answer to higher authorities.

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