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We live in the intermidiate reality

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posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 07:22 AM
Just sharing one way of looking at reality as an intermidiate reality. It is quite simple, actually. There is NOTHINGNESS, the INTERMIDIATE REALITY and ALLNESS.

Allness would be what some call GOD. We live in the intermidiate reality. And nothingness is, well, nothing. We're stuck in the *middle*, so to speak.

So, what is the main difference between the Allness and the Intermidiate reality?

The Allness is not externally related to anything. It is complete. There is nothing beyond it.

The same is not true in the intermidiate reality. All *things* that are part of the intermidiate reality are externally connected to something else. That means no thing exhists on its own. Every thing is connected. So there are no things but pseudo things(I kinda borrowed this from Charles Hoy Fort, but it's been such a long time since I read his work that I will not dare say this is exaclty what he meant. Still, served me as an inspiration).

Example: Hold a pen in your right hand. Now tell me. What is that thing in your hand? A pen would seem like the right answer, but it is not. The correct answer would be "a pen in your right hand".

If you put the pen on the table, now it is "a pen on the table". If it drops on the floor, it is "a pen on the floor".

Point being the pen does not exist by itself. It MUST be connected to the environment around it. So, all the things and the beings and planets and the stars, we are all connected and we are not complete because we are externally related to something else.

If only the Allness is complete then the pieces of the intermidiate reality are incomplete, if we try to treat them as things.

That means any infallible concept can only be attributed to the Allness. Such as: Truth, 100%, Complete, ALL, etc.

So, when someone says he knows the truth about something, he actually doesn't. Because to know the truth one would have to acquire the perspective of the Allness and see all the connections related to the subject one is talking about.

Concluding, this is a view of reality that I like because it puts us in a humble spot. Makes fundamentalism look arrogant and immature. Be it from the scientific community or from religious zealots. Makes no sense to tell others YOU know better. You just know what you know and instead of asking people to adopt your point of view you should embrace theirs as well, so you can put your knowledges together and expand your view of the parts composing the intermidiate reality, so you can have a better grasp of what is going on.

Since we are all part of the intermidiate reality, we all matter. Every pseudo-thing or pseudo-being must be taken into account if we want to know the TRUTH.

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