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posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 01:51 AM
Its time to straighten those pants and roll up your sleeves. Your on a journey, what you see with your senses, what you feel in your presence, this is your life.

Wow I'm alive


Everything in this world is mine

As is yours


Wow I'm alive,

Who am I,

A question that is too complicated to answer but one that makes sense to all living creatures,

We are complicated and complicating beings, there is no success, there is only sex

There is no immortilization, there is

This is our common link, the bond that ties us together, who we are as what we see as we are.

You will not understand and that means you will not gain the full knowledge that is required to go with me. Where I go all is in existance, as you whom join me, you are me, who are you?

Double meaning words make little sense, to those that are senseless.

- --
Something fuels me, strength, anger, frustation, pain, love, trust, honest, caring, gentle, fierce, powerful, egotistical, self fixing.

The reason I'm alive is the same reason I live.

Put those words into your mind and see the swirling mass moving in cohesive action being displayed as you. See how it interacts with you and how each little every part of your being reacts with each part in you... Now you have but a fraction of the true meaning of the world and the word Awareness.

Awareness is not knowing your alive, but it is the knowing of every W to the Z of what you are, as you see in what your doing,. Most people are not even past the part of looking at why they do things, and this is changing as we speak.

Everyone has a triggle that will activate it. It is through your emotions.

The issue is that some people will stop and freeze up for a good time unable to cope or make sense and understand, which might leave them more shut off and colder than before. I'm leaving not so much a prediction but a prophecy of our true legacy. And for those who choose to accept it. If you do not accept it, you are simply not aware of yourself because it is you who you left alone. So great truths will disrupt you. You should not be able to bear it, if you do not accept it.
Its like being stripped naked in the freezing cold.

Think not

Living in the outside world is like looking through a very small window that somone eles has took upon him/herself to actively change what you see through the stain glass because the colors and the glass descriptions change every day. They don't change you, nothing can. You do that yourself, based on what you see, not knowing how it is being manipulated at great lengths.

That is not living., you copy and emulated what you see, this is the very definition of the word child. Its time to grow up.

I'm sad to see the lack that we create with no mind in a cycle of insane emotions that we allow without knowing or understanding why. That is why, becuase we don't know why.

Face yourself

Look at yourself

Trust yourself

Love yourself, yourself loves you.

You are not alone.

You never were alone.

Your just turning a blind eye to yourself and also everyone eles.

You don't know any better, many are insane.

Insanity is a contageous sickness of the world

Because the people who create the window borders are truly insane.

And people are insane for following that which is not ourselves

You cannot blame anyone but yourself.

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 02:51 AM
Nothing really matters.

But it is the conscience person who may decides what truly does.

It is something that is not rushed, great mind and heart listening go into every decision, and a affirmation to the divine, the praying away of my guilty human conscience and turning on the heart and emotions body and mind. Don't think about the descriptions much because they are very vague in terms of what I speak.

I greator care must be taken to these words that I type, because the words are mostly vague and that is a great, maybe mistakenly so understatement.

The world isn't going to get up a just change all of a sudden. What will have changed is our perception all this within a year more or less.

This is not a prediction but more like an accolade to the testiment, the intensity of our strength to our divine self.

So you will see through the false windows of reality no longer, and what you will find waiting on the other side is you.

Its going to be very painful for those who clutch fear when they realise they have nothing left and are alone. With no one to project your fear and hate onto your inner will scream out in the hell of your own pain as you realise it is only you who did this to yourself and all along it was only you. You will be left bare in the freezing rain and cold. Not because anyone left you there, but where you left yourself.

Anyone can change. Everyone has the same potential. Let no others make the need for you to look outside and not within. Once you accept their reality, you accept the rules and are pulled into victomhood.

Although its true many truth seekers appear to be victims in the world, know what we know to be true in our heart, it is not so.

What we experience as pain may frighten you, but it is the recongition of the nature of man as we see it within ourself. Love is at the seat of this pain and the heart cries out for the suffering souls as we experience this suffering, we understand and grow with it. This allows us to feel love through the pain in others as our own. Not what we take, but what we allready are. Beyond time and frankly beyond explanation.

What we forgot was that we are all going through this pain and suffering and how empowering it becomes to understand this. None who have love would allow this.

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