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Some Kind of Neo Moment!

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posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 12:43 AM
I have just come out of a semi conscious dream state about 10 mins ago and something has happened for the second time this week which I can't quite work out and would like to know if anyone here has experienced something similar?

During my dream state I felt a switch flip to do with some kind of threshold of time. It was a though I had to get ahead of myself and I actually did something really fast physically in my semi waking /dream state state. It's very diffiucult to describe but you know the moment in the Matrix when Neo has been shot, comes back to life and fights Smith. Well the moment was like the part where Neo accelerates his moves faster than Smiths and with ease!

It seems I did something similar physically as this switch flipped and it was a though I was fighting my own shadow/dream self and had to out manouvre it with a specific set of moves which felt very similar to martial art combat. Accept that there was no opponant!

Unfortunatly my right brain kicked in a few seconds after doing what I was doing so I don't know what the outcome would have been (maybe a bump on the head at worst).

Whatever it was could only be induced in a heavy sleep paralysis state as it seems only then are the forces correct to do 'this thing'.

Incidently my moves felt 'very specific' and precise, as though there was a right and wrong way of this act I found myself doing.

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