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POLICE ARE TERRORISTS!!! Oh boy, Oh boy...Please Enjoy!!!

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posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 10:03 AM

Originally posted by rcwj1975
reply to post by blupblup

Thank you for clearing that up!

No this is some VERY REAL footage combined with a documentary style program that portrays cops as terrorists.

Terrorists, as in to terrify , yes?

Well, it's unsurprising 'criminals' are terrified by police, and consider them to be terrorists. Inciting fear, and peril among their 'criminal' society.

Perhaps the real hypocrisy is the war and drugs? Not some foo's that are upset about not being able to do what _they_ want.

If you want my opinion, their as hypocritical as eachother. Except, from the fact that, there should not be a war on drugs in the first place, yes? yes.

We must stop putting 80% of criminals away for their choice to do drugs, and sell them, in my opinion. And concentrate on the 20% that need help with addiction. I promise you, a prison isn't the answer for either of those.

Just my 2 cents


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posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 10:21 AM

Originally posted by runetang
The police totally screwed up on the first clip.

Let's examine your 'evidence' for that statement

As you can see in slow motion, as the dog runs at the suspect, he THROWS the gun away in plaiin sight...

"Slow motion" is a video editing technique. Robocop was not present and cops haven't quite honed the ability to slow time, at will, to allow them to see, in real time, what you just watched in slo-mo. as to say, "okay game over you got me".

So, if that was his intention, why didn't he just "say" that?

...Had he wanted to, he couldve aimed the gun and got a shot or two off, at least hitting the dog, maybe an officer if he got lucky, but unlikely.

Unlikely is right. Did you hear him, repeatedly announce that he had a gun, in his right hand, which he kept concealed, in a manner intended to "terrorize" the Officers? Did you notice his body language, when it became apparent the Police were going to release the dog? He began readjusting his body, to a more stable platform. He telegraphed his intention to take some sort of aggressive action, which he had threatened to do, numerous times.

...he threw it away BEFORE the dog even reached him. So how do you explain that ..rcjw?

So now, in addition to slo-mo, cops are supposed to have the ability to hit the pause button, stop the dog's forward momentum and confirm the suspect is actually throwing the weapon away instead of drawing it to fire on them? Taking into consideration the whole slo-mo thing, exactly how much time elapsed between the weapon being thrown and the dog making contact? Looks like a fraction of a second to me.

Those cops did not have the luxury of viewing a video of the incident, before the admitted murderer forced them into a very bad situation. They acted on the information they had before them. Simply, the man told them, repeatedly, that he would open fire on them if the dog was sent. He begins making furtive motions, indicating his intention to take some action, without giving any hint he was preparing to surrender. The dog was sent, after repeated warnings that it would be. The admitted murderer makes the motion of raising his right hand, from its concealed position, as he rises from the ground. The weapon is seen, in that hand, and the Officers fire, in self defense. At that point, minus the super-human abilities to slo-mo and pause time or to see into the future, there was no other possible outcome.

...also, afterward, you hear an officer state "why did everyone open up on him? i had 2 AR-3's which are supposed to stun".

I've been out of LE for a few years and was never a big gun nut, but I've never heard of an "AR-3". Not saying they don't exist, but the only place I've seen weapons you can set to "stun" is on old Star Trek episodes. I did a quick Google and only found this reference to an AR-3

The AR3 is a non-existent weapon referred to in a conversation between some Resistance members at White Forest
This is from here discussing the video game "Half Life".

I wish i lived in rcjw's city so he could serve me next time i goto jail.

Dude, I would have just kept that statement to myself, I were you! I think it says more than you intended it to.

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posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 10:32 AM
reply to post by pharaohmoan

I'm sorry you see it that way. Hmmmmm, convicted murderer threatens to shoot me, has a gun, becomes increasingly unstable, adjusts his position,..........nope, I'm going home tonight, not to the morgue. He wasn't worried about the situation in the least, he just wanted the camera there so he could watch reruns of himself with his homies in jail to show how he controlled the man. Police officers aren't the only ones who have decisions to make like this. Can you honestly say if you were in this position you know exactly what you would do?

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 10:42 AM
reply to post by 3DPrisoner

If you really want a response, here goes.

In your first post, to this thread, you related a story revolving around the fact that you, admittedly, had violated the law by being intoxicated, while under the legal drinking age, in a public place. However, you claimed no responsibility for your own actions. It was everyone else's' fault. Then, you describe a fenced "cell" that is just about the size of your body, which is capable of supporting your body in an upright position, while you are asleep. Uhm, OK.

I tend to ignore less than honest posters, who demonstrate the inability to accept personal responsibility. Hence, no response, until now and none to follow. But, why should that matter. You have ignored the content of the pro-police posts, as well. Let's call it even, shall we?

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 10:49 AM
reply to post by adifferentbreed

Two words, target practice. As was said one shot aimed to disarm. He didn't even point the pistol for crying out loud. Aren't officers trained in reaction times or what. They had plenty of time in this situation to take cover and wait to be aimed at should the situation have got out of control, which it did. Come on people they shot their own dog that's how dumb they were. Bottom line, they should be thrown in jail, one becasue of the way they handled the situation (not as per training) and two for killing an officer in the line of duty, aka the dog!

FFS even the cop said 'why the F~~k did everyone open up?' And the icing on the cake is one cop at 13 mins 12 sec says 'beautiful' after gunning him down. BEAUTIFUL. If that is a single cops idea of beauty we got problems!

Lastly and this is crazy about 15 to 20 shots are fired AFTER he has thrown the firearm away from his body. Ummm excellent policing.

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 10:53 AM
Be careful what you wish for. Brunston was a killer on the run. He asked to die and his wish was granted.

I felt deep sorrow for the dog, and nothing for him.

Good cops, bad cops, good people, bad people, there’s no escaping it. I have ZERO RESPECT for the bad. IMO if Brunston was a killer like he stated, then he was one of the bad.

Hopefully next time they won’t have to waste a good dog.

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posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:00 AM
reply to post by rcwj1975

The question is, "Are you interested in the opinions of others here or are you interested in disproving your opening statement?" By definition authority figures use terrorism to control people and this is nothing new. However, the difference here is this type of negative response (or what we call law enforcement) is meant to preserve social infrastructure and not usurp it. A three time loser that is holding the police at bay with a shoe is beyond stupid and I understand your point of view.

Personally I have a great deal of respect for our military and police officers and having said that I would like to point out that I find this video very disturbing. It looked to me like the police dog was used as bait so this man could be killed even though he indicated that he did not want to harm anyone, and in fact could not because he had a shoe instead of a gun. It upset me to see both this man and the dog being killed is such a worthless endeavor.
What is the purpose? Prove us right, them wrong and kill whom ever disagrees?

Fact is that many people fear the police and this is no accident. The motto, "To Serve and Protect", was absent on this day. In my opinion this man did a very stupid thing for whatever reason yet the actions of the so called professionals was very wrong as well, they screwed up big time. We are all fools if we do not learn from mistakes like these and in the end we will be doomed to repeat them.

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by pharaohmoan

Never having been a cop I don't know how their traing goes, but I do know in the military I was taught to shoot center mass. If you have the opportunity to shoot me, I'm not taking the chance on shooting to wound and missing, nope, center mass it is. So, are you really suggesting that this waste of skin was truely innocent in all of this? As far as the gun being thrown away, it was thrown rather quickly........should I wait to see what it was or when I see your hand rising with a weapon in it wait to assertain what you intend to do. If he had shown the gun, then dropped it, that's one thing, to raise up quickly, after the posturing he did and then fling his arm outward, I'd be expecting a shot. Finally, seems he was intent on either being on tape for posterities sake for his kid and babby momma, or intended to commit suicide by police, congratulations, he achieved both.

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:04 AM
That was ghetto fabulous. Im tired of all this racism and black people thinking they're being attacked, it's everyone. I use to like Mr.Powell until he said he supports Obama only because he is black. That is racist. I cant get on MW2 without someone calling me cracker, everyone needs to grow up and move on past this whole which race is better BS. I was told by a black guy last night that they took something bad and turned it into a goodthing (the "N" word) How was it turned into a good thing if nobody can say it other then black people? I dont care what race you are if you say it you ARE racist...

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:05 AM
reply to post by rcwj1975

Hi rcwj1975.

Well, first off. Thank you for helping keep America's streets safer. I for sure would not want to be in some of the situations police officers find themselves in.

That said. I have to applaud the 'Hood News" team for their efforts. Obviously, more goes on in Compton then I will ever know. I don't live there, they do, and they felt it necessary to film various police encounters. I can only wonder why?

I think they could accomplish a lot more if they had a lawyer on the news team as I do think the rights of the film crew were... infringed upon on several occasions... For instance, being made to stand a block away from the 'do not cross' tape. Or being told to move into the back yard. etc, etc... (I'm not a lawyer, and could very well be wrong, just my belief)

I could understand if the film crews safety were at risk and the officers were trying to help, but that is not the jest I get from watching the segments.

Also, in the last segment, when the perpetrator was fleeing from police, climbing over a fence and was shot in the back. That just seemed wrong to me.

Now, having said that... I do agree that in the 1st segment, when dealing with a possibly armed suspect, admitting to being on the run for murder, etc, that the perpetrator was a dumb ass. He was either trying to commit suicide via 'death by cop' or was playing a dumb ass tough guy role. I don't understand police negotiations, but I don't think it would have hurt to put the guys girlfriend on the radio to try and persuade the individual to cease and desist. Although, it did seem to escalate rather quickly, but is hard to judge because of the lack of time stamps and the editing...

I wouldn't classify myself as a 'cop hater', or a 'cop lover'. For the most part, I'm glad they are there, but I don't live in Compton, and, not to be racist, I'm white. So I cannot completely understand the plights of other various ethnic groups.

I think I read somewhere, 'don't judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes'. (Which reminds me of the story of a white man who stained his skin black to see how the 'other side' lives)

Like I said, I don't know Compton... Statistics could show that 99% of police responses have resulted in a police officer being shot... or maybe its the other way around... 99% of the time, maybe the suspect gets shot. I'm sure its neither, but honestly, I don't know, I can just respond to the video posted as is.

I have seen several 'documentary' type shows on police brutality, etc.... "America's Biggest Gang' comes to mind. So I cannot watch this and say "oh boy oh boy" look at these hypocrites. I think they are just trying to get a message out the best way they know how.

How do you feel about cameras rolling when detaining or arresting a suspect? Do you think the film crew was dealt with in a proper and justifiable manner throughout the documentary?

Like I said earlier. You seem to be a nice guy. A good cop as it were. So, again, thank you.

Anyway, I always find the best way to deal with police is. 'Yes sir', 'No sir', and after he/she has written the ticket, 'Thank you officer' and maybe a "Have a nice day"....

Thanks for the post and for your bravery. I wouldn't have the balls to chase down a armed suspect.... Even if I had a glock...

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:16 AM
Yeah the police are starting to get jumpy, and are fighting anger with anger, and it usually leads to only a few things, but mostly violence.

Cops are one of the biggest corporate puppets around, besides the Military Industrial Complex. I am not surprised by this whatsoever by this video.

Corrpution amongst police is more and more common, but there are still some police that are still honest.

The police need to change.

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:17 AM
Disturbing and thought provoking

To say that ALL police are terrorists by the modern interpretation/definition is absurd, and of course we can't insinuate anything negative about cops as a whole, like someone said theres good and bad in everything, I agree.

I only watched the first segment of the video, but I can gather from comments the remaining content of the film. I know what you're thinking OP...some guy in the hood produces a video that he thinks is going to expose police brutality and it fails to do so and also shows how well deserved most of the "victims" were of whatever fate they suffered. Is that fair? I can't even disagree with that, the first guy pushed it way too far, if he would have put the gun down slowly, I'm sure he would have lived. However, one thing I see and hear about a lot in standoff situations with cops that I can't understand is the seemingly unnecessary volley of gunfire from nearly every officer on the seen. Were 30+ rounds really needed to take this guy down? They were ready to pump a few more into him too "He's still movin" "Watch his hand" ....seriously?

I think police are more aggressive depending on what city or town they patrol or live in, just like these criminals in Compton are a product of their environment, so are the cops. They have to be in a sense, but correct me if I'm wrong, with being a police officer comes pride, and too much pride mixed with fear, anger and unclear or loose protocols could lead to bad situations. OP, I respect what you have brought to the table, but is that all you have? This one poorly thought out, poorly produced distasteful example to illustrate your point which is buried in sarcasm I might add.

I don't hate cops, I have no reason to, as I have said in past posts I personally have never had a serious run in with the law. However, I can honestly tell you, where I live it's a roll of the dice when dealing with police on the streets. Latest incident I can tell you about is my little brother being stopped on his 3 minute walk from my parents house to my apartment. Police approach, ask him why he was on so and so street, which is blocks away even though he had JUST left the house less than a minute ago. The officers go in his pockets without cause, grab his phone out of his hand, an additional squad car pulls up with a female officer, the first set of officers ask her "Is this him?" She replies "No, he was wearing a white coat" My brothers coat is black, there goes your reason for stopping him, what now, he was walking funny, he had a hood up in 25 degree weather? This same thing has happened to a few of my other friends who have clean records, one even had a pistol pointed in his face. It's to the point where I'm scared of them and I don't even get into trouble, never been picked up, arrested in my life.

I don't know what to think anymore, I just know I don't like either blind hating of all law enforcement OR blind defending of it.

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:18 AM
I watched the first 3 scenes, then skipped through and viewed portions of the rest of the video, looking for any evidence that it wasn't completely and totally racially motivated, but found none!

The first guy was given opportunity after opportunity to surrrender, after admitting that he was on the run for murder, and it was only after being warned repeatedly that the dog would be released and was racing for him did he toss his gun. The shots rang out before his gun even hit the ground. He repeatedly threatened to shoot the cops if the dog was released and the cops had no choice but to take him at his word when he reaised his arm.

As to wanting to talk to his "bitch" before surrendering, I don't believe for a second that if they brought her in he would have given up his gun. Finally, there was no proof that the girlfriend or the mother were just down the street in the back of police cars, only a pissed of mother's claim that they were.

Second scene, we have no real proof of why the girl on the bus was arrested, only her lesbian girlfriend's claim that it was because she flipped off a cop. Who's to say that she had no0t been assaulting people on the bus, and the driver didn't request police assistance?

In the thrid scene we're not shown why the women was arrested and on the ground, only a woman screaming that she can't breathe, which if she weren't screaming she'd have had no problem breathing!

Then there's the idiot talking about hurricane Katrina, so lets talk about that: In the city of Houston the crime rate skyrocketed after the hurricane and New Orleans evacuees settled there.

Then there was the poor 24 year old guy that got a 70 year sentence for attempted muder of a police officer! If someone tried to kill you, how much time would you want to see them serve? They claim he' was innocent, but the guy was convicted in court by 12 jurors, who I don't believe would have convicted him without evidence.

Are there corrupt police? Sure there are, but this "Hood News" video is absolute crap and as far as I'm concerned the people behind should be charged with racism and enciting hate crimes, against white people!

The video was about police terrorism, but how many times did you hear one of the "witnesses" talk about the "white man" did this or that, and how many white, hispanic, asian or middle eastern "victims" did they show? NONE! Racism and hate crime crimes should be enforced equally!

I'm sorry but all I saw in the video was the "black man" claiming oppression, with no real proof of anything.

I'm sure that a number of people who read my reply are going to claim that I'm racist, and yeah I am a white guy, but I was married to a black woman, so think again. I have nothing against any race, color or creed and am only "racist" against those that are racist, whether they be black, white, red or green!

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:33 AM
here is an respons of one of the police officers: >SNIP<

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posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:38 AM
WOW! after the first 17 minutes: Orders should have been givin ...No command was established, it was like everyone wanted to be the one to shoot him. I blame it on the officer in command for not making sure the officers stand down, and have 1-2 specific officers ready for non- lethal action, and the rest backup for them. BAD command skills! I think direct orders would have saved the life of the man and the k-9 -BRUTAL! I LOVE DOGS..

the cops werent even aware of the k-9 officer, that was pretty much on top of him- that should have been end of story...instead everyone opened fire-wtf. I understand, there was alot of stress in that sit. , but he had an open palm! - before they started to fire.

They killed their own officer- IDIOTS!

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:42 AM
reply to post by mark-in-dallas

MARk in DALLAS! he didnt have a gun! he also said he would shoot the dog, but the "cops" did that for him! yeah I know it was on slow motion and alot of stress, but he threw his hands up palms out, then they fired with the k9 on top of him! IDIOTS! my .02

if you still think he had a gun watch again it was a freakin white shoe!

FTW I am more pissed about the dog dying. The suspect did make it very hard for the cops! Still should have been handled differently. If your a commanding officer- then command![edit on 31-12-2009 by AKARonco]

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posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:43 AM
reply to post by you-not-me

Link's not working!

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by rcwj1975

Ok, so after reading your posts in answer to many of the questions being asked of you, you reply in a nutshell, that:
1. If you (and 95% of your bretheren) were ordered to perform your duties as assigned in a martial law situation, you would not turn on your family and friends.
2. You personally would not have tasered that guy, but you see no real error in what they did if that was departmental policy to act in that way.
3. That if someone feels nervous or anxious around the police it is because they are doing something wrong or shouldn't be doing.
I'll stop there for now and address each of these in turn.

1. Saying you wouldn't turn on friends and family is not the correct answer.
The correct answer would have been, "I wouldn't turn on my fellow citizens". But, that wouldn't be true would it?
Would you give your mom or wife a speeding ticket?
Would your buddies on the force?
No F-ing way, and you know it.
Would you give my mom or wife one?
Hell yes, and if you are willing to bend the rules for family and friends, you're willing to break them.
2. If you say there was no error in their use of force b\c it was most likely departmental policy, that is the same as saying "I was just following orders".
Don't try to slice it any other way.
3. This last one is complete horse crap and shows your true nature (everyone is a criminal just waiting to happen).
I know people who are compliant little societal sheeple who never color outside the lines. When they see cops, their first reaction is to get out of there.
Because cops can make up any crap they want to try and get a reaction out of people. This usually causes a percieved suspicious or sometimes hostile response and an excuse to flex some muscle, possibly arrest someone, and maybe even rough someone up a little.
Don't deny it, you know it happens, and others on here who claim to be cops or were in the past confirm this.
In fact it has happened to me on numerous occasions for being guilty of walking home from work at night. It's called Probable Cause, and is so vague in description it is like a blank cheque to be a dickhead.
It has been said before, but I feel it needs to be said over and over again until it actually sinks in.
If you do not turn in the bad apples you are just as bad or worse.
I don't care if you are brothers in arms. If you are so scared to turn one of your own over for wrong doing, or to point out that everyone who sees a video of police brutality is absolutely right, instead of sound bites like "They acted within dept. policy", "You don't know the whole story", or my personal fave "They were cleared of all wrong doing", because the SOB may not help you out in a jam, or may even shoot you in the back "accidentily", then the lot of you from the chief on down need to be investigated and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
That being said, in relation to this documentary, I can only comment that showing us this one video of how "unreasonable" people can be that you deal with every day, does not excuse the thousands of videos out there of you and your brothers not doing your job properly, and just generally being .25 of a notch above the wads you are supposed to be protecting us from.

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:56 AM
Haven't watched your video, don't have to. For the most part, I firmly believe most "Police officers" are innocent victims of a "CriminalS Justice System". The bottom line is they are lead to believe they are on the side of right and justice when they are only on the side of a propaganda promotion what is entirely unlawful and infact highly criminal.

You might want to really investigate what is really law and what is not. In a court for a traffic ticket or a drug possession you will find that the Judge/Administrator carefully avoids identifying the court, hopes Jurisdiction isn't raised and hides the "Law" that is supposedly violated. The fact that this information is not clearly and plainly put forth is your first clue that it is a criminal enterprise. The fact that "Plea Bargaining" is used is your second clue. Plea Bargaining is not law. The determination to have some one charged with a real "Crime" is the job of a grand jury not a prosecutor, a police officer or others. You may like the idea that you have been entrusted to protect society or arrest someone but the truth is that is a very criminal act perpetrated not just on the "arrested" but on you the officer. Stand up for real justice and the real welfare of you and your fellow officers and humanity and learn the truth.

90% of all "Crime" is not crime but a profiteering scam with the Police officer being used as the extortionist, kidnapper and criminal. It's about making money. Look into your city police departments relationship with the stock market. I can pretty much guarantee you, your city and your cities police are listed on the stock market. Why? Look at the CAFR of your city? Where is the money really going? Who is the real creditor on the account? Likely if you did deep enough you will find the International Monetary Fund is taking a cut.

Don't be a traitor to your society and humanity because some one has convinced you that you are protecting society. Criminal behavior is cultivated in large quantities so that it appears necessary for you to act this way to protect humanity. The poor police officer shouldn't spend their day with a radar gun glued to their forehead. That is not law, justice or anything by turning a Peace Officer (a liability on the books) into a profit center for the corporatation.

posted on Dec, 31 2009 @ 11:58 AM
That wasn't a murder. That was a suicide.
Talk about a nightmare scenario. I watched the intial clip closely several times. I got fairly bored with the "interviews" afterwards as its all largely irrelevant and obviously slanted.
I noted just a few things.
1) Dude admitted he was wanted for murder and stated he had a gun with 13 rounds loaded in it several times.
2) I couldn't tell if it was a gun when it was on camera, but he was holding it as if it were, and instead of dropping it, muzzle flagged all the police as he tossed it. Thats kind of a no no if you don't want to be shot.
3) Negotiations were going no where. His demands were unreasonable. Brigning a pregnant woman to a scene like that, involving a possibly armed dude, who was involved to some degree in a domestic disturbance with her, would not be a good idea.
4) He stated several times he would fire if approached, and had no intention of being captured.
5) He was aware the police force options he was dealing with yelling that he hand't shown his gun yet so they couldn't shoot him, and threatened to fire if the police escelated the force level with K-9's.
6) They weren't going to let him go. They knew that and he knew that. He stated he was going to die from bullets.
7) Even though it was a split second, after all the threats made, he presented the object as a weapon and raised it in an offensive posture.

Game over. He had plenty of chances. Exactly how many more should he have been given? He wasn't going to comply.
That said, tactically I felt if they were sending the dog in first, thats a calculated risk. Maybe the dog would get shot, maybe it would do its thing and subdue him. Then again, he could have just as easily come up firing as far as they knew.

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