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Improveratti Protesting Protesting - Who is laughing?

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posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 02:01 PM
A few years ago I began thinking about the problems with modern protests and where the efficiency and practicality dips and wanes. One idea of mine, which I actually began putting into effect today, Dec 30th 2009, involved a complicated sociological experiment that would test the fundamentals of protesting. It involved staging a peaceful-protest-practice, of sorts. Where there would be absolutely no political or religious opinions represented throughout the duration of a protest to prevent governmental hammers from dropping. The event would largely be a simple celebration or re-calibration of our ability to protest in general. The experiment goes on to document the entire process of conducting a protest legally and what restrictions/requirements would be required in the state of NY, and exactly how difficult it is to do it by the books. Anyway, after brainstorming for a few hours with some friends, we decided to hit the internet to search for the legal roadblocks as well as any outside experiences that people have had while organizing one legally.

So, here I present to you some of the uh.. things.. that I have found.

A group called the "Improveratti" staged an event on Tuesday, April 1st, 2008 in which they were protesting the ability to protest. During this event, they also began circulating a petition to ban signatured petitions.


One woman approached the group, "What are you protesting?'re protesting protesting?"
James: "Yeah"
Woman: "You're protesting protesting?"
James: "Yep"
Woman: "I don't get it."
James: "Well, we're also collecting signatures-"
Woman: "But I don't get it so..."
James: "We're trying to get some legislation passed that will make protesting and rallying illegal..."
Woman: "But you're protesting this- with that law you wouldn't be able to do this."
James: "That doesn't make any sense."
Woman: "You're protesting right now! You're protesting protesting. I don't understand."
James: [motions to the protesters now shouting "protesters suck!"] "See, this is really annoying, and we feel this shouldn't be allowed."
Woman: "Oh, I think I get it- you are trying to ban protesting by showing how annoying protesting is..."
James: "Well not just protesting- other kinds of expression as well- I mean if I don't agree with someone else's opinion I shouldn't have to listen to it- so we'd like to make it illegal to talk in public as well."
Woman: "Really?!"
James: [shows woman petition to ban public signature collecting] "Will you sign our petition?"
Woman: "No!"
James: [glum] "Ok..."
Woman: "I don't understand- you're protesting protesting- but you're protesting!"
James: "...yeah but it's different..."
Woman: "It's not different! You're protesting protesting by protesting! I don't get it!"
James: "Well ok..."
Woman: [sympathetic] "I just don't understand- I'm just trying to understand."
James: "You don't have to agree with our cause..."
Woman: "So you're protesting protests- is it all protests? Even this one?"
James: "Yes."
Woman: "Ok..."
James: "You wanna join?"
Woman: "Yes- can I have a sign?"

Ok, now. I'm actually am a standup comedian hobbiest in nyc during my spare time (rare these days) and I have a serious problem with this on many many fronts. None of which are about it's comedic value. It's somewhat funny, but more uh.. questionable .. then anything else. I reserve my opinion until later, as I have yet to really let all this sink in. What are your opinions on this?

Edit: Forgot to reserve my opinion

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posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 02:26 PM
Well I have always said protesting is not going to work and is a waste if time.
Look at the g20.
They sure got alot done eh??
Remember all the Bush protests??
Got alot done eh??
BUT....having the right to do so is very important indeed.
These guys are just stupid.

We should have the right to walk around with a sign voicing how pissed off we are.
We should have the right to protest even tho it doesn't work and TPTB don't give a rats behind.
I live near parliament and have to listen to these noisy jerks quite alot.
What bugs me most is knowing they will get NOTHING done other then disrupting my day.

Do I think they should have a right to waste their time???

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posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 02:31 PM
Yep i too think they will get nothing down with this sort of thing.

I would not waste my time, but if others want too, and they are not hypocrites or something, than its ok with me, as long as they are peaceful.

Protesting protests is an interesting idea.

posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 02:42 PM
If the signature list to ban signatures was actually utilized and passed into the hands of those who aim to remove important aspects of our freedom, we would see an expedited effort to see a bill pass. The ink wouldn't even dry on the paper it was written. Of course, you can argue the validity of a petition's impact on the political process, and I would agree. However, that is usually due to politicians being unwilling or slow to move on anything.

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