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Mass Media Spindizzy

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posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 12:45 PM
Ok folks, this is my first thread here so be easy with me.

I wanted to talk about the recent spin control of certain news stories that I have observed over the last few months. Has anyone else noticed an increase of a 1984 style media control?

Take for example, the story at Ft. Hood. As it was breaking and happening live the news media reported that a number of gunmen with automatic weapons had opened fire at Ft. hood. Originally one gunman was reported killed, another had barricaded himself in somewhere with hostages and a third was on the loose. Then it was one gunman who was shot dead and later was not shot dead. Nidal Malik Hasan. All by himself he murdered 12 service people and wounded 31 others one of whom would not make it. At this point in the story the automatic weapons disappeared and Hasan was said to of been able to do this much damage by firing two handguns at the same time. However any recreational shooter that has fired from both hands knows that your aim is reduced to squat when shoot like that. From there the story changed again to Hasan, bringing two handguns but only using one.

From three gunmen with automatic weapons, one KOA, one holed up with hostages, and one on the lamb the story changed into one man with two handguns but only used one gun. Extended clip.

Today the news media says the Hasan, was in contact Anwar al-Awlaki, who just also happened to be in contact with some of those September Eleventh terrorists.

Now I understand how confusion runs rampant with unfolding events but the type spin this story got goes well past confusion.
Especially with the role al-Awlaki will play in the next story.

Enter Umar Farouk. Originally a firecracker that turned out to be a homemade IED failed to explode. The suspect was thwarted by passengers much like the shoe bomber and taken into custody. Then the low grade homemade IED became a highly sophisticated technologically advanced device acquired in Yemen. This same device again changed into underwear with PETN sewn into it. The most amazing thing about all this is how the mans underwear is hardly singed. Anyone who has seen the photos will know what I mean. Umar was able to fly to the USA with a one way ticket and no luggage and no passport. He was allowed on board as a Sudanese refugee. Now the story reads that Umar did have a passport. Not only that but Mr. al-Awlaki is here again. The busy guy also blessed blessed Umars' bomb plot.

Anwar al-Awlaki is currently believed to be dead from a retaliation air strike in Yemen but his death can not be confirmed. It looks as though he is being set up as the next Bin Laden, who we still can not seem to find. At least we got those WMDs in Iraq and snuffed out that terrorist supporting regime.

This is way past confusion. It is an alteration of what really happened into what the media wants you to believe. And it doesn't end with terrorist related stories but extends to stories about our current economy and jobless rates. How much of our news is manipulated and slanted to present a molded story of propaganda rather than an honest account of the events of the day? Do we still trust the mainstream media to give us honest news? And if not, is their anything we can do about it?

posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 12:51 PM
reply to post by Flakey

They always say the truth is the first reporting of the events in the news. You often find people saying things that get totally denied later. But you find that the initial report was true.

We have many cases of this.

Of course though alot needs investigating, but in things like 911, there where loads of reports of explosions that where never talked about in news later, trying to cover up the demolition of the towers, by officials.

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posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 03:23 PM
I think what we see in many cases are human witnesses are VERY know, with emotions involved and such...

posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 04:17 PM
Combat situations that are planned out are confusing enough, even for trained military folks who know it is coming. Imagine the confusion in a situation where no combat or violence is expected and suddenly bullets are flying, people ducking for cover. Everything is confused, even one's senses. No doubt witness recall is rather distorted.

Heck, we had a fight break out in our apartment once, and my wife and I saw it all differently, from how it all started, who caused it all and how it all ended. One thing we could agree on was those pukeheads weren't allowed back in our apartment ever again.

That said, the whole Ft. Hood shooter incident and now this underwear bomber farce and increased U.S. presence, at least from the skies of Yemen, is very suspect to me. sigh. I suppose something must have come from the introduction of U.S. Special Forces into Yemen in 2007. I'd provide a link, but google shows too many articles concerning the recent introduction of U.S. Special Forces in Yemen beginning on Dec. 14th. And I don't feel like wading through the crap right now.

posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 05:09 PM
for me its simple, believe nothing you see on MSM, just about everything they tell you is a lie, designed to control and manipulate your idea of the world around you, Hype up a simple issue in to a major one, which makes you cry out for a solution to the problem, so the government can give you the solution which you think is great, but in reality its them taking away more of your liberty and freedom. Called Problem, Reaction solution. works every time, from world war two to Vietnam, to 9/1.

The good thing is, people are waking up to it, and are looking elsewhere for alternative news, and IMO, you can pretty much find the truth on most stories here on ATS, or just by doing a bit of searching yourself on the internet, some of those small time sites whom are not controlled by the government of the elite have nothing to loose by telling you the truth. What i normally do when i hear a new terrorist story, or anything for that matter, is search for it first on ATS, and the people here pretty much either debunk it within hours of it being released or they confirm it, more or less anyway.

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