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Opposition Leader Mousavi leader flees Iran

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posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by andy1033

The US is doing nothing to sponsor this opposition, in fact, there has been outrage against Obama since the elections, that he did not take a firm stance against the rgeime murdering protestors. Obama is too busy bendingover for Iran, so that is a total joke.

Why is it so hard to imagine that just MAYBE, those people want something different than a state run dictatorship? They are tired of being oppressed and the women being abused. More and more Iranian women are standing up for what's right for *them*, but they are not allowed the freedom to speak, lest they be beaten, or murdered like Neda.

You can try to whitewash this any way you see fit, but the unending video and images pouring from Iran speak a far greater truth than you seem to be. Towing the line for a dictator.

I wish for the people of Iran to be free and allowed to speak what they feel, and not terrified if they look the wrong way or speak to the wrong person, they will be executed.

And what do you say about the two men that were hung yesterday, and the crowds went and cut them down and freed them? I know, this was the US, too.

One would think you would be grateful that some are brave enough to face death, and die, for what is right.

posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by andy1033

Can you explain, then, how the West has caused the anti regime protests? What have you been told? I would love to hear explanations and reasoning as to how, instead of just being told it is so because you, or the regime, says it is so.

posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by Libertygal

We can judge people by there actions. I can judge the world from my life experience, and also what have britain and america did in the past in that particular area.

If you do not think, at a time when america has been looking to change iran, they are not part of this, thats your choice.

But i am entitled to my opinion on what the anglo american empire can do, and i say they are behind the troubles.

My point of view is, that irans people today showed they want the status quo, and i applaud they did it in a way of peaceful protesting, to show the world what they want, and the iranian government did today in the right way.

You cannot argue with what happened today.

posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 04:32 PM

Originally posted by cjcord
reply to post by heyo

Of course I concede you could be correct. But what would that make the opposition? Crazy? A mass hallucination? They are wanting a non dictatorial government, many people would call that the "correct" one. And when dealing with a tyrannical, violent government, such as in Iran--- the MOST likely explanation is that those who oppose are threatened and hurt, thus, there are tons of "government supporters". You can make a blanket statement, but one needs to consider the circumstances.

So from what I'm reading you are implying that the government has caused the reported the approx. 1 mill. to demonstrate by means of intimidation? This is highly unlikely, and a bad tactic. They are being labelled by dissenters as oppressive, so if they act oppressive towards their supporters, it would would make them out to be exactly what oppressors are claiming their current administration to be.
For such contradictory policy to work, one would have to assume that Iranians are mentally challenged, and I don't be believe this to be the case.
Furthermore, what means of covert intimidation would be effective enough to cause their supporters to take to the streets? Armed guards ushering people out of hundreds of thousands of homes, herding them into the fray? Any such action would no doubt add to the anti-establishment's base of supporters.
The Iranians elected Mahamoud A. in an election. It was then erroneously reported that the election was a fraud, which is what cnn reported. They did not report the proceeding realization that it actually was not a fraud.

So basically, whatever government Iranians wish to have is none of our business. One could easily make the case that our western leaders are taking orders from people behind the curtain, which is of course what people claim to be happening-the theologist elite ruling from behind the curtain. Only difference is, our elite happens to be international corporate interests.
It seems to me that these same corporate interests have much to gain from instability in Iran. CIA sources have helped bring this "rebelion" to youtube, this is fact. What isn't exactly known is where their involvement ends and the free will of these protestors begins.

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