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My Childhood experiance..

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posted on Dec, 29 2009 @ 10:11 PM
Hi there

this is my first post so please be kind

I'll start off when i was born i've never really been able to remember any of my life as a toddler but what i can remember is that when i was really young i always had a mind for extraterrestrials i never understood it but it was there in my mind..

One of the things i remember is i don't really know how to describe it but i was like a being of nothing just light really i remember hovering i think upto a big blue screen thing on a stand and saying to someone i think i'll be a normal human this time round jake and he said right i'll see you in a few years time mate then i was surrounded by this huge light! and then all of a sudden i was 4 years old i couldn't remember anything till then like my life was just all dark till i was 4 anyways when i was around the age of 6 i remember my mother lifting me out of the bath and as i went into my room there was a giant light i think it was a UFO because i remember seeing a being standing at the window of it i froze in shock & screamed my mother came in and said whats wrong and it dissapeared then from there on i always had dreams of ships & i mean thousands of ships hovering over earth or a planet like earth and i had the same dream for a few years then i had a similar one but this time i was standing near a huge window and looking down on the planet i don't really understand it but while i've been growing up most of my dreams have came true and i dont know if thats a past life or what but it confuses me i've always had the feeling that im trying to be contacted by someone or something but i can never see it but feel its prescense

i can sense when there are un-earthly beings around like i can sense when there are spirits around me i can see them gazing at me and walking past but i can't see them fully just a mist of them and i can always feel a being watching over me i've cheated death like 9 times and i've always blacked out afterwards and awoken the next day

and also i think i my mind has been wiped because whenever something special happens or when i meet someone i love i always black out and wake up somewhere else
so now i keep away from girls and other stuff that stops me from concentrating on my life ahead of me i feel as if i've been put on this planet for a reason but i dont know what yet

Anyways i know it's alot to read and i have a ton more stuff to share with yous if yous are interested of course

Thanks for reading not looking forward to the comments

since im new i'll get bashed alot & alot of people will say im a fake

posted on Dec, 29 2009 @ 10:31 PM
Welcome to the board, and thank you for sharing your experiences. I look forward to reading more. Please continue.

posted on Dec, 29 2009 @ 10:34 PM
honestly i have to have a skeptic mind about these posts. cuz ya never know when somones just looking for attention.
but anything is possible.
so i would like to hear more.

posted on Dec, 29 2009 @ 11:25 PM
reply to post by wartooth420

I'm not looking for attention im a truthful person
and i love to share stories no matter how embarrasing they are

And growing up i've always been into ET's i've been researching about them since i was 10 so thats five years now and every time i read a new post or read info from people who have escaped from facilities and so on it always feels like i know what they're talking about and that i've been there before in their shoes eventhough i can relate to what their talking about i can never quite get my finger around it i cant really push my memory that far back to remember anything more..

Anyways something else has been happening to me alot recently & that's voices.. every night before i go to sleep i attempt to Oobe! (Out of Body Experiance) and it's always around the same time the following day that i get awoken because i sense someones trying to communicate with me and most of the time i hear someone yelling my name.. for example last month i woke up 3 times around the same time because there was a female voice shouting my name.. i remember not being able to move at all but hearing her shout she was saying Daniel,Daniel come to your back gate i was going to aswell but i just couldn't move like something was pinning me to my bed and as soon as i was free of it i looked out of the window and there was no one there at all it hasn't happened to me in the last few weeks though i think somethings trying to show me something like fill in a gap in my life but i cant reach it im being held back by something because throughout my whole life i've felt like theres something missing but i dont know what it is and may'be these beings & spirits that visit me are trying to tell me what but cant for some reason!

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