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Interesting /Questionable links to US Military Research

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posted on Dec, 28 2009 @ 11:55 PM
I was doing my regular "Net Research", following links to product research and came upon this. Not sure what it's all about, but thought someone might want to take a closer look at this and the following research projects and the personnel involved.
Darpa DSO = Defence Science Office

SMFM = Synthetic Multi-Functional Materials

Presentations and Publications

All linked presentations and publications are PDF format.

Synthetic Multifunctional Materials (SMFM)
Dr. Leo Christodoulou, DARPA Program Manager

Acoustic Band Gaps in Sonic Crystal Composites for Audible Frequency Noise Reduction
N.K. Batra and P. Matic

Design and Performance of Composite Multifunctional Structure-Battery Materials
Muhammad A. Qidwai, James P. Thomas, and Peter Matic

Excel Computational Design Tool: Multifunctional Structure-Battery Materials
M.A. Qidwai, J.P. Thomas

Mechanical and Electromechanical Coupling in Carbon Nanotube Distortions
Yu N. Garstein, A.A. Zakhidov, and R. H. Baughman

Modelling and Simulation of Acoustic Wave Propagation in Locally Resonant Sonic Materials
M. Hirsekorn, P. P. Delsanto, N. K. Batra, and P. Matic

Multifunctional Electroelastomer Roll Actuators and Their Application for Biomimetic Walking Robots
Qibing Pei, Marcus Rosenthal, Ron Pelrine, Scott Stanford, and Roy Kornbluh

Multifunctional Structure-Battery Materials for Enhanced Performance in Small Unmanned Air Vehicles
James P. Thomas, Matthew T. Keenon, Aurelien DuPasquier, Muhammad A. Qidwai, and Peter Matic

Power Fibers: Thin-Film Batteries on Fiber Substrates
Bernd J. Neudecker, Martin H. Benson, and Brian K. Emerson

Powerfiber for Flexible Fabric and Rigid Composite Applications
Bernd J. Neudecker and Martin H. Benson

PowerFibers – Thin-Film Batteries on Fiber Substrate
Bernd J. Neudecker and Martin H. Benson

PowerFibers: Thin-Film Batteries on Fiber Substrates
Bernd J. Neudecker, Martin H. Benson, and Brian K. Emerson

Super Tough Carbon Nanotube Composite Fibers for Electronic Textiles
Alan B Dalton, Steve Collins, Edgar Muñoz, Joselito M. Razal, Von Howard Ebron, John P. Ferraris, Jonathan N. Coleman, Bog G. Kim, and Ray H. Baughman

Let us know what you discover...


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