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What about the Man child?

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posted on May, 24 2004 @ 11:52 AM
Put away your Bibles, they aren't helping you at all. Stop reading them and telling us what you think, you are truly the false prophets. You who are speaking to us, you are the antichrist! I can tell because you are 30 years old and are living in the modern era. And if you have anything to say about religion, you are obviously inspired by the devil.

That is the kind of nonsense that keeps you totally ignorant. You won't listen to ANYONE at all, and you say, "we don't judge, because Jesus told us not to" yet you judge and critisize, and even argue over people. Hypocrits and evildoers, all of you.

What about the Man-child who is born in the last days? The one who is born to fight agaisnt the Beast, and the powers of satan, and rule the world? That is much more interesting than any antichrist BS, and NO one talks about that one. Everyone thinks the book is talking about Jesus. DUH! The passage tells of a birth AFTER the Beast is on the earth, and it is something that WILL happen, not something that ALREADY HAPPENED.

Silly kids, you do not know anything at all!

What is god? Did you understand the roots of religion? It came from Persia, and Egypt, and was around long before Jesus. It came from India, where they say God is One Being and Three Beings, and Zoroaster taught of the Great God of Light who fought against the Demons of Darkness. Egypt taught us of the soul, and immortality, the afterlife, of heaven and hell. These didn't begin with Christ at all, they were old ideas when he was around. Did you know that?

Stop being such silly goats. Most of you live in slavery and blindness to the powers of the world. You depend upon them for everything, even to wipe your fat butts. You wouldn't even know what to do without toliet paper, let alone water pipes or electricity. Such slaves! Such dependents! Who are your masters? What is your religion! Ha!

Do you follow free men, who are your leaders? Do they sound like Jesus? Are they as wise as Him? Are they like the apostles? Do they do the same stuff? Or do they come from schools and TV shows? What are you really worshipping? Jesus asked you the same thing, and the people hung him on a cross for asking.

Are you like Jesus, or those who put the nails in?

Go chase after antichrist number 666! It's Gorbechev, no wait, it's Ross Perot, no wait, its Jimmy Carter, no wait, it's Pope John Paul, no, wait, it's John Lennon, no wait, it's Art Bell, no wait, it's George W Bush, no wait, it's Osama Bin Ladin, no wait, it's Saddam Hussain, no wait, it's. . .my dog spot.

Bad dog!

What is God anyway? Do you really know? If you don't know that, then do you know anything?

I will never buy into the craziness that comes from some folks. They see something bad, but don't know what it is, and everyone that can teach them they think to be the false prophet, or the beast, or some other kind of boogeyman. Then they attack HIM!

There really are nasty men out there trying to rule the world. They are very easy to understand. Some of them worship Lucifer, they call him the architect, the builder, etc. and they take the right of governing the world in his honor. That is the real deal, kids, and these men are complicated, intelligent, and dangerous. They are what Antichrist means, they have made the "Beast". it isn't some cat who is going to stumble out of the hills on a donkey, or whatever, so get wise and aim at the right targets.

What is being done is being done right in front of your eyes. It is understandable, knowable, and can be revealed to you. The powers of the mind, the powers of men, and the things of this world are what are ruling you, and our country. Free yourself from them, and become wise.

That nasty old beast is the combinations of powers that rule the world today, it is real, and it is greater than the men who comprise its members. That is what John of Patmos saw, maybe he saw some individual who would rise up and lead the world into war, but he also saw great angels on the earth too, and also a world ruler called the Man-Child who was to ALSO rise up and rule the world.

Would you be able to tell the difference if you saw him? I doubt it! You would do the same thing to Him that you did to Jesus, because this person is the SAME as Jesus. He receives the same spirit as Jesus, just like the Indians teach you, manifestations of the Lord among men, just like Avatars of Vishnu, Bramha, etc.

Look for this good one, speak about the coming of this good one, not of his enemies, which are already here. Who knows, while you are busy looking for antichrist #1265, the Man-Child-Emperor-God will have already come and gone!

It has been so long since you have seen any really great men on the earth that you have forgotten what they look like. Pehaps God will relent and give you one soon. Pray for it, if you are among the believers.

And don't elect Bush again! :p


posted on May, 24 2004 @ 12:35 PM
Why not extend and explain more on the Man Child than mock people?

You make yourself out to be wise but you are cruel and mock people seeking. You call them children. Dont you have to be like a CHILD to enter into the kingdom of heaven?

And dont parallel and compare Jesus Christ to Eastern religions and Egypt. You ever read the BIBLE? You credit Egypt for giving us spirtuality? Why then was Egypt brought down with plagues? If they were SO WISE WHY DIDNT THEY EVEN RELENT WHEN THE TRUE GOD WAS BEFORE THEM?

Revelations says a manchild will rule the nations and thats it. Nothing else. It is Jesus Christ who conquers at the final battle, and he who reigns for a 1000 years with those who were part of the first death.

Dont mix the teachings of Jesus Christ. The Gospels are the single truth.

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 12:54 PM
Truth is knowledge. If you believe, you do not know, and therefore you know not the truth. Simple, no?

Service to Others beings do not "reign" nor "conquer" nor "smite" nor "punish" nor "judge" nor any other subjective, self-serving, assumption-based, free will violation! Do you not understand? Any form of worship in any way is service to self, it is reward/punishment based, it is CONTROL based, it is DOMINATION based, it is POWER based, and it is there to enslave you and your mind, if you are susceptible to such techniques. If you can be co-erced, tempted, or blackmailed into BELIEF, into ASSUMPTION, into WISHFUL THINKING, and therefore worship, control, subjectivity, and ignorance, then you are indeed service to self, and many lessons await you before you wake up.

Is this truly so hard to understand? No, but it's nearly impossible for some to shake off their "sacred cows". Humans are indeed, food for the moon, food for the powers that be, toys/tools of their "masters" of their "Gods" of their "Satans" of their "Religions", they are indeed controlled and kept in ignorance and blindness, and in constant religious WARS and BATTLES and emotional confrontation with one another to make sure the ignorance persists, to make sure TRUTH is not found, to make sure people cannot set themselves FREE, to ensure that humanity is eternally bound in mental shackles, to ensure CONTROL remains in the hands of the few, and to ensure that the flock of sheep, humans, never realise this, or all is lost for those who control you.

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 06:24 PM
Sorry, I was indeed being mean!

But I hear so many opinions from folks who should be sticking to simple things and not trying to interpret things that are themselves lies, distortions, or confusions that have been evolving for hundred, if not thousands of years.

Our Christian Religion didn't just suddenly appear. It is the result of far more ancient religions, they included the Concepts of many ancient nations and peoples. That is how they knew Jesus was somthing special, they were told of him and those like him by many other ancient faiths.

Egypt was more than the story of Moses. The concept of Ressurection, Heaven, and the judgement of souls CAME from Egypt. It is fabulously old.
The truths and ideas that came from the virtuous sages of Egypt heavily influenced the Hebrews, remember, they were once part of the Egpytian nation. Child, your religion come out from Egypt! Don't be so narrow minded and silly when it comes to how you look at other nations.

There was another prototype of our faith, and it came from Persia. It was a man named Zoroaster (Zarathustra - means "Yellow Camel") who received a revelation from the Lord of Light and Truth, who revealed to him that idol worship was evil, and taught him of the war between good and evil, the angels and the "devs", which we would call demons. He prophicied that one would come called Saoshyant, who was a blazing angel of power and judgment. The three "wise men" were Zoroastrians, but they don't teach you that in sunday school. That's what Magi are. They thought that Jesus was this great King called Saoshyant, and that's why they honored him, and why Herod feared his birth.

You may also think, if you are typical "Christians" that the religions of India and of the Hindu, are all demonic and idolatrous. Did you know that they too revere a Supreme God, who is called By three different names, And that this is the basis for the Christian Trinue God?

These things were not invented by the Hebrews. The Hebrew God of Old is very different than the one you learned in Sunday School. You are not Jews, you are Gentiles, so don't confuse yourselves with the religion of foriegners. Why then, if you are not Jews, do you throw the old testament around as your laws? If you are not a Jew, then the Old testament is just a history lesson, and a moral lesson, and if you imagine the covenants of David to apply to you then you are deluded and taught wrong by your ministers.

If you are Christian, you are under Christ's new coventant, which is better for you. So stop quoting Leviticus, and the Kings, and the Judges, and all that stuff. You are not Jewish, kids. Nothing is as silly to me as a "christian" hating this group or that group, and citing the laws of the Jews. That's what hung Jesus (Who was called "Yeoshua") in the first place, all these men who were wise in their own conceit, and violence was in their mouths. I will ask you one question: Do you resemble the persecuted, or the persecutors? Do you smite one another, yet call yourself after the Lamb of God? Shame on you!

Grow in wisdom, kids, that is what I should have said with you in the beginning. There is much to learn about your own faith, and your teachers never taught you these things in order to keep you under their control, and in their "flock". If you want to follow these men, then feel free. If you wish to follow Jesus, and inherit everything, then learn what I have to say.

Jesus did not teach submission, he taught wise judgment. He taught freedom from sin, and Liberty, and he encouraged the free expression of all. He was compassionate, and did not condemn anyone. He taught others to BE LIKE HIM, He did not say, only I will judge, only I am wise, but said, be wise, and be like me, and be free, and inherit the kingdom as equals and brothers. Perfection was what he taught, and it is attainable for you.

Those who teach you not to judge things are you enemy, and seek to control you by fear and submission.

Those who teach you that it is impossible to be perfect, are evil men, and wolves, and seek to govern you by shame and sin. They steal from the flock of Jesus and add to their own, and in the end both are destroyed.

Jesus was not about destroying the other religions, he was about perfecting humanity, and providing him a system government and morality, one based on freedom and reason, and by the divine spirit.

Stop being rude and ignorant kids. Stop watching TV all the time. Stop teaching your kids to love the things of this world, and to want stuff all the time. That is what you need to work on, then maybe you can learn the real good stuff.

Christians, our enemies are surrounding us, they are in our workplace, our neighborhoods, our schools, and our governments. They are the ones we were warned about, the sevants of the devil who claim to be Jews, Christians, etc, but inside are raving wolves, who love the powers of darkness and the power of spiritual control over each other, and those are the ones who swallow the entire wrath of God without mixture. These are the forces of darkness, the wolves that surrounded Jesus too in his day, for these are the forces that have ruled the world for a long time. Are you one of them? I will know if you are.

As far as the prophecy of the Man Child goes, it sounds more like the stories from India, who maintain that various manifestations of gods appear from time to time. The principal of these was Vishnu, who was the preserver, and a close allegory of Christ, they both come to men to preserve the order of establishment, and to reform the men from evil.

The man child IS NOT JESUS. Christians have made this error for hundreds of years. And they are rather stubborn about this, but they need to read the passage a little better. The man child is born in the world of the last time, while the "beast" is ruling the world and plunging it into evil. He is a savior figure, the Heir of Christ, who receives the Spirit of Christ. Perhaps this is what the second coming really is, perhaps it is not, mortal men do not know.

But by careful reading you can easily tell that this man child is a boy born while these other events are happening, it is not a recounting of the birth of Jesus. Did a flood of evil pursue Jesus only to be swallowed up by the earth? Nay, but it is another one, who is from the same place Jesus was, in the same tradition of all the Avatars, Aspentas, and Great Ones ever to appear on the earth.

Jesus may very well return to the earth, not a little child "caught up to God" but as a great and powerful Spirit of God. So why do you still make the mistake of considering the man-child to be Jesus? It is another servant of God, a very real ruler of the World and all its nations, just like the book says. Look forward to such a one with faith and hope, He will be your leader in very near times.

I challenge you to reason with yourselves and to analyse the writing of the book of revelations a little better. You will at once become wiser than the false teachers of Christianity who have kept you in the darkness concerning this marvellous prophecy.


posted on May, 24 2004 @ 06:31 PM
This country is having religious illiteracy syndrom, causes by the lack of comparative religion as an academic discipline.
I already explain this on another thread.

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 08:39 PM
Splendid post my freind! Long time no see.

Did you know that they too revere a Supreme God, who is called By three different names, And that this is the basis for the Christian Trinue God?

Wait.... lemme guess... YHWH, aka #Wit? YWHW, and... Allah? Perhaps I am wrong, but I know #wit is one of them!

BTW, your writing style sounds awfully familiar. I have a feeling that we have spoken before. By any chance have you visited the forums and the occultforums lately?

[Edited on 24-5-2004 by The Quiet Storm]

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 09:48 PM
You admit that Christianity is a collective of pagan beliefs, yet you would also have us believe that is is literal truth?

What is god? Did you understand the roots of religion? It came from Persia, and Egypt, and was around long before Jesus. It came from India, where they say God is One Being and Three Beings, and Zoroaster taught of the Great God of Light who fought against the Demons of Darkness. Egypt taught us of the soul, and immortality, the afterlife, of heaven and hell. These didn't begin with Christ at all, they were old ideas when he was around. Did you know that?

Children believe in bed time stories, not men/women......


posted on May, 24 2004 @ 10:01 PM
You got my Way Above vote for those posts Arkaleus28. Exellent stuff, we need more free thinking in respect to religion in this forum. Welcome to the board by the way.

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 10:11 PM
wouldnt it make sense, if God was going to send a saviour, that it would be a boy child and a girl child? Like the original Adam and Eve theory? Originally perfect, but obviously flawed, so...there is a need for the Second Coming. Or is it the Third?? true prophecy...they were scheduled to reappear on earth

Is the world ready for this?

I think it is.

It is in need of it...and...

they're here.


posted on May, 24 2004 @ 10:21 PM
This is a quite ignorant post. Why do you bother to post these so-called facts? Have you been here from the beginning of time? Do you know the roots of all religions? Your only believing what they teach you in history class. You dont know everything there is to know about religion- you dont know half of it. Dont tell people they're wrong when you dont know what your talking about.

[Edited on 5/24/2004 by TekNo88]

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 11:04 PM
Thanks guys, I have not known anyone here before, so if I sound like anyone you know then they are probably telling the truth too.

And Tekno88: My post was not ignorant. Do you dispute any of the things I have said? Could you point them out please so I can have an honest rebuttal? Be warned, I know my stuff, and I am not a twerp trying sound smart.

The fact is that there anre MANY stories of Great Ones coming here and there, from various times in history. They are all similar in form and character. Great civlizers, wise men, lawgivers, Kings, saviors, etc. They all seem to have the same agenda, like they are born from the same spirit. That is more in line with Buddhist philosophy, but that is for the wise among you to discern!

Among my favorites are the stories of Virachoca and Quetzecoatl, which are perhaps the most enigmatic in history, because Quetz. was a bearded white man who sounded JUST LIKE JESUS, except that he appeared to the ancient americans, who did not have beards, and were ceratinly not white skinned, and Quetz appeared about 1500 BC!

My theory is that the Man-Child figure of the Bible is the same kind of being, a repeated appearance of the same Great Civilizing Spirit that has visited earth many times before.

You kinda have to understand Jesus to get this. Jesus was more than just a fisherman. He was the lastest manifestation of this great Civilizing Spirit, God if you will, far greater than the Hebrews, Christians, or any other one nation, His Father is the ruler of the intelligences of the universe.

So widen your understanding, and then Jesus will become visible to you, and you will understand more of his mission, which cannot ever really die, or be killed, but appears again and again until. . .it is finished.

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 11:17 PM
I rather enjoyed the post myself. Was an interesting read.

But why do you have 2 different names? one has a 28.

[Edited on 24-5-2004 by Darkblade71]

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 11:21 PM

ancient americans, who did not have beards, and were ceratinly not white skinned,

Are you sure about this?Though not an American India, my family does hail from East India and quite light skinned, if you dont believe me check out my picture in the ChitChat section in BTS.

Jesus was not the latest, you have forgoten Muhhamed, the Sikh Guru's and many others.

Why is this is ATS, should this not been in BTS. I see no conscpiracy.

Why are you posting under two different Names?


[Edited on 24-5-2004 by ZeroDeep]

[Edited on 24-5-2004 by ZeroDeep]

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 11:53 PM
Arkaleous is one confused person.

I don't understand what you believe in. Are you a Christian or what?

One post you say Jesus was nothing new and then you go on to call him the Son of God.

What's going on here?

posted on May, 24 2004 @ 11:58 PM
I find this thread to be an offshoot of his/hers others aswell, very scattered. His point is not clear that is to say if he has one at all.

I dont understand the conscpiracy and the reason for it not to be moved to BTS.


[Edited on 24-5-2004 by ZeroDeep]

posted on May, 25 2004 @ 12:07 AM
Perhaps Arkaleus could break it down for us into a couple of point blank sentences? If its what I think it is, it can be put into a few sentences.

I think I got it, but doesn't seem others did, and I am not totally sure myself..and I won't say it because I might be wrong, and it's not my place to put words in Arkaleus's mouth.

posted on May, 25 2004 @ 12:22 AM
Answer the door dude the pharmacy is trying to deliver your meds!!

posted on May, 25 2004 @ 10:22 AM
There is indeed a vast conspiracy involving the mainstream Christian churches.

In the early days of Christianity, there were many different sects of believers, some of them called gnostics. They had an even more detailed prophecy concerning the coming of the next illuminator to the world. This is related to the "Man-child" of the book of revs.

These folks were labelled as heretics, and their books were lost for a very long time. Not until the books were discovered at Nag Hammadi in the 1940's did they appear again, and the information revealed was very important.

Read them for yourself if you are able, if you are not then you really shouldn't be discussin such matters with us!

THE CONSPIRACY: If you remove people's hope in things to come, and remove from them the ability to think for themselves, organize for themselves, and to interpret scripture for themselves, then you can control them fairly effectively.

I believe that the man-child has been totally avoided by modern churches today because he is a threat to their monopoly. The same things happened to the Gnostics back in the 400's and 500's AD, they were independant of the clergymen, preached Liberty and personal perfection, and advocated the development of individual power WITH Jesus, and Heaven. To them, it was possible to attain perfection in this life.

The church realized that if you REALLY had perfect people, then they would need no authority in the church, and would be able to act for themselves, read fo themselves, and GOVERN themselves. Men need no intercession with God. But the church wanted to rule the world, and dominate its people, and this is why every Liberty-pursuing sect of christianity was burned out and destroyed. Every threat to the supremacy of the Roman Church was destroyed, disbanded, outlawed, and excommunicated, and we are left with this great evil ever since.

This is why so many people are confused Christians, false believers, and in such bad straights when it comes to understanding: They say things like "Don't judge anything" or "No one can ever be perfect". Those ideas are like spinning wheels that go nowhere.

There's a reason why the modern churches feel so empty and false: They are.

Jesus preached personal perfection, direct authority from God. Salvation wasn't from obedience to men or apostles, it was from Obedience to God, and the overcoming of the demons and the satans.

The man child is a militant Christian figure, a last-days ruler of God, perhaps an angel-become-man, or man-become-angel, who appears like Jesus did.

If you have the people looking for a real ruler, a real guide, then they will leave the fat and bloated church behind, and all its silly dogma, and will free themselves. And certainly they can't have that, and that's why they don't ever touch the man-child.

They universally say: "It's Jesus," but none of them really analyze the words. The man-child is clearly NOT Jesus. The man child is clearly BORN in the latter DAY. The book of revs teall about Jesus in the last part of it, He comes down to earth in great Glory and perfects the earth. The man-child is not Jesus.

So why does every "churchman" say that this man-child figure is Jesus? It makes no sense to me, unless you want to cover-up the prophecy of the next leader of Christians.

By the way, check out my star chart of the sign of Christ's Birth. This is the true one, but only the wise will know it.

Star Chart


posted on May, 25 2004 @ 07:06 PM
Hee hee

You asked me of my religion.

I will tell you this:

In the House of the Fire Temple I will bring the wood.

In the House of Buddha I will sit quietly and place the lotus flower in my palm.

In the House of Muhammed I will wash both my hands and feet, and my face will also be clean, and I will say, Peace be unto this House, and unto the messenger of God.

In the House of Confucius, I will listen to the zithern music and say, it is a grand civilization I am hearing, please play on!

In The House of Jesus I will trade my flowers for stars, and count the number of created things, and be with my brothers.

In My house, I do not tell you what I do at all, and there is no telling it.

What then, is my religion, and where am I from?

Is a man stuck in a church? Get him out! Is there only one book he knows how to read? Then tell him new stories. Is a chain holding him back? break it! Is a enemy pursung him? Then let loose arrows, dogs, and chariots.

Good luck! But I think none of you will guess it.

posted on May, 25 2004 @ 07:26 PM
Almost sounds like what one of the moderators here fondly calls the rainbow religion.


Sounds to me like you are not any religion at all, yet all religions, because they are have an underlying current of truth.

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