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What is Your Number 1 Pet hate?

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posted on Feb, 24 2010 @ 01:19 PM
Pet hates for today:
Memory loss - was discussing lack of recollection and my friend told me that apparantly I called all the bouncers & any boys we spoke to 'squire' & 'kind sir' when I was out on friday. So polite when Im drunk!

I also hate hair dye today. I decided I wasnt really a fan of my lady gaga coloured hair, so dyed it and it appears that the box was lying. Beige blonde does not equal light brown. Im tempted to write a strongly worded letter to l'oreal, put it through google translator so its in french and then post it to them. Knobs. Ive never liked the french.

reply to post by LiveForever8

Whats wrong with eating 4 kinder bueno bars at once? Personally Id opt for kinder eggs instead... but there's nothing wrong with binge eating. Rik Waller would be in awe if he knew the amount of food I can put away in one sitting.

I hate it, there's about 10/15 people who I have on fb that are currently travelling and so my news feed keeps getting bombarded with pictures & statuses about them casually going for BBQ's on bondi beach & crap like that.

Ahh sweet, sweet bursaries, I love them. Lincoln throws bursaries at us like one would throw condoms at a Jeremy Kyle guest. I made £2000 last year!.. In bursaries that is, not condoms.

it really doesnt. Have you ever thought about taking one of these courses. Its even got a nice lady who speaks to you so you dont get confused.

Although to be fair I think she needs help more than anyone. It appears her hairdresser tried to give her a bowl hair cut and gave up/died before she could finish it.
Yea the kid survived I think. I feel like such a bad human, the first time I watched it I shouted 'wayyyyy' when she nearly fell over.

I blame Mika for those two creatures. Actually, I blame Mika for most things.. the war in iraq, baby p, cancer etc... hmm.. back to my original point anyway.. Not that he gave them singing lessons or anything, but that is a direct result of releasing songs such as 'big girls you are beautiful'. Obesity is not key.
That woman was vile. I loved at the beginning when she said 'First of all lets sort this out, Im not a number I am a human being'... calm down love, its a tv show not a concentration camp. Although I would fully support the use of gas chambers for contestants like this.
And you just know that she spent hours practising that line in front of a mirror. Saddo.

No they look different! John is much better looking, and he's the more confident one.
It's paedophilic when they're born in a different decade! And I take that to mean that you've been slinking on 16 year olds, which at 21 makes you a bigger paedophile that Gary. Well done.

Haha, that reminds me of a guy who was in one of my seminar groups last year. He came to one of our seminars massively hungover once, and told us that about 6am that morning he decided he wanted to finish an essay off, so he went to the library, sat down (bear in mind that the essay was due in that day) and his exact words were 'I read through it, decided it was s**t and deleted it all'. 'All' meaning about 2500 words.

eee I do not enjoy that first picture. Can you imagine going for a casual stroll in the countryside, and then turning round and seeing Alan Titchmarsh stood staring at you like that... sooo menacing!

Haha, Wogan's such a tease! Im confused though - who actually sits with their parents and watches points of view?

That show does actually complete my life. The best one was when someone wrote in complaining because Ken Barlow had apparantly said something about not wanting to go to church on a sunday, and so this of course was the most offensive thing christians had to experience since Jesus being crucified.
I really enjoy the accents they read the emails/letters out... Always such posh voices, when we know full well that only the queen speaks like that. I wish they'd start using essex accents so they could throw in words like 'naaaah bruv' & 'brap brap'. Or maybe even read them out in black people speak.. replacing the word 'girlfriend' with 'wifey', 'men' with 'man dem' & whatnot. They'd get way more viewers if they did that.

There is never an excuse for projectile vomiting because 1. If you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, and 2. Its a waste of good alcohol!

What's that saying about people in glass houses?

I dunno.. why are you living in a glass house, just buy a normal house you weirdo?.. Bet that costs a s**t load to get a window cleaner in?

Haha, thats assuming you have enough strength to break their nose in the first place!
Ive not been in a fight since I was about 13, but I really want to have one now just so I can do this (0:55 onwards). Although I wouldnt say my name was Katie Fitch, that would be weird.

How can you not have seen Lady & The Tramp!

You need serious help, I insist you watch it immediately - part 1
eee I want to live in that town more than anything!

Its ridiculous.. I dont understand this irrational fear/hatred of anything thats been in the top 40... I dont understand either what reaction they want from people by saying things like that. I get the feeling they want people to be impressed or simply admire theyre superior knowledge of music.. or even worse, they want people to praise their 'individuality'. But really whatever they're trying to do it just makes them look like complete tossers. And one's who I know will never experience the sheer joy of belting out JLS songs to the residents of Lincoln at 4am in the morning. :shk:

Gordon Ramsey is spinning in his grave

Dude, Gordon aint dead.

Also, unrelated to anything, but.. Ashley Cole - possibly the stupidest man in the entire world. Those women werent even fit! :shk:

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posted on Feb, 24 2010 @ 08:26 PM
Today... Stupid people with no spatial awareness.

All you got to do is move your shoulders you granny begging stupid people that walk slow and line up in crowded streets.

Oh look he want's to go through this door, so do the other million people... Shall we look for a bit of paper in our bags?

Old people should be dead already............. (I say that missing my grand parents of course, but they were smarter than the average door oxygen hogger).

Old people are stupid, lucky they don't get in an accident, but I guess H+S gets them old enough to be a pain.

/old people rant

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Well exactly, Kinder Eggs were the obvious choice, they're fun, tasty and full of little surprises. But deep down it wasn't even the amount he ate or the speed he ate them in, it was the morbid, despairing look on his stupid little face as he ate them. He ate them like it was a chore! There are people all over the world who would kill to scoff a few Kinder Buenos and here he is making a mockery of them by not appreciating it. Swine!

Yep, last year a few of my mates went to America and Australia, it was morale sapping. Every day there was a new picture of them on a beach or with a kangaroo or in Times Square :shk:

£2000! How did you manage that? I get one worth £1075 which I went to get today, I was virtually high-fiving everyone I passed on the way there and back

Hardy ha-ha! I'll have you know that English was the one and only subject I could rely on in school, I was a demon at it. I'll never understand why in modern English lessons they make you learn Shakespeare. I don't think I'm ever likely to use 'thou', 'art' or 'doth' in open conversation and anyone I ever hear doing so will be slapped silly.
Let me get this straight, you, the person who can't seem to read the label on hair dye packets or even use said dye correctly, are having a go at this poor woman? Glass houses again methinks

Mika = The dark overlord, we've discussed his horribleness before. Although it seems he's not a bad businessman because with rising obesity levels a song like 'Big Girls' is going to appeal to more people. I reckon in a few years, once he and his limp-wristed army have taken over the world, that song will be Earths anthem. May God have mercy on us all!

Haha, I think she was overestimating herself when she said she wasn't a number but a human being. And if she was a number she would be the number 12, what a proper s**t number that is.

I don't see how that makes me worse/better (depends on your viewpoint) than Gary. His 'friends' were barely out of nappies and from all corners of the globe, I couldn't compete with that! Not that I would want to, I was joking of course, my conscious is clear

Oh dear. I'm guessing he massively regretted that decision in the cold light of day. Did he end up handing something in? One of my greatest triumphs was when I was seven words short of the word limit and decided to make up the numbers by adding 'And that's the end of that chapter' at the end.

Haha, that's exactly what I thought! I'm guessing it's one of those family's that are really close, so close you suspect some kind of inbreeding going on. 7pm, they all watch Points of View together - 7.30pm, they all write aggressive letters/e-mails to Points of View - 8pm, they all get a bath together
I actually knew a family like that, creepy is not the word!
Haha, the voices are just awful. But they are exactly what I imagine the actual people sound like. Anyone with that much time on their hands needs to be put down. 'Man dem', I had never heard that one before you brought it to my attention, I still don't understand it

Are you simple or something? 'People in glass houses...' is merely an idiom, an expression, word, or phrase that has a figurative meaning that is comprehended in regard to a common use of that expression that is separate from the literal meaning or definition of the words of which it is made. Maybe you need to look at this

Haha, the problem with that is punching someone unconscious and then answering their question is pointless and just plain rude
Plus, you're not going to get many answers from an unconscious person, so asking them who they are it once again pointless. She just didn't think that through

My life isn't exactly all go at the moment, but if I was to spend my time watching Lady and the Tramp on YouTube I may as well top myself now. I have bookmarked it for future reference

Yep, I reckon it's a desperation to be different. It's like when people introduce you to a band and then NEVER let you forget it. My cousin told me about the Arctic Monkeys before they got really big and I kind of wasn't bothered enough to check them out. Now he constantly reminds me that he introduced them to me and has twisted the truth to make it seem as if I said they were rubbish. Acting like he's Brian Epstein or something!

Yer, it was a figure of speech. A way of emphasising how disgusting the idea of dinner being served in a dog dish really is, ya get me?

Hmm, maybe. I was talking with a mate about this today. I have never been bowled over by the lovely Cheryl, whereas all of my mates worship the ground she walks on. So they are all obviously massively excited by these developments and can't believe Ashley would do such a thing. But your good friends philosophy of 'gash on tap' comes to mind
He is an idiot, why go out for a hamburger when you can have steak at home?

Goodnight, my sweet princess. :shk:

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 04:01 PM
I can't stand people with no confidence, and I especially can't stand people with no confidence who confuse confidence for arrogance.

I know you're out there, and don't think I don't know you're watching.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 06:34 PM
Pet hate for today - my laptop. Well, actually Im more amused by it than anything else because its never done this before. I went on some massive downloading binge of steps songs.. and my laptop, which was obviously harrowed beyond belief at the pure s**t I was inflicting on its poor hard drive, had what I can only describe as a 'spaz attack'. And whilst it was doing this I had a bit of R.Kelly on (as you do at 10 in the morning), and it froze and kept playing the same little bit over and over again i.e. 0:09-0:13 here. I was weeping, it was on so loud as well!
However, after about 20 times it got incredibly irritating so I restarted the laptop, and vowed never to try and download steps again.

reply to post by LiveForever8

Maybe his miserable demeanor was due to severe regret at not purchasing kinder eggs instead?
Although actually the thought of kinder eggs does send me into somewhat of a downward spiral into depression/self harming. For nearly 23 long, hard years Ive tried and tried but Ive never been able to break the magic spell that allows you open those godforsaken little plastic capsules that the toys are in. Bane of my life they are!
Not that the toys are any good these days anyway, it was better when the toys had all those dangerous little bits of plastic that were just begging for some small child to choke on them.

I was most pleased for a moment there, I read that as 'with a kangaroo in Times Square'.

It annoys me so much.. I remember just before xmas a boy I used to go to school with put up a status about how amazing hawaii was or something to that effect, I commented on it calling him a wanker & telling him I was incredibly jealous.. and I then completely ignored him when he tried to converse simply because I depised his tropical island slinking/basking all day in the sun ways!

Well at Lincoln we generally get £1000 if we pass both semesters and another £500 if we attempt all our written work (how amazing is that, I could hand in a bit of paper with 'AIDS' written on it & they'd still give me money). Then I had another £500 pop up out of nowhere from them, I dont know why they gave me it but they never asked for it back so I decided to allocate it to a worthy cause i.e. my wardrobe.

Ha, the closest we got to Shakespeare was watching Romeo & Juliet.. eee Leonardo DiCaprio.. but yes anyway, they made us learn silly poems about lesbianism & africans. It was most beneficial, I cant tell you how many times those poems come in handy during my day-to-day life.
I did read the stupid box, it lied to me though! I think I might just shave my head & be done with it. You men get it way too easy with your hair!

Oh gosh, can you imagine if that was the anthem for our white lightning drinking/AIDS/chav ridden little planet! At least we wouldnt need to fear any incoming reptilians though, one little snippet of Mika's high pitched squeals would have them fleeing back to wherever they came from!
Although quite frankly Id rather remove my womb and wear it as a hat then have Mika spreading the love throughout the entire universe. God Im a vile human being.

It makes it worse because.. well, because it does. Dont make me pull out the 'listen to your elders' card again!

Yea he ended up handing it in.. the little s**t got something like 61/62% too! He is well versed in the art of including offensively long references and just generally spouting crap that sounds like it might be related to the subject. I admire him ever so much for it.

I remember when I first started uni there was a girl on my course who casually admitted that her, her brother and parents used to sit watching eurotrash together. She was a the biggest prude in the entire world as well, it was very disturbing.

Tut tut, you need to start socialising with aspiring rap artists, you'll never get by in life if you arent aware of the terms they use. Thankfully, the urban dictionary can come to rescue - man dem
Actually, all this talk of gash & man dem has just brought back an amazing memory of friday night!! Some badger came up to us while we were out and enquired as to where all the 'gash dem' was. Being the lady that I am I informed him that while there was plenty of mutton out, this wasnt in fact a meat market. He didnt look pleased, so I proceeded to ask him where all the jap's eye was.. his face was a picture, he looked like a startled caterpillar! Wonderful stuff.

Im sooo sorry oh wise one, thankyou for enlightening me as to what it actually means!

Haha, yea a friend of mine had something similar happen last year. Cant remember exactly who it was he was introduced to, but I remember several times this guy saying 'see, I told you they were good!' to my friend. Anyone would think instead of introducing him to a band he'd given him one of his kidneys or something.. Im suprised he didnt request that his first born child be named after him as a thankyou.

How can you not love Cheryl Cole.. she's like a size 6 and still has massive boobs, its unheard of! You are clearly a massive bender.
Although if you've been on the sun website recently you may have seen a picture of that rancid tattoo on the back of her neck that says 'Mrs C', and that is the only possible thing that could make her unlovable.
But seriously, even when her teeth resembled stonehenge she was still much fitter then all those dirt bags.
Ashley Cole is a silly silly man. He's not even fit himself so he should have considered himself lucky. I wouldnt even call those women 'hamburgers'. More like one of those 2% pork hotdogs you get in tins that not even a scabby dog would eat.

Blanche looks well fit in that photo! I thoroughly appreciate her hairstyle, definately one for the wank bank. And thats just upped the vileness levels of this post even more, good.

"You always made me smile, we always had a joke. We always shared a laugh whilst having a smoke."
Thats awkward. She didnt die of lung cancer did she?

Also, what are your thoughts on drawing this insanely long casual chat to a close, I have visions of being on here in 50 years complaining about my hip replacement and the price of bread etc.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 07:35 PM
Teeth scraping on silverware. Ok there are bigger things to worry about but it's like nails on chalkboard to me...oh yeah also nails on chalkboards.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 08:28 PM
I think every pet I've ever owned had its own special aggravation. One might whine all the time for no apparent reason. One might never potty in the house but bring fleas into your bed and dander to the carpet. We had one idiot cocker spaniel one time that if you ever let her out of the house without a leash you'd spend an hour tring to catch her. One might bark all night when the moon is right. One might tear your screens off the windows. One might chew up phone charger chords and headphones. There's realy no end to it.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by kinglizard

Im trying to consider what possible situation would arise where one would have chance to scrape their teeth on some fine silverware, and I have nothing.

However, nails on a blackboard is awful, and its definately grounds for inflicting GBH on the horrid creature thats doing it.

reply to post by Voyager1

Pets are just out to annoy everyone Im sure. My most memorable annoyances are once when I bought a hamster who decided to give birth to 8 babies a mere week and a half after Id bought her. Such a all fur coat and no knickers/promiscuous little rodent! And because she was an awful mother she decided that she didnt want her normal hamster food & feasted upon her babies instead.

Oh and we used to have a dirty great alsation who had some bizarre love of Ronan Keating and would howl like a banshee if he was ever on the radio. Stupid dog.. a disgrace to his breed's macho image! :shk:

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 08:53 PM

Originally posted by Bluebelle
Im trying to consider what possible situation would arise where one would have chance to scrape their teeth on some fine silverware, and I have nothing. :puz

eating food?

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 09:10 PM
reply to post by kinglizard

Im a commoner, we use steel cutlery... silverware is only to be admired, not touched or nibbled upon!

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 09:13 PM

Originally posted by Bluebelle
reply to post by kinglizard

Im a commoner, we use steel cutlery... silverware is only to be admired, not touched or nibbled upon!

Do what you like just don't scrape your teeth across it.

posted on Feb, 26 2010 @ 06:19 AM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Haha, my computer has a similar 'spaz attack' whenever I try to play anything by the B-52's! This usually makes it commit suicide, and even the mention of Love Shack causes a massive hissy fit.

Yer, you could be right. He looked like he was a borderline emo/mosher, so he was probably contemplating suicide at the time, and the thought of that being your last meal would cause slight depression I suppose.
Some little psycho from my school actually went mental because of those little plastic cases. He was made up he had bought a Kinder Egg and couldn't wait to see the toy, he was simple like that. After about 10 minutes trying to get it open, and after a few mocking comments from us, he stood up, screamed at the top of his voice 'Arrrrghhhhhh!', threw the plastic case and then picked up his chair and threw it across the room. Best thing was some girl had picked it up where he had thrown it and opened it at the first attempt, 'It's a little penguin Mike'
He never lived that down.

Haha, being in Times Square with a kangaroo, it's almost too good! Yep, Facebook can be a cruel mistress. It's great when you want a refreshing little lift, just click on your resident retards profile and feel instant gratification. Not so good when you have to watch people globe trotting, especially if you secretly dislike those people. But I suppose you have to take the rough with the smooth.

Why wasn't I told this before I had to choose a university?! What a great word 'attempt' is, they really should have worded that better. If for some reason I hadn't done the work properly I would just write 'Show me the money!' just to rub salt in the financial wound.

Yer we watched that too, the schooling system is ever so lazy. If there was a film version of whatever we were reading they just stuck that on instead, brilliant. I remember reading Of Mice And Men and actually quite enjoying it, until one of the little knobheads who thought he was a smart arse went to the end of the book and told us all that George shoots Lenny :shk:
Us men? I apparently have hair like a woman remember!

It scares me that Mika's next album should be coming out around 2012! Maybe the Mayans really did know something we don't! But if it was a choice between another Mika album and total annihilation I would gladly choose the latter.

It makes it worse because.. well, because it does. Dont make me pull out the 'listen to your elders' card again!

You sound like a fundamentalist Christian. 'God does exist because, well, he just does!' There's a reason that word contains the word 'mentalist'

Good for him, they are traits I have long hoped to acquire.

Eeeeeeee, Eurotrash?
That is just disgusting. There is very little chance of me socialising with rap artists, people actually stop and stare if they see a black person around here. There are a rarity. Not that all rap artists are black, the Ice Man crushed that stereotype

A saying of Caribbean origin which quite literally translates as "the chaps over there" or "those fellows yonder".

How delightfully defined. I'm gonna start using it frequently.

I proceeded to ask him where all the jap's eye was

Brilliant. What a lady!

I think the problem is I discovered Cheryl early on and told all my mates about her, but got ignored. Then when she became mainstream I just didn't like her anymore
The thing with Cheryl is that she only became a massive hit with the lads when she started going out with Ashley Cole, mainly because everyone hated him. But yer, she gets a 'meh' from me, Natalie Portman on the other hand
Even when she shaved her head

It was always only a marriage of convenience - she is a racist and he is a gay. So together their reputations stayed squeaky clean.

Haha, she is a babe. I'm definitely getting this as a poster for my room.
Pfft, if she did it gives me another reason to hate Sophie Webster!

The Greatest Thread Title On ATS Ever?

I see your point. Although I thoroughly enjoy our deep and intellectual conversations on all of the important topics of the world today (favourite pedophiles, AIDS, STD's, gays in Hollyoaks, pigeons etc...) the thought of my pet hates transgressing from being young and hating old people to being old and hating young people scare the bejesus out of me :shk:

posted on Feb, 26 2010 @ 06:15 PM
Pet hate for today: Annoying drama queen sisters.
My sister had a biiiiiiig fall out with her boyfriend, so ashlie had to come to the rescue! And after arriving at her house I asked what had happened, expecting it to be something huge considering the state she rang me up in.. it was because they'd argued over whether he needed to buy normal coke (of the non-illegal, liquid variety) or diet coke.
And while I agree that he should have in fact bought diet coke, she was massively overreacting. Then I had to attend to my 5 year neice throwing a tantrum and refusing to go to bed because she missed her dog Harvey, who lives at her dad's house.
And after that diva-esque behaviour was sorted, my sister started questioning me as to why I dont have a man. My god.. the audacity of it!! :shk:

reply to post by LiveForever8

Haha love shack! Oh thats nothing, tell your laptop to sort its life out... my laptop would be overjoyed at playing something like that, instead of the Peter Andre (pre-divorce)/911/MC Hammer ordeal I put it through on a daily basis. I dont blame it for putting its foot down when it comes to steps though, my laptop is like a poor, battered wife, and much like in the little mo/iron/trevor bashing saga, it was bound to snap at some point.

Oh dear, maybe he was regretting not purchasing razor blades instead then.
That child is not a pyschopath! He was merely a victim of the the kinder companies elaborate plan to ruin everyone's life. Its probably payback for world was 2 or something.
Either way though, they need some sort of suicide/uncontrollable rage hotline for people around the UK who are unfortunate enough to let their curiousity get the better of them & buy one of these eggs.

Im this close to deleting my facebook account, my vision has just been raped by the most hideous photos of all time:
I mean seriously.. wtf.. where's the dignity. They might as well have 'ALL YOU CAN EAT BEEF CURTAIN BUFFET' written across their heads. I feel violated.

They didnt actually have any info about all these sly little bursaries, which made it that much better when we got them! Even now they only tell people about one of the £500 passing the semester bursaries. I think word is getting out though because there's been a couple of thousand more people coming here each year since I started .

Im sorry, I'll never infer that you have mens hair again, please forgive me!

Dont mention the word 'mika' and 'album' in the same sentence. Makes me die a little bit inside. I might compile a thread full of reasons why I think Mika is a reptilian/antichrist/general homesexual and try and get one of the crazies on here to bump him off.

Haha, if only a had some decrepid little book so I could justify my reasoning with non-sensical quotes!

Eurotrash is weird at the best of times.. it seemed like it was supposed to be comedy porn, but it was just disturbing.. especially the presenters sly french accent.
Ahh yes, we musnt forget Vanilla Ice. Although his rapping days clearly had a negative effect on him, I was most shocked by his appearence in Jedwards video!
We have a fair few black people in Lincoln, Im not sure why though, its not like a quaint little tourist spot with cobbled streets, a cathedrel and a wealth of shops that sell actual gollywogs is any big attraction to them... its not very ghetto like.

Her name isnt Natalie Portman you know

Its actually Natalie Hershlag. I'll bet £50 she got called 'shlaaaaaaaag' all the way through school.
But - not to sound like a massive rug muncher because I keep commenting on women - natalie portman is massively fit. Literally the only woman Ive ever seen that can pull a shaved head off!
eee yes I remember cheryl's ABH charge! I love that everyone has just conveniantly forgot that ever happened.

Never heard about that Ashley Cole one. That article really freaks me out though, the faces they've blurred out just look like they literally have no face... I dont like it.
Oh and you should have stuck with the ginger one instead, people still havent discovered her.

Haha, yes thats lovely! It'd have to go on the ceiling though so you can have Blanche staring down at you while you sleep.

You're lying, there's no thread there.. just some 404 error thing!

Oh I dont mind personally, I cant wait for the day that I can actually say 'back in the day...' for real, although alzheimers will probably have got me by then, or maybe even parkinsons. Hmm, SO much to look forward to!
Either way though, I do apologise for throwing such rapingly long essays at you, I knew I could ramble on but I didnt realise quite how much.. it clearly needs to be made into some sort of olympic sport!

reply to post by kinglizard

Well I cant promise anything, but I shall try to refrain from doing so.

posted on Feb, 27 2010 @ 04:43 PM
Pet hate - 21st birthday parties! I've been to 4 in the last week alone and it's getting tedious now, my liver/bank balance can't take it anymore. Was there something in the water around this time 21 years ago and nine months ago?

Oh, and 7 Up.

reply to post by Bluebelle

My oh my, imagine if he brought back a can of 7 Up
Is it just me or does 7 Up actually taste of nothing? Probably the worst fizzy drink of all time. Also, I'm guessing the reason you don't have a man is because of your high standards, the evidence is right there in your new avvie (which is most splendid), how can anyone compete with John Paul Henry Daniel Richard Grimes and Edward Peter Anthony Kevin Patrick Grimes?

In all fairness I don't think it's being temperamental (I can't help but think that word is trying to tell us something, in the same way 'anteater' tells us something) I actually suspect it has Cyber Aids. If I pull up more than one Youtube video it has one of those 'spaz attacks' you speak of, it just can't handle it. I like to think of it as the Emily Bishop of laptops, slow but dependable. I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that I do not personify all of my inanimate electronic equipment

But yes, forcing it to play Steps is, well for want of a better term, a step too far. Lets just hope you don't tip it over the edge and it ends up electrocuting you, that would be a Tragedy.

A Kinder helpline does sound like a good idea...on paper. But when you are so angry that you would literally punch a baby in the face the last thing you need is to get stuck on the phone with someone who doesn't even speak you language. "Can I be possibly helping you maybe sir?" Er, what?
At least they have eradicated the fury of trying to build the crappy little toys you used to get, the instructions of which may as well have been written in a foreign language!

Oh sweet lord that's stomach churning! Can you lease put those photos into some sort of context because I just don't see what reason they have for acting like that. 'ALL YOU CAN EAT BEEF CURTAIN BUFFET'

Bribery always works, especially on weak minded students with empty pockets!

All is forgiven

I wonder how many time I would need to say it to kill you off completely? Mika album. Mika album. Mika album. Mika album. Dead yet?

The one that stands out in my mind was the man who drank his own spunk, obviously he was French. That show was just too strange, and that's not something I say often.
Vanilla Ice looks like a wax work of himself, if that makes sense? He looks like a bad Madam Tussaurds dummy.
The way you have described it, you make it sound like a city from Grand Theft Auto! Which, if that's the case, means they would probably feel right at home.

Haha, yer I knew that, and I wont bother betting with you because you are probably 100% correcto! Yep, she is a dream. And the idea of this is just too much to handle. Mila would have to be in my top 5 too. It seems I have some sort of fetish for Jewish women

I just love how sly News of the World were in concocting that story, hats off to them for that.
Ginger one, what ginger one?

It didn't work? Oh noes. Well the thread title was 'Pedophilia is Good', I had to re-read that one a few times before it sunk in!

Yer, so much to look forward to. I'd like to think my motto in life is 'live fast die young' but that really isn't the case, plus even the thought of me ever saying that and meaning it makes me cringe. Slow and steady wins the race
And no apology is needed, I am just as guilty of rambling, as this post proves. If it was an Olympic sport though, it would have to be the Paralympics. Well done

posted on Feb, 27 2010 @ 08:01 PM
Oh let me get my violin out, poor you having to go to parties.. its a cruel, cruel world!

I suspect that because the date of conception would be late may/early june time, most of these children were concieved during 18-30's holidays in Ibeefa & Shagaluf.

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Is 7up that stuff thats meant to taste like pineapple? If its that one then I avoid it at all costs, I dont trust cloudy drinks.

You know their full names, good boy.

Someone I work with heard on the grapevine that Id purchased their CD & didnt believe it, she thought I had at least a tiny bit of shame.. so obviously I had to prove that that is definately not the case.

Plus its actually more harrowing than my last avatar so it had to go up! Hopefully this time next week I'll be able to put up one where Im actually with Jedward. Im actually having massive panic attacks already over what to wear etc, I fear my poor little heart may give out before it even gets to saturday!
I was most confused/offended by my sisters questions though, its so ridiculous. Anyone would think I was some 50 year old spinster who's reached that crossroads in life where you either have to start collecting cats, or go holidaying in Turkey so you can get done over by some sleazy foreigner called 'Ramone'.
And considering 90% of my life is spent in a town where you've done good if you manage to get a council house & a job in a supermarket, and the actual serious chat up lines tend to be 'PHWOARRRRRR LOVE, ID GIVE YOU A RIGHT GOOD RAGGING' or something similar... quite frankly Id rather die than go there. :shk:

'Anteater' - ant, teat, eat, eater, ate, tea..?

Mine is the Harold Bishop of laptops. Although Id prefer if it were Emily because she can take a good beating and still survive, which I fear my delicate little laptop wouldnt doif it was unlucky enough to get caught between Richard Hillman and a substantial amount of cash dollar.

that would be a Tragedy.


As long as the hotline was linked to germany Id be fine! My german GCSE has afforded me the skills to enquire where the nearest train station is, and whether or not a shopkeeper has any grapefruits for sale. And if none of that helps me to get my point across I could just throw random words in such as 'nazi' and 'hitler'.

The reason for them behaving in that manner is simply because they are from Mansfield. Thats how they roll round here, whack your kebab out and the men come running. This is also a massive contributing factor to why Im still a withered, lonely old spinster, how can I possibly compete with such a good pulling technique?! The pictures actually get worse than that as well, I was going to put them up instead but I had concerns that I would be swiftly banned for posting such graphic images!

I wonder how many time I would need to say it to kill you off completely? Mika album. Mika album. Mika album. Mika album. Dead yet?

Die! I retract my previous apology. You have the most manly hair in the entire world!

Urgh, I dont think I had the pleasure of seeing that one. Im sure the girl I know did though, probably with her whole family.. grandma & grandad included.
I only remember that lola ferrari woman, she didnt look like a real human!
I cant comment much on Vanilla Ice really, I only took a fleeting glance at him due to Jedward being far more interesting to watch!

Oh this silly lesbian thing again.. Im still none the wiser as to why lesbians are so good! Although it is a little less disturbing than having a thing for Jewish women. Just dont tell me about any sick fantasies you have about concentration camps and/or gas chambers please.

Where's that girl been! She was on 'that 70's show' and then she completely dissappeared.. I thought she'd died.

The ginger one is the vile creature who's seeking to keep the rest of the world pale simply because she cant tan. Was watching a documentary last night with her banging on about sunbeds... we're all going to die of something, and Id rather have a nice healthy glow when the time eventually comes.
Speaking of cancer/newspapers, have you seen this story? Jack Tweed amazes me, and so does the way that they've tried to make it sound really nice and sweet, and then they casually slip in that he's been charged with rape. Jade was such a lucky girl!

Haha, I tried searching for it but its nowhere to be found. Stupid ATS, have they not heard of free speech. Guess I best scrap my 'who's the hottest paedophile' thread I was going to make!

Girlfriends = gash on tap is the best motto for life I feel. 'Live fast die young' is silly.. how would one even live 'fast'?
I will stop rabbiting on shortly, but at least I have an excuse for it seeing as Im female!

As much as Id love to take that gold medal, I fear our good friend anthra would be the winner there. Oh well, there's always 2012.

posted on Feb, 27 2010 @ 08:05 PM
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Free Credit Report.Com commercials.
And that show called Silent Library.
I hate them both.

posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 06:23 AM

Originally posted by Bluebelle
Is 7up that stuff thats meant to taste like pineapple? If its that one then I avoid it at all costs, I dont trust cloudy drinks.

LOL 7up (if they still make it) is lime and lemonade, not cloudy, slightly yellowish lemonade probably, don't know it always was in a can. Vodka and 7up is nice... But then again put vodka in anything and it's nice.

edit - don't they call it sprite now?

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posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 10:39 AM
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Aha, I know what one I was thinking about, it was lilt!

I do remember 7up now, the lime in it made it taste like crap... sprite's made by a different company, and is much nicer.

posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 11:46 AM
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Pfft, there is such a thing as having too much of a good thing, they are costing me a fortune, and that's without taking into account that ruddy fine I should be receiving some time soon
Also, at the one on Friday some 40 year old desperate housewife wannabe kept cracking onto me, it was tragic. She ended up staying till 6 in the morning with me and a mate because we were playing pool, did she use the age old 'Do you want to pot my pink' line? Yes, yes she did :shk:

7 Up is lemon and lime, not cloudy lemonade, but just as untrustworthy.

Haha, well done, you shouldn't be ashamed of being shameless, which is obvious I suppose because you wouldn't be shameless if you were ashamed of it......I'm confused

I can foresee you recieving many u2u's and comments once that one goes up and probably a few death threats too, jealousy is a cruel thing
I hope you're going to do your hair like theirs? Which reminds me, I saw them in the paper without their sticky up hair and it just wasn't the same, I had assumed that had been born that way and liked the idea of that. I'll just pretend I didn't see it.
So it's either a lifetime of this or a quick fumble with a dirty Turkish barman called Ramone? It's a tough choice for sure. If it was me, I would choose to be the crazy old cat woman, at least that way I'm guaranteed pussy. Oh dear.

'Anteater' - ant, teat, eat, eater, ate, tea..?

Now I'm confused. What I meant is that 'anteater' teaches us anteaters eat ants. And 'temperamental' teaches us that mental people have a temper, it makes perfect sense in my mind, but that's not saying a lot

Harold Bishop is a survivor too, first they thought he had drowned but he had overcome that, then he had a stroke, then he lost all of his family in a plance crash and finally he was diagnosed with prostate cancer! But Jelly Belly still soldiers on.

I used to hate my German lessons, I actually still have some of my school stuff in the loft and dug it out at crimbo whilst looking for the tree. On the front of my German book I had actually crossed out the word 'German' under subject and replaced it with 'Nap Time'. All I can say is 'Ich habe blaue Augen' and 'Mein bein tut weh' and I can't see that ever coming into any sort of use. I think Ricky Gervais has the right idea about foreign languages

Well it's safe to say I cant see myself going to Mansfield anytime soon if that's how things go down there, I mean where is the civility? It seems you better go and buy yourself a little friend called Felix because I fear you cannot compete with such pulling techniques. They get worse? Is that even possible? Actually don't answer that!

You have the most manly hair in the entire world!

You really know how to hurt someone.

I didn't realise she was dead. What I love about that article is that it states she died of 'natural causes', probably the only thing that was ever natural about her. Then it goes on to say that a post-mortem found 'nothing abnormal', it found nothing abnormal about this?!

Look, trust me, lesbians are good. Haha, so you don't want to know about my SS uniform? I was hoping that the Arbeit Macht Frei sign might crop up on eBay so I could complete the mock concentration camp in my back garden. Not a lot must happen in Poland if they declare a state of emergency just because someone steals a sign

Mila does the voice for Meg in Family Guy too! And she was in that Forgetting Sarah Marshall film aswell. Although for some reason I used to fancy the ginger girl from That 70's Show too

Oh God, don't get me started on all of that shambles!

The friend added: "It's an emotional period for him because he still has the rape trial to come and next month is also the first anniversary of his wife's death.

Yer, I hate it when that happens

Pedophilia is Good - not the ATS thread but it's the same story. Typical Germans.

If I had to put a miles per hour value on my life it would be 22mph. I can't imagine any situation where I would be forced to do that, but yer, 22mph seems about right.
Well the stereotype that women talk forever is certainly true, but us men aren't far behind. At that party the other night I had some smack fiend trying to persuade me that he (and he alone) was responsible for the Ibiza drug movement and all of that carry on. I had him down my ear hole for about an hour none stop, he just kept repeating everything! One look at him would tell you that not only was he not responsible for the 'Ibiza drug movement' but I doubt he had ever left the country at all. I didn't want to anger him though, he looked rather unstable. Maybe it's something to do with my woman like hair?

Haha, I see you have questioned him about his Indonesian friends and I see he ignored your question
His story has so many holes in it it's laughable. Or at least it would be if he didn't believe it so much, it's sad really.

Aaaaaaaaaand, I discovered what the narrator, Dave Lamb, from Come Dine With Me looks like today......gutted.

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posted on Feb, 28 2010 @ 04:20 PM
I hate direct debits today. And more specifically the sly phone insurance companies that you never actually signed a contract with who decide to take money off you, which then means you become overdrawn and then natwest decide that they will rape you with bank charges.
Thank f for rich older brothers, and convincing threats about turning to prostitution/putting a kidney up for sale on ebay. :shk:

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Hmm yes but if its celebrating something then it makes it worthwhile! Pointless nights out can get dull after a while, which is why the majority of the nights I went out on at uni were to celebrate Nelson Mandela being freed.

'Do you want to pot my pink'
Thats special. And also made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Do you not find it slightly worrying that you attract the elderly? Not that its a bad thing of course, when you decide you want a woman you can just nip down to the local old peoples home.. or a morgue. Either way, its a massive timesaver and just think of the money they could have stashed away!

Ive not even considered my hair.
oh I want to cry, Im in such a panic about it all!
Yes I saw the picture of them with their hair down! I didnt like it at all, they actually looked like young children. Who would have thought such a hairstyle could notch up a persons attractiveness so much?

Anteaters dont eat ants!
Oh my.. I never realised he got prostate cancer. Im assuming Dr K cured him immediately though so thats probably why I was unaware.

Now then, using my great translation skills, I can tell you that 'Ich habe blaue Augen' either means blue eyes.. or hair. Or some sort of car. Am I right?

German lessons were fun! Mainly because it was 10x easier than french, and literally anything you say in german makes you sound angry.

Although, saying that, Im certainly not a fan of germany. I nearly died on a school trip there. In all fairness I should have considered the insane height of the cathedral before I climbed it, but still. It was harrowing. The only way they got me back down was by promising to give me a bag full of freddo bars at the bottom. :shk:

'If they still dont understand, smash the place up... secure in the knowledge that you tried your best'.

There is no civility or dignity to be had round here. 2 of those girls have children as well... and to make matters even worse they've happily tagged themselves in all these pictures!
Actually, here's another photo, one of the more 'racy' one's.. Im bringing up this one because one of their mothers (the girl second from left) has seen it and commented on it saying:
'what can i say, my daughters a tart when she's drunk lol, only joking babes, i loves ya, dunno where u get it from tho, goshhhhhhh'
I mean come on.. is that really what you want to see your daughter doing in a public place? I cant even accurately describe how hideous this woman is as well.. so here's a picture: MILF
I love Mansfield.

She was mildy insane.. I was fascinated though because they said she had the biological age of a 13 year old because of all the crap she injected herself with.

I remember when that was in the news. I like to think that its casually sitting in someone back garden now, maybe artistically placed near some patio furniture.. it would look lovely with some flowers around it.. or maybe even some fairy lights.

eee that ginger one was such a man!

I adore Jack Tweed, whether he's getting kicked out of his apartment for too much partying, or raping young girls.. his defence always has and always will be that he's merely grieving for his dead wife. Which is completely normal. I remember when my gran died, all I could think about was a good bit of rape to take my mind off it!
I feel quite sorry for Jade, they would blatantly never have got married if she hadnt had terminal cancer.

Im crying, that article is amazing!

What an odd subject to discuss at a party. Actually though, something similar to that happened to me last friday, except I got out of it by chasing the person away with a tarantula in my hand.

It could well have been down to your feminine hair, maybe he wanted to ask you what hair products you use but a mixture of shyness & admiration lead to him rambling on about pointless/irrelevant crap in the hope that he might impress you?

I was fully expecting him to delete it after Id brought it up, but no its still there.. indonesian children an all. It is worrying though, I cant think of any explanation (paedophilia related or not) that would explain why they're fans.

And im also 99% sure he's starring his own posts, if thats even possible.
The 'oh your just interpreting it wrongly' thing is actually driving me insane. Does anyone happen to know which was the last thread that guy who went on a shooting spree visited before he lost the plot?

Haha, I have no clue what he looks like, and dont think I want to! Im not suprised if he's not fit though... you cant have such good narration skills AND be good looking.

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