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What is Your Number 1 Pet hate?

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posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 12:46 PM
Pet hate - my neighbours making horrific banging at 8am! Apparently they are having some work done to their house but I cannot figure out what bit of work would require someone banging a hammer 34 times in a row! 34! 8am!

But all was soon forgotten when I picked up the local paper that had been posted through the door and saw it's main headline: EX-VICAR JAILED IN CHILD PORN SHAME. He lived literally down the road!

reply to post by Bluebelle

I didn't even know Ebay had discussion boards, what exactly is discussed there, rubber costume horse heads?

Please don't tell me you spent £120 on some hair straighteners?!

You only joined 8/9 months ago? I thought you had been here longer. Not sure I quite believe that you can't remember how you came up with it, it doesn't seem like something random. Maybe it was because of your love of flowers? So according to that you may have nearly been called 'Cowslip' or possibly even 'Lungwort Oysterleaf'

Unfortunately it has nothing to do with ascension, I knew nothing of vibrations and light beings when I joined. If you want my oats so simple explanation it's because 8 is my lucky number. Not that it has ever brought me any luck mind. It was my football shirt number when I played for my teams and we rarely ever won so I use the term lucky very loosely.

However, if you want me to get all philosophical on your ass, I would state that the number 8 is the numerical equivalent of the ancient Ouroboros symbol. Depicting the everlasting infinite, which obviously ties in with the LiveForever part of my name. Deep

Haha, that's exactly what I did! Couldn't believe there was nothing, literally nothing to do with Waller on YouTube. How is that possible in this day and age? Gutted.

Haha, I take it you have listened to it a thousand times already?
Make sure you get them to sign your CD before you tackle them, if you're going to get institutionalised you want to make sure you have something to show for it. A signed CD and plenty of pics and videos should suffice.
They couldn't tell us and I doubt I'll be able to find out but I'm sure one of the others will find it, I hope so, it was a classic episode!

That's a good point actually, wasn't it God who chose the name Jesus? Which leads me to believe God is a chav. I reckon Mary and Joseph were mortified when he dropped that bombshell on them.
"You're going to have my son"
"And you shall call him Jesus"
"Oh f**k off, you're taking the p*ss!"

Moon Unit is just absolutely shocking. Awful, awful parents.

They most certainly do give you cancer because lamb gives you cancer, mint gives you cancer and crisps give you cancer, so it's an absolute ticking time bomb as far as cancer is concerned. Which means poor round Rick doesn't really stand a chance, if it's not a massive fatal heart attack that does him in it will surely be cancer.

Soon enough you wont need sleep, you could be an evolutionary miracle! My mum actually accused me of being on drugs today because I have bags under my eyes due to lack of sleep! I tried that night nurse stuff once but things all got a bit too strange so I dare not use it again. Talking of pedo's we forgot to mention the Child Catcher! I want one!

There are so many amazingly funny moments it's hard to choose! Apparently they are making an Inbetweeners film too...

In September 2009, Beesley and Morris confirmed that a film had been commissioned by Film4 and the story will revolve around the four lads going on holiday to Magaluf. The creators also stated that Simon Bird (Will) and Joe Thomas (Simon) had written a script for the film which was said to be "annoyingly funnier" than theirs.

That should be good

My brother had the roller blades, I was more of a skateboard kid myself, not that I ever used to stand up on it and use it properly. Just get on all fours and ride into empty bins or up makeshift (and often potentially life threatening) ramps.

Pfft, whatever! Just cos you haven't got a personalised signed black and white photograph of a legendary soap star! "To Paul, all the best, Steve"

It's definitely one of the strangest sites of all time. How can you go from one minute talking about the evil Draconian overlords conquering earth to iguana/human interbreeding? Madness.

Also, today I was cast in a film (ok, it was my cousins film for his university course) as a zombie! No doubt I will end up running around my local woods with pieces of pepperoni sellotaped to my face in the freezing cold but that's the price you pay for fame I suppose

Oh, and once again today our library was stormed by police informing us we must leave immediately because it wasn't safe!

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posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 05:06 PM
Pet hate - Alexander Mcqueen hanging himself.. in a wardrobe. While I appreciate the comedy of the police trying to find out where the dead body smell was coming from, and then finding him casually hung up amongst his suits & whatnot... if you're going to commit suicide you have to be an attention seeker, like leaping from the london eye or something like that.

reply to post by LiveForever8

Just be glad you dont live nextdoor to me, I had to get up at 6 this morning and the only thing that got me through it was listening to a lovely mixture of Jedward, N*Sync and Wham. Apparantly people dont like being woken up to the sound of me singing 'Im your man'.. with the same amount of enthusiam as dear old George has when he sings it.


Thats one of the most pleasing headlines of all time. Its not really a suprise though is it, Im pretty sure that you're required to fail your CRB check before you can even get an interview to be a vicar (which makes me wonder who actually interviews them
), and its a bonus if your hobbies include growing your beard and hanging round childrens play areas smoking cigars.

If only. The board that Im on about is for people needing advice on dealing with sly badgers such as this. Although I may be mistaken because it also appears to have several other uses i.e. where the grammar/spelling police hone their skills, and an outlet for frustrated women & men who I suspect are constantly on their period and/or havent been laid for at least 15 years.
I will literally never understand why anyone over the age of 13 feels the need to give people attitude over the internet, possibly the saddest thing in the entire world (says me going on a massive rant about it

Yes I did spend £120 on straightners... but Ive had them for 6 years now and they've only just started to show signs of aging!

How could you think Ive been here longer than that when all it takes is looking about 1 inch to the left of my post to see my registered date? Terrible observation skills there.

Aha, and I signed up 2 days before you as well, unlucky.

Oh yea its because I love the flowers.. along with romantic walks on the beach & skipping through meadows.
I seriously have no recollection why I picked that as a name, bluebelles are s**t flowers though so it definately wasnt that. All I can recall is that when I did sign up it was so I could express my dismay at the amount of crap people were posting in the 2012 forum.
Im afraid I have to point out that the '8' in your name represents f all, because that is definately not a serpent on that page, its a fox! Serpents = infinite, foxes = not so infinite.
Pssh, 8 is a crap lucky number... mine's 3434.3423425. Still waiting for it to pop up somewhere.

The lack of Rik Waller does worry me slightly.. you can type Michelle McManus, and even Leon Jackson & you get an offensively large amount of videos come up.. but nothing with Rik.

And dont forget the crisp packets as well... just looking at those gives you cancer.

Oh yes, I have no shame in saying that I put it on repeat 4 times when I got home, and I now know all the words.

I might take a straightjacket for them to sign!

I truly believe that Mary was the original Jeremy Kyle guest, she had the best story for her illegitimate child and young women have been trying (and failing miserably) to emulate her success ever since.
God had no right naming that child, he didnt even pay maintenance. He's going to rue the day when social services catch up with him. :shk:
Im not suprised she ended up in therapy! Although at least 'moon unit' is easy to spell... its soul destroying when you have to spell your name out to everyone like I have to. :bash:

Haha, what... bags under eyes = druggie?

I wish I didnt need sleep, Im useless if Ive had less than 8 hours, which means 95% of the time I have the mental capacity of a turnip. Thank god for lucozade.
All that over the counter stuff is crap.. have you ever had nytol? That stuffs messed up, feeling weird & spaced out does not make me want to sleep.. it just leads me to doing odd things like rearranging my wardrobe at 3 in the morning.

eee the child catcher/Geoffrey Leonard in his younger days. I do like his ensemble in the picture on the right. For some reason I think Jonathon Ross would look good in that.

Shagaluf! I heard about the film... but they need to conveniently all end up at the same uni so we can have 3 more series. I dont want them to do what they did with skins & change the cast after 2 years.

'All the best'? Thats poor.. people came all the way to see him lose his last shred of dignity, he should have at least put a 'x' or two on the end, or said 'love from'. :shk:
And on a side note, wouldnt it been amazing if he got invited to open a new dogging spot!

I also like that on that site they have little green lizards on the pages. They're trying to convince you about the existence of evil reptilians, but all I can think is 'ahh, look at the cute little lizard, I wish it was real'.

ooo you'll be famous... Steve Mcfadden will be asking you for a signed photo before long!

You're lucky, I wish the police would do that when Im at the library. It would the first ever legitimate reason Ive had not to do work.

posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 06:25 PM

Originally posted by Bluebelle
if you're going to commit suicide you have to be an attention seeker, like leaping from the london eye or something like that.

He was not that sort of guy... That's me

Really though why was he not always in the glosseys?

Cos he liked to do what he did in his space. - People liked what he did, not one hundredth of them liked him... And did you give a toss before his last breath?

He killed him self, that was a moment of weakness built on a life of 'yhea so what have you done?'... - Have a guess why I don't give much of a poo poo.

My hate for today - the world of blah

2nd hate - lost time

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posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 08:17 PM
reply to post by Now_Then

I dunno about that, his clothes were pretty attention seeking! He was in a fair few magazines as well from what I can remember, but no more or less than other designers.

Either way though, I dont think I'll be weeping into my pillow tonight over it. Never understand why people get so emotional when a 'celebrity' dies... yea its sad that they've committed suicide/had cancer etc, but people bleat on about them like they were close friends.. when in fact no matter how many interviews they've read & tv shows they've watched, its still essentially a stranger.. and Im pretty sure if this celeb hadnt died & just slipped out of the limelight for whatever reason, noone would have noticed!

posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 06:54 AM
My new No.1 pet hate is the common cold.

posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 10:29 AM
My current pet hate is creating threads, its become an exercise in pointlessness to create threads, because its either been a thread that somehow I didn't find a pre-existing discussion on one that hits during off-peak hours and maxes out at like 15 views (half of which are probably spiders) before falling off the top page of a forum and therefore into total obscurity.

posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 11:21 AM
Pet hate - a psychic telling me my dad is going to die of a heart attack
Surely that's illegal?

reply to post by Bluebelle

Anyone thinking of committing suicide should garner some inspiration from the Cadburys Creme Egg Adverts

6am is a disgusting time to wake up! I could barely lift my arms at such a horrid time yet alone sing a Jedward/'N Sync/Wham mega-mix!


Jeez Louise that's one terrible salesman! Now either 'muller6161' and 'noeldinneen' are friends with this seller and are trying to make him look somewhat respectable or they have the lowest expectations in the world. Haha, yer you have basically shot yourself in the foot on this one. Your as bad as them, some might say worse because you are aware of your ranting. Get over it

We've been through this before, all of my dates are the same. According to my time/dates your last post was made on 05/08/2009 @ 06:06 and you joined on 05/08/2009. Every single date on this site shows up as 05/08/2009, the day I joined, nothing wrong with my observational skills
Two days? Oh I'll never live it down, gutted. Did you join straight away or had you been lurking for a while?
Haha, it's a ruddy great bit fierce dragon I'll have you know! You're just gutted your name is about some crappy flowers whereas mine has a deep personal philosophical meaning. I think you're going to be waiting some time for that number to crop up

I think it might be because he takes up too much space on the internet. If only a few videos of him popped up the whole worlds internet would probably fail instantaneously. There just aren't enough pixels in the world!

'Christianity: One woman's lie about having an affair that got out of hand.' Well I heard that Mary wouldn't let God see the baby (somehow bypassing his omnipresence) and so God turned to the drink. Eventually he dressed up as Spiderman and climbed the Tower Of Babel in protest. He's been running from social services ever since, I can't see them ever finding him. Hubble couldn't even find him and that things sees into forever!
Well that's what you get for having a name that can be spelt millions of different ways!

Yer, it was a brilliant assessment by my mother once again. Talk about jumping to conclusions! Nytol...that's what I meant, not Nightnurse, although that's not much better. That Nytol stuff made me go mental for about 4 hours, hallucinating and everything. To be fair though you aren't supposed to take it with alcohol and I think I took too much in the first place. Oh well, you live and learn

Hopefully that's what they do, little one off holiday episode/film and then 3 more series at Uni, that would be most pleasing. I hated Skins for that!

To be honest I don't think anyone actually made an effort to see him except us. All the others in the 'queue' were made up of staff who just happened to be there and old women thinking they were queuing for bread

Haha, oh I would love that so! I reckon for £20 and a Greggs sausage roll I could get him down here for that.

That is a rather stupid thing to have on such a website. It basically undermines everything they are trying to get across. But those sweet little lizards eventually grow up into child eating monsters, I blame the parents :shk:

It's a great excuse for not doing work but I'm genuinely worried that I might actually die in a library, what a terrible way to go
Although there is a rather sweet irony of a bomb going off in a library. BANG! "Shhh!"

No relevance but gave me a giggle -

As did this.

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posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 03:36 PM
My pet hate today - using a towel and smelling crutch.

Edit... People that revel in stupidity and seem to roll in it like I roll in swish cheese (in my thong)

Edit #2... Society accepting this and settling them all together in Chavland.

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posted on Feb, 18 2010 @ 03:38 PM
Pet hate for today - my life. I HATE IT. Im going to Lincoln tomorrow and I dont know what to wear, and I have no time to go shopping. HATE HATE HATE.
Im definately not overreacting.

Oh and I hate my 'n' key as well, it keeps being stubborn and ignoring me when I press it.

And aother one - the silly quotes people come out with when someone dies.. eg 'God only takes the best angels', in reference to Alexander McQueen. So what, if I die when Im like 100 am I a s**t angel?

'aother' - stupid key!!!

reply to post by LiveForever8

Thats a good psychic! Most of them are really vague and wont actually give you any specifics. Thats well good that he gave you an actual medical condition.
But saying that, I wouldnt trust anything a psychic says anyway. Well not any that havent posted at least 5 threads in the grey area/skunk works forum.

Im not even watching those, I hate cadbury adverts full stop.

Its not too bad waking up at that time, it still feels like the middle of the night so I dont feel the need to get extremely annoyed/frustrated with everything like I normally do in the mornings. I can handle getting up at 6.. but if its 7 or later then I just cant hack it!

1.23-1.53... Im crying, Im awfully tempted to send one of those to one of my friends and see if they have any clue what it means.

'shrub rocketeer'

Get over it

You get over it!
Those discussion boards are more than worthy of a little rant.. this and this are perfect examples of the friendly welcome first time posters get.
I dont usually get wound up by anything random internet people say, but those people bring me seriously close to taking a cricket bat to my laptop.

No we havent, I believe we spoke about you sneakily using a time machine when editing posts, but not for anything else.. Thats bad times though, and I thought my time zone issue was annoying!
Yea I can tell your majorly gutted by it, if you want to have a little cry over it thats fine, I wont judge you.

I was a lurky mclurkerson for a month or so, I never really had any intention of ever joining in due to being terrified of all the in-depth threads and big words people were using.

However once I saw the 1000000000th 'OMFG whats this on google earth???? nibiru????' thread, that ended with it either being a star or a fleck of dust on the OP's screen, I had to sign up!
Dragons are green, there's no such thing as a ginger dragon!

She probably moved to 'Hell-amy' road to get away from him. God wouldnt dare show his face round there. :shk:

You had hallucinations from Nytol? Are you sure it was Nytol you took?

Id definately go to see him if he was opening a brand new dogging spot. They could hang a ribbon between two corsa's & then have him cut it.

Well if you're worried then you must avoid the library at all costs, then get injurylawyers4u on the phone and get them to sue someone for causing you to have an irrational fear of library based terrorism.
Id be quite happy if a bomb went off whilst I was in the library. It would mean an end to those recurring 'S**t, Ive got 2 hours to write a 3000 word essay' moments. Plus Id like to see the absolute rage people who sit in the silent area would be in during those few seconds between hearing the bomb to dying.

Haha, nice! Even though I saw the last bit coming it was still extremely pleasing when he launched that dog down the street... if only people actually reacted like that!

By the way have you ever seen a film called 'Sickle'? Its literally the best horror film of all time. If you havent, please watch this lovely little review of it, and one of its better scenes:
Jonathon Ross (or not)
10/10 for acting, scaryness and camera work.
I strongly advise that you buy this film so you can study it & learn from its brilliant cast.

Oh and Jedward is 6th of march apparantly.

My friends only supposed to be interviewing Danyl, Olly & Stacey but we'll be backstage so they're bound the be around.. and we get to watch the actual show from the side of the stage, sosososososososo excited!!

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posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 07:39 AM
Pet hate - transport 'police'. Getting a big fat fine for putting my foot on the seat rest for literally 20 seconds.
What should have been a cheap night out turned into the most expensive one of all time! In hindsight I probably shouldn't have told him my name was Ian Beale and my address was No.8 Albert Square

reply to post by Bluebelle

You...overreact? Surely not

And my ' ' key doesn't work which is a problem when trying to tell people which key doesn't work, as you can see

I reckon she just ate her dinner too fast and had a bit of heartburn. Bloody charlatan!

Haha, 7 is the limit! I'm beginning to think you have an aversion to sunlight. Instead of your doctor telling you you're turning into a midget maybe he should check you're not photophobic......or some kind of vampire.

Brass Eye is just stone cold stupendous.

"You are a pedophile. You are a nonce. You are a perv. You're a slop badger......"
Imagine if you did get a reply! I just can't believe they got these people to appear on the show, absolutely mental.! Why did reading those examples make me want to punch a puppy in the face out of sheer anger? What a bunch of arrogant, pompous little s**ts! I don't know why you bother reading them, you're just torturing yourself.

It is genuinely annoying. I reckon if I was on the magical island in Lost it would go back to normal. But I can't be bothered being chased by polar bears and giant shadow creatures so I'm going to have to deal with it. I did cry, then I got over it, sue me

I joined instantly! I didn't even think about it for a second, I assessed the potential for hilarity and found it to be massive

And there are ginger dragons! They are just more elusive because they have been bullied into near extinction

It was definitely Nytol! But a wide variety of alcohol and illicit substances probably didn't help the situation

Plus Id like to see the absolute rage people who sit in the silent area would be in during those few seconds between hearing the bomb to dying.

I despise the people in the silent areas. What's ridiculous in my library is that the 'silent' area is situated right next to the 'unsilent' area......pointless. Snotty students looking at you like you have just murdered their family just because you happen to cough.

I'm going to start off with the Jonathan Ross wannabe. If you asked me to come up with the type of person I hate most in the whole would be him. A little posh boy mosher who thinks he's American, what a terrible human being. Far too much time on his hands, he medically needs a girlfriend.

As for this abortion of a film...were on earth did you see that?! I'm never going to get those 3 minutes 56 seconds of my life back, I'm guessing that the full length feature isn't much longer? I say that because I find it hard to believe that they could financially afford to keep up that level of special effects
It certainly is special but not the good type of special, more the special needs kind of special.

You get to watch the show? Awesome
T minus 14 days

I was outside enjoying the beautiful windy weather.

I told myself I wanted to become one with nature.

I told myself I wanted to learn.

I told myself I was going to talk to a tree.

I introduced myself by placing my arm on a branch and spoke:

"Hi there. My name is David. I want to learn the meaning of existence, why are we here?"

At this point, nothing happened. I Added:

"I do apologize, I forgot to thoroughly introduce myself. My name is David. I play the saxophone. I am interested in metaphysics, religion, and conspiracies. I want to know my purpose, and what the meaning of existence is."

I felt something odd. I saw something odd.

The tree began to grow little holes resembling eyes.

They were not happy. "Can you reply? I know you can here me, my voice creates a vibration that you can understand."

The tree and I were now one. It felt as if he came in my head, sat down, and took control.

I Just Spoke To A Tree - of course you did

There was you moaning about how suicide has become mundane and samey and then this happens: There is suicide and then there is this. Maximum respect to that guy for taking the stagnant act of suicide to a new level

Also, I was already really looking forward to the summer because of the World Cup but things just went to a whole new level - What time is it?

posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 09:09 AM

Originally posted by Helig
My current pet hate is creating threads, its become an exercise in pointlessness to create threads, because its either been a thread that somehow I didn't find a pre-existing discussion on one that hits during off-peak hours and maxes out at like 15 views (half of which are probably spiders) before falling off the top page of a forum and therefore into total obscurity.

lmao that wasso funny.

Next time spam this post with links.

You didn't even breath while you were typing that .... right ?

posted on Feb, 20 2010 @ 04:50 PM
Pet hates for today - people who are overly chirpy in the morning. I manage to somehow drop off to sleep - which was near impossible due to various sly substances. And then I get woken up a mere hour and a half later by 3 of my friends climbing over me/jumping on the bed asking if we can go to lloyds for breakfast. Its a good job that the sharpest implement within reaching distance to me happened to be a pillow.

Also, the confusion that comes with lack of sleep. It was funny earlier when I couldnt figure out how to work the pelican crossing, its annoying when I come on ATS and end up staring at the screen for 5/10 minutes wondering why its asking me to log in.

reply to post by LiveForever8

The transport police are AMAZING... amazingly s**t that is. Ive just had the wonderful opportunity to see them doing their thing. I thought I was going to have the most hideous trip home as well.

I was due to come home a bit earlier today but because some massive attention seeker flinging themselves in front of a train (this has happened approx 3 times over the last 4 months on the same tiny little train line), the trains got messed up and it meant I ended up sat on Nottingham train station at half 7, which is never a good thing.
Whilst I was waiting for either death by hypothermia, or my train, these were the delightful events that occured:
10 lairy men v gangster pt 1 - train pulls in. Some black guy got off who thought he was quite the gangster (although someone really needed to tell him that sticking holographic stickers over all your clothing just isnt cool), and he proceeded to knock on one of the windows and did a little pow pow pow/finger guns thing at them. I was crying!
10 lairy men v gangster pt 2 - gangster slinks off into the night without being confronted.
10 lairy men v eachother - this was amusing. 2 teensy little men claiming to be british transport police try and intervene. No one gives a crap. Eventually security guards come and sort it out for them, the look on the little mens faces was a delightful mix of hurt and self-loathing (I hope), and they decided to persuade all but 4 of the men to get back on the train.
THEN, some of the delightful residents of mansfield show up, bottles of white lightning in hand, and start asking me of all people whats going down. I tell them, feeling like some gossiping old nana while doing it, what happened.
8 lairy mansfield men v 4 original lairy men - mansfield men tell stranded men to come to mansfield. Original lairy man says Mansfield is 's**t' (which is a fair point, but their train was only heading to Manchester anyway, so he should have piped down a bit really). Mansfield men take massive offense, fight ensues. One mansfield man actually slapped one of the transport police guys. It was simply amazing, really caught him off guard as well.

It quitened down after that. I like to think mansfield won.

No no, I love sunshine! Just not that early morning sun that when you're tired makes it feel like its actually burning through your retina's. :shk:

So what these people are really thinking their doing a serious bit of filming? Ive heard about it before but its just hard to believe that they're that stupid.. If its true Dr Fox really needs to sort his life out!

Are you actually being serious or are you just trying to make me feel better because deep down Im an angry little internet warrior?

I friggin LOVE the silent area at my uni, we have a whole floor! Its a pretty badass library in general really, the swivelling chairs are the best in the world. I still remember my first experience up there.. Id wondered off and my friend clicked his fingers to get my attention and he got SO many dirty looks! And because I was new to the idea of a silent area I just looked at the girl closest to us and went 'What?!'. Which then meat more dirty looks.

Whenever me and my friends go in there we seem to be hit with an instant bout of insanity. There's been many times where we've been in there and just sat sending eachother funny stuff to see how long we can hack it before bursting out laughing.

I liked when he showed everyone his DVD collection, like it looked any different to about 95% of other peoples DVD collections.

And give the guy a break, he probably reviews a lot of porn as well!
The film was brought to us via the bargain bin at HMV. Its brilliant honestly, one of my favourite unintentional comedy films!

Yea whats wrong with that, you never seen Pochahontas?

So inventive! Attention seeking, zero chance of not dying, and a nice little f you to the people he didnt like.

'Its erotic, exotic..'
Really? Is it?
As much as I love a bit of novelty music, I do not like this. What will the other countries think!
I say they re-release this. Mainly because it makes a reference to '5-1', no one ever brings that up anymore! :shk:
Or, on a more serious note, this.. that one was actually good! eee I love the world cup.

posted on Feb, 21 2010 @ 08:10 AM
reply to post by Bluebelle

The worst thing was he was all nice and informal at first but once we sat down to sort my details out he turned into a monster. "All right, you're not under arrest......but anything you do say may be used against you!"
What makes it even worse is that I saw him coming down the carriage but didn't think for one second that he worked for the transport po-po. Like I said at the time, 'I fought the law and the law won' :shk:

Haha, my local train station is fittingly situated next to an old peoples home. 3 times last year some old biddy decided enough was enough and did them self in by jumping on the tracks. Ruddy nuisance.

Haha, I bet you were in your element there, sounds like you had front row seats to an episode of Jeremy Kyle.

One mansfield man actually slapped one of the transport police guys.

That's made me feel a whole lot better. Mansfield versus Manchester and you reckon Mansfield won? Although by the sounds of it the only real loser here is society as a whole because the perfect outcome would have been if both sets of men wiped each other out and took the transport police with them

Yes I'm sure they thought they were doing something serious. I remember watching a documentary about it once. It's really not that hard to believe, remember, Dr Fox isn't a real Doctor
Which explains his unique grasp of genetics and basic biology......

Genetically, pedophiles have more genes in common with crabs than they do with you and me.

I'm deadly serious
It does seem that you spend your time finding things that annoy you on the internet and then venting that annoyance (via the internet) to other people, thus spreading the annoyance. Angry internet warrior? More like rabies victim, and I mean that in the nicest possible way

Our library just got revamped and it's rather special. Something I only just realised I could check was this - How many free PCs are there at Aldham Robarts? Genius!

Which then meat more dirty looks.

Another example of your unnerving obsession with meat

I don't think I have ever actually done a decent piece of work in the library. Being told that you must keep quiet usually guarantees that the complete opposite will happen. Being sat at a computer, with the infinite power of the internet at my fingertips and with my friends is only going to end one way.

He looks like he could be related to Ron Jeremy actually. Yer, I was in awe of his DVD collection, not to mention the ornamental empty bottle of Jack Daniels
Bargain bins are full of absolute gems and my Cliff Richard Live In Concert DVD proves it

I actually haven't seen Pocahontas, she spoke to trees too did she? Oh well in that case I take it all back, if an animated Disney movie says it's possible then it must be so. When I leave the room do my toys come alive and have all sorts of adventures too?

Erotic? Exotic? Well, it all depends on what type of football you're watching - The first 40 seconds obviously

Do other countries do the same thing that we always seem to do and release a cheesy football based song for all the major tournaments? It's alright for us with our rich history, but what about the likes of Algeria and Honduras, what have they got to sing about?
I had forgot about that one, it wasn't great. I still love Ant and Dec, they can do no wrong. Except Dec has gone way down in my estimations recently after stealing Georgie Thompson from me
I remember liking the 'Vindaloo' song at the time but looking at it now it seems rather s**t.

Three Lions
Not only the greatest football song of all time, but probably one of the greatest songs of all time, period!
I can't wait for the summer now!

I nearly got into a fight myself the other night! I was speaking to some lads who tried to gatecrash my friends 21st when someone mentioned that one of the lads dad was a Gynaecologist. So, I delicately point out that his father must be some sort of pervert, after all, how does one become a Gynaecologist? There must have been a point in his fathers life where he decided that the rather exclusive field of Gynaecology was the right one for him. Now, I am in the wrong to question his motives? Anyway, this lad wasn't happy with me at all and threatened to, and I quote......'blow you're chin'
Answers on a postcard please

Did you get snoooooooooooooooooooooow!?

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posted on Feb, 21 2010 @ 03:17 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Of course you wouldnt be under arrest, who gets arrested for putting their feet up on a seat rest?! He must have had a reeeaaalllllly slow night to feel the need to have a go about that.
I did have the best seat ever. Literally couldnt have picked a better bench to sit on if Id tried!

Haha, its ridiculous round my area. Whats amusing though is that my friend rung me today and I told him about the annoying people committing suicide, and he recounted a tale of a girl he used to work with who tried to kill herself by jumping in front of a train, and when no train came (typical), she jumped off a bridge further along the track and then got run over by three cars, and all the car drivers needed counselling.. and he was chuckling all the way through telling me that. So pleased.

Mansfield definately won, even if they'd been beaten senseless that slap would still have meant they won. It was just so funny because there were punches being thrown and lots of pushing eachother around, and then this slap just came out of nowhere!

Thats ridiculous... how was Dr Fox ever a judge on popstars if he didnt even have basic knowledge of human & animal genetics. :shk:

More like rabies victim, and I mean that in the nicest possible way

Charming! Thats like saying I hate you and want you to die, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. :shk:
I dont spend my time looking for things to annoy me, I just dont understand what these peoples issues are and why ebay never does anything about it!

Your library looks like a prison block.

I just checked Lincolns website to see if we had anything cool like that, but we dont, gutted.
We really need something like that though, round deadline times you tend to spend the majority of your time searching desperately for a spare computer, only to find that there isnt one.
However, I did find this video that is allegedly about my uni library. I appreciate that they give you advice on why you dont actually need to come to the library, but the rest of it is pure lies! Apart from though it is a sexy library so I'll let them off for the compulsive lying thats going on there.

God that stupid key again! Actually ruins my life.

Haha yea, obviously keeping it there so people will think he's 'cool'. HMV is like aladdin's cave for crap DVD's. When we were in HMV yesterday we nearly bought this, says £8.99 there but was only £5. Bargain! Literally the slyest DVD cover of all time, he was obviously naked from the waist down.

Hmm, Im not sure.. they probably do actually considering how much europe gets into the eurovision song contest. I bet the other countries have a bunch of cheesy popstars waiting for an opportunity to release a song.
As for Algeria and Honduras... I dunno, mountain goats? Mud huts? Lots of wide open space?
Oh Ant and Dec can do wrong. Very, very wrong... 'Lets get ready to rhumble' :shk:
Yea Dec is really punching above his weight there. Its a perfect example of laughing someone into bed!

I seriously dont understand why we cant use the same one again, that one never gets old! Im most looking forward to doing the whole getting smashed in the middle of the day and shouting at the tv thing like a lairy man again. Except maybe this time I'll refrain from expressing my appreciation for Ronaldo like I during and after he knocked us out of the competition.

Id definately question someone's motives for being a gyn.. I cant spell that word and I have no willpower to find the correct spelling.

Hmm, the only way 'blow your chin' would make sense is if he meant 'blow on your chin', and you happen to be the most ticklish person in the entire world.
Aside from that though I have no idea.

Did you get snoooooooooooooooooooooow!?

Lots of it too! Im so confused, where has it all come from?!

Oh, and you havent seen Pochahontas?! Whats wrong with you.. its a rule that when you go to uni you absolutely must regress to being 5 years old and spend the majority of your spare time watching disney films, and pingu.
This is the talkative tree. You dont know how difficult its been for me not to post on that thread asking if the OP's name is John Smith, and requesting that he asks the tree should I marry Kocoum? (1.40 onwards).

One more thing.. this sign was up outside the engine shed on friday, I really enjoy that it starts off saying 'gentlemen'.

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posted on Feb, 21 2010 @ 09:20 PM

What is Your Number 1 Pet hate?

boring stuff

posted on Feb, 21 2010 @ 09:52 PM

Originally posted by LiveForever8
Pet hate - a psychic telling me my dad is going to die of a heart attack
Surely that's illegal?

I once had a psychic at the house, who went on and said my dad was dead, when I replied ''he's not, he's upstairs'' the bloke then tailed off in that many directions I had no idea what he was on about!
He also said I was in my thirties, and I was only touching 20, I paid that man £30 to make me frightened to look into a mirror! money well spent.

So, my pet hate, psychic frauds who suck the little confidence you have about you away, then hold there hand out like they did a great job!


posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 03:19 PM
Pet hate today - Rock, Paper, Scissors. Twice today I have lost out because of this stupid game! The finer details really do need to be ironed out because it is just too open to interpretation at the moment. Since when does paper beat rock? In what way does that happen, by merely smothering the rock? What if the rock is then subjected to heat and expands thus ripping the paper? Surely the paper could then just do the same to the scissors? Ridiculous.

reply to post by Bluebelle

He couldn't have been much older than me but he was with some dinosaur of a man so he probably had to impress him. He even flipped his badge at me like he was in the FBI or something, tragic.

Haha, she jumped onto the track and got ran over by three cars? You do know the difference between a car and a train don't you?
When one of the old birds round here did that it was in the newspaper saying how the train driver needed counselling, which I don't understand. It's not as if he had any chance of preventing it unless he is one of those Indigo's. Plus it's not like a car where you literally hear and feel the body smash into you, I would assume that the train just floats along without a care in the world. Counselling = at the end of the're a murderer, deal with it.

Thats ridiculous... how was Dr Fox ever a judge on popstars if he didnt even have basic knowledge of human & animal genetics.

I ask myself that momentous question every day :shk:

Haha, I meant it metaphorically of course
Although coming from the girl who was happy to give her friends AIDS willy-nilly, I don't think you're in any position to be offended

That's because it is a prison block! You telling me you don't feel like prisoner whenever your at the library?
Your library does look rather nice actually. Haha, get onto that dance student wearing what looks suspiciously like a beret
We haven't got a shop at our library, rather jealous about that, all we have is a crappy coffee machine. Your one isn't open 24 hours? That's a bit lame, I'd be screwed if my one wasn't open 24 hours.

Haha, what's even better than that is the description......

Passionate horticulturalist Joe Maiden presents this no-nonsense guide to growing and maintaining a colourful flower garden. Topics covered include rock gardens, roses, climbers, mixed borders, and much more.

They try to make him sound like the Liam Gallagher of horticulturalists
Thank god one of the topics he covers is rock gardens, I just can't seem to get mine looking right! And am I enticed by the 'much more' at the end of that description? Am I ever!

What a tuuuuune! State of Dec's hair though
Georgie should be ashamed of herself! I used to love them in Byker Grove. Which is why I was devastated when this happened - Do something Geoff! Yes Geoff, do something! The day Geoff died was another dark, dark day in my life. R.I.P :shk:
There's nothing wrong with laughing someone into bed, but if they're still laughing when you've taken your underpants off then you have problems

Well it has become the unofficial England song and rightly so, it's the only one I acknowledge anyways! When the Euro's where on I went to my mates to watch England versus Sweden and it was about 2 in the afternoon I think. Ninety minutes later (0-0 scoreline) I was projectile vomiting all over his bathroom, great times

You know how I feel about how you feel about HIM!

I think I was definitely within my rights to question his fathers possible perverted intentions, I'm glad you agree. At first I though he was getting fruity with me but apparently it meant he wanted to punch me on the chin. I'm sure this aggression stems from his youth when his perverted father used to make him give him punch jobs

Snow! It was such a great surprise when I woke up! Unfortunately it rained later in the day so most of it washed away but it was still great! I blame HAARP......or reptilians. One or the other.

To be honest I think Pocahontas is the only Disney film I haven't seen, mainly because it doesn't involve dwarfs or pirates and whatnot. You can't beat a good Disney film though. Is that Mel Gibson? Why, oh why haven't you posted that video in the Tree Talking thread? It would have been the first thing I would have done
Why has Pocahontas got no nose? I'm guessing it's due to her massive coc aine habit? Yer, thought so.

Haha, that sign is absurd! What makes the fact it says 'Gentlemen' even funnier is what it goes on to say

One of my resident Facebook retards posted something rather poetic today......

an f**k u 2 is wat i scream on shift , step 2 me ul get ur f***in chest ripped . screamin make sum baloons in the booth an 2 me that s**t just aint cool but il see u on the streets sumday maybe fuk u up wen u head around my way !!!!!!!

Something for us all to ponder I think

reply to post by valiant

I once had a psychic at the house, who went on and said my dad was dead, when I replied ''he's not, he's upstairs''

In all seriousness though psychics are terrible human beings. It should be illegal. All they do is cause trouble.

posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 06:47 PM
Pet hates for today -
Turning my alarm off in my sleep... and while I know I didnt know I was doing it, it still isnt an excuse for sauntering into a seminar 35 minutes late. :shk:

My other pet hate is more of a case of severe envy. My friends going travelling next week for 5 moths, Im soooo jealous... I want to go travelling.

reply to post by LiveForever8

No no, further along the track there was a bridge which happened to have a dual carriageway underneath it.. do you know the difference between jumping off a bridge further along the track, and jumping onto a track?

Come on, its got to be quite disturbing having a front row seat to a person getting majorly f**ked up by a load of fast moving steel wheels. I dont think Id need counselling if it was just some OAP, but Id definately need some after this. And I think if someones body landed on a car I was in then Id just die on the spot, so no counselling needed there!

The Dr Fox thing is a valid question really... especially considering some of the people who turn up to the auditions for shows like that:

There's a reason the welsh have never won.
'Im John, and I'm Edward. Together we are... John & Edward'

The first three specimens.. what are they? They definately arent human. I should make a thread about them in the cryptozoology forum to see if anyone can identify what they are.
John & Edward didnt really need to be there as Im 110% sure that they are actual Gods. But still, such happy memories of that first audition.. John's actually quite fit as well. I mean that in a completely non-paedophilic way of course seeing as they were 17 there.

I dont spend long enough in the library for it to feel like that

Its open 24 hours round deadline time, but its impossible to do work at such odd hours, it turns everyone delerious who's in there after 11pm.
Urgh, Ive just found another video filled with Lincoln's lies!!
Lincoln advert
That boy who they claim does art, did in fact do english. And he was the biggest gay, male slag Ive ever met and also a massive druggy. Ideal person for an advert.

Id like to think he's the Gordon Ramsay of the gardening world. Smashing some poor aspiring Alan Titchmarsh's head in with a rock when their mixed border isnt up to scratch... and then burying the poor guy underneath said mixed border. Actually thats probably more of a Fred West thing, nevermind.
'Much more' means after he's got the mediocre gardening crap out of the way, he steps out from behind the bush and reveals his naturist/kiddy fiddling ways, and then gives instructions on how to sound proof a shed. Never trust a man who hides behind his flowers with such a look of lust in his eyes. :shk:
Sad thing is, Id quite happily sit & watch that and actually think it was the funniest thing in the entire world!... Which reminds me of something else, have you ever watched 'points of view'?

Ninety minutes later (0-0 scoreline) I was projectile vomiting all over his bathroom, great times

Haha, somebody cant handle their drink!

You should just admit you love him as much as I do. Denial aint just a river in Egypt you know.

Whats the point in punching someone on the chin? I cant say Ive punched may people in my time, but wouldnt it be better for a person to go for the nose/general middle of the face area? Punching someone on the chin seems like it would be about as effective as punching someone on their elbow.

The snow was not good.. due to my brain currently having the consistancy as a tin of mushy peas it took me a while to register what was actually going on. It rained here as well, which means the majority of it has now turned into that lovely, life ruining black ice. Ive made it through all of winter without falling over and I refuse to let it get me now!!

Haha, yes it wouldnt suprise me if it was down to one too many coke binges. Although Im sure if she posted on ATS saying not only did she have a talking tree, but a talking raccoon as well, she'd be welcomed with open arms.
To be fair I didnt watch Pocahontas until I was 19, I was all about Lady & The Tramp up until then!
Im dying to post on it, but I dont wish to be one of those people who's posts get removed and you're left wondering what it was they actually said, drives me mad!

'make sum baloons'

Ive had no interesting statuses recently. Im guessing retard has gotten over it, I hate when people move on and arent bitter & twisted over stuff.

*Edit - scrap the above paragraph, one's just popped up and its one major thing I cant stand:
I'm not trying to say that Owl City were ever some kind of underground punk band or anything but tonight's show really was overly by, of and for the mainstream.
I hate people that come across as being all pretentious because they (apparantly, although I have my suspicions that they're looking for cool points rather than that being their actual opinion) dont like 'mainstream' music. They got a number 1 with one of these songs so what the hell do you want them to do?.. I cant really see them going 'screw all this lovely money, lets play our little known earlier stuff just to keep the little emo boys happy'.

Oh and another picture from my delightful couple of days in Lincoln, this was on the menu at varsity: yum
Why wouldnt you want your dinner to arrive in a dog bowl? I can quite honestly say Id rather consume my dinner with it sitting inside one of Rik Wallers armpits (after an uphill walk to the nearest kebab shop), than in a dog bowl.

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posted on Feb, 23 2010 @ 07:16 PM
Pet hates today - the absolute prick sitting opposite me on the train today. I dislike people eating on trains, this has been said before, but this was more to do with what he was eating. Kinder Bueno bars, notice I said 'bars' and not 'bar'? That's because this guys motto seemed to be 'The only thing better than eating 3 Kinder Bueno bars is to eat 4 Kinder Bueno bars'....FOUR! His other motto seemed to be 'Why eat Kinder Bueno bars separately over a sensible time period when you can eat them one after another in about 3 minutes?'

Another one today was the fact that I was asked if I wanted to buy the Big Issue from some little homeless person. Now the first time he asked me I didn't have an issue (big or otherwise) with it. But on my return I was disgusted to see him talking on his phone.....his iPhone! A tramp has a better phone than me :shk:

Another one is people who stop you in the street trying to sell you things. Today I was stopped (for the hundredth time in a few months) by a monk trying to sell me something, the proceeds of which go to charity. Today it was a yoga booklet. I did quite like his approach though. I said I was a student and so couldn't afford such luxuries (it was £1) so he said I should save up for it. I said I would save up a penny a day and that I would see him here again in 100 days. He said that was fine, although he might not be exactly where he was at the moment, he might be over there instead, and pointed two feet to the left of him
With that he won my respect and I have begun saving, 99p to go

reply to post by Bluebelle

Travelling is top of my 'to do' list as well. I'm ever so tempted to just blow all of my bursary on a little trip somewhere. If not, I still have my fingers crossed for Coach Trip

Don't blame me for your vagueness, 'jumping off a bridge further along the track' still implies it's on the track, so

A car crash would be totally different I agree, I like to think I'd turn into Superman and save the day if such a thing happened but in all probability I'd just soil myself and cry like a baby. I've seen that video before, it's crazy, she only turned her head for a second and all hell breaks loose. That baby survived unharmed though if I remember rightly

Haha, what a lovely mix of freaks (with the obvious exception of Jedward of course). You know instantly that someone is going to be s**t when they say "we've got our own style" and even worse when they compare themselves to P-Diddy and Usher!

And then a hero comes along
With the strength to carry on
And you cast your fears aside
And you know you can survive

No hero is strong enough to carry them, and as far as survival is concerned, the only 'fear' I would worry about would be the fear of a massive fatal heart attack due to a ridiculously high cholesterol count.
That woman was just cringe worthy. I bet she genuinely thought she was going to blow them away with her 'academic' masterpiece

John and Edward......nuff said
Although surely if John is fit Edward is too, isn't that how identical twins work? 17 is alright anyway because the minimum age of consent is 16......isn't it? Please God say it is

Your probably fortunate actually that it's not always open. You are less likely to go in there at 4am blind drunk and e-mail your tutor a tirade of nonsense signing off as 'Your student. Your friend. Your lover?'
The amount of lies these places tell is disgusting!

"Never trust a man who hides behind his flowers with such a look of lust in his eyes."
Evil, pure evil.
Caught in the act?
Points of view is the single most annoying/mind blowing piece of television ever devised! Who are these people that have so much spare time they write a angry letter because the BBC's latest sitcom was 'tired' and 'simplistic'. This though makes everything worth while - Trouser Snake.

Pfft, I had drank more than enough to warrant projectile vomiting! Plus I hadn't had my din-dins yet :shk:

Denial aint just a river in Egypt you know.

Oh no, you didn't just say that did you?
And you have the nerve to put down my jokes/puns? What's that saying about people in glass houses?

I can't say I'm any sort of expert on the matter, I'm a lover not a fighter, which is a fancy way of saying I'm a pussy
However I just couldn't handle the crunch factor of hitting someone on the nose, it goes through me thinking about it. But people always go on about if boxers have a 'strong chin' so I'm guessing it's a rather pivotal area. What would happen if someone elbowed another person on the chin? An unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. It just doesn't bear thinking about!

Ah Lady and the Tramp, there's another I haven't seen. They wouldn't remove it, it's concrete evidence!
'make sum baloons' - I don't have a clue and I'm not even going to bother a guess

I hate people like that! Like when people say 'I loved them before they were signed and before anyone knew who they were, they're too big now though.' One of my mates kept banging on about some band and how good they were and how they should be getting more recognition than they were blah blah blah. Then, once they finally attained recognition, he said they were too big now and he didn't like them anymore! Tool.

Haha, that's just wonderful. Are these people aware that by putting the word 'dirty' in front of all their meal titles they aren't doing themselves any favours? 'Yes it really comes in a dog bowl!' Gordon Ramsey is spinning in his grave

posted on Feb, 23 2010 @ 11:45 PM

What is Your Number 1 Pet hate?

today, off-brand ketchup.

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