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What is Your Number 1 Pet hate?

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posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by The Utopian Penguin

Right songwriter, wrong song... I'm thinkin' more like...

posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 02:24 PM

Originally posted by Bluebelle

"suprise me"

This is my standard answer to the red/brown sauce question.

Sex was the most surprising reply in all honesty, never expected that one.

My hate today, people who stop their car to let me cross the road. --

There is a reason I am looking at that gap 2 cars behind you, and it's not because I want to walk out in front or your massive 4 by 4... If you make a big gesture by stopping and waving me across, well don't...
I prefer to walk behind vehicles, not in front of some daft person with too much money and no clutch control.... Do that again and I'll make sure you walk home.

That was not aimed at anyone other than the smug git in the Landrover - lol /rant

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posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 07:22 PM
Just to bring the happiness levels up..

EVERYONE is special.

and if that doesnt do it for you..


reply to post by JaxonRoberts

Id like to dedicate this song to you, I hope you like it:

I love you

reply to post by Now_Then

Sex was the most surprising reply in all honesty, never expected that one.

Ah, an amusing reply to 'suprise me', AND a viable defence in a rape trial .. gotta love the old school classics.

posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 07:58 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

The wig is a winner.

Isn't it just. What people really mean when they say 'suprise me' is 'get me exactly what I want or I'll throw a hissy fit'. People also need to be more specific when explaining what they want. Apparently when someone says "I want a puppy" they automatically mean a living one
I wish someone had told me that!

Haha, how many props does this guy have? It's like he's got clown pockets or something! Yer, it has become blatantly obvious that he was dragging your performance down somewhat, who would have thought it considering his abstract appearance.

It's impossible to choose, they are all equally splendid. I basically think that 50% of it's participants are sexually deprived, overweight middle aged men desperately hoping that some beautiful goddess is going to appear on screen and instantly fall in love with them, while the other 50% is made up of people hoping to see sexually deprived, overweight middle aged men make fools of themselves

'Spread the std's to your dear ones with a Valentine's SuperPoke! '

That's more like it

Yer, yer I still have my doubts. I also like the idea of you 'picking' that one, as if you had a whole database of internet murders at your fingertips like some sort of perverted hobby. Some people collect stamps, you collect cut-outs of internet sex attacks/murders. Each to their own I suppose

Haha, brilliant.

I don't say i'm special, just i think beyond normal

I'd say he's special...
"Oh no, he's not retarded, he's just 'Beyond normal'

Nice work with the cartoons, your the modern day Gandhi. Oh no, your already Jesus aren't you, my bad.

The mask is back

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posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 09:07 PM
Oh gosh, Ive just realised its officially valentines day... well for everyone around me who isnt on ATS it is.. here in the magical land of Eniwetok/Kwajalein its still 3 in the afternoon. Good.

Happy valentines day everyone, hope nobody chokes on their chocolates/flowers/candlelit dinners

And to kick off this marvellous day I feel everyone should listen to this.
I would like to throw a 'bah humbug' into here as well, but its completely the wrong season.

reply to post by LiveForever8

What people really mean when they say 'suprise me' is 'get me exactly what I want or I'll throw a hissy fit'

110% correct.
Im sure its just a stupid way to try and test the other person. I think when/if my next victim comes along and says something like that to me I'll just respond by either making them a meat hat (handmade gifts = major brownie points), or buying them an assortment of roadkill calenders, a signed Rolf Harris photo and some bacon merchandise.

Nah he hasnt got clown pockets... he keeps it all in his magic hat. Bought it off ebay from Dick Van Dyke apparantly. Check the hat out during its youth - back in the day

Oh this upsets me, I really want to go on and mock people but Im not in the possession of any horses heads, bearded men or nana masks anymore.

I wish giving someone an STD on superpoke was actually possible, Id love to give all my friends AIDS, maybe with the odd bought of chlamydia too.

Yea so what, its more interesting than collecting crap jokes and pokemon cards!

I absolutely love how casual the guy was with the thread, like he really expected that the secret to immortality would be found on a random internet forum.

Cartoons? I do hope that you dont mean Barney, thats a real life purple dinosaur there. He is the most terrifying dinosaur in the whole world, but he somehow manages to put things my heart wants to say but cant into songs... and Im very grateful for that.

Yes I felt that it was time for the mask to return... only because my number of stalkers was edging ever closer to the 1000 mark, and I was sick of people asking me to send signed pictures of myself to them. :shk:

The two best statuses have just popped up on my news feed -

'happy new year to the chinky brothers and sisters! f**kin love the yellows
- not that it makes him less racist, but this guy isnt even chinese!

'Is barred from stagecoach buses!! For fightin with a tramp WTF!!' -

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posted on Feb, 13 2010 @ 10:24 PM
Yer, happy Valentines to each and everyone of you! I leave you with a delightfully stomach churning little message I was sent earlier......

'Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever.'

reply to post by Bluebelle

Haha, nothing says 'I love you' like a sombrero made out of bacon. So basically you will buy him all the things you want most in the world in the hope he will discard them leaving you to pick up the pieces? It's a mighty fine plan I must admit! And the way I see it, if he doesn't like any/all of those presents he probably isn't the man for you. You dodged a bullet and got some amazing gifts, win/win

What a film! I always forget that D-V-D was in that, I just associate him with Diagnosis Murder, which is just as amazing. Those kids just haven't got a clue that they are in the presence of a legend, I bet they're kicking themselves now! The best part is when D-V-D does the street drawings, which just reminded me of this little gem.

Well next time you come into possession of some kind of weird artifact you will think twice before getting rid of it or losing it! Problem solved.

If you gave them AIDS I doubt then giving them chlamydia would really bother them. It's like chopping somebody's arms off and then going back to remove their little toe, it would seem like a harmless gesture
I wonder if I got away with that one? Hmm...

It may be more interesting, 'may be', but that doesn't make it any less perverted. Crap jokes, me? Pfft.

Well God loves a trier! Considering ATS was the first place to discover trees on Mars/Moon, reptilians basically anywhere you want to look, we definitely did or didn't go to the moon (I could go on forever) and is also home to apparently hundreds of alien beings, considering all of that, it's not a bad place to start

It's quite sad that your hearts spokesperson is a camp, purple, musical dinosaur. But lets be honest here, we've all seen Jurassic Park, if that was a real Tyrannosaurus Rex he would gobble up every child that pranced into his domain. Gobble them up and spit out their bones. The real Barney.

"...and I was sick of people asking me to send signed pictures of myself to them." I hope that was sarcasm?

- what makes that status bad is that the culprit probably thinks he/she is giving out some sort of compliment

'Is barred from stagecoach buses!! For fightin with a tramp WTF!!!' - I don't understand the 'WTF!!!' part here. I think fighting with a tramp s quite a decent reason for someone to get barred. It's not as if his status read 'Is barred from the stagecoach buses!! For abiding by all of it's rules and regulations and being generally polite and well behaved', then I would accept a 'WTF!!!'

posted on Feb, 14 2010 @ 09:32 AM
Pet hate today - O2
Well, I dont hate them now but I did at the beginning of the phone call. Who actually chooses that on-hold music?! It used to sound like a cat dying a horrible painful death, and now it sounds like some weird satanic church music. Its awful.
But I was cheered up by the legend I got put through to. My neices were shouting in the background and I was telling them to shush, to which this man started laughing and said 'kids are such little s**ts arent they, this is not good for my hangover'. I was crying, I like when people at call centers talk like they're actual normal, hungover human beings.

I currently have no hatred for valentines day either after my old flatmate reminded me of his philosophy on relationships - 'A girlfriend is just gash on tap. No feelings, just gash on tap'. Wonderful.

post by LiveForever8

'Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever.'

What? Ive read that about 5 times and it makes no sense. Whatever it means I dont like it.

Yes exactly! Its a brilliant plan.

Diagnosis murder is crap! Its all about Murder She Wrote.

Urgh penny crayon, I hate that slag. That video looks so old as well, which makes me feel like Im about 13982940 years old because I can still remember watching it!
Yea that is the best part of Mary Poppins! I remember being quite upset finding out that you couldnt actually jump into chalk drawings. Still am really.

I like this part of the description of the horse head - 'Very eye-catching & realistic looking'
Eye-catching, yes. Realistic Looking, definately not. I think Id be scarred for life if I saw a real horse with a head like that!

Hmm, good point. Maybe just making them HIV positive instead would be better. That way the AIDS would develop over time and you could still get enjoyment from giving them all the other delightful STD's out there.

Thats got to be the strangest paragraph Ive written in my entire life.

Haha true. Oh those trees on mars.. I completely lost faith in humanity after seeing how much drama that one caused. :shk:

I know it says 'fake news' at the top of that article, but Im going to pretend that it isnt there. Amazing.

Sarcasm? As if!

Im not sure what the 'WTF' was for either.. maybe he thought tramps were fair game because they dont actually live in houses & have jobs? Best thing is though, he's quite a small guy so I can only assume that he had an attack of that 'angry little man' syndrome.
Also, when I first went on facebook today, this is the first status I saw:

Whats a 9v battery and a womens arsehole got in common?? Sooner or later ya gunna touch it with ya tongue

Beautiful isnt it... very fitting for valentines day.

posted on Feb, 14 2010 @ 12:31 PM
Pet hates - old age madness. I've always looked forward to growing old. Completing life's great circle - starting off at an age where lying around making silly noises, basically doing nothing and crapping into a nappy is acceptable. And the idea of then then finishing off at an age where doing the exact same things is just as acceptable filled me with joy. But what I hadn't taken into consideration was the possibility that I would become one of those crazy old people, who still have all the benefits of sane old people (outbursts of minor racism that are just laughed off and being able to scare your loved ones into thinking that you are dead just by falling asleep) but without the actual enjoyment of self awareness. This was sparked by my nan whose first words to me today were: "Have you ever been attacked by a Broccoli?" Apparently, she had

Another pet hate - people who force me to lie. When you are in a sh*t band that plays sh*t music and you ask me for my opinion on your latest 'song' ( Although the word 'noise' would be more accurate) you are basically forcing me to lie. Because telling the truth "Your song is rubbish, put down the guitar!" would just not be worth the hassle it would cause. I never go to any of the FREE gigs you invite me to, take the hint.

Also - goths. Goths are people who like to think they are 'unique' and 'stand out in a crowd', and yet only surround themselves with people who look EXACTLY the same as them.

reply to post by Bluebelle

"Just gash on tap" - I know of numerous people who share this ancient philosophical musing, I think it was Aristotle who originally said it. Thing is I have seen these exact same people brake down in tears when the aforementioned 'gash on tap' breaks up with them, hypocrites

'Trip over love, you can get up. Fall in love and you fall forever.' The fall in love bit I understand, it's a well know phrase after all. But how does someone 'trip over love'? When does anyone ever use that in everyday life? Perfect example of the stupidity of Valentines Day.

Diagnosis Murder is soooo good. Dick Van Dyke portraying a comical doctor (who never seems to heal anyone) teams up with his real life son who portrays a police detective (who never seems to solve a crime) and all sorts of hilarity ensues. I once threw a sickie from school because I had watched an episode that ended with 'To Be Continued' and I needed to know how it ended
Having said that, being the patient of a doctor whose diagnosis only ever seems to be 'murder' wouldn't fill me with much confidence.

I used to love Penny Crayon. She had a rather poor imagination though considering her amazing abilities. The lyrics sum it up...
'Penny Crayon, can draw anything she likes'
Anything you say! Wow, I wonder what she will come up with?
'Like cats and dogs and crocodiles, and juggernauts and bikes'
Is that it?

Haha, so was I! I obviously tried it straight away, to no avail. I still reckon that what we saw was real though, D-V-D has some mystical powers I'm sure.

Thats got to be the strangest paragraph Ive written in my entire life.

Yep! And considering some of the absolute sh*te we have discussed that's really saying something!

Angry man syndrome strikes again! How many more will perish as a result of this deadly and seemingly unstoppable syndrome?

On an ordinary day it would be bad enough but to post it on today of all days
I can't say I have ever been tempted to touch a 9v battery (or any other vantage battery for that matter) to my tongue. Does this make me weird?

My favourite one today so far......
(name)...'Chlamydia? sh*t that visit to the clinic was definately a good choice.' The sad thing is that knowing the type of person he is this status is probably genuine. Another one bites the dust

posted on Feb, 14 2010 @ 02:28 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Oh my old flatmate actually lives his life by that quote, he's like Jesus.

Although now he does say it with a hint of bitterness. He's the one that went off to China and didnt bother telling his girlfriend of one year that he was going until 2 weeks before. And to cut a long story short, the girlfriend (or ex girlfriend now) has got a new boyfriend who's a moderately successful model, and she keeps putting up loads of pictures on fb of them together. Its not what you want really is it.

But aside from that its a beautiful quote and Im considering getting it engraved & hung up on my wall.

Yea 'fall in love' makes sense... but its a blatant lie. I fell in love with Mark from Westlife, but then immediately fell out of love when he came out of the closet and admitted he was a fan of the sausage. So that wasnt forever.

I once threw a sickie from school because I had watched an episode that ended with 'To Be Continued' and I needed to know how it ended

Oh dear.

See thats a reason that Murder She Wrote, and Poirot (how could I ever forget him?!) are better. With Diagnosis Murder its only ever going to be murder your getting... never a simple cold or flu.
Plus whenever I see Diagnosis Murder it just reminds me of this guy (not Trevor Macdonald
His only redeeming features are that generally his skin is a colour that can only be described as 'radioactive orange', he did a game show called 'Shafted'... oh and he likes beating arabs up.

Yes thats why I hated her, she only drew really stupid things, and she always managed to cock it up somehow. Its nearly as bad as Bernard's Watch.
Look at his smug little face. Makes my blood boil, that little s**t didnt deserve that watch!

Yea I cant say Ive ever been tempted to do that either, I thought it was just one of those things thats common knowledge to everyone except me.

Haha, delightful! My friend once found out some guy she slept with had chlamydia via a fb status, she didnt have it though fortunately. But she should have known better really, the guy never wore any underwear!

posted on Feb, 14 2010 @ 05:34 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Well, you know how the saying goes, 'You live by the sword, you die by the sword'. Although I'm now struggling to see how that actually fits in with this situation? His love length could be likened to a sword maybe? Pork sword? Just ignore me
Anyway, I thought you were Jesus?

Gutted for him. No, it's not what you want. But if he is Jesus you could say his father works in mysterious ways

Ah, then I would put it to you that you were not in love with Mark from Westlife, twas a mere infatuation. Otherwise you would love him still, even in light of his love for the sausage. Maybe that's what the other part meant, maybe you just 'tripped over love' in Marks case? See it all makes perfect sense now doesn't it

I regret nothing!

I love the P-Man and his bumbling sidekick Hastings. One thing that really gets my goat though is the absolute stupidity of the murderers! Right, I'm planning on murdering my rich industrialist father so I can have his inheritance. Inviting them round to my humble home for dinner is the perfect opportunity. I even invite one of my father in laws arch nemesis' round as a possible fall guy. Everything is set up. The perfect crime. Now, the one person you would think that I (the murderer) would definitely not invite to this dinner party would be Hercule Poirot......THE GREATEST DETECTIVE THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN! But guess what I go and do? :bnghd:

"I love to go and beat up Arabs."
Oh my, I forgot all about Shafted! Any game show were the contestants are asked if they wish to "share" or to "shaft" is a winner in my book
Then Jasper 'Burns Victim' Carrott comes along and copies it, this time with the less comical 'split' and 'steal', and everyone goes bonkers for it! There is no justice

I never watched Bernards Watch, I think even at that tender age I was infuriated by his lack of imagination!
Another frustratingly brilliant program from my youth - Queens Nose. All of those wishes gone to waste :shk:

Never ever trust anyone who doesn't wear underpants! There were originally 11 commandments but Moses scrubbed one off, apparently he was a fan of going commando


In space no one can hear you scream...

posted on Feb, 14 2010 @ 07:28 PM
Pork sword.. Ive not heard that since I was in middle school! I was going to reply with the best name Ive ever heard for a winky but I shall refrain as Id like to maintain what little dignity I have left.

Id happily transfer my magical laptop healing abilities and all the other good stuff about being Jesus to him if he carries on coming out with stuff like that!

It was NOT an infatuation.
I loved that man, nearly much as I love Ben Adams. Oh how I wish A1 would get back together.. without that horrid swedish one.

Thankfully he is straight, so my irrational dreams of marrying him can continue!

Murderers are stupid. The one's that were on Scooby-do (Ive only just realised how much of a weird name that is for a program/dog) were the worst. Although actually if the victims werent so stupid they wouldnt get killed in the first place... like those ridiculous people who choose to run upstairs when theres a murderer in the house! Or those people that turn into cripples when they're trying to escape and just fall over after about 3 steps.

I dont know how contestants kept a straight face when he said that to them. Id go for shaft every single time purely because of the amusement it would bring.

He never did anything interesting... I think the most exciting one I watched was where he tried to position a bucket of water on a door so it would fall on someones head. But even with a magical time-freezing watch he still messed it up! And he literally always had that vacant expression on his face.. that smile in the intro is literally the only smile he ever did. I think a dead hamster would have had more personality than him.

I remember that! Definately another annoying 'Im going to make crap wishes/drawings/general fun & games with a magic watch just so I can piss off the entire population of the UK aged 13 and under'.
I bet they're all crack addicts now. Karma's a bitch.

'One day a couple of guys who were upto no good, started making trouble in my living area.'

That makes me hate having virgin, when I had sky they had an amazing channel called 'The Gospel Channel', and they used to put programs like that on.. I spent a unhealthy amount of time watching that, Im sure my mum thought Id found God or something.

How I wish I was that 8 year old child.. and that the man was Gary Glitter.

I was flicking through the channels earlier and came across the best program title, and the best documentary ever, you'll be gutted if you missed it! The amazing program title was 'Mongolian Terror Trout', which I was absolutely going to watch until I saw that there was a documentary called 'Kim Jong's Comedy Club'.

On the pretext of being a small Danish theatre troupe on a cultural exchange, filmmaker Mads Brugger was granted permission by the North Korean government to stage a performance for a select audience in the capital. In reality, the troupe was comprised of an unscrupulous journalist Brugger and two Danish/Korean comedians, Jacob and Simon, of whom the former is handicapped. Their goal was to use humour to expose the effects of an oppressive regime with a history of violating human rights.

It was brilliant. They gave Kim some obscure kitchen ware which allows pizza's to be put in and taken out of ovens efficiently, as a 'present' from Denmark.
I also learned that apparantly if a Korean child is born handicapped they're either killed at birthor sent to special camps.

Oh and please look at what Ive been invited to clearly my favourite thing in the ENTIRE world.
I actually wept for a good 10 minutes when that popped up, but once I regained my composure I joined it immediately.

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 11:32 AM
Pet hate - getting my hair cut. I hate it. Sat there forced to look at yourself in the mirror whilst being forced to make conversation with someone with seemingly no personality, not my cup of tea!

Especially when your barber says to you, and I quote, 'Women would kill to have hair like yours' which at the time I took this as a compliment but on reflection I'm not so sure what she meant
Especially considering I'm male!

reply to post by Bluebelle

Trust me, you don't have any dignity left, so what have you got to lose? Say it!

Have you ever considered becoming a Polygamist? I think you're going to have to.

"Don't Wanna Lose You Again" is #4 in the Norwegian Singles Chart. It's a real good position for the newest single by A1. Well done boys!
- Yer, 'well done' guys

They are back together aren't they?

On New Years eve 2009, the 3 remanding members of a1 made their official UK comeback by performing at G-A-Y Heaven's new years eve party.

Are you sure he's not gay?

Scooby-Doo was clinical. Well, until you realised that it was always the owner of the theme park or the owner of the hotel or the owner of the theater who was the villain. Buy yer, you have to be pretty stupid to be killed by one of these retarded murderers.

Haha, I know yer it must have been so hard. I would go for 'shaft' every time too, I take any opportunity where I get to use the word 'shaft' but they are to few and far between for my liking.

I dread to think what I would do with such a device! I would like to think that I would play little pranks like going to Wimbledon and stopping time in the middle of a 'match point' so I could remove the ball. But in reality I would probably just spend 98% of my life in the ladies changing rooms

The most annoying thing about The Queens Nose was the fact that she was ginger. A ginger child is given the gift of some wishes and she doesn't wish for different coloured hair? Not likely.

Oh The Gospel Channel is stunningly brilliant! I usually watch it the morning after the night before if I stay over at my mates. It's by far the best hang over cure there is. The religious radio shows on Virgin can be just as much fun. Usually people phoning in banging on about how they have just spoke to God or something mental like that. Once some woman said God came to her in the shower
My respect for him went through the roof after that.

Mongolian Terror Trout

I'm actually glad you didn't watch it because now I can let my imagination run amok on what it's really about. Just like the thread I saw yesterday 'Flashier Great Tits Produce Stronger Sperm'

Oh no! I saw that advertised somewhere but then forgot about it. It's on BBC iPlayer, thank God for that! I shall definitely watch it. I love that little legend so much. Were they taking the mickey out of him? I'm suprised he didn't have them slow roasted if they were!
Yep, little Kim Jong is a huge fan of survival of the fittest, some says he takes it too far, not me, I'm all for it

Well who doesn't love a bit of dogging?
My brothers mate did it once. We followed him on my brothers scooter and shone the headlights full blast into the car. His mate came stumbling out of the car with his boxers round his ankles and chased us off. Which on reflection is the complete opposite of what he should have done considering he was dogging at the time.

I was looking through my groups today and was shocked to find myself the member of two groups entitled 'I am Gay' and one group called 'I love Shemales', obviously the remnants of a past Facebook rape that I overlooked. There was a fourth group 'God is a Shemale' but I refuse to leave that one, I have a sneaking suspicion it could be true

Lovely stuff.

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posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Trips to the hairdressers are fun as long as it isnt a haircut. I dont trust strangers being that close to my head/neck area with any sharp implements.
Unless you're sporting a Cheryl Cole style hairdo then that is a rather strange thing to say. Maybe she meant butch lesbian women?

Haha yes, its the way forward.. however I dont fancy becoming a mormon or moving to some backwards little european country, so for now I shall just continue to compile a list of possible celebrity husbands!

Well yes they did do that NYE thing, but apparantly its all up in the air at the moment due to one or two of them being slightly more interested in solo projects. Thats first hand info as well!
The girl who's taking me to molest John & Edward is friends with Mr Adams. She interviewed him about 2 years ago and they've stayed in touch since then... I hate her though because she wont give me his number so I can scream/cry down the phone at him.

And no he definately isnt gay. He isnt allowed to be.

I feel your pain, the word 'shaft' is not used enough in everyday conversation. You could always change your name to Shaft, which would be good for two reasons - 1. You'd get to use or at least hear the word at least a couple of times a day, and 2. You'll automatically become the coolest person in the world. Even more so if you added 'edward' as a middle name, ed for short. Which would then make you Shaft-ed.
I think Im catching that bad joke disease you have. :shk:

Haha, oh scooby-doo really was awful... and whenever there were any 'monsters' it was always the murderer or a sidekick in disguise, yet they still always nearly died of shock when one of these things started chasing them.

I wouldnt even know where to start if I had that watch.. although actually it would probably be something really boring like having massive lie-ins every day.

And I think you'd regret that little trip to the changing rooms after about 30 seconds, the horrors Ive seen in those places... doesnt bear thinking about!

Yea along with that the main character was called 'Harmony', and her sister was called 'Melody'. If I were her the first thing Id do is get revenge on my parents for inflicting such a hideous name & hair colour on me.

Im in sheer awe of religious channels. The best thing I ever saw on the gospel channel was some man preaching and he actually said 'if you watch porno late at night, dont be suprised when your kids have sexual problems'. No one even questioned as to how this would be possible, logic 10/10.
Actually though the God channel on virgin is pretty special too. They have a program called 'the end times' or something like that where they all sit round casually talking about the apocalypse/rapture/return of Jesus like they're discussing coronation street. Which is quite odd when you think that they're actually supposed to think this crap is going to happen.

I wish Id had a look at what it was about... whatever it was though they should definately make a film out of it.
Nah they werent directly taking the pee.. I dont know anyone who'd have the balls to actually do that to his face!
It was amusing though, a little like Borat but in North Korea instead.

You followed him on a scooter.

I cant say Ive ever partaken in this wholesome, delightful little hobby.. but ever since this story came out Ive been a fan of it.

Oh thats amateur stuff! If you want to leave a pleasant reminder of a facebook raping, you have to scour the gay groups and send friend requests to the men with the most explicit profile pictures (naked except for a cowboy hat is always a winner), and then watch their profile over the next few days/weeks as the requests get accepted & they start commenting on the victims pictures.

Haha, I KNEW that wiley old coot was up to something!

Im becoming massively jealous that you're going to see this David Icke guy as well. He'll be throwing similar accusations in Bruce Forsyth's direction before long!
Ive particularly enjoyed these threads today:
lizard spirit guide - next time I find a spider in my room, Im making a thread.
we arent gathering - I like this purely because it was posted 3 years ago, those naughty 4th dimensional entities building peoples hopes up!

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 06:34 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

You often go to the hairdressers even though you don't want your hair cutting do you? Just rifle through their selection of magazines completing all of the crosswords. I've never even thought about that before! They could literally cut me to pieces before I even know it! Thanks, thanks a lot for that, I'm never going to be able to go back now. I'm gonna end up looking like cousin Itt

Butch lesbian women? Oh thanks, I feel much better now. She kept banging on about it too, something about it being so straight , but considering she is a hairdresser surely she has seen straight hair before? You wouldn't have thought so!

Apparently Mormons aren't polygamists, it's illegal and has been for ages, it's just a myth. Devastated when I found that out, it's the only good thing they had going for them.

Solo projects
Are these people stupid? The only reason anyone pays attention to them is because they are in a group, safety in numbers and all that.
You should just keep her sweet until Jewdards molestation is over and then kick her in the shin. Although she is probably doing you a favour, it wouldn't be much of a first impression now would it? When is your date with John and Edward anyways?

No, no, no, you can't just change your name to 'Shaft' that's too desperate. You are either born a 'Shaft' or you're not, you can't reproduce that level of coolness in a laboratory.

Even more so if you added 'edward' as a middle name, ed for short. Which would then make you Shaft-ed.

My work here is done
It took a little longer than usual, the force was strong with you, but I did it...welcome to the dark side

Haha, exactly. Why are all of the villains master craftsmen and engineers? You would think that with that level of skill they wouldn't need to waste their time on these hair brained schemes. Some of them look so real during the whole episode but in the final scene it's always just some crappy rubber mask

You are the master of both space and time and yet all you can come up with is 'lie-ins'? Then again I chose to spend the vast majority of my turn as master of both space and time perving on women so who am I to talk. Maybe so, but did I not mention that it's the ladies changing rooms at the Playboy mansion? Yer, how do you like those apples

I hate it when they say things like that! They may as well say 'every time you have sex God kills a kitten!' It's brilliant how casual these people are though, but I guarantee they would be the first people to flip out if it were to actually happen!

I reckon if they did make a film out of it, it would look something like this

I didn't think they would! 'Like Borat but in North Korea' sounds just perfect, I shall watch it tomorrow.

Haha, yes what's wrong with a scooter?
It was a few years ago when my brother and his mates all got to that age were they could legally ride scooters and so they all had one. We had some funny times with those things!
I ruddy love Phil Mitchell, but I especially love drunk Phil Mitchell. He's the only actor I have ever seen make a convincing drunk, ironic really considering his 'sordid' past. What's mad about that story is the fact that his wife says he forced her. How do you 'force' someone 'to take part in the perverted sex craze for ten years.'

Angela alleged he made her have sex with a transvestite and a fellow dogger...

How exactly did he do that?

McFadden “demanded” she have oral sex through a car door with a stranger.


I don't feel sorry for her in the slightest. Oh yer, did I mention I have met Steve McFadden?

This one was just a minor raping while I went downstairs to get a book from the library. I've always been good at avoiding rapings, I'm too savvy to fall for all that jazz, but I have been an accomplice during a few major ones in my time. There is no joy like it on earth, watching them remove themselves from groups with a smug sense of satisfaction completely unaware of what is bubbling under the surface. I like to call it the 'HIV' of fb rapings

Haha, he seems to be on top form, it's going to be hilarious!
Oh deary me, what a thread!

Or... slay him

It's a lizard not a dragon!

Oh they are such a tease! 45 flags! I can only assume they were given sarcastically. It's brilliant how people react to stuff like that. The way they take it deadly serious as if this person is something special. Special needs maybe but not special.

This is what I can tell you the few that collect off Earth in sub-space are directing the Earth towards the Uncollective dream. We are coming together, those that have decided to take part in the Earths unfolding. We are unfolding it, in space, while in spirit, combining to use our energy as a whole to take it out of its time coordinance into a new space and time.

So many words there that are on my hit list, I don't know where to start :shk:

Please tell me you watched this earlier.

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 08:47 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

You have naturally straight hair? If so -

Yes, I go in every few months for a perm & blue rinse. Or alternatively I hate my natural hair colour so I get highlights!
Haha, cousin It's great! Get practising his voice so you can join the likes of Dr Phil, The Pope etc and become a celebrity impersonator.

What do you want.. she either meant you looked like a lesbian, or had beautiful feminine looking hair. Beggars cant be choosers so stick with the butch lesbian theory, because the other one is more than a little worrying.

Gutted! Oh well, at least I have Lebanon to fall back on.

Yes they are stupid, apart from Ben. I dont even remember what the other one's look like apart from the swedish one. They're destined to be those popstars that were really popular at some point, but if they step out of the limelight for more than a week then you lose all recollection of them.
Im sure he'll see through my hysteria once I explain that I loved him even through his curtains phase... I never forgave Adam Rickett for that hairdo so he will be massively impressed with my loyalty!
Hmm, Im not actually sure... she did say but I think I was so overwhelmed at the idea of actually meeting them that I didnt pay attention. Ive got a feeling its in the middle of march though.

Hmm, yea I see your point. Kind of like if Jesus wasnt Jesus from the beginning then it wouldnt be the same... if his name had originally been Barry no one would have given a crap about his fish/wine cloning powers. Although I do quite like the sound of 'Barry of Nazareth'.
But saying that.. Coolio wasnt born Coolio, and he is the coolest of the cool!
I feel like a bad human being for making that joke.. literally like on the level of paedophiles, rapists and the person who decided to stop making walkers lamb & mint crisps. I might flick over to the God channel to see if they can help me through this.

Blatantly the murdererererererers (sorry, I have some uncontrollable urge to add 'er' about a million times on the end of words like that) had their priorities in the wrong order. Picking a suitably scary costume and practising your scary monster roar should not be at the top of your 'things to do' list when planning a murder.

My mind is clouded at the moment due to having a mere 3 hours of sleep last night & then having to get up at rape o clock (otherwise known as 8am), so literally all I want in the world atm is a lie in!
Haha, I see.. well in that case I'll warn you that there is some 'time lord' who looks suspiciously like Captain Birdseye that turns up whenever he doesnt like whats going on - or when Bernard shows what a retard he truly is by getting stuck in a time loop - so be careful.

They're all insane, I just cant get over how often they say something completely devoid of logic and it never gets questioned. I could turn round and say God's told me doesnt like the gingers anymore & wants them to die, and everyone would go along with it!

Thats one badass shark, he makes Jaws look like a poncy little goldfish! I imagine if Mongolian Terror Trout ever got made into a film then they would have thousands of oversized trout taking down peoples planes, and maybe jumping out of the water and slapping people in the face if there were no planes around.

Whats right with scooters? They remind me of 14 year old boys riding round thinking they're hard, which you cant really be when you're riding something that is essentially a souped up hairdryer. I would have had more respect for you if you'd been on one of these.

Steve Mcfadden was a broken man, his wife should feel ashamed of herself for making him take up such a degrading hobby!
Im assuming this meeting occured during a dogging session?

I think next time I see someone coming out with crap like that Im going to try and find out where they heard it from, hopefully trace where the info originally came from... I have a feeling that a mixture of the writers for stargate sg1 & star trek are to blame.

Oh yea and in that Queen Mother thread theres a link to a reptilian agenda wesbite, and its made me the happiest girl alive!
Im confused by its purpose though... If you click on the link entitled 'Male iguanas in season' you'll see the strangest, out of place article Ive ever seen:

After that, he restrained himself and just went for my hands. I have the most interesting scars laced around them... He too was more excited when I was wearing "iguana" colors.

When he did nail me, it was because I was tired, or being stupid.

Possibly the best thing I have ever read. Getting nailed by an iguana, good. Sounds like he's into a bit of S&M too.

Wally, who, from the time his body was the length of my thumb, napped with me, showered with me, was frequently out and about with me, slept in my room (though not in bed with me).

No of course, because if he slept in in your bed that would make it weird...

Nope, havent watched it yet.

posted on Feb, 15 2010 @ 09:45 PM
I naturally have straight hair.... But that will not take the words fron out of my hate of this ghhh....

This piece of filth that I can only listen to all the way through maybe twice or more before one more Meatloaf track sneaks in.

What's wrong with me?

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

I thought the majority of people had naturally straight hair? I just tend to let my hair grow until it becomes annoying to me and then I get it chopped. When I have to spend more than 30 seconds on it in the morning that's my cue to head to the barbers.

Is that why your called Bluebelle?
Why are you called Bluebelle anyway? Your natural hair colour is dark isn't it, what's wrong with that?

Cousin Itt is a legend for sure. That's a good point, that man never got back to me about hiring Dr Phil
I reckon he might have gone bust considering the line up of 'lookalikes' he had on offer.
I'd rather side with the beautiful feminine hair theory than the look like a lesbian thank you very much! At least the first one has the word 'beautiful' in it which gives me something to hang onto.

Haha, there's always Lebanon

Yer, Rick Waller who? Have you seen his music video for 'I Will Always Love You'? I can't find it on Youtube for some weird reason but I remember it being the funniest thing I had ever seen in my life. Him just sat at his kitchen table looking mournfully at a piece of chocolate cake on the plate in front of him whilst singing "And I, will always love you"

Ben would probably of hung up by then though, and although I'm sure he would be impressed with your loyalty I don't think he will like being equated to Adam Rickett.
You got a feeling it's in March? You're not turning into one of those Indigo's are you
Oh, that should be funny as! Make sure you get plenty of vids/pics! I still don't know if the Jezza K shows I went to see have been aired yet, not that I really want to see them anyways.

'Barry of Nazareth' -
If only that was real. You're right about Coolio, but he isn't cool because of his name, he is cool because of his gangsta rap and his ability to whip up some scrambled eggs in 40 seconds flat!

I feel like a bad human being for making that joke.. literally like on the level of paedophiles, rapists and the person who decided to stop making walkers lamb & mint crisps.

Welcome to my world

Lamb and Mint crisps were where it was at! I died a little inside when they were stopped, I wish I had stockpiled them now. I'm sure the God Channel will help you muchly, after all that's the only way they ever get anyone, when they are down and out.

Haha, I'm the same with the word 'Banana'. I feel stupid when I write the word banana. It's like, how many na's are on this thing? 'Cause I'm like 'Bana ... keep going. Bananana...damn too many!
But yer, I'd be a great murderererer I reckon, I'd be the Jack The Ripper of murderers. The only reason people are still banging on about him is because they are in awe of his murdering abilities. Hero.

My sleeping pattern is just shocking. I spent a whole day and night in the library a couple of months back and ever since then I've been up until about 4/5am and then waking up at rape/9am. Haha, Captain Birdseye is another legendary pedo. Asking kiddies to come aboard his 'vessel' and taste his 'fish fingers'? Give up the act Captain! Apparently he isn't even a qualified Captain either!

That sounds like possibly the greatest movie of all time, where do I sign up?
I imagine it's finale to be something like this

Haha, in all fairness it was just as s**t as that
I had one of them when I was wee nipper, a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one, it was mega! Probably faster than my brothers scooter as well.

Well, he came to Bromborough to open the new Somerfield
and so we thought we would take this once in a lifetime opportunity to meet the man himself. I still have the signed black and white photograph I got of him! My mate called him Phil which he wasn't best pleased about and he had the biggest security guys I've ever seen. What a day!

That site......

Only two iguanas, both, interestingly enough, Peruvians (or so I am told - both were highly blue all over with reddish eyes and darkly pigmented eyelids) actually became aggressive towards human males who came near me, flirtatious (so to speak) with other human females, and enamoured of me.

Brilliant, just brilliant. This person is a proper mental.
So much of this stuff is unbelievably sexually suggestive which, when considering she is talking about Iguanas, is just plain wrong.
There is so much to read here, oh this is going to keep me entertained for a while yet

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 04:37 PM
My biggest pet hate is seeing parents letting thier child swear...

Even worse, is when they actually LAUGH about it...

What the hell is wrong wit these parents...

That makes me mad as hell...

posted on Feb, 16 2010 @ 06:46 PM
Pet hates for today:
Ebay discussion boards. Well, actually its a bit of hatred and amusement with this one.
The people who frequent these boards (particularly the Q&A one) are the biggest bunch of tossers Ive seen in my life, and they never go away! I clicked on it today after a self-imposed 9 month time-out due to getting severely aggravated with the people on it, and its the same bunch of people making thinly-veiled insults at the OP's and then ganging up on them if they react to it.
Ive never posted a question on it myself, but the attitude of the posters on there is ridiculous, even more so when the majority claim to be over the age of 25.

The second one is my swearing - I do it wayyyyy too much, I said the f and s word about 60 times today. I think a late new years resolution is in order!

reply to post by LiveForever8

No, they dont.. which is why GHD can price their hair straighteners at £120 and people will still buy them because they keep your hair straight for ages!

You could have warned me before I clicked on that, actually made me jump.

Its bluebelle because.. I actually have no idea. I have trouble remembering why I did things 6 hours ago, so asking me to recall something from 8/9 months ago is nigh on impossible.
What about your name anyway, I can gather what the first bits about, but why the '8'. Is it something to do with the ascension?

Nah, its a dark blonde colour naturally.. spent 9 years dying it brown before I decided to give up and go blonde!

Aww, thats a shame. It is a possibility that the company is no longer doing business.. probably due to their customers suing them for sending such s**t lookalikes out.

Yes, this lack of Rik Waller on youtube has been an issue for a fair while! I remember it randomly popped up on a music channel about 18 months ago, after it was on I wanted to relive the magic of the video via youtube, but there was nothing.

Haha, yes a feeling.. it came to me during a deep meditation session, resonating within my frequency & whatnot. I might go ask those guys on the gathering thread to confirm this though, they obviously know what they're talking about.
And speaking of Jedward.... I bought their CD today.

It was a defining moment in my life, almost like your wedding day should be. Walking up the aisle towards the checkout with my Jedward CD in hand.. Im welling up just thinking about it.
Best thing though was the look on the extensively tattooed/pierced mans face who served me. I thought he was going to spit on me or something, he clearly wasnt a fan.

I'll most definately get pics & videos! I might try and do one of those pope-style rugby tackles.

Find out when that episode is on, Im dying to see this man who accused his girlfriend of looking like a raccoon!

Its suprising he didnt end up with a name like that considering his parents names were Mary & Joseph. He probably got bullied because of that name.. I bet back in the day 'Jesus' would have been controversial, like those people who call their kids 'Moon Unit' and 'Sparrow' are these days.

Lamb & mint crisps are quite a touchy subject for me. One day they were here, the next they were gone, without so much as a 'goodbye'.

I dont understand why they were gotten rid of, I hope they didnt find out that they gave you cancer or something... Actually, due to Rik Waller managing to disappear off the map (which is a near impossible task), I feel that maybe he bought all the crisps and then f**ked off to Out Mongolia to live the rest of his days eating the best crisps in the world and penning ballads that express his love for them.

If you have to repeat 2 letters then you must do it 500000000 more times, they need to teach kids that in school.

Haha, yea that pretty much sounds like my sleeping pattern. Over the last 5 months or so its been getting gradually later and later.. I'll probably end up going to bed at like 7am, then 8am and so on and so forth until I eventually reach 10pm again.

Captain Birdseye is brilliant. One of the most impressive pedo's out there... not every paedophile takes such pride in their appearence, and then theres the fact that he own a boat. I dont think Gary Glitter had so much as a 1-man inflatable dinghy.

Haha, thats possibly the best moment out of series 2. They need to get cracking on with series 3!
Scooters are terrible, I was really retarded and never got the hang of them. Roller blades are the way forward.

Oh dear... dignity = lost.
Its a definate case of 'too little too late' in terms of trying to up the classyness by having black & white photos.

Yea I thought that, I cant say Ive ever heard anyone describe any sort of animal as 'flirting' with them etc.

She blatantly wanted a bit of that iguana, it probably went for her neck because she was teasing it by wearing 'iguana colours'. Poor thing.
Whats even stranger though is that this is meant to be a site about gigantic, evil reptilians.. yet they felt an article or two on iguana care was relevant.

posted on Feb, 17 2010 @ 09:09 AM
I won't say I hate my job. Once my friend one said to me
“Oh, you hate your job? Why didn't you say so? There's a support group for that. It's called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.”

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