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What is Your Number 1 Pet hate?

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posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 06:54 PM

Originally posted by LiveForever8
reply to post by Stop-loss!

I hate it when that happens too

More pet hates...

Friends in queues who don't buy together but buy after one another thus delaying the queue and making me wait longer.

People who eat burgers with a knife and fork.

People who get on trains with big fat smelly dogs.

Sandals and socks.

Idiots who wear their jeans below there ass.

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 07:39 PM

Originally posted by tribewilder

Originally posted by LiveForever8
reply to [url=
Friends in queues who don't buy together but buy after one another thus delaying the queue and making me wait longer.

And people who think it's the height of rudeness to point out that they are idiots :bnghd: - I usually try to walk around people like that... They only get one evil stare - then it's all me baby.

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posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 07:46 PM

Originally posted by LiveForever8
reply to post by Stop-loss!

I hate it when that happens too

More pet hates...
Friends in queues who don't buy together but buy after one another thus delaying the queue and making me wait longer.
People who eat burgers with a knife and fork.
People who get on trains with big fat smelly dogs.
Sandals and socks.
Idiots who wear their jeans below there ass.

More pet hates...

i hate big fat smelly idiot friends that wear burgers made from their dogs trains that wear sandals and carry a fork and knife in their socks where their jeans hang out.

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 08:05 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

They probably have to nip over to Nigeria to use their internet, but only when the natives are having a break from offering millions of pounds out willy nilly. Those Nigerians have hearts of gold, brings a tear to my eye.

Eek, run away from that phone as quickly as possible! I think LG phones were created by satan himself, I dont know one single person who hasnt had a problem with them. I dropped my LG shine on a (carpeted) floor 4 days after I got it and it cracked the friggin screen! Absolute joke.
My samsung phone before that was made out of kryptonite or something, it took many a drenching of water/vodka/orange juice, survived a 15 ft fall and a horrific 5 minutes in a dryer and still came out of it looking good!
Contracts are the way forward.. I only got one because it apparantly boosts your credit rating over time, plus if you want a sexy, top of the range phone then it works out cheaper if you have a contract!

Well Im doing a degree in marketing, so I expect him to immediately give me a job once he starts getting famous.

Boasting? Me? As if! I was merely stating that I know a very diverse group of criminals.. you obviously just interpret it as boasting because your jealous.

That statistic does not suprise me in the slightest. That percentage of kiddie fiddlers in a particular profession is probably only beaten by the amount of paedophilic priests!

Yea, I suppose if your going to be any sort of criminal you might as well do it right (or wrong, whichever!). I did feel a little bad for the guy though, he spends three years at uni doing a degree and now he's basically f****d when it comes to getting a job that has anything to do with criminology. He'll probably end up being a shelf-stacker at Tesco's.

Speaking of paedophiles, this has reminded me of the most awkward chat show episode Ive seen in my entire life, I dont think even Jezza Kyle would go there with this one..

Dr. Phil: Shocking Accusations (Episode 765 Part 1)

I am lacking somewhat in morals (judging by that when he said 'pee-pee' I burst out laughing), but that is simply harrowing. Evidently there is no subject that Dr Phil & his highly amused audience deem innapropriate to be made into entertainment.

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 09:11 PM
The Crap the Music Industry puts out today .............What Up with That ?......:bnghd:

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 09:30 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

'Dropped' or 'threw'? Although even a throw against a carpeted floor should not cause screen damage, that's just shabby workmanship right there. All the old phones were absolute powerhouses. If anything my phone relished being drenched in vodka or dropped from a great height, I would wake up the next morning looking and feeling terrible and my phone would look pristine. Looking up at me as if to say "pfft, is that all you got ladyboy? You're a disgrace!"

Yer, I know, I know. I'll probably end up getting an iPhone because I need to get a new iPod too after I put my last one in the washing machine
Kill two pigeons with one stone!

A degree in marketing! Ah, your always one step ahead! Anyways, degree or no degree I want in, 50/50. I can sell snow to the Eskimos!

Ha! Don't make me laugh! Jealous because you hang around with perverts, peadophiles and criminals? Yes.

Peadophile League Table
1. Priests
2. Music Teachers
3. P.E Teachers
4. R.E Teachers
5. Science Teachers

Well, you get the picture

Haha, well he should have thought about his long term future while he was partaking in his sordid extra curricular activities! I love the thought that all of Tesco's shelf-stackers are 'ex'- paedophiles, company policy. "Excuse me Mr, where are your chocolate fingers?" "Ooooh, wouldn't you like to know!"

"If I get a letter and a video tape of a child saying 'somebody touched my pee-pee, what do you expect me to do?!" - Dr Phil

Why does the mum keep giving her daughter to him? Am I missing something here? Mental. This makes Jezza look small fry.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 10:57 AM
reply to post by LiveForever8

It was dropped
everytime after that its been thrown, but thats just because its a stupid phone with a stupid little buttons that I cant work, I get annoyed just looking at it. I miss my samsung

I probably shouldnt get an iphone actually, it wouldnt last 5 minutes with me, I'll have to take it out wrapped in bubble wrap or something.

Pssh, I can make the best power point presentations ever though, plus I know lots of long words & complicated sounding marketing terms so I can make myself look clever.

I dont hang around with these people! Well, not anymore.. I do know a porn star as well though just to make you even more jealous

P.E teachers need to be at the top of the list for 'professions where the women are definately going to be massive lesbians'. We had 3 of them at my old school!

"Excuse me Mr, where are your chocolate fingers?" "Ooooh, wouldn't you like to know!"

Thing is though, when there's any men that are say over 40 and working in a supermarket, you have to questions what exactly they've been doing for the last 25 years that has led them to end up working a job that a 16 year old with no qualifications and an ASBO is equally well equipped to do. Its very suspicious.

Haha I know! As if you'd carry on handing your child over if it was telling you stuff like that. Its funny as well though cos Dr Phil says its something they've never addressed before, but I specifically remember there being an episode before that one where a woman was accusing her elderly father (who I recall as looking somewhat like santa claus) of molesting her when she was younger. Dr Phil loves a bit of paedophilia.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 12:15 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Yer, yer, 'dropped'
That's my problem with getting an iPhone I will definately break it in record time. A mate of mine has one and he found an ingenious way around it. He bought a really cheap phone for like £20 and uses that one whenever he goes out and uses his iPhone for everyday use, could be a plan methinks?

Well I've seen a couple of series of The Apprentice so

How on earth do you know a porn star? Is it an actual porn star or just someone who once filmed themselves doing the no pants dance?

Very true about the P.E teachers, we had one definite lesbian and another rumoured one plus a gay fella who was a training teacher.

As far as I'm concerned from this day forth anyone I see over the age of 40 working in a supermarket is a potential paedophile

Have you watched the rest of those videos? I was skeptical right up until part 5 where it becomes obvious he is a massive pedo. Watch it, it's unbelievable. How many times can one man put his foot in his mouth?

Then in the later parts it transpires he has pleaded guilty to inappropriately touching a child years previous. Massive pedo.

This morning (ok, this afternoon) I was awoken by a text from a friend. Just this very day she was contacted by The Jeremy Kyle show asking if she and some friends wanted to be in the audience for an upcoming recording. So guess what I'm going to be doing on the 29th January?

Who's jealous now

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

That is a good idea actually.. well, until you pull the £20 brick out and end up getting the piss taken out of you for the rest of the night for bringing such a monstrosity out in public.

Although to be fair you could probably counteract that by demonstrating how invincible the phone is by chucking it under steamrollers, trains etc.

I know her through my old flatmate who's a lapdancer.. she's a really nice girl, but dont see her much these days cos she's always casually flying off to different countries to do films & whatnot.
And yes she's a proper full on porn star
google Kerry Louise Love, quite a bit of stuff should come up for her. She looks terrifying these days, goes for botox like every 4 months

Yea I watched all of them yesterday, forgot there was a 3rd episode of it! That man is a complete fruit loop, still cant believe that they put all that onto a chat show. Suprised they didnt bring the little kid out and let have her say!
Ive found the other episode as well about another paedophile, I think I must be getting alzheimers as the man in it does just look a regular pedo, and nothing like santa claus: 'Grandpa Returns'
Possibly the slyest episode title in the entire world.

I officially hate you. As if you'll have a chance to be within raping distance of The Kyle!

I thought you had to like queue up for tickets at the studios or something like that? One of my friends in manc used to go on about going to see him, Im going to force her to take me before she graduates this year! Have they told you what the shows going to be about?

By the way, Im watching animal hospital and some cat has just gone INSANE at Rolf and tried to kill him. Im really amused by it, good kitty.

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posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Haha, actually you can get a cheeky little phone for £20 these days but I see your point. If anyone was to say anything not only do you have a phone but also a deadly weapon. Beat them senseless with the brick of a phone then hand it to them..."Here, call yourself an ambulance you filthy animal."

Well I did Google her, hence why it has taken me so long to reply
Indeed she does look like a lovely girl.

I can't believe I have never watched the good Dr before, this is dynamite television. Why aren't these people in prison or correctional facilities? They go on television and admit they are paedophiles and then go home and mow the lawn. Bit gutted he doesn't look like santa claus though, that would have been the icing on the paedophile cake.

Love the fact he keeps mentioning that God will be his final judge, well if that's the case I hope this God of his goes ape sh*t Judge Judy style and 'dismisses' him.

Apparently she had e-mailed them about it some time ago and they just phoned her out of the blue this morning. I don't know what it's about I haven't properly spoke to my friend yet, she might know. I just hope some sort of lie detector/DNA test result is involved. Oh, and Kyles trusty sidekick Graham of course!

Where the ruddy hell are you watching that? That cat was probably one of his past victims. Why does he always insist on getting involved? Here we have some Veterinarian who has slaved away through university and medical school for several years only for some failed Australian artist/musician to interfere and tell him how to do his job.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 05:52 PM
The things i hate the most wow lets think about this.

People who press the button at traffic lights so i have to wait even though they cross on a green. Its fun the 1,2,3 time but when you see that kid do it everyday to you because he passes you at the time each week man its annoying.

I dont like pigeons that get to big for their boots and dont fly away when you walk near them.

Oh and people who sit on me when i am on the tram. theres clearly enough room use it lol.

Thats it for now.....

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posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

Haha yes, it could count as a weapon!

Well I did Google her, hence why it has taken me so long to reply

Yea the less info the better

You're probably the first male Ive ever heard (well, read.. same difference) calling her 'lovely'. Especially on the basis of photos/videos alone.

When she decided to make the leap from lapdancer to doing porn she asked us to come along for 'emotional support' when she filmed her first scene. I dont think I'll ever recover from it, possibly the most hideous thing Ive seen in my entire lifetime. Yet you'd think they were all just working in McDonalds or something judging by how casual everyone was about it!

Dr Phil's a bit of an annoying a**ehole to be honest, he has Jeremy Kyles 'know-it-all' attitude, except its not funny. His only redeeming features are that he has no boundaries when it comes to things he'll discuss, and he looks more like a walrus then most actual walrus' do.

He's probably right in a way if he's thinking he'll still get into heaven. God only hates gays and people who slink on animals. So when he dies and it gets to the judgement part (which I imagine will resemble something like the x-factor judging panel, except with god, jesus, jeremy and of course simon cowell), he can be like 'Weyyyy, you didnt say ANYTHING about being a paedophile so you have to let me in. Unlucky. Be quick about it as well, I have a game of scrabble arranged with Gary Glitter that starts in half an hour'.
Saying that though, I did really enjoy it when the reverend came on and basically s**t all over anything he'd said about God in general.

Get all the details! You never know it could be something similar to the episode where there was like 10 different DNA tests going on for one baby.

Also, they sometimes sit Graham in the audience so he can be at Jeremys beck & call, imagine if you got to sit next to him!

It was on animal planet

Best thing was,they had this program on before called 'Wildlife SOS', and everyone in it was wailing over some deer that died about 30 minutes after they found it. Just goes to show how cold hearted Rolf is!

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 07:32 PM
Pet hate?

Is that like...a pet peeve?

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 07:39 PM
reply to post by Bluebelle

Haha, well everyone has got to make a living. I'm able to see past the fleshy, sweaty, curvaceous facade and see deep into her......loving soul

Emotional support? Haha, did she expect you to hold her hand and tell her everything is going to be alright? I wouldn't know where to look or what to do if I was in your situation, far too abstract for my liking!

Yer, he takes his job far too seriously. He doesn't even have a catchphrase! The only thing worse than being Dr Phil would to be a Dr Phil lookalike

I would love that to be the actual panel. Although it must be pointed out that Simon would be the lead decision maker because......God 0 - 1 Cowell.
Scrabble with Gary Glitter
I wonder what that would look like......

Have you seen this geezer? He makes GG look like a decent person

I shall have to get all the details tomorrow and let you know. Imagine that, multiple DNA results! Oh I forgot about Graham being in the audience sometimes! Now I'm uber excited

Rolf is indeed a cold hearted son of a gun! That stems from when his pet hamster bit him on the finger when he was a little boy and Rolf had to smash it's brains out against the cage to get it to let go. He changed after that.

I need to spend more time browsing these channels I think, can't believe I'm missing out on such high quality programming. I've literally spent the past two days watching Come Dine With Me on Youtube. Epic.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 08:29 PM
People who act like the world is ending over something stupid.

Drivers who almost kill you talking on cell phones.

AND get off the

cell phone in the movie theater!!!!

I didn't pay 11 bucks to hear you talk (insert unladylike expletive here)

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 08:33 PM
reply to post by Ear-Responsible

Pet peeve? Is that like a pet pervert but spelt differently?

aka yes, pet hate does = pet peeve

reply to post by LiveForever8

Haha, i bet! She does make shed loads of money though and gets to go for dinner at Vinny Jones' house in LA & other random crap like that.
I know, Im not sure what she needed us there for, she's never been a shy girl. Worst thing was, the girls I went with were all lap dancers so they didnt bat an eyelid.. Kerry had brought her little doggy Charlie so I ended up just trying to concentrate on keeping him entertained. He wasnt bothered by any of it either!
God I do associate with some odd people. Just so you know - Im not actually some strange murderer loving, paedophile/terrifying porn star/lap dancer befriending weirdo. I think I just attract these people.

What the hell! How can this guy be making any money out of this?.. 1. He looks f all like Dr Phil, and 2. Out of all the possible celebrities why would you pay money to have a fake Dr Phil turn up at your party?!
Im also wondering why that woman in the picture is holding a whisk.

Gutted that they dont have any Gary G or Joseph Fritzl impersonators. Or even Saddam Hussein & Osama Bin Laden. Id love to have those guys at my party.
Oh my God, Ive just found one thats better than all those put together - Popey
Thats made me so happy!

Oh of course, The Cowell is always in charge. God would be the Dannii Minogue of the judging panel - no one would really value his opinion, and would most likely get relegated to the seat furthest away from Simon just so he can make it clear that he has no respect for him whatsoever.
A game of scrabble with Gary would be immense. And so would the joy of realising you have enough letters to spell the word 'paedophile'.

I LOVE that guy, especially his impression of a grub. That presenter is such a tease though, he has the love letters right in his hand and wouldnt read them out!
Also, 's**thouse'. Best insult ever. I dont quite understand how its an insult though, he's either calling that guy a poorly built house, or a bathroom. Either way, I like it.

Promise me that if you sit next to Graham take lots of pictures in his face & try and whip him into some Hoff related 'Im going to hunt you down and kill you' frenzy.

I think Ive seen every episode of come dine with me ever made. The best episodes are where the crazy old lady makes out she's invited someone famous over, and then walks in with a teddy bear. And the one where they find S&M stuff in the vicars wardrobe.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 08:45 PM
Another fb related pet hate: The fact that no matter how often I try to add my middle name 'Elisabeth', it wont let me do it.. and then bans me from trying again for two weeks due to their filters deciding that it isnt a real name.
So I can have 'coolio', 'badcock' & 'buble buble' as my middle name. And my old flat mate was allowed to have 'touchmeim10' as his middle name, but 'Elisabeth' is a big no-no. 10/10 for logic facebook, well done.

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 07:26 AM
reply to post by Bluebelle

I'm sure I saw on television that Vinnie Jones was living in London now?
A shy porn star is like a heart surgeon who is scared of blood or an elderly person who isn't racist, it just doesn't happen. I'm trying to picture the scene but I just can't fathom it, there is your porn star friend being rogered senseless while being cheered on by her 'support', while you sit rocking in the corner cradling Charlie the dog. I would love to have known what he was really thinking about it all, like that epic episode of Neighbours were Bouncer the Labrador dreams of marrying a sheepdog called Rosie.

God I do associate with some odd people. Just so you know - Im not actually some strange murderer loving, paedophile/terrifying porn star/lap dancer befriending weirdo. I think I just attract these people.

In all honesty it's too late for that, I have already judged you. Like the saying goes 'If you wish to know someone take a look at their friends' weirdo

Haha, I know he's a terrible lookalike. I've never understood lookalikes, absolutely pointless humans. Having said that I have just e-mailed the good people at Tapley Entertainment about the possibility of me hiring Dr Phil and
I also inquired about the whisk......

Thank you for your inquiry.

We will get back to you within 24 hours.


David Tapley
Tapley, Entertainment

You should get your answer in 24 hours

Haha, If I was ever going to hire some impersonators/lookalikes it would definitely be the likes of GG and Bin laden. Make everything proper surreal, freak people out a bit, keep them on their toes. There ain't no party like a Joseph Fritzl party!

At first I thought your link said Popeye (his lookalike can be found here) but the P to the O to the P to the E is just as good! I wonder if he now comes with his own mentally unstable sidekick so they can reenact his famous 'attack'?

Your right about God/Dannii but I can't help wondering where poor Louis fits in amongst all this. Then again they don't let gays into heaven do they

Haha, 'paedophile' is an 18 point score so I don't blame them for being happy

He is an absolutely legendary pedo, no remorse whasoever, brilliant. I use sh*thouse (why has the word 'sh*thous' not come up as a spelling mistake but 'sh*thouse' has
) regularly and have never even considered how ridiculous its meaning is. It must have started out as an insult in the world of architects, a pretty nasty one too probably. But in everyday life it just doesn't cut the mustard. Still it will remain one of my most used. Reminds me of the Peepshow episode where Mark get's accused of being a pedo by some kids and they choose to insult him by calling him 'clean shirt'

I'm genuinely worried about it though because I reckon I'll forget I'm actually there and start shouting expletives at the 'television'
There is no doubt I would try to wind Graham up, nobody can be that calm and collected. I would love him to threaten to kill me, it would be even sweeter than if it was The Hoff because it's against everything Graham stands for.

Come Dine With Me is an institution! I remember those episodes well. This episode and the one's that follow it are brilliant, bloody women! My favourite is when some ultra competitive woman marks everyone 1 out of 10 even when she obviously liked it. In the end the producers of the show forced to change her score so she wouldn't win.

fb never ceases to amaze me.

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 12:15 PM
I have a new hate from today i hate Nottingham city council

they wont let my apply for a job because i live in the ashfield distict, and i would of got that apprenticeship too

really mad. really really mad.

more of a rant than anything.

[edit on 21-1-2010 by thecrow001]

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 03:12 PM
reply to post by LiveForever8

I believe this dinner pre-dated celebrity big brother
apparantly he has two fluffy little dogs as well, and one's called 'baby'. Definately the kind of animals you'd expect him to have!
I think its probably best you dont try and picture it, it was a terrible day. I think Ive erased most of it from my memory to save me from having horrific nightmares.

I see.. Well from now on I shall be judging you, so Id be careful what you say.. And I hope Jeremy Kyle says something mean to you and makes you cry!

It would be the best thing ever if Graham got mad.. but I think it may lead to the world just imploding due to the implications of Graham being the one who counsels everyone, and if he needs any counselling then there simply wont be anyone there to help him. Either that or it'll turn into some cloverfield/incredible hulk type epsiode.
If you dont get sat next to Graham however, you absolutely have to do the classic 'I'll stick my hand up for ages just so I can say something bleedin' obvious, and then bask in the glory of the audience clapping & cheering like you've just come up with a cure for cancer' thing.

Orrrr.. say something and massively steal Jezza's lines e.g. 'You should have put something on the end of it', and if you're feeling brave - 'Get off my stage!'

As for dear old Geoffrey.. am I getting him confused with some other paedophile or did he get sent to live in the UK? I hope he did.. I bet him and Gary G have a swanky little bachelor pad together.
I dont know how that presenter kept a straight face, I would have been crying after he started jumping around. I wonder whether he has some uncontrollable need to impersonate animals, much like George Galloway. Id love to shout random animal names at him and see what happens!

I suppose thats the same for most insults really. Like 'bitch' for instance. When I hear that word I think about my friend laura's little doggy:

And I do not find that little ball of fluff offensive in the slightest!

Haha, oh my gosh how could I forget that episode! I was throwing things at the tv when that one was on... I loved how the woman thought she was being really clever, and ended up looking like a complete prat.

Also, Badcock is a real name... my friend went to school with a guy who had that as his surname. I hope he'll be Prime Minister one day, he deserves it with a name like that.

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