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Obama's Executive Order For Interpol!

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posted on Dec, 28 2009 @ 10:40 AM
Well everyone is really scratching their heads about this one, that is except for me. Chris Story at World reports has just posted a sensational and very juicy report that you do not want to miss. He has just posted a very lengthy report about how the DOJ will now begin to investigate and prosecute the Bush-Clinton Box Gang, and many thousands of other players, private and public sector, for Financial Terrorism! Chris is convinced that the worm has turned and that there will not be enough tape recorders to keep track of the 'singing canaries' This report 'looks to be true' This is the reason Obama has given Interpol jurisdiction and elbow room to work on US soil. It seems that China and Britian have leaned the US Treasury/The USA for 47T. Thats right folks, 47T, and the Justice department has been forced into action. I have the real skinny though, so do not be taken in by the smoke and mirrors! The world is going to bow down and worship Obama over this one, don't get taken in with the rest of the suckers. While Obama works for Rothchild, the Bush/Clinton Cabal are Rockerfeller gophers and sewer rats! Pay attention now, The Snake is about to cut off it's tail, so that it can put a crown on it's head. Obama hates the Bush Clinton Cabal and the feelings are mutual. I know this information to be true, as it was given to a dear friend of mine in prophecy on Nov 15 2008 just days after the election.

Here is an excerpt from that prophecy:

Therefore, what you see now, with this man, who is not even yet inaugurated, is a great push to uproot long-held, Bush-Rockefeller-Clinton power bases in America, thereby removing their power from this nation, so that it falls more readily into the hands of the power elite in Europe and into the hands of the Israeli Mossad, and in to the hands of other nations.

To all of you, it may appear that he is doing a great work to destabilize the drug empire of the Bushes and Clintons, and to bring back to America, what these have stolen and robbed from this nation! Do not be deceived!

For, his great push to take these trillions and to sit over this great amount of wealth is being driven by the European Satanists in their bid to destroy America and also by the Vatican, the Israeli Mossad, and even others.

If his behavior seems unseemly for someone, who is not yet even inaugurated, it is because of the fact that he dances high for Satan, higher than all of the rest! And, he dances well for the European elite and for the Israeli Mossad, who put him in power.

It is a grave mistake indeed, that so many believe that he has at heart the interests of America. He does not! He is the final nail in the coffin of this great nation.

For, the real light of the world, you, as a nation, have overwhelmingly trampled! And, now, you have the false light, one who is really a beast in great disguise. The real Light, My Son, you have overwhelmingly rejected! But, this false light, you will overwhelmingly follow, and so will many, many the world over!”

End of excerpt.

This prophecy was received, witnessed, and recorded by Linda Newkirk, Little Rock Arkansas on November 15 2008.

Read book twelve Chapter 48 at for the full prophecy. There are several others about Obama as well that go into much more detail, please enjoy!

All the Praise Glory and Honour To Jesus!

posted on Dec, 28 2009 @ 10:53 AM
this is an introduction board, the only reason you could only post here is because its for new members to make introductions before they reach there 20 post count.

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