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Need help from an Electro magnetic spectrum buff.

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posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 04:48 AM
Build a catenary. Then you will be able to measure spacetime disturbances, which is what such particular paranormal phenomena represent.

If you are really married to the em spectrum, there are some who say gravity is light of a vibration and speed in ultra cosmic a trillion times faster than light speed measured at the Earth's surface.

posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 07:02 AM

Originally posted by Algebra

Originally posted by RussianScientists
reply to post by Algebra

You would be waisting your time to cover the room's wall's, ceiling and floor with a Faraday Cage of metal in trying to keep the signals inside the room, there still would be leakage and interference. A constant stream of radio waves already permeates most rooms, why not use those waves.

Old junky AM radios will detect movement in a room, just as old junky black and white TVs with rabbit ear antennae used to. Just find the right spot on or off of a channel and you have an excellent detector for certain spots that you want to watch for movement, like through a doorway. The old TV will give you a visual response as well as an audio response.

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Yeah i can remeber that my T.V when i was younger used to react when you came in to the room. Its not exactly the kind of detection im talking about though. I would want to build up a 3D image of what has entered the room. Not just detect its presence. Thats what makes it hard to get my head around. I'll look in to the faraday cage though might give me some insight.


The effect of the radio/tv signals is because like I mentioned in my previous post, your body is acting as a reflector. Building a cage with reflectors all over the place, and shooting radiowaves to detect any object is equivalent to having a room full of mirrors, and have the object covered in mirrors as well - not very effective and you would need extremelly sensitive sensors.

Faraday cage: It's not a reflector, but a shield. Take visible light for example, a faraday cage with small enough holes prevents light from entering the cage, yet it's not made out of mirrors. I hate to use visible light over and over again, but in principle light is the same thing as radiowaves, just different frequency.

In my opinion, forget the idea of using RF. My recommendation: Visible light or higher. Note that the walls of the cage should be able to *absorb* the radiation type you choose. The object to be measured should be able to *reflect* the radiation. Set up 3 CMOS sensors, like the ones used in digital cameras, to capture top, side, and front view of the object. This should give enough info to a computer to create a 3D image of the object. In fact, I think this is similar to how CT scanners work, except the CT scanner usually moves the source and sensor around the target.

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posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 09:56 PM
Reply to Daniel-g

Thanks for your input. Ive already swithched from the idea of reflective to absorbtion. Makes more sense. Im sure this has already been tryed with Vissible light. Still doing some reseach in to it all to be honest.

Got a few ideas on how you could use Radio as apposed to light that i need to look in to. But light would make it a whole lot easier i agree, from a start point anyway.

You've been a big help thanks again.

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