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ISO (International Standards Organization)

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posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 06:34 AM
I dont know exactly when, but some time in late 1990's this thing called ISO was introduced in Silicon Valley. I believe this organization was to standardize technology and to do things in a certain way - so it could be duplicated.
I wonder if this was put into place to facilitate our own distruction.
you cant fault it for timing, just as soon as we were standarized and certified as such.... the systems were shipped off to Asia. and what is left is like working for the ISO instead of working... if you know what I mean. we have to be compliant and I'm not sure that is a good thing any longer. what do you think about it ... brings us closer to the world or world closer to us...?

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posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 07:03 AM
ISO 9001, the technical "bible" for all engineering firms, A great system Anti Evil IMO, ensures high safety standards and proper safe guards for employees and employers alike..
Funny i was having a discussion with a military lawyer not long ago about this topic, I was trying to sell the idea of trade unions In the armed forces as i am sure you know trade unions are heavily involved in health and safety of its members, He could not get it into his (programed) head that there should be trade union cover at all levels. The only training given was to officers, And when i suggested that the junior ranks should be trained in health and safety issues he looked at me as if i was and idiot from another planet..
I tried to tell him of ISO standards but he could not grasp the fact that an ordinary private should receive training in this field..

Imagine if their was a ISO enforced in the UK military how much money and lives could be saved...

posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 07:19 AM
well for sure on a financial arangement the Private gets screwed.
I heard numbers of 1 million dollars to keep a Private supplied and equiped in Afganville... and a Private gets how much of that 1 million dollars... enough to call himself screwed... you betcha

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