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ETs, Pop Culture & the NWO in Cahoots — a Hypothesis

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 04:53 PM
Can anyone doubt that the PTB have used the entire gamut of the news and entertainment industry both to conceal what is inconvenient and to promote their own agenda? And is it not striking how much financial clout is behind the entertainment industry, such that they would arguably not focus on any given area in a major way without a definite, if not subtle, agenda?

There are so many directions the entertainment industry in particular could have taken. I for one love the truly cerebral efforts to envisage the future of human history as portrayed in some science fiction. But this genre did not have to become increasingly obsessed with the idea of extra terrestrial life forms, valid though the subject matter may be. What, then could be the motivation behind this evermore apparent emphasis? Or to be more blunt: what could the PTB get out of it?


Could it be that the ever-increasing acceptance that there has been/will imminently be contact with alien civilizations means people are more inclined to look with awe at 'ET's than at God — with the result that the PTB can more easily be regarded as the highest earthly authority?! And that this is, in fact, a very deliberate ploy?

Moreover, could this simultaneously facilitate an agenda to weaken the role of traditional faiths across the globe in order to make the reputed practices of some of the NWO proponents (c.f. Bohemian Grove / Illuminati pseudo- or literal satanism) more acceptable to the general populace?

Under this scenario so-called 'disclosure', far from revealing the truth to mankind, opens the door to all manner of abuse of power and enslavement of the citizenry.

Whether or not you believe 'we are/are not alone' as they put it — is it not a strange coincidence that the popularization via the entertainment industry of belief in alien visitation has coincided very conveniently with the increasing need of the PTB to find yet another justification for 'protecting the people'?

posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 08:45 AM
In a similar vein to the ET idea, have you seen ?

I really dig it, revealing the music industry satanism. Really shocked me, not being too up on pop culture so much.

Anyway, there does seem to be something up with it all. My opinion is that the ETs are the surpise at the end of the 2012 crap. Obama is portrayed as the Anti christ (the Norway spiral hologram setting up the "star the wise men followed, giving the new messiah gold (prize medal) to the new prince of Peace (Prize)) so that when he's taken out in a false flag op, people will really fall hard for the next Christ to come along, the alien mentor, Maitreya.

All the religious leaders are in on the gag (pope, dalai lama, imams) and tell everyone to worship the alien.

And yeah, the lead up to the big reveal will have to be comprised of a lot of fear mongering to sell NWO along the way.

posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 08:52 AM
reply to post by pause4thought

Great way to look at it, never really thought about it that way before. But I can definitely add 2 + 2, and connect the dots. This would be a great way for the TPTB to get support of the public behind them, and to increase their power. Almost the a divine level if ET's did make contact, and they could denounce that they are the leaders and representatives of humanity.

Hell, if they are the ones who claim to be representatives for Earth, upon first contract... we may just get blown back to the stone age by ET.

Nonetheless great thread and I will $+F it, because you have definately got me thinking. Can't wait to see where this thread goes. Good Job!

posted on Jan, 13 2010 @ 06:56 PM
reply to post by pause4thought

I'm more troubled on how the media industry is promoting moral decay aimed at children of this generation and how they try to 'normalize' things that are not normal or healthy. That and the media is nothing but a big propaganda machine trying to program and condition people on how they should feel about various subjects. People need to step back and think for themselves.

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