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Our Republic Is Broken, A Constitutional Army Requested

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 03:40 PM
Hello America, my name is Charles Marcello. I’m just an average American who works hard all day and struggles to pay my bills at the end of every month. I don’t complain about my life, I just do what I can and make do, like millions of you across the country. Lately however, I find I have nothing good to say about my government. As a matter a fact, I have never felt this unattached to my government my entire life. I believe most of you know without question Our Republic Is Broken! Our supposed leaders in Washington do not represent their constituents, they only represent Big Business, Special Interests, and who ever gives them the most money. Up until recently I believed there was a genuine separating between the parties, until, when then President George Bush tried to pass immigration amnesty… I began to open my eyes. When then President George Bush signed an executive order allowing the President to Declare Marital Law for just about any reason… When then President George Bush sold our country out to big business and said he does not care what the people want, I knew I was living a lie. And now comes President Obama. In less then one year, Congress, President Bush and now President Obama have systematically finished destroying our Constitution and bankrupting our Nation, while at the same time Federal Bureaucrats call Constitutional Loving Americans Terrorists… I stand in complete shock and in total sadness. Our Republic Is Broken!


I believe it is time… We must show the government We The People can take no more. I believe a Constitutional Army is in order. I believe a peaceful take over of our local governments is in order. I am asking every Constitutional Loving American to stand up, be counted, find the courage our founding fathers have passed down through the generations for this very moment. I am also asking that each of us become an unarmed army, but only, until they use force against us. And they will… They will not relinquish, they will ask others to kill in their name… So I am asking every American who loves this country to become an unarmed victim, but only once. After they have fired upon us, or after they have physically beaten us, after they have savagely attacked us… when you see your fellow unarmed Americans lying in their own blood, you will know what to do. When you see your fellow unarmed Americans crying in pain because our government believes they must teach us a lesson we will never forget… and we won’t forget, you will know what to do. When you see your fellow unarmed Americans lying dead in the streets riddled with bullets, you will know what to do. When you see our broken government condemn our fellow unarmed American brothers and sisters for forcing them to beat and kill the true owners of our destiny… when you refuse to accept abuse… you will know what to do.


If there is to be a new revolution for freedom, we must be sure we have freedom upon the conclusion of our actions. We must therefore consider a new style of government before we even begin to march. I do not believe I have all the answers, yet I do have some ideas.


If a new government must be formed to remove the shackles of slavery placed upon this nation by our government, then we must make sure any new government cannot defile the will of The People ever again. I also believe within this new government, people must be allowed to create, prosper, and fulfill their dreams of a better future for themselves, their families, and their country. However, there must be severe punishments for those who purposely destroy lives or property, and for those who decide greed is more important then community or country. We must endeavor to assure future generations are not enslaved by those generations that came before them. That any new government must not burden future generations with unsustainable debt. We must endeavor to assure that future generations will never lose any freedoms, so they too can enjoy those freedoms born onto The People, and that those freedoms will last forever. This new government must have a 4th layer of protection. This fourth layer is and must always remain, We The People.

I call this new layer of Government, this idea… The Law of 13!

The Law of 13 is simple. All government bodies will be overseen by a jury of men and women randomly selected from our population. They are to serve two and half years. The Law of 13’s sole purpose is to defend individual freedoms from oppressive government officials or illegal laws. The Law of 13 will oversee all levels of government, from Elected Officials in Local, State, and Federal positions. The Law of 13 must also oversee all Local, State and Federal Institutions. No person in Government will have a higher ranking or Standing when it comes to National Governance then the Law of 13. The Law of 13 will have its own Enforcement who must swear and affirm an oath to The People, yet can Never be used against the People… The Law of 13 will Protect and Enforce individual Freedoms. If a government official or government entity is found guilty of violating a citizens rights, infringing or attempting to infringe upon the freedoms of its citizens, or purposely trying to subjugate freedoms guaranteed under our Constitution… then all government employees or representatives who are responsible will receive Judgment… That punishment will include a complete forfeit of 90 percent of their personal wealth, and may include, being put to death.


The Law of 13 will also oversee Businesses and Corporations. All Businesses and Corporations will be free to do as they please and make as much profit as they please, as long as they do not violate another persons freedoms, or purposely endanger another persons life, or well being. Nor can any Business or Corporation Knowingly Lie, Steal or Cheat another person out of their own personal property or fortune. If a Business or Corporation is found guilty by the Law of 13, the Owner and/or The CEO, the Vice-CEO, and all managers and board members who knowingly violate another persons freedoms, life, well being, or Knowingly lie, steal or cheat another person, group or company… each who is found culpable and/or guilty will lose 90 percent of their personal wealth, and may be put to death.

(continue next post)

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 03:41 PM
reply to post by littlebunny continue from above

No Law of 13 Jury Member may work for the government for 10 years after or before they have been duly chosen by Jury Selection methods. No Law of 13 Jury Member may work or receive compensation for Any Business or Corporation they stood in judgment of, ever. No Law of 13 Jury Member may serve if they have a total net wealth of over 1 million dollars. If, Any Law of 13 Jury Member or Group has been found guilty of Corruption, Fraud, or Purposeful Dishonesty, there only punishment is death. Only another Law of 13 Jury may sit in judgment of another Law of 13 Members and/or their rulings.


To guarantee we never lose our freedoms again… All citizens must vote in National, State and Local Elections. Those who do not vote will be subject to a stiff fine. That fine will be determined by local communities.


No Person with a net worth over one million dollars can ever hold public office, or government position of any kind. The rich may only be governed over.


All Laws must be written in common language, and no law can ever trump commonsense.


No Taxes for anything outside of immediate government operational needs shall exist longer then 10 years. No government Body may hold a budget deficit except in times of Declaration of War against another Nation, and even then that deficit must be paid in full within thirty years after peace is declared. As we are painfully aware in our time, people and politicians will allow their own greed to ruin a Nation. So therefore we must demand, no generation has the right to burden any other generation.


All people have the right to freedom of speech, yet no person has the right to knowingly lie about another citizen, or any government office or employee. Individuals will be subject to stiff fines determined by the people’s laws if they are found guilty.

All News Agencies will have Freedom of the Press… Yet, they must not knowingly Lie about any Government Agency, Person, Group or Entity. Freedom, and Freedom of The Press means you will be held accountable for all lies, deceit, and falsehoods. Those punishments will be determined by local laws. Whether they be heavy fines or up to including disbandment of Freedom of The Press Privileges to all peoples/management/owners/CEO’s/Vice CEO and all board members, who are found responsible/culpable within that organization.


No person and no group or entity can claim privilege over any other and No American Citizen will be called by any other name. If a person or group wants to have a title to describe their group, skin color, religious belief, or ancestral heritage… then that title will come after American. One of the most outrageous, and one of the most dangerous concepts that this world has never seen before… started in America in the early 80’s and continues to present. To call some person or some group who were born in our Country or have become legal citizens, something other then a proud American, is in my opinion, the epitome of stupidity. I believe it was purposely implemented by hateful individuals, and passed on by the most innocent among us… most were tricked into fostering this hate and separation among the masses, by believing they were being sensitive. Well I reject that nonsense, and I absolutely refuse to call an American by any other name, and so should you.


Like I said, I do not believe I have all the answers, I simply have some ideas that I believe will make this country great once again. That will bring pride back to our people. We have learned our Republic style government is broken, and it must be fixed, it must!!! In order for there to be a righteous revolution, we must know before hand what we will find at end of all our hard work and suffering. To do anything less then plan for Freedom, then we have doomed ourselves to suffer the same pain and destruction we have seen throughout history. However, if we start with a simple belief that we can be better, and a simple plan to guarantee a brighter future for our children. And if we have a Constitutional National road map for a more responsible citizenry and accountable governance, then we cannot fail. We shall not fail. With this simple road map we can show the entire country there will be a brighter future once we pass through the darkness our broken Republic and steered us towards. We can and we will watch over our leaders, we can and we will hold them instantly accountable. We can and we will allow individuals and Corporations to make as much money as they wish, but we can and we will watch to make sure they do not steal, lie or otherwise purposely harm our environments or any persons life, and if they do, we will hold them instantly accountable. We can and we will.

(continue below)

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 03:42 PM
reply to post by littlebunny continue from above last post

This Constitutional Army will be strong, our resolve will last the Ages, our desire for freedom will never die… nor will the People of this Nation ever bow down to the evils of socialism and its unholy alliance with fascism. The blood that flows through our veins demands we must remain free, that we cannot become slaves to any person, group, corporation or to any unjust laws. The time has come to stand united, to stand for freedom, to stand as one people, regardless of sex, color and creed. To live that dream spoken not so long ago by an American Hero, who understood that we Americans are One. If we hold to the ideas of Freedom and personal responsibility. If we hold onto the Rights Granted by God, If we hold onto that knowledge with both hands, we will always be Free… I say to you the time is fast approaching, the time is just one vote away. We must stand up and take our country back from these corrupt Politicians and Bureaucrats. We must stand up and prevent Special Interests Groups from destroying our future and our Children’s Future. We must stand up and demand as one Nation… loud enough so the whole world may hear… We may have been lost, but now, We The People have found our way back. We The People have awaken, and as we look upon our Nation we see a world we do not recognize and that we Reject. We reject the nightmare of socialism and fascism, this disgusting nightmare our lost leaders in all levels of government has forced onto this nation and into our lives. We reject subjugation and we reject Tyranny. We The People Demand Our Right to Live That American Dream. And that we will Fight to Guarantee It. And When We Are Victorious, and We Will Be… We Will Say As One Nation, That We Are … Free At last, Free at last… Thank God Almighty… WE ARE FREE AT LAST!!!

--Charles Marcello

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 03:46 PM
reply to post by littlebunny

Do you really think there is still enough red blooded males in america, that are not like us europeans all washed up, on drugs and gaming etc....

I still do not think americans will do anything, and if you are for real, you will be watched if your typing this as truth, trying to get people going.

The watchers have too much power, and they have most of the males that will be red blooded.

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 03:49 PM
The uneducated first need to be educated. The sheep need to first be broken away from their masters through education. The process you desire can only happen after the education is complete.

Unfortunately the educated are impatient and feel the chains of oppression crushing them. There will be war in the usa before the education process is complete.

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 04:19 PM
What a sad day for America. JFK & IKE were correct, secrecy & the military industrial complex have destroyed us.

That which you describe will only happen after the people finally see what has happened to them. When people of all race & creed finally realize they have been duped and enslaved.

The time to stop that enslavement is I fear gone. The battle when it comes will be terrible beyond belief & will depend on those brave people who understand the power of the educated, resourceful individual. Mass rebellion would lead to a slaughter and would never succeed against the forces of evil.

I hope to God I am wrong or that some benevolent force intervenes if I am not.

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 04:20 PM
I assure you there are red blooded americans, I am one of them, some of us have not been standing up for this in a while now. But Mr Marcello if I were you I would not have published all your info all over the web, I guarantee you are now a target I would look out for yourself not a whole many places for you to run to in Grants Pass. If you need help with anything your more than welcome to contact me.

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 04:30 PM
I hate to be honest to you and perhaps a little arrogant, but I'm afraid that most of the red-blooded Americans that you are looking for...enlisted.
Don't take this the wrong way, but there has been disfavor towards the government in the ranks for a little while now and it is indeed growing.
But this is where we come to a dilemma, as much as we'd like to do something we are stretched thin with our ranks right now and we have this little thing of not wanting to get our brethren overseas right now to be sacrificed and massacred.
I think since we've got ourselves a little withdrawal date from Afghanistan, this means that we can begin looking forward to other things around the 2011 or 2012 mark. I predict it is going to be a big year...

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by spec_ops_wannabe

Enlisted? Are you kidding me? You are the biggest bunch of cowards on the planet!!! You know that our government is broken, that the Constitution that you swore to protect is grave danger, but you still ship out to fight for "freedom" in Iraq and Afghanistan!

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 05:41 PM
I will also be honest with you and please take my words as they are meant. I wish you no mallice with what I say.

Although not as powerfull or well written as your OP, your words have been written many times by many people. I too feel the time for action is now but we shall always be frustrated by the reactions of so many to our cries for unity in removing the evil that holds us prisoner on this earth.

IMO it is impossible to eductate the masses as they are so brainwashed and their minds are closed to what is realy going on. It is too late for us here in Europe as we have no weapons to defend ourselves against the tyranny, but I thought that your weapons and constitution would have been the fore-runner to our own stand for freedom.

I respect your vews, I respect you, but have to say it is too late for that approach. Who knows what the future holds for us other than doing what is right and best for your own loved ones. No one else is going to do it for you or with you. May your god go with you and protect you and yours.


posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 05:55 PM
Bravo well said, can we get a applause here it would be well deserved

This is a perfect example in words to what is wrong here today and seemingly a lot of people just are to dumb to realize what is really wrong. I would suggest waking up before its is too late i feel from what i read and what i have seen lately the day is not far away so get prepared.

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 06:33 PM
Hahaha, no thank you ..

I would rather live under the current Government than live under YOUR government run by patriotic-constitution-founding-father loving terrorists ..

I just hope this Constitutional Army never happens and i also hope your kind of people NEVER run the Government ..

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 08:45 PM

Originally posted by Polynomial C
Hahaha, no thank you ..

I would rather live under the current Government than live under YOUR government run by patriotic-constitution-founding-father loving terrorists ..

I just hope this Constitutional Army never happens and i also hope your kind of people NEVER run the Government ..

What I wrote is just the first steps towards our New Nation, soon, what I wrote will in fact become my first speech. I believe those who are purposely trying to destroy our nation and our Constitution are the terrorist. I believe those who believe just like you, those who have purposely abused our Constitution, those who are purposely destroying our Future and our Children’s future, that your time in power is just about dead.

I know with every passing day, with every law that is created against the Constitution by those criminals in Washington, that I truly need to do nothing at all, that Constitutional Army is coming, and its coming like a freight train. There actions guarantee its coming. Whether I ever wrote this letter/speech or not.

My only goal is to help limit the pain this country will suffer through after the "March" starts. You may not like what is coming, and you may be happy with what Washington is doing... But there are tens of millions of us who are done, we are so over it! And we are going to March. When Congress passes this latest unconstitutional act, millions are going to take to the streets, and I plan to be on the front lines. I plan to give this speech, and I plan to post that speech on the Internet, before or after the “March” begins I‘m not sure yet.

To those who believe because you have power, you now have the right to destroy our Country and steal from this Nation, let it be known far and wide, The People Are Going To March, there is going to be a reckoning, and it’s coming right soon.

--Charles Marcello

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 09:24 PM
You ask us to be an unarmed army? I don't need my arm broken by another government goon thank you. Nor do I need another face full of pepperspray. I've been to a couple of protests for the same reasons that you stated and quite frankly I won't be abused by any government personage ever again. I learned the sad truth in Seattle at the WTO that our dear leaders don't care one iota for what we peons think or do.
I admire you stance and your words sound heartfelt but forgive me for waiting on the sidelines. My heart is with you but I assure you my buttocks will be safely esconced at home when your revoltution comes through my town.

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 09:50 PM
It all sounds great and noble and well intentioned but even if everything were to come to pass as you envision it you would not accomplish a real net change.

Why? Because all you will have done is to change government personnel. The government does not control nor own the most vital portions of our infrastructure. The corporations do.

The same monopolies would still exist. Bill Gates will still control the computers of the world. Rothschild and Rockefeller will still control the paper currency rackets. A few others with them will still control the energy resources, power grid and transportation and distribution networks required for making large cities inhabitable.

Fine you say, there heads on a pike ought to fix that.

Not exactly for the nation will be left with a staggering and basically insurmountable national debt.

Because the people you displaced own and control the currency cartels world wide, the other nations still under that control aren’t going to accept American paper currency.

They will only trade with us for the vital commodities we need to sustain a population of 600 million people provided we can pay in gold or silver that we do not have, and provided that we agree to honor our existing debt and pay that in gold or silver we do not have.

Cut off foreign trade a third of the nation will starve and it will take 25 years to become totally self sufficient.

That’s provided that foreign governments do not attack us and it’s doubtful the U.S.’s most powerful military weapons are actually in the hands or control of the U.S. military.

Ultimately the new government will sell out just as Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson sold out in Paris at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War and all the creditors were there like vultures at the peace table.

If you want to successfully rebel you must actually do two things, you must rebel against the actual owners of the United States Corporation the American Government is just management. Middle management!

The actual owner of the United States Corporation is ROME, and the only way Rome can be successfully defeated is a world wide revolution against the money cartels that enslave us to debt.

But hey don’t let me rain on your parade if you want to go through an exercise in futility that will just end up setting up a new cadre of oligarchs eventually bound to the existing money cartels and Rome.
All roads lead to Rome. Washington D.C. is an independent City State not subject to the Laws of the United States of America and not a part of the United States of America, so too is London England an independent City State not subject to the laws of the United Kingdom and not part of the United Kingdom and so to is Vatican City and Independent City State not subject to the laws of Italy or a part of Italy.

That road will lead you to Rome but it will not lead you to the rulers of Rome and the Council of Eight who rules the world. The Eight Caesars, if you really want to change the world you must eliminate them.

Who precisely they are and where they are will actually be in the Abbey in the principality of Seborga, the last original state of the Roman Republic, Roman Empire and Holy Roman Empire.

Should you choose to accept this mission as always IMF will disavow any knowledge of you should you be killed or captured, this post will self destruct in 10 seconds!

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 10:05 PM
reply to post by littlebunny

Well, if you weren't on a list before, you can be sure you are now...unless, of course, you are tasked with writing one!

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by Asktheanimals


We are all free to do nothing... As we have seen, my own actions included, doing nothing leads to the destruction of us all. We I am done, I cannot sit and remain silent any longer. I must stand against the injustices I see happening across this nation. I must stand against the continued abuses against our Constitution, and I must stand against the purposeful destruction of our future and our Children’s future. But I cannot force anyone else to stand, I cannot force anyone to join, I can only present an alternative, a way to regain our freedoms lost to these destroyers of our Constitution and our Country. For now, we are all free to stand or do nothing, however... as Franklin stated, "if we do not stand together then we will all hang separately."

--Charles Marcello

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 10:12 PM

Originally posted by JohnnyCanuck
reply to post by littlebunny

Well, if you weren't on a list before, you can be sure you are now...unless, of course, you are tasked with writing one!

I fear not there lists or there ability to tag me yet again as a terrorist. I believe in the Constitution, I believe in personal responsibility, and I believe freedom is worth fighting for, all those statements make me a terrorist according to our Government. While they continue to destroy personal freedoms and our Constitution. Make no mistake, the only thing I fear is living in chains. I have decided to standup and say no more to the destruction of our country. I know I am not alone, the only question remaining is, will you stand or continue to live in fear.

--Charles Marcello

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 10:18 PM
Remember Brother, The Siege at Wounded Knee 1973. Different words and yet

similar in many ways. ^Y^

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 10:26 PM
I agree with the OP, but I wonder just how extreme "we" will need to act. And also I believe if we were to work at the local Gov level first it may get some attention. But its got to start with the people like us getting together and formulating a plan. But its got to be something taking place all over the USA at the same time. There is a lot "we the people" can do in a peaceful manor to put a hurting on the people who need it. What is needed is a detailed plan.

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