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Dalia Lama healing souls dream

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 12:04 PM
Dream December 26th, 2009
Dalai Lama and floating lifetimes

So here’s the dream:

I was walking down highway 1 in California near Carmel or Santa Barbara or so, I didn’t recognize the area but it was overlooking the Pacific Ocean. I was walking down a cement bridge and road down to a parking lot where my sister Sandy, her husband Steve, and one of her sons, Jared, were waiting with their car. When I got to them I recognized they were awake but sort of mannequin-like. I walked down to the beach; the water was rough.

I stripped off all my clothes but still had this red Speedo on, it seemed to provide safety and I knew most people never took it off. I took mine off and knew I had more mental access to something risky but spiritual and pure. I walked out into the water.

Floating in the water were dozens or hundreds of people, upright in standing position, but one to two feet higher than they should be; they had the Speedo things on. All the people were basically mannequins and had no ability or will to take action.

I swam out almost half a mile and stopped. I was treading water but recognized I didn’t need to and that I could stay afloat just by meditative will. When I did I felt much more open and full of white light with golden light radiating around me. I floated arms outstretched forward with palms open toward the front and eyes closed but still seeing as though they were open.

From the right front I recognized a being, a person, coming toward me floating in the air. I knew this persons entire life, their main life purpose for being here. I was seeing their soul although the person had died long before. They needed help being taught and balancing the planet’s Karma for something that was unresolved in their lifetime. With a small awareness and force of will I waved my hand and the activity was satisfied, the soul dissolved into a golden balloon and popped like a gold firework in the sky. This healing and balancing happened about four times strongly, each ending with the beautiful golden firework pop, then about 10-12 times more subtly, then thousands then hundreds of thousands of times in an instant as though I had become one with each soul worldwide without effort. I felt energized and at peace, at one with all that is in the world out to a spherical boundary in space around the earth.

Then, on my front left next to me in a boat, my Mom showed up. She kept trying to put something into this tray I had floating near me. The tray was my workspace for these other beings’ Karma. She kept trying to make me do this one particular thing next, but I didn’t want to. The thing she kept putting in my floating tray looked like an oblong red plastic waffle. With a wave of my hand it would go back to her tray, in her boat. The third time she put it in my tray I used my hand to move it back to her tray. I said, resolutely, “I don’t need this anymore; it doesn’t exist.” And she and her boat disappeared in a pop of golden light. I recognized it wasn’t my Mom at all, but something I needed to deal with in my lifetime.

Right after that the Dalai Lama arrived. He was in meditation pose, floating above the water to my left; he was glowing with light. He smiled happily to me and said, “Enough souls have [swayed/liberated] that the change can begin.” (It seemed like he said both words at once). I was joyous and I began swimming to shore.

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 12:05 PM
I swam back to a different shore from where I started. The people here were awake and real, laughing and interacting. Some people were nude, as I was, but it seemed normal that some people were nude and some clothed. All ages of people were there; everyone had a golden aura around them. I walked into a huge locker room, again with mixed people, male, female, kids, even one golden retriever, and some people nude and some clothed. I walked past aisles of lockers to where my locker was. I now had shoes on but decided to stay naked and pack all my stuff in a netted bag. I recognized I had the red plastic waffle and I put it in my pack with thoughtful recognition that I still had it but that was fine. I knew could deal with the red waffle anytime later on.

I walked away from the crowded boardwalk area out to the road I had been on originally and began walking toward the bridge where I was in the beginning of the dream. The scene dissolved and the dream was over. I woke up feeling beautifully happy and pure.

posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 12:32 AM
It was pretty profound for me! Reaching a certain level of global consciousness in a dream... maybe this is the wrong board for a discussion on it.

posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 03:38 PM
That's an amazing dream. It sounds like you've had some like that before? I have tried to do spiritual things in dreams, like spreading positivity to the dream characters or somehow link up in understanding with them. I've never been able to do it myself. Or try to put energy in their chakras since I could do telekinesis, I'd ask them, "Did you feel anything?" And they'd say no.

It sounds like a dream where you didn't really know it was a dream but feels like you were a spirit traveler. I love those, I've had one or two myself.

Definetly a dream worth sharing. Thanks for sharing it.

I have only had a profoundly nice feeling in a dream once. I floated up out of my bed but couldn't see anything. I couldn't do anything. It was sort of like an OOBE, but it was a dream, anyway let's not get technical. So I was up there like 20 feet in the air I think and decided, "If I can't do anything, I will meditate." And so I did, and as I did it was this amazing feeling. It felt like an Angel was looking at me, and whatever it was was just hitting me with a spotlight of positivity. There was the distinct feeling that someone was behind me, watching me, and this amazing feeling I've never felt until then. It's actually really hard to remember the actual feeling now, I just remember what I thought of it.

posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by Novise

Sounds cool - and seems like astral travel to me.

When I first started astral traveling I recognized I could get out of body but couldn't go anywhere lol. I tried to walk but it was worthless, then I discovered just "willing" things to happen works - you can make anything happen there just by will and creativity.

Thanks for sharing

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