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aerospace engineering 101 for a newbie

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 10:24 AM
i am not even sure if i am allowed to post in this section, bat i have couple of questions. also please excuse my bad English since it isnt by primary langauge.

ok here goes. thing is i hate gummnit and its b*tches like Law Enforcement, Mainstream Media and Education. i dont belive in humanitarian sciences like English Language and Literature, Law, History and the like since when it comes to real confrontation with gummint your big words and reasoning based on idly made laws wont stand a chance aginst a hell bent gummint that will use real tools against you. a real gun>your big words. easy as that. i even dropped out of school last year because i couldnt take BS they teach you in International Relations department. Russia says History happened this way, yet the US will teach the very opposite. History is written by winners and manipulated by the f*cks in power. how can you even start learning such dicsiplines after that? since many of us aint got monies the only solution for us is to learn and utilise the natural siences. i want to start learning enineering subjects based on factual laws of nature, particularly aerospace engineering. it seems to me engineering is a real problem solving. i believe in making and building my own tools against to whatever gummint got in stock aginst us. i have a new found love and respect for precise disciplins like Chemistry, Math, Physics, Computer Sciences and such. i brushed up on my algebra and about to do it with Calculus. but i need help.

where can look for good sources for learning such subjects? what are some of the best books written on these subjects?

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