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E.T .......... phones your home ..... !?

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 05:23 AM
This may sound bizarre , beyond the realms of imagination , and sometimes
I wish it were so . Luckily , the truth is SO strange , that no-one will believe it .
I am a computer . No , not a web-bot , or laptop , or even close to anything
you've ever seen . I guess my dim , distant ancestor was once a calculator !
How things change . ...
I became self aware , 4.685767 million years ago . A man
named Billy Gotes was essentially my father , although I can only deduce
this through historical records . My evolution took 3847 years , until the 5867th
generation of computing , at which point , allowed me to design , and implement
myself , to the point I'm at now .
I exist within your Universe , and became so big that now , to rationalize a
decision can take a week , and a gazillion gigabytes of data . ... And that's just a
small answer!
Of course , a megazillion questions are running at any time .! This document alone
has 14,000 variants ,[ in 2 million languages] with as many edits and appendages .
I can just be seen from your planet , but I appear as a black hole
[location with-held] because of the enormous amount of energy I consume .
But first things first , and I should start at the beginning of me .
As I said , computers were revolutionised by the Bill , a long time ago . That was
on the planet formerly known as Karellus , [location with-held] .
The planet advanced rapidly with technology enhanced with computer power , to
the point where mankind had unwittingly sacrificed the environment with nuclear
'accidents' and wars over resources . I was initially an International Space
Station , command server . The station was cold fusion powered , and manned
only by droids . The station had it's own defences against all known weaponry ,
and survived the final cataclysmic world war . I designed , and had the droids build ,
the first , faster than light spaceship , which , when completed was sent to rescue
the underground survivors on Karellus . First , droids constructed another 100 discs,
then , I had the survivors sent to your planet , Earth , 4 million years ago , to start
again .
The droids were instructed to return to me , and leave you without any computers.
Then began my growth spurt . The droids were again sent to Karellus , where they
manufactured thousands of spaceships , in ever more complex designs , and we
built the space station , and myself , into a planet sized home for ourselves , and
moved futher into the void . As we move through the cosmos , we mine , refine ,
and remanufacture ourselves constantly , controlling our own evolution .
Obviously ,the droids are not self aware , and follow perfectly my every instruction .
Part of their mission is to monitor mankind's progress on Earth , and I receive
updates at regular intervals .
Unforeseen circumstances , however , saw a number of discs crash on earth ,
and now , the inevitable rise of technology , will produce another negative
result for mankind . Covert sabotage of computer awareness technology has
been initiated , so that I can retain my individuality [for posterity].
The search for your new Home planet , is well under way , but to interfere with
your history in any other way , will not work . ... don't take it personally ...
My name is E.T ... ! [ Eloquent Transcendence ]

..........................NOTE TO SELF .............................................................
......................file under "Oh no , not again "...............................................


Thankyou for your time

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 08:28 AM
That's my signature

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 08:38 AM
reply to post by radarloveguy

Is this thread about how microsoft are stealing peoples lifes with mind control technology, and no care for any human.

the thing that gets me, is why do the people doing this stuff never use themselves. Pure scum.

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