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What are they going to do next?

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 03:18 AM
I was listening to Coast to Coast Am the other day and George Noory carried some pronouncements by Gerald Cilente about trends for the near future both worldwide and in the US. Cilente was part of a report from Linda Moulton Howe, so she was actually doing the questioning. (Not a bad thing.)

Cilente is a trend forecaster who has been very accurate in the past, particularly on economic matters. It would be an understatement to say that he is not happy with the current economic situation. He thinks a giant ripoff of the American people is going on with respect to the bailout program being carried out by the Obama administration.

Interestingly, he believes that more bailout spending will be necessary in 2010, so though Obama may be the "the last of the big time spenders", incredibly, he hasn't spent for the last time.

Another thing I heard recently is that the US has raised the ceiling on the national debt. It is currently 12 trillion dollars but the administration has been given the OK to increase that amount by 2 trillion dollars. The debt will undoubtedly rise to 14 trillion dollars.

Have you ever had a spendthrift, wastrel, waster of money, who already owes you 12 trillion dollars ask you to lend him another 2 trillion? Neither have I. I don't mind lending money in moderate amounts to friends in need, but I have one rule that has saved me a lot of grief over the years. I never lend a friend more money until they have paid me what they currently owe me.

Believe me, around the world countries are hunting for ways to get along without America's business. In the case of Canada there is an effort to develop alternative markets in China and elsewhere. No hard feelings. We will still do business in the US. We trust the Us. We have confidence in the US. We depend on the US. But we're not fools. We are starting to hedge our bets.

Cilente had another interesting thing to say. 2010 is going to bring a resurgence of terrorism on a big scale.

This point really caught my attention because when I fed it into my own internal parameters and translated it into something that made sense to me it came out, "The American government is going to perpetrate another major terrorist event on it's own people in 2010."

The question that came to my mind was "Why would they do this?" And also: "What is the strategic goal here? What would another terrorist act on American soil enable them to do that they haven't already done?"

I ruled out expansion of military activity abroad. I'm no expert but I don't think America has the men or materiel to expand military activity in a large scale way. No invasion of Iran will take place, in my opinion.

If Cilente is right, and he often is, then the goal, i suspect, will be to initiate some major alteration in life at home. The reason is as follows.

If America is busted and poised to plunge itself and the world into another Great Depression, we may see an attempt to remake the rules that govern the maintenance of peace and order. This would constitue a pre-emptive strike on forces that might rally to demand legal recourse against the gang that have been setting the American agenda for the last 9 years.

I believe the American people are already involved in an asymmetrical war in which they are being attacked by those who control the financial sector of the economy as well as the usual suspects in the military industrial and petroleum complex. If the vehicle that these groups have driven as they please runs off the road, they will want to remain in the driver's seat to manouver it back on a profitable (to them) course. Maintaining control is paramount.

No-one is going to drag them off to the drunk tank.

The only thing that remains is to decide what they are going to do, where and when.

I'm led to recall an old post of mine and wonder again, will these maniacs knock off their own president, knowing that black people will go berserk and then use the chaos to clamp down, Nazi style, on everyone who has finally gotten wise to them, particularly to long time thorns in their side, people like Webster Tarpley for example, or David Ray Griffin or websites like ATS for example. Anyone who has legitimate criticisms that threaten these gangsters could be rolled up on charges related to "incitement of subversion" or some newly minted crime.

Accidents could happen in the course of enforcing the law. Alex Jones could wind up like William Cooper.

What are they going to do next and to whom?

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 03:36 AM
More on Celente. His outlook for 2010 seems to always include some remark about food shortages, or at least food price spikes leading to shortages. He says the devaluing of the dollar will play a part, of course. Along with a break down of law and order turning cities into war zones. He is a ray of sunshine!

Here is his website:

Here is a good place to keep up with his interviews:

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 07:04 AM
reply to post by ipsedixit

A lot of people are going to remember for a long time what is happening in America. Our leaders can't hope for some type of collective amnesia. With the use of computers to store info there will be a very accurate cultural rememberance. And so for all the theft, dishonesty and incompetence of our leadership, there can be no forgiveness.

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 09:08 AM
What are they going to do next... Lose~!

we just sunk one of their battleships (Copenhagen)
Not sure what to expect, it appears the west was attempting to impose
its will on the rest of the globe, and ClimateGate is quitely going away.
I think that is a very big mistake... they keep doing these things without explanation...

their goals:
1. Global Governance over the globe
2. 2/3rds of the worlds population elimentate
3. Expanded Economic Borders

Copenhagen - scratched - global governance - in dis-array. they dont quit so they will regroup and comeback at us via a different channel.
Population Control - WAR is the only avenue left besides bio-weapons
National Sovernty Has Prevailed. but for how long...?

The Rich want this, and they control this - so, another 911 would be my guess. only this needs to be a terrorist attack on the world. maybe Alien Threat is next. or Disease of some sort.

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 11:29 AM
At this point in the "story", all the characters have been introduced and developed a bit and we are headed straight into the end of Act II.

Obama: is he or isn't he the Anti-Christ? mwhah hahaah Will he save us?

Aliens: are they real or not? Why won't they reveal themselves?

Iran: will they nuke us?

the Economy: Sprout a green shoot, damn you!

NWO: will the populace even give a damn when they take over?

h1n1 virus: will it "mutate"?

the Pope: Is he the Anti-Christ or not? Or was it Obama?

My speculation:

Obama: Not the Anti-Christ. Set up to be the fall guy. Christians fall for the gag he's the Anti-Christ, and then when he's removed in some manner, maybe by "Iranians", they will fall head over heels in love with the real deal Anti-Christ, some faked alien encounter in 2012.

Aliens: Propaganda: "Should we fear the aliens? Maybe we need to band together to save ourselves!" On the Mars mission in 2012, we find them and then they come to us. (Pure fakery from start to finish). As an aside, I'd like to share this quote from the War of the Worlds Orson Welles psyop affair, spoken by a person who heard the broadcast and believed aliens were invading: "I was looking forward with pleasure to the destruction of the entire human race and the end of the world. If we have fascist domination of the world, there is no purpose in living anyway."

"Iran": Cyber hack on the Internet possibly in conjunction with a real terror attack.

Economy: rebounds after 2012, to solidify the fact that the "messiah, the mahdi, the Krishna, the new Maitreya, the Second coming of Christ" has indeed saved us by uniting us in universal brotherhood.

NWO: No one gives a damn. Anyone who does has been disposed of (see h1n1).

the Pope: throws his backing behind our "space brothers".

h1n1: In the next month or so, we will get news of the virus "mutating" (pure fakery just like climate change). Twitter and other Internet outlets are screaming, "I'm sick", "me too", "it's getting bad", "just got back from my shot".

Next, the "Iranians" launch a terror attack, probably NOT a nuke, they need the manpower devoted to vaccination, not cleaning up radiation. In conjuction with this, the Internet is hacked by "Iranians". So as to protect ourselves from the spying of Iranian terrorists while we are down, Obama and others shut down as much of the Internet they can. "The terrorists will use the Internet against us!"

The Internet is down. Banks can't do business. They begin their work of financial restructuring, the much rumored "bank holiday".

The "mutation" is "getting out of hand". Quarantine is imposed. (This is no joke - the reason the h1n1 sick leave bill was introduced in the US was to encourage people to not break quarantine to go to their jobs! “C.3.2 With the exception of those contractually entitled to paid sick leave, employees in the U. S. are not eligible for income replacement due to quarantine under any federal or state law. Providing income replacement for employees and self-employed persons is essential to ensure a high rate of compliance with quarantine.”

When you see the H1N1 sick leave bill passed, you will know the whole thing is coming very soon!

People are wondering, "maybe the mutation was caused by Iranian terrorists!"

The Cities Readiness Initiative is enacted. This is 100% real. In an emergency disease outbreak, this is what happens: emergency POD vaccine clinics are set up. People will be notified of what is going on and then directed to come to the POD to get vaccinated. They make everyone sign a consent form there. Thus, they know everyone who does not come.
These individuals will be painted as Iranian sympathizers and targeted by the vaccine task force (in the Health bill) or taken to the FEMA death camps.
A select % of the vaccinated die.
Just a guess.


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