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Americanism vs. Unity & Patriotism vs. Demagoguery

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posted on Dec, 25 2009 @ 10:24 PM
Firstly understand that when I say americanism vs. unity I don't mean Americanism is against unity, what I do mean is that America's current political climate very much supports division of the people.
Now that I got that out of the way let me start the thread.

What is wrong with America(ns)?

Americanism vs. Unity
In the current political climate things are getting worse and worse.
You have so many americans who voted for Obama for many reasons, one of them was for unity, more racial unity than anything, but unity nonetheless.

But what is happening instead under his clock?
What I see is even more division than before him where the entire left vs. right political arena has a much deeper invisible line in the sand than ever before.

From MSNBC to Fox, what is going on in mainstream news is disgusting and anti-unity. MSNBC and Fox and probably in bed together with the goal of dividing the people more and more.

If the lines between the left and right are clearly defined and hate towards each other is stronger, then that increases the illusion of choice does it not?
It makes you dumb down and categorize yourself in a knee-jerk reaction and support whatever your group(political party) supports.

This is blinding the people like never before and it's up to every half a brain patriot to end this partisan bickering, it's all just allowing yourself to be part of the puppet show.

You stupid left-winger, you stupid right-winger.
Let's end this way of thinking ASAP!

All you are doing is creating delimiters of thought
Be your own person, believe in individualism, believe in freedom and you will see yourself understand politics like never before.

Also, how about everyone makes a pledge right here and promises today that for the next election they vote 3rd party!
What do you say?

Politicians vs. Demagogues

This is the other huge problem with America!
Blind Patriotism will bring about the end of western civilization as we know it, for the imminent future it will cause of shift in power, with power leaving the west and heading towards the east.

Always remember to differentitate between patriots and demagogues. A demagogue is the puppet master of blind patriots, since north america has more blind patriots than real patriots then that makes demagogues next to god.
Always believe in freedom and peace, anyone who is pro-war or supports foreign occupation is an enemy of both despite them maybe having good intentions.

All these politicians speaking of patriotism are demagogues, do not be fooled by them, and yes that does mean being anti-war!

Often I hear people being against the war and only supporting the troops in the sense of wanting them to come back home or not supporting the troops because they are in an immoral war. Both such people are real patriots, however if you say support the war because you are in some false impression that these soldiers are fighting for your freedom or fighting so you don't have to then you my friends have been fooled!

Many of you have the media, politicians and yourself to blame for this, yes even yourself because you allowed yourself to be fooled.

Often people accuse real patriots are traitors because they don't suppor the troops in this war, but as a wise man once said this is pure demagoguery, and it is intellectually dishonest.

And you hear in-service soldiers or veterans saying "send them to the brig", more often they say this to troops with a real spinal cord who goes against the authority, decides to think for himself and either becomes a deserter or openly says NO and doesn't even go into hiding.

These people who say "send them to the brig" are also demagogues and are stuck in a mindstate of slavery. Slavery while risking your life as a price for freedom is beyond lunacy, it is beyond insanity, it's basically being in a zombie-like state.

So my proposition is no more Division of the people, no more partisan bickering and no more demagoguery!

Let's make 2010 the year of being awake!

[edit on 25-12-2009 by ModernAcademia]

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