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E. Research

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posted on Aug, 12 2012 @ 09:33 PM
reply to post by RussianScientists

Sounds like we are on the same frequency. So we don't have to elaborate in detail we can use a concatonated from of communication.
Your device is simple, yet effective, and thus puts you in a precarious position of the `canary in the cave'. I've thought deeply about what your invention implies and am concerned. Mostly for your safety. Many things in this world are delibreately hidden in plain sight, with the understanding that anyone that says they see that particular truth are highly visable. You sir are visable.

I appreciate your desire to simply report and catalog your findings, but such information will never propogate through internet in any meaningful or impactful way. Be that as it may, right or wrong, you have hit an important nail on the head.

Are you familar with the term: "publish or perish"? I think that should be very important for you right now.
Once, the public becomes aware of the true potential for the simple technology that Tesla backed away from, the concept of "global warming" will seem like a quaint metaphor in comparision to what is really happening now.

I'm still pondering the motivations and purpose behind the current spate of artifical manipulations of the various energy input areas currently targeted. Obviously, there is something going on in that forrest of deceptions that prevents me from seeing that particular tree.

David, I would advise you proceed with caution. You know what you've seen is true, but is there any real benefit you can see by bringing that truth forward?
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posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 10:35 AM
Super Volcano Lurks Near Pompeii

I notice that they are drilling down into the crater in order to develop some kind of early warning system.
Do you think your device would provide them any kind of warning?
They might be more receptive to your ideas.

posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 08:48 PM
reply to post by RedDogJT

Yes, all devices are simple once technology gets to that level of technology; and the world has made it to that level of technology.

This technology could be added to all existing handheld phones and then users of the phones could then study the area they are in and see what the current background radiation/energy pressure reading is. Once that is done, then with lenses they could scan the area they are in and see which way the pressure is coming from, or set up a directional dish system mounted on a tripod to see what direction the radiation is coming from; pretty simple stuff with current technology.

Publish or perish, hmmm.... you could be right there, I'll grant you that. I've been thinking along the lines of Hernan Cortes; that is to scuttle the ships, so there can be no retreat.

Drilling won't give them any early warning that will be of any use to anyone, but it will put money in the scientists pockets.

Using piezo-systems of course would end all guessing as to what is really happening in and around any volcano for the simple fact that you can see if it's building up pressure, or not. Then... if it (any volcano) is building up pressure, then all that people would have to do is measure the pressure coming from the ground. If the pressure is tremendous, and if the tremendous pressure exists outward for hundreds of miles, then it might be a good idea to be ready to move for a while.

When you are in the area of a volcano, and you have the piezo-system up and running, then you can look and see what is happening deep in the ground. A volcano is very similar to a geyser, except its much larger in extent and carries a different liquid; which everyone is aware of.

Individuals and/or groups of people could easily verify what is going on at any location of the earth. If there is a geyser getting ready to spew water out on the surface of the earth, your piezo-system would detect the pressure building up, and up, and up, and up, and up; just like it will for a volcano.

Once the geyser has gotten up to a certain pressure, the pressure starts to go down; but.... the hot water from the geyser is still on its upward movement and reaches the exit porthole of the Earth in "Exactly" the same amount of time.

So... if you are watching a geyser that spews hot water out of its porthole, and you write down that the "release" of pressure occurred at 4:23:47PM and the geyser erupted from its porthole at 4:25:50PM then you would know that "everytime" the readings from your piezoseismic unit showed a "release" of pressure coming from the region of the geyser after it was shown to be building up pressure; 2 minutes and 3 seconds later the steam will erupt from the porthole in a geyser. So.. you know exactly when any geyser will erupt by watching each geysers process.

The same goes for volcanic eruptions. There will be an increase in pressure, and if the pressure is enough, then flow to the surface will occur; if not, then there will be no flow to the surface and possible inactivity will occur for some unknown period of time until the pressure becomes activated again.

In other words, if anyone wants to learn a lot about volcanoes and how they erupt, all you have to do is go to a well known geyser, or any geyser and watch what happens with the piezo-seismic system that I use. You can watch the water rise in the geyser tube from hundreds of yards away. With a volcano, which is massive in extent, you can watch the magma rise in the volcanic tube from tens of miles away and possibly hundreds of miles away.

There are many uses for this type of system, too bad it isn't being used and is dismantled.
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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 01:07 PM
Current headlines in the news:

Potential Dam Break in Mississippi because of Hurricane Isaac.

Possible Dam Failure.

Possible Dam Break.

Wow... I can see similar headlines to these in the near furture about destructive earthquakes.

posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 01:33 PM
Originally posted by Ben81

Yangtze River Turns Red and Turns Up a Mystery

For a river known as the "golden watercourse," red is a strange color to see.

Yet that's the shade turning up in the Yangtze River and officials have no idea why.

The red began appearing in the Yangtze, the longest and largest river in China and the third longest river in the world, yesterday near the city of Chongquing, where the Yangtze connects to the Jialin River.

(visit the link for the full news article)

That's a lot of red water.

I'd suspect that it means that some earthquakes in the magnitude M6 range will strike lower down the ring of fire from this area in China within a week to a month-and-a-half, with possibly an M7+ earthquake also.

Suspected distance from the source of where the red water is coming from to where the earthquakes will strike might well be around 2000 miles or more to the south along the Ring of Fire.


After the water turned red at the following location in Alberta, Canada at the very end of August 2010

three earthquakes of M6 or greater struck in one area along the Andreanof Islands of Alaska; possibly a linked area.

A 6.3 earthquake struck the Andreanof Islands, Alaska on September 3.
A 6.1 earthquake struck the Andreanof Islands, Alaska, on October 8.
A 6.4 earthquake struck the Andreanof Islands, Alaska, on October 8.


I theorize the same similar thing could soon happen for this new circumstance, but at a different location.

I added this to my thread in order to see what the out come will be since I posted it in the other thread called: Yangtze River Turns Red and Turns Up a Mystery
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posted on Sep, 8 2012 @ 05:23 PM

The above earthquake took place the same day as the river turning red in China.

posted on Sep, 24 2012 @ 07:15 AM
Notes only:

In the future, if the Ark of the Covenant isn't discovered by other means, then this system will be used to search for the Ark of the Covenant. The search could start by looking for a negative energy source that's pretty powerful; if that is unsuccessful then the search could turn to looking for a positive energy source that's pretty powerful, even if it means turning off power in different cities for about an hour or so in order to search the city for positve power sources that don't move.

If the Ark of the Covenant does exude some sort of tremendous energy, then it could be found by the energy that it gives off.

The Ark of the Covenant could be some sort of capacitor that holds latent energy of an unknown amount of energy. The energy coming off of it might be enough to cause a wavering of background energy when close enough to it, on the other hand it could be holding an energy that is constant.

posted on Sep, 27 2012 @ 07:15 AM
The electric wire spin, egg, broom.

Tests need to be run.

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 04:19 PM

Originally posted by RussianScientists

The above earthquake took place the same day as the river turning red in China.

Just wanted to give you kudos I was online that day, and saw what you posted both before and after......

posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 05:04 PM
Convicted Italian Seismologists: Scientists as Fall Guys

Italian Seismologists Convicted Of Manslaughter

Officials Resign Over Earthquake Conviction of Italian Scientists: Seismologists Guilty of Manslaughter for Failure to Predict Deadly Quake lure-predict-deadly-quake.htm

'We won’t advise the state again': Scientists outraged at Italian seismologists' jailing

Italian seismologists ordered to prison for not warning of quake risk

Italian Seismologists Charged with Manslaughter for Not Predicting Earthquake

Jailing of Italian seismologists leaves scientific community in shock
Scientists say Italian court has set dangerous precedent that may affect volcanologists observing Mount Vesuvius

posted on Oct, 26 2012 @ 10:48 PM
US scientists outraged by Italy seismologist ruling

Editorial: Verdict in earthquake trial has scientists shaking

Possible New Oil Boom in Nevada
I-Team: Oil Discovered in Nevada (Part 1)

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posted on Oct, 28 2012 @ 03:02 PM
Determining the Human Activity Potential of Planets/Moons Within Our Universe

This following can and will be easily done by the study of all wavelengths of light, their strengths, their production, their magnification, their projection, their bending, their reflecting, their refracting and their transmission and scattering.

In the near future we'll be stepping up our searching for planets that can be inhabited by humans that are very similar to our planet Earth. These similar planets to our planet Earth will be detected by telescopes aimed out into space from Earth, other planets, moons, and from ships traveling through space.

The telescopes will be used in a search involving light energy. The search won't be subject to actually peering through the scope to look for a planet that looks like it has water, the search will be used to detect the light signals given off by the planet itself; and not by or from any inhabitants on the planets or moons themselves until later. This fact being, because an evolving planet gives off tremendous signals, far more tremendous in strength and width of broadcast than its inhabitants can possibly transmitt.

Radio waves are sent out into the universe freely searching to connect with other civilizations. Unfortunately the signals are very weak and can't penetrate very far out into space, more than likely the signals die out just outside of what we consider our solar system; incapable of solar system jumping because of lack of energy.

On the other hand, our planet Earth is alive and is sending out tremendous signals that far surpass the amount of energy that powerful radio signals produce. These signals of energy/light must penetrate much farther out into space, they must actually penetrate other solar systems - as other solar systems with "alive" planets must be able to send signals to the Earth that are easily detected.

These planets that give off similar light signals will be inhabited by humans in the future. In the near future, humans will start studying other planets in our solar system in this new science of the Golden Age of Light. People will learn how our planet is different from the other planets in our solar system just by the amount and strength of the light signals given off by each planet and moon.

The reader must understand that I'm not talking about reflected light striking other planets and moons in our solar system, I'm talking about the light energy coming from within each planet or moon itself. There are massive bursts of light coming from within active planets like the Earth. These bursts of light can be seen from a long ways away.

Active areas of vulcanism and crustal cracking (earthquakes) send out tremendous beams or broadcasts of visible light energy that explodes right through solid matter, like the solid matter doesn't exist, and pervades far out into the surrounding universe. We can see piezo-light coming from within the Earth out to a distance of hundreds of miles after penetrating that much rock like it didn't exist, the Earth is a powerful broadcaster of light.

Venus is a planet that is covered by clouds and can't really be seen since it exists under solid cloud cover, except by RADAR. RADAR is alright, but RADAR covers only a very small percentage of the electromagnetic spectrum/light spectrum/energy spectrum.

By using full illumination of all light energies coming from any planet or moon we can dissect each planet and moon at a distance, even if its cloud covered and see what exists at the surface and deep, deep into their interior depths. Mapping the interiors and exteriors of planets will be of great scientific importance for the human race; colonization, planting and grafting, and mining activities will increase at an astounding pace turning somewhat similar planets into Garden of Edens.

The good thing is... is that we have a beautiful planet that is willing and able to teach us these secrets. Our planet Earth is alive and is communicating how this is all done with light and energy coming from the region of air around our planet and deep from within our planet.

First we'll have to study our own Earth. We'll have to start mapping the interior of our Earth, like its never been mapped before. Then we'll have to start mapping our Moon to see how active it truly is.

The world will prosper like it never has before.

The science of changing somewhat similar light planets and light moons into planets like ours, or into "Gardens of Eden" will be many and Magnificent.

On another future note:

In the future we'll figure out how to transform this light energy that we are all made up from, and use it to re-energize the container-like bodies we exist in. Broken bones, cuts and wounds will all be healed in a matter of moments by using this type of energy to mend out wounds. Regeneration of human bodies will take place by proper usage of the energy, very similar to what we saw on Star Trek when we were growing up.

posted on Oct, 29 2012 @ 03:36 PM
Pulsars and Pulses

My studies of the Earth, are mainly studies of pulses, or magnificent powerful bursts of electromagnetic energy from within the planet Earth.

Pulsars as discussed by Dr. Paul LaViolette:

Excerpts from Wiki: A pulsar is a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can only be observed when the beam of emission is pointing towards the Earth, much the way a lighthouse can only be seen when the light is pointed in the direction of an observer, and is responsible for the pulsed appearance of emission. The precise periods of pulsars makes them useful tools.

Discoveries from Wiki: The first pulsar was observed in 1967. The observed emission from the pulsar was pulses separated by 1.33 seconds, originating from the same location on the sky, and kept to sidereal time. Theory states that the short period of the pulses eliminated most astrophysical sources of radiation, such as stars, and since the pulses followed sidereal time, it could not be man-made radio frequency interference. When observations with another telescope confirmed the emission, it eliminated any sort of instrumental effects.

From my stand point: As you can see... my discoveries of similar types of pulses can be detected coming from within the Earth itself. Excepting that the pulses that my equipment is capable of detecting comes from piezo-pressure. More than likely the Pulsars are a larger planet, sun or moon undergoing tremendous piezo-pressures at a much higher elevated speed, whereas the Earth is undergoing vastly lesser amounts of tremendous piezo-pressures at a much lesser speed over many, many areas at once.

What really determines the length of the pulses? Is it size of the planet, star or moon that its coming from? The amount of pressure? The area of pressure? Or a conglomeration of these and possibly more?

A "pulse type of profile" is definitely going to be used to discover planets that meet the criteria for human habital planets.

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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 06:42 PM
Exotic Particles

Over the years I've wondered what kind of particles that I've discovered. The only conclusion that I could come up with is "exotic particles". Exotic particles are being searched for by theoretical physicists.

Here's an article by Discovery News of scientists at Fermi Lab looking for this particles:

Here's an excerpt from the above article: "In fact, Fermilab's CMS collaboration has an "exotica hotline" staffed by about 10 physicists who review the previous day's collisions looking for anything that might break the rules or expectations of the Standard Model. And with its unprecedented energies, the Large Hadron Collider is hot on Fermilab's heels. It could turn up some exciting new physics, too: mini black holes, large extra dimensions, and a host of exotic subatomic particles, just to name a few."

Even though I don't actually see the individual exotic particles, I can see where they are exploding out of by the bazillions in some cases from inside of the earth and I can see what makes certain ones interlink. There are specific processes than enable a person to see such wonders.

Seeing where an atomic power plant exists from over 10 miles away is easy, even "through" walls of homes, many hills and trees from forests. Easier yet, is to see from distances of 10s and 100s of miles the location of a fault under pressure that can't possibly be seen by other methods. These particles have to be blowing out of these faults by the bazillions in all directions, and they are small enough that they can pass through hundreds of miles of earth like the Earth doesn't exist.

What is amazing is that these particles are produced by pressure, and that they are of a very high energy and yet small enough to pass through everything like eveything doesn't exist. The fault as it runs across the countryside can be seen from 10s to 100s of miles away. Even though you really aren't seeing the fault or the foci, you are still seeing a refraction of what is taking place in real time.

It takes your mind time to comprehend all that you suddenly know that your are seeing that others can't see unless they use the different processes in order to see what is taking place all around you. Even though we don't really take notice of sunlight during the day, because we take it for granted, it is still coming from a source and surrounds us and bathes us in light, with much of this light flowing right through us even though we in general can't see that it does.

The particles that come from areas of the Earth that are under abnormal pressure emitts particles basically in the same manner. They are all around us, and most are passing right through us even though we don't realize it. Obviously, someone in the future, and maybe someone from the past like Nikola Tesla harnessed this energy and used it to power stuff. People in the future will harness this energy and use it also.
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posted on Oct, 31 2012 @ 07:24 PM
reply to post by RussianScientists

This earthquake was not an M5.0+ earthquake but was the LARGEST earthquake and in the right area at the right time; 151 miles East of ADAK, Alaska.

Except that if it had been given using the Mw scale it would have been ~5.11 Mw so I would say that Mag 5 was right on the button.

USGS have a 'policy' of using mb for the lower magnitudes even if it was possible to calculate the moment. This is particularly noticeable where they use 5.8 mb which approximately is 6.05 Mw but it never gets reported as a Mag 6.

That Alaskan quake ended up in the ANSS catalogue as a 4.5 mb

2010/10/13 10:36:14.98 51.6320 -173.1680 27.70 4.50 Mb 112 0.97 NEI 201010134019

The approximate conversion to Mw would be 5.05 Mw so you can't ask for much more accurate than that!

posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 12:04 PM
reply to post by PuterMan

Hi Puterman, I can see you've been going through the old archives. Yes, I can see you are very correct in what you have discovered. With piezseismology there will have to be a new, more exacting, earthquake magnitude chart that can be used since exact mathematical measurements can be used when obtaining signal strength anywhere on the Earth.

All of the other forms of determining the exact mathematical measurements are incorrect only because they never really know where the exact epicenters of earthquakes are located at. By using piezoseismology, the exact epicenters can be easily located usually hours, days and sometimes weeks before they strike (in the old days, before fracking, the time period was longer, but fracking has now increased the speed at which earthquakes are capable of rupturing the substructure).
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posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 12:16 PM
Mystery Particle

Could the particle I discovered many years ago be the "Mystery Particle" that physicists and universities are discovering now? They claim this particle is emitted by the Sun and passes through all things (even the Earth itself) like they don't exist. I've claimed the same thing, but I've also added that this particle is also given off from areas where there is abnormal pressure within the Earth.

Also, other objects and things give off these particles that can pass through anything when they are under pressure. In particular, one time I watched as a small white approximately 2 foot high fiberglass reflector post along side of the highway gave off these same particles when the wind was blowing and was able to bend and/or twist that post; of course the amount of particles were weaker and lesser than other more powerful sources.

I've discovered in the past that there are in fact both positive and negative mystery particles. The Sun and nuclear reactors give off bazillions of positive mystery particles, whereas the Earth's subsurface when under pressure gives off negative mystery particles.

Here is a YouTube run down of different articles about the Mystery Particle.

Here is an article by Discovery News:

Here is an article from Stanford:

Here is an interesting article, except that its full of over exagerations;

One of those over exagerations being: "Borexino is the only detector capable of observing the entire spectrum of solar neutrinos at once," said researcher Laura Cadonati, a physicist at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. ----- That statement is rediculous.

As any of you have read, the detection system that I use is the only detector capable of observing and measuring the entire spectrum of solar neutrinos at once. The Borexino detector is absolutely worthless as far as I'm concerned. There are so many flaws in that detection system that it can only detect a few neutrinos a week at the most. IF the Borexino detector was as good as they state, then it would detect neutrino like particles coming out of fissures by the bazillions as well as out of nuclear power plants. It would also be able to determine an exact amount of neutrinos passing through the Earth during the night as well as during the day, but they can't because they can't even subtract the amount of neuturinos coming out of fissures under abnormal pressure. Abnormal pressure is what creates neutrinos and similar particles.
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posted on Nov, 2 2012 @ 01:49 PM
Mystery Particles to Clean Up "ALL" Radio Active Contaminated Areas of the Earth

This is probably "one of the most important areas" of the discovery of these particles that I've discovered; and its in using these particles to "simulate" what occurs during a coronal mass ejection coming from the Sun.

In other words, we'll use the particles, that we can produce and/or magnify from Nature in order to clean up radioactive contaminated parts of our planet Earth.

In the past, it's been noticed that the "decay rates" of stable decaying particles could be SPEEDED UP! In other words, we will follow Nature and use these same particles to SPEED UP the decay rate of radioactive particles that contaminate our Earth, especially in our Oceans and in our Lands.

A lot of scientific study will have to go into this, but it will be done in the future, and our planet Earth will be like new again.

Here is an article

that leads into what I have stated above, proving that what I have stated above can and will be done in the future; that is if anyone out there is interested in learning all they can from the particles I and others have discovered in order to clean up all of the radioactive contamination done by mankind over the ages.
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posted on Nov, 6 2012 @ 01:00 AM
Copyright © 2012 National Public Radio
Dated: October 23, 2012
Melissa Block and Thomas Jordan discuss the convicted Italian seismologists who made a mistake that cost people their lives.

Thomas Jordan recieves 1.6 million dollar grant
That's a computer program that's worthless; doesn't guarantee to save anyones lives.


It seems to me that the people of the world should have figured out by now (after a year or less) that simulations of earthquakes isn't ever going to be reliable, and won't be able to predict or forecast where the next big earthquake is going to be; or they would be able to predict where the next winning lottery ticket is going to be.

All magnitudes of earthquakes give off signals before they strike that are easy to detect. The larger destructive earthquakes give off signals that extend out for hundreds of miles before they strike. All that any scientist is obligated to do is to report that such a signal exists and map it for the public, and let the public decide what they want to do. Then the scientists are off of the legal hook, because they gave warning; but can't tell the public what to do.

Earthquakes don't have to strike just because there is a tremendous signal, but for the average person who goes out and measures earthquake signals before they strike, the recognition of a tremendous earthquake signal is awesome and makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck when you think about what you have discovered. The signal that a M2.6 gives off over the epicenter before the earthquake is detectable hundreds of miles away from the epicenter of a larger earthquake like an M6.8 earthquake.

posted on Nov, 6 2012 @ 01:44 AM
Partial and Complete Control of Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions in the Future

In the future mankind will use piezoseismology to control earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Many people currently believe this is impossible, but it's a fact, so get ready to study piezoseismology in order to do it.

Baba Vanga predicted that two volcanic eruptions would be SUCCESSFULLY stopped in the year 2187; piezoseismology is where all of that technology will come from. This doesn't mean that other volcanic eruptions won't be successfully stopped before or after that date, but bragging rights on successfully stopping two in one year is pretty good, and they must have been humdingers if Baba Vanga tells about it occurring.

Controlling volcanic eruptions will be hard to do because of their size and magnitude, but it will be done, and I'll lead the way in telling you how to start learning about the process that will be used. Use piezoseismology, piezoseismology not only allows you to see a seismic chart of the current pressure being exerted, but it also can be used to allow people to see the flow of magma within the ground, by the tremendous abnormal piezo-pressure exerted on the rock strata's within the ground and/or magma tubes and pipes.

For controlling volcanic eruptions that are going to explode like Mount Vesuvius in AD 79, you need to start learning how to control the upward and lateral flow of pressurized, heated liquid at different depths and zones within the Earth.

While your learning the secrets that you need to discover, please remember to put Nature back like it was before you started experimenting with Nature's natural ways of doing things.

You have to learn to crawl before you can run, its the same way with controlling earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

To learn the secrets of how to control volcanic eruptions you have to go out and study GEYSERS using piezoseismology. Geysers are just like micro volcanoes, but geysers still work by using similar processes as volcanoes. When you learn how to control geysers, then you are ready for the next step up. Just make sure that you repair the geysers after your done learning how its done.

Once you learn all that you need to know here on Earth, I guess that you and others will use that technology on other planets, moons and possibly certain types of stars in the future in order to control their environments. Remember, piezoseismology is how its done.

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