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Questions Over Business Deals of UN Climate Change Guru Dr Rajendra Pachauri

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posted on Dec, 25 2009 @ 07:38 PM
Whether or not you're an advocate of AGW, the policies put forward by the IPCC, or more accurately, the policies enacted by governments based solely on IPCC findings, have probably left you scratching your head. Personally, I haven't smelled anything this fishy since WMD et al.

In a recent article in the Telegraph, some facts are presented that may legitimize such thoughts:

Although Dr Pachauri is often presented as a scientist (he was even once described by the BBC as “the world’s top climate scientist”), as a former railway engineer with a PhD in economics he has no qualifications in climate science at all.

These outfits include banks, oil and energy companies and investment funds heavily involved in ‘carbon trading’ and ‘sustainable technologies’, which together make up the fastest-growing commodity market in the world, estimated soon to be worth trillions of dollars a year

he called on the developing nations which had been historically responsible for the global warming crisis to make ‘concrete commitments’ to aiding developing countries such as India with funding and technology – while insisting that India could not agree to binding emissions targets.

There is a lot of information in this article. According to both the UN and WMO, he is the definition of conflict of interest. Maybe that's a bit harsh, but at the very least his monetary gains in the private sector need to be made public.

Dr. Pachauri has responded to these accusations with empty assurances and ad hominem attacks:

“These are a pack of lies from people who are getting desperate. They want to go after the guy whose voice is being heard. I haven’t pocketed a single penny from my association with companies and institutes. All honoraria that I get goes to TERI and to its Light a Billion Lives campaign for reaching solar power to people without electricity. All my dealings are totally above board.”

The people who have flung these charges are part of the same vested interest group which hacked the server of UK’s East Anglia University.


So apparently we are simply to take him at his word. His involvement in all these different climate-related private businesses screams that we shouldn't, but hey, he promises!!!
He then goes on to blame it all on the climate-denial-boogeyman, the same scary monster who allegedly hacked into the CRU. He apparently hadn't read THIS article, which clearly points to a Deep Throat being the cause of the leak.

Is it any wonder that with his Indian interests, India is set to be on the recieving side of the proposed redistribution of wealth?
After reading some comments around the web, the concensus is that if he files a lawsuit and wins, he's innocent, obviously, however, if he doesn't, it'll be saying a lot because apparently it is much easier to win a libel suit in the UK than in the United States. I'm not a lawyer by any means, and I believe that no matter what action he takes, his influence on the decisions of today's western governments needs to be recognized, therefore, what he gets from these companies needs to be public information.

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