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The truth as I see it.

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posted on Feb, 26 2003 @ 12:01 AM
I see an endless supply of theories regarding the NWO and everyoneís fear of whatís to come. I have my own understanding of what is going on that I feel makes a great deal of sense. Most of my views are based on things right under our noses.

The way I see it, the New World Order is obviously moving forward in every way. However, as I have mentioned once before, why does it have to be a bad thing?

It is blatantly obvious that our government knows about the existence of Alien life. As far out as some of us still think this possibility is, it is very real. Now if you think bout the fact that Aliens are either already among us, or simply confirmed to be out there somewhere, what do you think would need to take place in order to either defeat them or simply interact with them?

I'll tell you.

You would have to take a world divided by nations and unite them. You would have to unite all of the worlds resources under one main unified system of control and distribution. You would have to conform our financial means into one currency that the world would have to utilize.


Because, in uniting all of our global resources we enable our planet the ability to work together under one main goal, exploration and to better understand of other worlds around us.

If we have Russia competing with the US to get to the moon, who really benefits? If we combine the resources of both nations how much further do you think we could go? Now multiply this by every nation within our world.

Obviously however, there will be nations that will revolt against such a unity. Nations with strong beliefs that do not adhere to the way our world is meant to progress. Those nations would simply have to be dealt with.

Now, consider the secrecy about the truth of Alien life. How would our world react to learning such a truth? If we saw our President conversing with an Alien being on CNN during a special news briefing, how would that affect not only our nation, but all nations? I don't think the effect would be positive, especially at the beginning.

It is said that the ancient Egyptians shared 360o of light, or knowledge. Who provided this knowledge? It is said that the Freemasons hold 33 of said degrees and to obtain such knowledge, one must learn to cope with what he learns through time and lesson.

Basically, with the way our world works right now, I don't think the greater population could handle or would even know what to do with such knowledge. This is why such knowledge is meant to be specifically sought after by those who want to learn.

It is mankindís common nature to fear that which he does not understand and most of us strike out against that which we fear to protect ourselves.

There are common theories of David Rockefeller heading or otherwise being deeply involved in the roots of the Illuminati, the secret underworld society hell bent on ruling the world. Theories of George Bush Sr. and his involvement as a 33rd degree Freemason, former director of the CIA and father of the New World Order or as it is now referred to as Globalization.

There is one thing one can attain from reading and researching the NOW and all facets of itís obvious existence and that is, nothing is certain expect uncertainty. In other words, everything you read is theory much like the one you are now reading. All theories are potentially based on the research of like minded individuals mostly reading documents and information stemming from the same sources. The only real difference in these theories is how the perception if their writers are reflected through their words. Itís all relative.

It has been expressed by one scientist that he heading an ongoing operation to develop a series of underground bases throughout the US used for living, storing and working with an alien life form known as the Greyís. Supposedly these basis are built up to 2 miles below the earth and consist of tunnels spanning many miles. This Doctor confessed a situation where an underground battle between these Grey aliens and those military operatives stationed within this particular base broke out killing several doctors, soldiers and a few of these Greyís.

Some believe that these Grey aliens are trading advanced technology in exchange for the right to further their scientific studies on Earths inhabitants, including humans. They believe these Alien beings are hell bent on destroying the Earth and reconstituting itís inhabitants to do their bidding.

Others believe that our government is very well aware of a specific alien life form of which is currently awaiting our ability to bring unity and peace to our planet so that they may reveal themselves and invite us into a unified galactic partnership consisting of an infinite number of interstellar life forms already known to exist.

If you investigate online you will notice that foreign governments have begun unveiling recently classified documentation relating to UFOís and Alien life and are trying to encourage the American government to do the same.

In watching regular television you I am sure, have noticed the increase in Alien related TV shows and programs. Is this in attempt to sooth our American society in preparation for what is to be a ground shattering unveiling of the admittance of alien life knowledge?

If you know anything about the secret society known as the Freemasons, you would know that the basis for their secret practices are based around symbols and ancient texts ultimately describing that which even myself as a common man could not know. Supposedly this secret fraternity is the foreground society of which Illuminati members are selected. The Elite of the enlightened, consisting of the most powerful, the wealthiest and the most intelligent people on Earth unified under a common agenda of world domination. Or are they?

Some believe that the lower ranks of the Freemasons are the visible sect of the global elite. The good men of the order of which know very little about the actual goings on in the invisible organization working over them. That they are merely brainwashed over time to believe in a false God such as the ancient owl of Bohemia of which thousands gather in praise of the Idol God in a Redwood forest in California called the Bohemian Grove.

Letís say for a moment that there is an Alien life form here on Earth that has guided human society since the dawn of our time and that this secret society is a global unity of like minded intelligent thinkers and accomplishersÖwhat reason would they truly have to completely dominate the world we live in? How could it be possible for so many intelligent people to be fooled into a false belief system of which to base their lifeís practice? Some believe in the secret government conspiracy called MK Ultra whereby military and other individuals are brainwashed into performing certain actions against their will. Some say that this form of mind control is even being used today on attractive women so that they may be used as party favors during elaborate elite gatherings. Could this be a form of mental domination used on Freemasons? Think about this, out of the millions of Freemasons ever to walk the Earth, how many do you know of that have openly explained the secret rituals of common practice within the confines of Masonic lodges? I think there may be 3, 4 total?

Out of all of this ìtheoryî, what is shown to be constant? Uncertainty.
The point behind all of this is that although the potential truth to some of the above claims may be a bit frightening, the fact is, none of us really know the truth and therefore, one can only speculate. One thing is for sure however, and that is that whenever there is doubt, lack of information or even a snippet of truth revealed, you will notice that people will automatically assume the darkest, most twisted reasoning behind any questionable practice.

I for one would like to believe that although there are many intelligent, powerful and influential people amongst the human race who would deem themselves ìGod Likeî out of sheer arrogance, the humanity within the majority of our world will inevitably win out over all wrong doers.

Will the power of the few overcome the strength of those that oppose them? Or is our world becoming a better place through reform at the guidance of a higher power?

Strength in numbers and order through chaos.

Jason Appleton
Feb, 26 2003.

[Edited on 26-2-2003 by Mogus]

posted on Feb, 26 2003 @ 03:10 PM
However, where I think that the Illuminati are going about such unification all wrong. According to the way current events indicate progress on the path to unity, they're *forcing* it beyond its proper time...And getting great *personal* benefits from the conflicts that arise by forcing the issue.

I agree that mankind, in general, is not ready for the truth...However, instead of enlightening the human race towards unification, they're pushing agendas that *force* unification. They're *pushing* instead of *teaching*. I think this has something to do with the greed for more power & money that drives them to push so hard: I can't *blame* them for this...It's a part of human nature for someone who *isn't* truly enlightened.

I believe that humankind will become unified...Someday. But the Illuminati *pushing* for it before its proper time is only going to create more conflict and, by default, less unity. As a result, we're being pushed closer to self-extinction *because* of this conflict. Enlightenment can be taught, but unity must be earned & agreed upon, not pushed.

The human race has now developed the technologies we need to fix the problems that plague this world...The environmental problems, the lack of energy sources, the homeless & the poor, etc. However, we do need unity to put *all* of our efforts into survival because our planet is in pretty piss-poor shape from our previous mistakes. The Earth will eventually recover from human-made problems, but that's only after the humans themselves have commited self-genocide.

And yet, *pushing* for such unity is only causing more conflict...How can we survive if the Illuminati keeps pushing us? They need to change tracks & start *teaching*. Only once *everyone* is enlightened will we see that unity is the next step to ensure our continued survival.

[Edited on 26-2-2003 by MidnightDStroyer]

posted on Feb, 26 2003 @ 07:08 PM
None the less, this is all speculation.

posted on Feb, 26 2003 @ 08:28 PM

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 02:50 AM

Originally posted by Mogus

*chuckle* speculation rules the world right? It certainly does with the stock market.

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 10:11 AM
Your NWO utopia is nice and all, but let's think about this for a second.

If the Illuminati NWO conspiracy is true, they're responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people. Does this sound like someone out for our well-being? Once the NWO is in place, there are no more elections, there is no middle class, just us vs. the elite. Doesn't sound like a good situation no matter how you slice it.

Its been prophesized thousands of years ago, its coming, and its going to be ugly.

posted on Feb, 6 2005 @ 10:27 AM

Originally posted by Mogus

Just like to let you know,
the mods dont like one word posting...

and what do you mean by, "exactly"

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