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Merry Christmas to all +plus+ a conspiracial and anti-NWO poem for you, from myself.

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posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 09:44 AM
Happy christmas and peace to all mankind I wish from the front of my comp.

original (in czech - v češtině):
Svět se změnil,
a my s ním,
ani já už netuším,
jak moc i mě znetvořil.

"Demokracie" je jen iluzí,
diktatůra je realitou,
a všechno včem my žijeme,
je ve "vězeňské" šedi zamčené.

Ale i tak věřím ve šťastný konec,
neodzvonil všěm dnům ještě zvonec,
soudný den ještě nenastal.
Má důvěra je sice otřesena,
má naděje však nezlomena.


translation(v angličtině - in english)
The world has changed,
and we with it,
even I am not able to comperhend,
how much has it mis-shaped me.

"Democracy" is an illusion just,
dictatorship a reality,
and all we live in
is in a "jaily" greyness locked up.

But even so, I believe in happy endings,
the last bell hasn´t rang yet
the end day still haven´t come.
My faith is shaken,
though my hope not broken.


Myself in 15 minutes
. Please don´t be kill joys and make diferences between britsh and american english. Mods feel free to move even to BTS.

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posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 10:14 AM
thank you for the great poem

Merry Christmas to everyone!KEEP ON FIGHTING


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