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Uganda softens controversial anti-gay law

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posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 10:26 AM
reply to post by JohnPhoenix

Hello! They are in fact preparing to KILL sizeable amounts of people simply for the sake there-of.
These laws will never make homosexual behaviour disappear (in Uganda it is in anyway already so underground that many Ugandans don't even know what it means).
It can however be used to "investigate" and "torture" government opposition, and it can effectively be used to make entire villages disappear. Did Mugabe stop with the gays when he started his insane reign of terror?
You say that Ugandans have the right to excecute or send gays and their friends to prisons (in Africa, stalag or "concentration camp" would be more apposite terminology). You must therefore also argue that Nazi Germany had the right to exterminate Jews and other dissidents since they had a belief against this. Or maybe the Hutus had a right - on the same pretext - to exterminate the Tutsis? Since when does prejudice excuse a hate crime?
This argument sounds only logical to an extreme fascist.
Some people think human rights only belong to their own little group - until they are targeted next. While one could tolerate laws against public homosexuality, invading people's bedrooms and creating collateral victims and informers is unacceptable.
Never mind that what Uganda does in regards to human rights and HIV affects the whole region, including South Africa.

posted on Dec, 25 2009 @ 08:11 PM
reply to post by halfoldman

The American organization that is allegedly responsible for Uganda's anti-gay laws has the foreboding titles: "The Fellowship" and "The Family". Superficially it purports to spread Christian love (and controls much of evangelical Chritianity), but it is highly secretive, preaches an elite fundamentalism and is connected to both good and bad world leaders. In short, it is a conspiracist's dream and probably deserves a thread on of its own. For a general overview see: (If a drop down list appears select American Christian organization)
In regards to The Family's trip to Uganda and their influence there, see:
Apparently the Family did eventually state that the Ugandan Bill went too far (or something to that effect), but few people are convinced of the belated sincerity of such statements.
But then a country that produced Idi Amin and expelled its entire Asian population, while featuring bloodthirsty militias with names like "The Lord's Resistance Army" probably didn't require too much intervention to find somebody to persecute.
Sadly, ordinary Ugandans will be further stigmatized.
The other collateral damage is US evangelism, which is now even easier to associate with hate groups.

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