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Blast! Los Alamos Researchers Accidentally Demolish Building with a Cannon

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posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 10:30 PM
Last week it was reported there was an incident at Los Alamos National Labs, “researchers accidentally blew a building apart… while testing a gun which acts like a Civil War cannon,” the watchdogs at the Project on Government Oversight note. “While no one was hurt, sources advise POGO that there was over $3 million in damage to property.”

today we got an official statement

Here are the facts: On December 16, Los Alamos conducted a standard proof test on a new design for a catch tank in the target chamber for one of our large bore powder guns (LBPG). These types of experiments are routine and responsible. The LBPG is used to conduct measurements of material properties at pressures needed for understanding nuclear weapons performance. During this particular test, unexpected explosive damage occurred and, because that damage could result in $1 million in damages, an investigation was automatically triggered. That investigation will seek to identify the cause of the incident and any changes in procedures that might be required. NNSA, Los Alamos, and all of our facilities take their commitment to safety very seriously. It is important to note that no personnel were injured from this event, no hazardous or radioactive materials were involved, and that lab’s incident response mechanisms appear to have performed as intended.”

What we know happened is this:
A little after 3pm local time on December 16th, “researchers heard a loud unusual noise from Technical Area 15, Building 562 after firing a shot from a large-bore powder gun,” according to a Lab “Occurrence Report.” “About twenty minutes later, the research conducted surveillance outside [the building] and observed that “two doors had been blown off the facility and concrete shielding blocks on the west and the east side of the building were separated from the wall.”

there is a story posted ABQ Journal but you need a paid subscription to read

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 10:15 AM
partly to bump while adding new details

The Facility Operations Director "declared a management concern due to the significant facility structural damage incurred resultant of the shot." Parts of the cannon were found outside the building.

"I must say that this is a new twist in the long history of screw-ups by Los Alamos," said POGO's Senior Investigator, Peter Stockton. “I have no idea in the world why they have a gun like this, let alone testing it.”

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