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Similarities between the new movie "Avatar" and the book "Gods of Eden" by William Bramley

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posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 09:48 PM
Warning: If you haven't ready the book "Gods of Eden", this thread may not make sense.

This thread is about the similarities between the new movie "Avatar" and the book "Gods of Eden" by William Bramley.

If you've read William Bramley's book, then it would be easy to see how the story of Avatar relates to his views on human history. Simply substitute the NAVI race with the human race and the "sky people" with "sky gods" and you get his book, more or less.

I for one believe that we are bound to Mother Earth whether we like it or not for we live on this planet. It is ours and we are her children. It is alive as Pandora was, with spirit and wisdom. Sentient yet subtle, elusive. Though we may not "interface" with HER as the NAVI do with their synaptic link ponytail, we do have, perhaps, invisible umbilical cords tied to our Mother. And we interface with her animals and plants in the same way - but again without the physical ponytail, only spiritual ties, or intelligence binding with other subtler energies. Before getting too mystical, let me just point out that there are other more SPIRITUAL threads out there about "Avatar". This is just a comparison between the sky gods and the sky people; AND the NAVI and HUMANS.

It seems noble and romantic to imagine our ancestors fighting ancient battles in the manner the NAVI fought our human brethren - the "sky people". James Cameron surely got his idea of NAVI from actual earth tribal cultures that are spiritually rich. In a practical angle though, I must say that it's the clash between the physically challenging world of the warrior/soldier versus the pencil pushing world of corporates. It is much easier to lounge in an office than face a horde of mosquitoes in any given day. But the more we linger in that artificial environment, the bland and lifeless office room, the more we get detached to human/humane reality and become apathetic and distant. This was emphasized when the human sky people - the controllers in the control room, fell silent and appalled when their mercenaries went to the Omaticayan village and bombed (and demolished) the Hometree. It reminds us of similar points in our history where we were shocked and awed, with jaws wide agape. Some would take action, but most would rather, of course, join the status quo.

That's enough of my views. I just wanted to get a discussion started with the stated similarities. Your opinions are more important. So let get the ball rolling, shall we?

All comments are welcome, even derogatory remarks shall be considered as feedback.

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