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The Earth: Spiritual History

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posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 09:21 PM

Originally posted by whiteraven
If Earth is a light being then why the earthquakes, tornado and floods?

For example without lightening life would not exist yet lightening kills people and livestock every year...

Also I eat meat and have raised and slaughtered livestock as well as hunted and killed upland game and I do not relate this as being wrong whatsoever.

Of course I am open to change...

When I as a boy raised a orphan heifer over a spring and summer and then ate it that winter it later dawned upon me how the sacrificial lamb as a type for the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for mankind was so powerful to older agarian cultures which all raised and ate their livestock.

Just questions.

Also how do you pray to Mother Earth? What exactly or who is she in your opinion?

Like I mentioned before, the Earth as Light being, as have we all, has been
damaged to an immense extent.. no planet in the Universe has ever had
to go through this an extent of damage. Most planets collapse and die long
before reaching the amount of damage that the Earth has sustained. The
planet Mars for example, is a Light being too, but he's a lot weaker than
Earth, he succumbed to all the damage caused to it by the non light. The
Earthquakes and tornados, volcano eruptions and all these apparently
"natural" disasters, are caused directly by non light energy projected onto
the weather system and the tectonic plates. These disasters are caused
by dark intent and influence. Earth's nature in its healthy state, does not
cause destruction.

We have been brought up and taught that killing animals is normal.. and
for the non light, killing animals and eating their meat is indeed normal.
Most Light beings are meat eaters now too, but only because they are so
damaged and disconnected from their memories and knowledge. A Light
being in its healthy state, connected to its higher self and memories, will
never even consider killing an animal, let alone eating its flesh. Humanity,
once restored, will never, ever eat meat again. We will even stop eating
cheese, drinking milk, eating eggs, honey and other animal products. We
will only eat plants, without exception.

Mother Earth is the soul of this planet. When the rubbles of the early Earth
came into existence, a Light being just as the ones incarnating in humans,
came down and incarnated into those rubbles. She has been with us ever
since then, and she will inhabit the Earth for a very, very long time. She
is a Light being that is vastly more advanced and powerful than we are,
she is more powerful than any Light or non light being in this part of the
universe. That's why despite the non light's best efforts, they could not
destroy the Earth, like they have destroyed the other planets. But even
on them, life will return in time.

In the future, the connection between humanity and Mother Earth will be
restored, in a way that we will be able to freely communicate with her, in
the same easy way you can communicate with other humans. You just
send your thoughts and words to her, and she will reply. She will once
again be a great teacher and Mother to us all. All of humanity will work
hard for the next 5000 years, to heal our Mother Earth completely.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 09:47 PM
Funny how Earth is our mother in so many ways from birth to death.

I remember reading a statement by Sitting Bull which went along the lines of "the sun would warm our infants and the leaves of the trees would provide shade...
which would really mean the radiated warmth of the sun is returned by the earth to warm our infants...

And then the earth receives our bodies and God our spirit.

How does Mars relate to earth?

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 10:05 PM
I think Mars is a brother to Earth, or maybe a child. I don't have much
information on the other planets really. I only know the non light have
invaded Mars and the other planets similarly as they have invaded our
Mother Earth, but unlike Mother Earth, they were not strong enough to
survive the onslaughts and wars, and they collapsed, losing all ability
to support life. Some planets will have life again in the future though.

I don't have it confirmed, but I read something about a nuclear war on
Mars. Maybe that war wiped out all the life? I really don't know for sure.
I've a lot of opinions but I rather stick to what I know is the truth.

Though I know that right now there is a non light king ruling over the
spiritual realms of Mars. He is said to be one nasty being, and he has
caused a lot of damage to Light souls. Because you have to know, if
you die without having your blocks released, and this release is only
possible since a few years, your soul is vulnerable after you die.

Though with all the Light pouring into the Earth right now, you will be
pretty safe after you die, as the non light have lost a lot of power
already, it's not that easy to snatch us after we die anymore. Maybe
it's even become impossible for them already, let's hope.

Usually all Light beings go straight to the Light after they die, but in
the past the non light has blocked this passage, and were able to
snatch souls and trap them. But this has become much harder for
them now, and it's entirely impossible for them to snatch you if you
have had your blocks released.

I have to add though, that this total block release has been made
possible through the opening of a Light Window.. and this Window will
not stay open forever, it is a one in a lifetime thing. I don't know for
how many more years it will stay open, but it will close again, and it
will never open again. Never before in the history of the universe has
such a total block release been possible.. but because of the intense
harms done to the Light on Earth, I guess the Creator made an
exception and opened this Window of Light, so at least some Light
beings could have a total block release performed.

This total block release is being offered to the non light as well. Even
Zeus and others like him, have come to my friend in their current
incarnation, to have their blocks released.. imagine that. I think that
proves how amazing this opportunity is. If even the leader of the
non light on Earth comes asking for a block release.

If you're reading this, whether your energy is hate or love, I strongly
recommend that you have your blocks released, you only have one
chance, and that is now. If you don't take this opportunity, whether
you believe in all this or not, you will spend hundreds of lives releasing
your blocks one by one.

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posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 10:29 PM
In order to have the blocks released what is needed?

Prayer or is something else needed as well?

And just who is Zeus now?

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 10:41 PM
I've explained on the first page who Zeus is, I'm a little too tired to write it
all down again my friend. For block release nothing is needed, just send me
an email and I will tell you who to contact to have your blocks removed. All
you have to do is send an email and the rest sorts itself out.

My email is So far I have only met one person
who is able to do a total block release, contact me and I will send you her
email and instructions, there's no need for prayer or meditation to have
your blocks released, you don't have to do anything at all for this to happen.

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posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 06:10 PM
Take this for what it is worth.

Overactive imagination.

I just had the strongest most detailed impression that I was sold to a fur trader in servitude and traveled with this man/father figure to whom I would grow to like and actually marry one of his daughters...we traveled from Lake Winnipeg down to the Mississippi and areas.

He was part French part Deni...My father had sold me to him...

Very Very strange impression.

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 09:12 PM
reply to post by Wehali

I read your entire story with great interest. and some of what you say I agree with but a lot of your story does not resonate with me at all.

Your story is predicated on the belief that duality exist in everything.

yin and yang, in the Taoist sense is the foundation to your whole story, but in yin yang, opposites are completely equal.

The dualities you use in your arguments are not equal.

If you take the first of your dualities, dark and light. It becomes clear that this is not a true duality.

Darkness is the absence of light but light is not the absence of dark, because dark ceases to exist once light is present. so how can this be equal?

Love is self sustaining, Hate is self destructive. Which will survive and which will perish? so how are these equal?

Good and bad it much the same as the previous example, good will nurture help and serve for the goodness of all.
Bad will be self serving to the exclusion of all others and will perish lonely and bitter. how is this equal?

How is harmony a duality? when harmony exists in everything that is balanced. disharmony and harmony do not exist together.
if you put harmony and disharmony together you will still have disharmony.

Your view of the human/spiritual condition is rather dangerous in as much that you are stating that 90% of the worlds population is born of evil and will remain that way for eternity.

I just couldn't disagree with you more. We are all influenced by good and bad, but it is the spiritual growth we all attain through our life that leads us to make the choice and understand that love prevails. The conditions of love and evil are not equal in any sense.

To say that the law of attraction or Karma does not exist is just not true as I have witness it all my life. Karma is the training wheels for young souls and is a very effective process to help people stay on track by dishing out the same degree of negativity as was served.

Love is probably our greatest lesson in life. For you to claim that 90% of earths population are not the children of God but the children of the darkness gives much of the population no hope whatsoever of redemption. I think that is disinformation of the worst kind and does nothing to help increase the presence of light in the world.

I believe you are a good person, but you have been badly misled and expressing these views will do more harm than good.

Love and light to you but please stop telling people they are evil and will always be that way and then tell them you love them anyway.

That just sounds like elitism.

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posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 04:01 AM

Light and non light are energies.. Light is the opposite of non light, and
non light is the opposite of Light. Light is not the same as the light you
see coming from a bulb, and non light is not the kind of darkness you
see when there is no light bulb to brighten the room. This kind of darkness
is not the absence of light, it is an energy on its own.

I don't quite understanding the logic you use though, so it is hard
for me to try and clarify what I meant in regards to your questions.

But I will try,

Darkness will never perish, nor will the Light, they will both exist along
each other, equally and eternally, for as long as Creation exists.

Also, not all non light humans are evil.. many of them are peaceful, who
just want to be with their family and enjoy life. Even in the spirit world,
when I visited the non light realms.. some of these realms were peaceful,
without any fighting, without any evil.. they just go along their business
and enjoy their existence. Not all of them are demonic.. but that side
exists too, I've seen some terrifying demonic hells, inhabited by demons,
dragons and terrible creatures, but those places are scary even to the
other, more peaceful non light beings. Just to illustrate, there is great
variety in the non light. Just like you can see on Earth, 90% of all
humans are non light, but not all of them are evil.. not all non light
beings are evil, most of the non light beings I've seen, are not evil.

Your greatest misunderstanding, seems to be that you think Light is better
than darkness. This is not true, Light is not better than darkness, love is
not better than hatred.. the dual energies are equal, different but equal.

I hope that clarifies it.

The energy of Light is unconditional love, so yeah I do love the non light
as well as "my own" people. I am not better than them, they are not better
than me. I love them for who they are, they can ask to have their blocks
released just as anyone of the Light can.

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posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 05:16 AM
reply to post by Wehali

There are two energies in the universe as I've said before, Light and non light. When the Creator, who is Light, started creating, there was no darkness. But as he started creating, he learned that no system can exist without opposing energies..

This is where I start to question your supposition

"He learned that no system can exist without opposing energies"


God is the creator of all things and the designer of all natural laws
He doesn't have to learn anything. He can create any natural law that he wants.

He could create a world were people float around if he wanted. If mankind had been doing that since we appeared on the earth, levitation would be the natural law.

Your whole philosophy is predicated on duality.

You are saying that God couldn't make this reality work without a negative version of himself to create non light energies.

The God you describe likes playing Russian roulette, knowing full well that if one energy or the other took total control then he and creation would cease to exist.


the entirety of Creation has to be balanced out by two opposing energies.

Where is the logic in that?

90% of all humans are non light, but not all of them are evil.. not all non light beings are evil, most of the non light beings I've seen, are not evil.

In which case the anti creator didn't do a very good job did he?

I am not sure I would like to live in the universe you describe, I want to believe that one day we can all live in harmony with each other, no wars, no violence, no inequalities, no suffering, Just love, the love that I believe flows unconditionally throughout the universe.

I believe that mankind is destined to achieve this harmony eventually and join the rest of Gods creatures that have already dumped the baggage and learned to live in peace.

In your universe there will never be an end to this crap.

posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 06:09 AM
reply to post by Wehali

Sorry if that came across a bit agitated, your ideas challenge my own in as much as I can't see the anti creator standing much of a chance when everything about him is self destructive and could not exist for eternity.

Love and Peace mate.

posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 09:24 AM
(Sorry for the long text, but I assure you it will be worth reading.)

My friend,

In order for life to evolve, there must be struggle on a large scale. Sure there
are many places without struggle.. but on the borders between Light and non light,
there is constant struggle. The non light constantly try to invade or destroy our
planets, and corrupt our spiritual realms. This is a constant battle and it will
go on for as long as Creation exists. But through this struggle, both sides learn,
grow, develop and evolve. Without this duality and constant struggle, there would
be no evolution. This is why the non light came into God's Creation.. because
there can not be evolution without struggle, and there is no way God could make
it so evolution could exist without struggle. This a logic that cannot be denied,
not even by the Creator..

When God first started creating, there was only Light, there was only love and
harmony, compassion and peace, justice and joy. But there was no evolution, as
everything just stayed the same without changing. I don't know exactly how the
anti creator was born, how the source of all non light was born, but it was. Once
non light started coming into Creation, and the galaxies started dividing between
Light and non light.. evolution started, and Creation now worked properly.


Earth is a Light planet, this solar system is Light territory. It was invaded by
the non light, and has been occupied by them for 89.000 years.. but the tide
is turning. Through gigantic efforts from Light beings from all over Creation,
the scales have tipped to the favor of the Light again, and since 2008, no
non light beings can incarnate on Earth again. This is irreversible, there is
no way for the non light to regain control over Earth again.

So on this planet, there will be harmony, unconditional love, compassion,
justice and caring for each other again. On this planet, the Light will win and
all non light beings will have to leave here. Within 5000 years there will not be
a speck of non light left on Earth, and all the wounds will have been healed.

Humanity will live in complete harmony, without any kind of negativity. Because
this duality only exists on a larger scale, it does not exist on a planetary
scale. A planet and their inhabitants are either Light or non light, they are not
both.. when they are both, like on Earth now, it is only because the non light
has invaded and occupied the planet. This is a temporary state, as the Light will
always regain control over its planet, and restore the flow of Light, banishing
all the non light back to where it came from. This is what will happen on Earth,
Earth will become a paradise again.

My friend has actually spoken to the anti creator, and he was very furious
about how things were going on Earth. He is losing grip on this planet and
he is very angry about this. If my friend hadn't been completely freed of
all blocks and non light energies, if she hadn't been surrounded with total
love and Light, then surely he would have killed her on the spot. Because
my friend has been a major contribution to the Light regaining control on
Earth. The releasing of the blocks she and others are doing, is the reason
the non light have lost the battle.

By having your blocks removed, you contribute majorly yourself, because
the blocks in your being, are anchors for the non light to cling to Earth. The
more people decide to have their blocks removed, the harder it is for the
non light to stay here.. and the more Light energy pours onto the Earth.

The more Light pours into the Earth, the faster the non light humans will die
to disease, accidents and suicide. This huge amount of Light that is pouring
into Earth, makes the non light feel very ill, sick and depressed. Many non
light humans are committing suicide because of this.

It is sad that the non light have to suffer so much now, but this planet is not
theirs, and they will all have to leave one way or another. Once they are
freed from here, they cannot come back, they cannot be forced by their
leaders to keep reincarnating here, so they are finally free again to return
to their home planet. This is a good thing for them and for us as well..

I hope this clarifies it, duality does not exist in everything, it only exists on a very
large scale. In its natural state, there is no duality on a planetary level. A planet
is either Light or non light, and Earth is meant to be a paradise without struggle
of any kind. The struggle we experienced on Earth, has taught a great deal to
both sides, but the struggle on a planet is not meant to go on forever. Where the
flow of Light is blocked, there is struggle, but once the flow of Light is restored,
struggle ends.

Please feel free to keep asking questions.


The anti creator is not only about destruction.. he has created many things
as well. The anti creator has created souls just as the Creator did, he has created
planets, star systems and galaxies, he has created wonderful and beautiful things
in the universe. But still his energy is hatred and fear.. even in the peaceful realms
that I have visited, the people are being controlled through fear.. even in schools
there are torture chambers. In many non light communities, pedophilia, torture,
blood sacrifices and so forth, are socially acceptable and completely normal. Just
look at how the ancient Greeks and the Romans lived. In the eyes of the Light,
and even the non light, the non light can be extremely vile and ugly. But that is
simply their way of life. For them, fear is normal, not pleasant but normal.. they
all live in fear, some more than others. A non light being enjoys ruling over others,
and their way to gain control over others, is fear. A minion will fear his master,
the master will fear his superior, this superior will fear his superior and so forth,
there is always a greater being that utilizes fear to control the ones below him
or her.

The energy of non light is fear.
The energy of Light is unconditional love.

A Light being only feels fear when the flow of Light through its being is
blocked or hampered. Even in great danger a Light being will feel no fear,
because this energy is non light, and not Light. Just like a non light being
will never feel unconditional love. He may feel love and caring for his
family or his best friends.. but if someone hurts him, he will be angry and
hateful, forgiveness is rare and is usually only given at a price.

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posted on Dec, 27 2009 @ 10:12 AM

Originally posted by kennyb72
reply to post by Wehali

I believe that mankind is destined to achieve this harmony eventually and join the rest of Gods creatures that have already dumped the baggage and learned to live in peace.

In your universe there will never be an end to this crap.

For Light beings, incarnating onto a planet that has struggle.. is a choice. No
one has forced you to come to this planet and go through all this pain and
hardship, it was your choice, because you wanted to evolve faster than
others and you wanted to help this planet out of her terrible situation. As
no planet in Creation ever had to suffer as much as the Earth. You could
have chosen to incarnate into a paradise, another planet without any kind
of struggle at all, apart from choosing what's for dinner.

And if you want, after you die, you may choose to still go away from this
planet and incarnate somewhere else. You may even commit suicide right
now, go straight into the Light, have a rest and incarnate into another
planet, or stay in the Light for a few thousand years, without incarnating.
It is all your choice.. the Light doesn't judge. Whether you kill others, or
kill yourself, the Light always forgives you and lets you choose where to
go and what to do.

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posted on Dec, 29 2009 @ 04:21 PM
Let me know if anyone has any further questions.

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