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How to spot a concealed Handgun...

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posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 09:51 AM
Great survival information.

If the SHTF... or just daily survival walking on the streets, standing in line at a bank, this is good information.

Common sense comes into play on some stuff and how to avoid situations... but knowing what to look for and actively look for these characteristics can be a matter of life and death.

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posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 10:46 AM
Sorry my friend, but as full time CCW'er, I can emphatically state that none of that applies to me, or any of my other CCW collegues. There is no change in gait, our clothes appear normal and fit well. If there was, what would the point of carrying be?

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 10:48 AM
I CC almost perpetually.

About the only thing I do differently is not reach up of do jumping jacks.

Much of these "tells" depend greatly on what you're carrying, how and how much experience you have carrying.

In a world where one phone call based on a wrinkle in your shirt can have your permit revoked and you charged with "brandishing" you learn to be extremely discrete.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 10:57 AM
reply to post by thisguyrighthere

I totally agree. If one person calls in a MWAG, you have to go through hell to clear your name, and show you are CC'ing legally. Even when the permit is shown, a lot of LEO's still want to cuff and stuff.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 11:01 AM
CCW or not... I work in Law Enforcement and a lot of these "Tells" are subconscious. Your body reacts differently to the weight.

In addition... it's the amateurs that you need to look out for. Desperate people act in a different ways.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 11:09 AM
i won't leave my house without my little 45 acp.(s&w 457) i have had a ccw for over 15 years i have learned to wear bulky clothing to hide it and only 1 person besides the cops who know me have ever spotted it- best bet is get a good comfortable holster. plus i live in pa. and we are an "open carry state" so even if it does get exposed there is nothing they can do about it-for survival purposes yes it is best to let noone know-very few people know i'm "packing" and i like to keep it that way

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 11:32 AM
I think I saw this info before. If I am not mistaken, it was included in a pamphlet from DHS, distributed to local LEO's regarding domestic terrorism and definitions of such.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 11:43 AM
New Mexico is both open and CC... My CCW of choice is a HK p2000 40S&W As one of the few (now semi retired) Gunsmiths in town not only have my permits never come into question, I've never been asked to produce mine...

my view... there is a big difference in the mannerisms of a person who carries and one who's hiding.... they act jumpy, twitchy, guilty

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 11:55 AM

Originally posted by shaolin_dragon
Sorry my friend, but as full time CCW'er, I can emphatically state that none of that applies to me, or any of my other CCW collegues. There is no change in gait, our clothes appear normal and fit well. If there was, what would the point of carrying be?

As it points out, "gangsters" are too cool for holsters.

God fearing honest American patriots holster their firearms and know how to use them properly.

If you didn't have a CC holster, I can see how all the observations pointed out in the OP make obvious sense.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 11:56 AM
reply to post by x2Strongx

Well that does make a difference. Yes, many newbie CCW'ers are not experienced enough to really conceal.

I've been carrying a 22 magnum and a 38 S&W since 1965. One in my fanny pack and one on my body.

They go with me to the mall, weddings, funerals and anywhere I go.

In all those years no one knew I was holding except my close friends and family.

Oh, and I have a fold up 410 and a short barreled 12g shot gun in my truck.

I'm from south Ga. I thought everybody carried guns.

Almost forgot about my bull dog. She's been shot twice and still held on to that sorry rascal that tried to take my truck.

Oh silly me. I just about forgot to mention my two very sharp knives I carry.

This is not abnormal for a gal from my area. I'm very surprised when I meet someone that doesn't carry a weapon or two.

I'm 5' short so I do need an equalizer.

posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 12:07 PM
I had seen this long ago and I agree with the OP, this is true of any handgun being carried without a holster. I have used these tips to spot people carrying many times. Subconsciously, people will move their hand toward their weapon if they feel it moving (gang-bangers mostly). And that is WHO I mostly worry about. Great post! S and F.

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posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 08:04 PM
i would bet 99% of us law adiding citizens who carry guns make sure they aren't showed unless in an open carried state. the gangbangers are the ones who are to stupid to know how to keep it comfortable and you can usually spot them right away anyway. they can keep their little 25 acp and hold on the backside but unless you hit mein the eye all you are going to do is piss me off
and btw whether on my hip or a shoulder holster i can draw my 45 and hit a beer can size tartget at 15 yards in 10 seconds-i've timed it
and believe me you get hit by a 45 inthe chest you are down
and most gangbangers have never even shot a gunthey just think they are cool because they have one and watch hollywood movies and want to feel tough
i passed up a deer of my dreams this year because if i took the shot it was towards houses and i know a 30/06 won't stop in a deer-last thing i want to do is kill a kid for a monster buck

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posted on Dec, 23 2009 @ 11:46 PM
Here in Canada it is almost impossible to get a concealed handgun permit unless you are law enforcement. I know one guy in the RCMP and he regularly carries his gun around, and his holster holds the gun behind his back. (I don't know the name of that kind of holster; I'm a gun noob :p) I could not tell at all that he had it on, even when I knew it was there. I was also rather surprised how heavy it was, he let me handle it (after he took the ammo out) and it was a really small gun, too. Of course, as RCMP he'd been carrying a gun for 10+ years and was trained in its use, so maybe n00bs aren't as good at hiding it.

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 03:55 AM
My $0.02, from a daily CCer's perspective

Personally I think this one is totally false. Maybe if you're carrying a 10" K-frame Smith & Wesson.

There is some truth to this one. For example, when seating at a restaurant, I will try to make sure my gun side is facing inside the booth, or away from the crowd. Same thing when I'm at the store and need to bend over to get something, or reach up high on a shelf. Completely impossible, IMO, to use this as an accurate way to determine whether someone is carrying, unless they are very blatantly trying to keep one side out of view.

I'd say this one is the best way to spot a person carrying. There's definitely some truth in the fact that your gun will shift occasionally, even with a good holster. Not so sure about the examples given (descending stairs or stepping onto a curb) but definitely when squatting, bending over, etc. I very seldom touch my gun to re-adjust, a good holster will prevent you from needing to do this frequently, but I will almost always tug at the back of my shirt after making such movements to make sure it hasn't ridden up over the gun grip.

Not an issue with a good holster. I played touch football over Thanksgiving wearing an XD45c the whole time. "Mexican carry" definitely no running, you would have to grab onto it.

Definitely some truth here. I get suspicious when I see gangbangers wearing hoodies or sweatshirts in warm weather. Nowadays with so many people carrying cell phones, PDA's, etc. it's hard to determine exactly what is a lump under someone's shirt at the beltline, or heavy item in a coat pocket.

I can see how nearly all of these things may apply to someone inexperienced at carrying a gun. For someone who does it every day, with proper gear (IWB holster), they just don't apply.

I carried for over a year before my dad found out just a few weeks ago. He asked "How long have you been doing that?" I replied, "I've been carrying a gun every time you've seen me for the last year."

Not long ago the subject of concealed carry came up with some co-workers over lunch, and one of them blabbed that I had taken the CCH course. Another asked, "So do you have your gun on you now?"
My response was "Well, that's the great thing about it being concealed, you'll never know until you try to rob me!"

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 09:24 AM

Originally posted by x2Strongx
CCW or not... I work in Law Enforcement and a lot of these "Tells" are subconscious. Your body reacts differently to the weight.

In addition... it's the amateurs that you need to look out for. Desperate people act in a different ways.

I pack all the time...and i do not agree with you....If you are in law enforcement...what you are looking at are punks and trash that are nothing more than wanna be's... bangers fit your details...not the vast majority of CCW people....

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 10:31 AM
About the only one of those things I find myself falling victim to is the bending at the waist stuff. I typically carry in an IWB holster so if I don't have a longer jacket on I can't bend at the waist without showing the whole world the gun. Other than that I don't typically limp (unless my knee or ankle is acting up on me) or wear cold weather gear in the summer. Good ways to spot some hoodlum, and of course thats typically the ones you worry about anyway.

posted on Dec, 24 2009 @ 10:41 AM
I see some merit to the post - noobs, bangers and other undesireables do project when carrying. Experienced CCers may project if they are carrying a large frame handgun or if their holster isn't correctly fitted. But for the most part, trained and experienced CCers do NOT typically project or project to a much smaller degree - like the bending over thing.

I live in an open-carry state and do not have to be too concerned about my piece being seen - although I do my absolute best not to. My friends have been completely suprised that I was carrying when they asked me.

posted on Dec, 28 2009 @ 01:08 PM
It's dead easy to spot if someone's got a CCW.

If you suspect it, just approach them with a purposeful stride, raise your right foot in a swift, swinging motion and implant it in their testicles. Then take 4-5 swift steps back.

if you're still alive in 10 seconds, then they're probably not carrying.

posted on Dec, 28 2009 @ 01:23 PM
Virtually none of the OP info applies to CC that involves cross-body-reach shoulder holsters, paddle holsters that ride in the small of the back, or ankle holsters.

As far as I'm concerned, sidearm carry is what police do to make their weapon more obvious to the public and to potential criminals. Cops wear the gun on the hip not for easier access — because it's not easier to remove a gun vertically from your waistband — but so the weapon is highly visible to others.

I think cross-body-reach is by far the easiest (for me, anyway), which is why I prefer the shoulder holster for my main handgun and the ankle holster for my backup.

— Doc Velocity

posted on Dec, 28 2009 @ 01:26 PM
reply to post by PaddyInf

Yeah, you do that and let me know how it works out.

Not sure if many of you are aware of this, but unless my state is different, CCW is the offense commited when carrying and not licensed.

It is called a [insert state] Concealed Pistol License, CCW is what you get charged with if you don't have a CPL.

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