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Documents come to light relating to secret nuclear pact between Japan, U.S.

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posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 11:14 AM

Documents come to light relating to secret nuclear pact between Japan, U.S.

Documents belonging to the surviving family members of former Japanese Prime Minister Eisaku Sato revealed that an agreement was signed between the Washington and Tokyo that allowed nuclear weapons to come on Japanese soil

the government is amid negotiations with the United States about a Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) signed between the two nations in 2006. Under that agreement, tens of thousands of U.S. troops are set to remain in Okinawa after 2014, when 8,000 were to be moved to Guam.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 11:14 AM
Wow, U.S. has been acting like the UN for quite some time now.

How come the only the U.S. alone can be considered enough to give the go ahead

And what is this, tens of thousands of troops are to remain in Okinawa after 2014, that`s outrageous.

It`s funny how everyone talks about occupation in Iraq and Afghanistan as if that`s the only place where troops are.

Tell me something, if you asked the average american in how many countries are u.s. troops stationed at what number do you think the average american would respond with

``On the SOFA issue, Okinawan residents have made their feelings known by protesting against the U.S. troops on their soil. If the document signed by Nixon and Sato turns out to be true, it is likely to exacerbate tensions between locals and U.S. military personnel in Japan's southernmost prefecture.

couldn`t ex tag the above as keyboard is acting weird
but let`s see what happens next
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 12:40 PM
Maybe they have technology that we don't know about. It can't hurt to speculate they're using some kind of leverage against the other countries in terms of propping themselves up over them. It seems to me the U.S.'s powers are much larger than the media leads on about because they are everywhere. If any other country were fighting the wars the U.S. are fighting, their government/military wouldn't be around for very long to say the least.

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posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 12:51 PM
It's long been known that Japan has the technology and weapons-grade plutonium to make large-scale nuclear wepons in less than a month. There are a number of political problems with this -- Article 5 in the constitution mandating permanent non-militarism for Japan after WWII, public oposition, Japan's status as the only nation to ever have suffered actual nuclear attack, etc.

There have been incidents of US nuclear subs docking in Japan that have triggered outrage on both the political and popular levels. Whether all this is more accepted at the highest levels is another matter.

As for the Okinawa base situation, there have been a number of tensions and problems between the US soldiers and the locals for decadea, and on the whole the soldiers should probably comport themselves with more respect for the locals, IMHO. Also there are noisy flyovers of US airplanes at airforce bases elswere in Japan that have created problems, etc. But it should be noted that a majority of Japanese favor military protection by the US and the presece of US bases on Japanese soil. Their removal would cause a great deal of economic pain for the local areas around the bases, for one. Secondly, Japan would have to ramp-up its SDF units into actual fightingforces, which goes against their constituion, would be very expensive for an already-deficit-riddled nation, and would enrage the Chinese and Koreans, perhaps leading to regional instability.

posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 12:54 PM

The agreement was signed by former U.S. President Richard Nixonand Sato on Nov. 19, 1969, and was marked "top secret".

The two-page document is currently being checked for authenticity, but could signal the first discovery of papers relating to secret pacts between Japan and the United States that the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) has said it wants to make public.

Let me ask you a question.

Why is this an issue? Their Government were the ones denying the pact not ours.

Same Source

The document was stored in the library in Sato's house.

The United States has long been open about previous secret pacts with Japan that allowed nuclear weapons to be on Japanese soil, but the LDP has always denied their existence. In a quest for open government, the DPJ has been looking for evidence of such documents since coming to power.

This was signed during the Nixon Presidency, Well within the era of the Cold War. I say with Mr Kowtow I mean Mr Obama in office this could be renegotiated.

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posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 01:42 PM

Originally posted by SLAYER69
Why is this an issue?

The issue is the Japanese Government collaborated with the United States to violate Japanese law.

The pact violates a Japanese law that prohibits nuclear weapons from being made, possessed or stored on its territory.

Source: CBS News Article

Originally posted by SLAYER69
Their Government were the ones denying the pact not ours.

While declassified U.S. documents do admit the existence of the treaty the Japanese Government is now asking the United States to officially investigate the matter.

The United States has shown reluctance in doing so saying it "adds unnecessary friction"

Still, the Tokyo government's insistence on an official investigation of the matter has placed new strain on U.S.-Japanese relations.

"This is not the type of issue your closest ally forces you to confront publicly," said Ralph A. Cossa, president of the Center for Strategic and International Studies' Pacific Forum, a think tank in Honolulu. "At a minimum, it adds unnecessary friction to the alliance and makes U.S. ship visits, which are now routine, once again a source of contention and a rallying point for protest."

(Emphasis Mine)

Japan's Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) is currently in power and is forcing the United States to investigate the violations of Japanese law made during Prime Minister Eisaku Sato's (Liberal Democratic Party LDP) term. The United States does not wish to open an investigation and instead points to already declassified U.S. documents which prove that nuclear weapons were deployed in Japan.

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posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 09:30 PM
There is a conflict of interests amongst the U.S citizens today.

We want to be a super power while at the same time the nice guy who ACTUALLY helps everyone.

As nice as it may sound, I feel it will never happen.

When we become the nice guy, other countries will take advantage of us. There is no need to step down from the pedestal.

Pick one. International morals and ethics, or at home economic growth and surplus.

My opinion may not be entirely true, but it is what I feel.

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