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Socialized Medicine and My Dog

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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 09:54 PM
About 8 weeks ago , we took our dog (Border Collie-Lab mix) to the Vet to

have a growth on his mouth looked at. The Vet looked him over and found 2 other

growths on him.

We were informed that it would cost to remove , and all follow up care, $ 1600.

We had this guy for 14 years so for us it was a no-brainer, he was getting

the help needed. Few days after I met up with my younger brother and the

topic of the dog came up.

He said I was crazy to pay that much, that the dog was OLD and had had a


I basically said that he was a member of the family and I was ok with paying

to get him healthy, regardless of cost.


He then says (and he's not a CT person)

"Its a good thing we dont live in the US, or this conversation could very well

be about Dad"

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 10:46 PM
reply to post by Sean48

I'm not reading the rest of the posts. This is a dog. It ain't somebody's "dad". You would spend 1000 dollars for a dog and not consider spending 1000 dollars on some poor kid who needed dental work or some nutrition? This crap amazes me. It's a dog.

Hear me out. I have a 14 year old granddaughter who believes a woman has the right to abort a fetus, just cuz. But when I told her our old dog somehow got pregnant again. I decided to have the puppy fetuses destroyed. Oh, my god!! I am evil grandpa. lol.

Health insurance for pets. That's absurd to me, just as it is absurd to me that someone would want to force a woman to give birth to a human, pretty well knowing she couldn't support or raise the child, knowing that the government won't give a crap about the baby once it is born.

A dog?!!!!

That does not compute in my mind as a grandpa.

Are there Americans who care that much more about a basic animal than other humans? For sure. PETA.

Would I like to eat a side of beef instead of a naked human female painted as a leopard? Nope.:It's just a matter of should I use a knife and a fork, or just use what nature gave me naturally.

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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 10:54 PM
reply to post by kyred

You mistook the meaning of my thread I thing, probably my fault as I'm

new to this.

I live in a Socialized Med Country.

If told my father needed 200,000 in health care costs, we wouldn't have to

even "consider" it . As I had to with the dog

The costs , whatever they were , are covered .

No need for a "He had a good run " conversation.

posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 01:31 AM
reply to post by Sean48

I live in Australia.

As a kid in an isolated, inbred saw-milling town I saw kid after kid die from having a hole in the heart, apparently hereditary there, which the parents could not afford operations for.

Some people say there is always charity, but that's not true at all. These kids just gradually sickened and died, as their parents were uneducated no-one who could have helped was interested.

Once Medicare came and these people could get health care the poverty cycle was broken. Kids could get healthy and escape from the town and new people became interested in moving there, bringing money, ideas, and improving educational standards.

Later, when I was a single mum with no money and young handicapped kids, when the youngest was having a bad asthma attack I could just pop him onto my back and run up the hill to the Angliss Hospital, (taxis and ambulances took too long to arrive,) and there was no worry over money. He was treated as well as any wealthy kid and has now grown into a strong, healthy man who can contribute his share of taxes to keep funding care for others.

Re pets, we'd all starve for a week if our darling cat needed money for treatment and we didn't have it. When you take a pet into your family it gives you all its love and you are responsible for its life. That is not an obligation a decent person can take lightly.

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