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UK Sterilization Program now Focuses on young girls in 'deprived areas'

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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 03:48 PM
Just 10 days after the BBC reported on a pilot scheme in two deprived inner city areas where teenage girls are to be given the contraceptive pill without prescription from pharmacies. Contraceptive Pill Without Prescription in Deprived Areas

It has now been announced that the HPV vaccination scheme (in reality a sterilization program), is now to focus on young girls in 'deprived areas'. The most important paragraph in the article is the last one which I've quoted below Cervical Vaccinations to Focus on Young Girls in Deprived Areas

"Importantly, the results back up the need for the HPV vaccination to be given in schools at an age before they start having sex, especially among girls in deprived areas."

The sterilization program under the guise of 'Cervical Cancer Vaccination' is running side by side with the depopulation program under the guise of 'Swine Flu Vaccination'. Remember the pregnant women were called up first for the Swine Flu vaccine; the fertile are the main targets.

It is well known from looking at the history of secret sterilization programs around the world that it is fertile women who are targeted. They are not interested in males; the easiest way to reduce a population is to target the females (for obvious reasons)
UNICEF Nigerian Polio Vaccine Contaminated; Sterilizing Agents Discovered In Vaccines Are Harmful and Toxic

As for 'Cervical Cancer', it is rare in teenagers and young women. The women most at risk are around 50. The vaccine makers have said on the occasions that their vaccine does work, it will give a maximum of 5 years protection. This clearly shows that there is another agenda behind the HPV mass vaccination program.

The western world is bankrupt, it's been decided that the time has come to drastically reduce our population. Of course the people would never accept this, so you need a fairytale to go with it.

Some would even speculate that Jade from UK Big Brother's death from Cervical Cancer was a little bit too convenient, she was on the front pages of newspapers and womens magazines for months, paving the way for the mass HPV vaccination program that has been active in many UK schools
Jade Goody: celebrity's fatal illness changed cervical cancer attitudes

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