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BTS Predictions for 2010. From the Members of BTS

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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 02:16 PM
Hello everyone. Since nobody here at Below Top Secret posted
prediction thread for 2010. Feel free to post predictions. I would like
everyone to come back in December 2010 to see if any of them came true.
Also Please number them.

My Predictions for 2010.....

1.Expect Amtrak to start running trains on 3 new long distance routes that were once abandoned and had Amtrak Service on them I'm not sure about where, but feel that there will be 2 in the east and one in the West.

2.Obama poll numbers will be down to 30% by November

3.Gas reaches $3.50 or so by October. $4 in California

4.The removal or amendment to a law that requires new rail lines to have an 18 month environmental impact study to be either reduced to 3 to 6 months or to be removed all together.

5.US troops in Pakistan by November. They only stay a month or two.

6.Colder Temperatures in July especially some unusual snow fall in the Rockies. I want to say Denver, but also Washington State, Wyoming, and Yellowstone area. This is the beginning of Global Warming becoming less and less of an issue.

7.Whaling ship sunk by extremist. Whalers are saved by the people on the Whale Wars ship but they weren't the ones that sunk the whaling ship. Maybe somebody else who has more info on the name of the ship that is featured in the Whale War TV show.

8.UFO sighted above White House. Closest thing we get to a landing on the White House. Still no disclosure on the subject by US Government.

9.San Antonio obtains money to put down rails for its first Rail Streetcar. Construction begins in Late February 2011.

10.Austin , TX New Commuter Rail starts running this year. By November, talk about Increasing service along rail line and to introduce service to include Burnet, and to Austin's Airport

11. 3 entire Neighborhoods in Detroit get bulldozed. An area of about 2 Square Miles.

12.A +7.0 Earthquake on West coast. Not in big city or near major metro area like SF or LA.

And Finally, the bad number....
13.3 states try to pass Mileage base tax instead of taxing new electric hybrids by the amount of electricity they use.

Well I hope some of these things become bonkers.

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