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Electro-Magnetic Motor, blue sky ideas...

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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 02:03 PM

Wanted to start my first topic on a subject close to my heart and an on going interest I have had.

I remember being fascinated by a tiny eletric motor that I had discovered after deciding I needed to dismantle my nearly new birthday gift, a remote control electric car.

I played around with this little motor for ages until later in my school days I decided to build my own motor that would be housed in a wooden case and show a motor spindle suspended in mid air by two magnets.

I built my first proper motor in college as part of my engineering paper however the clever bit was the magnetic coupling shaft that drove a gear set at the other end.

The shaft was connected by the magnetic attraction but forced to sit 1 mm apart, acting as a bearing but also using the magnetic force to drive the gears (once enough torque was generated).

Now I have been wondering why engineers have not thought about designing a motor specifically for a high performance vehicle.

My idea revolves around a gyroscope bearing that generates revolutions through it's gyroscopic motion, this motion is then translated into drive through some kind of torque coupling that keeps mechanical loss to a minimum.

Now if this gyroscope was then assisted by a magnetic driver unit (taking the concept of an electric motor where the magnets are manipulated at high speed to switch their states adding more rpms to the shaft), the whole unit could become a powerful engine to drive machinery and motor vehicles.

The Gyroscope Effect is interesting and I will be posting a good link shortly however in brief the idea is to induce the gyroscope using magnetic forces causing it to keep working in motion, never stopping as it is constantly being driven by it's own motion and 'persuaded' by the magnetic couplers.

In essence the perfect bearing that never degrades, instead remains operational as long as it is being driven through a high/low motion consistently.

This is blue sky thinking folks so my aim is to post this and start to get feedback from like minded tech heads.

The key concept here is suspending a driver unit in a constant field of magnetic force that through some yet to be defined induction (electrical pulse on the magnets?) that creates a truely free moving frictionless engine.

Discuss ;-)

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