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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 01:57 PM
Sometimes on ATS, very important topics are brought into the attention of the members of the board. But regretfully, even they might battle against it for sometime by the help of the interested posters, they will eventually disappear under the flood of thread bombardment. Do you ever feel sorry to see important and informative threads to drown amidst of less important threads? Then this is your chance to improve that issue. This is an experimental thread which aims to preserve those important threads. There are many threads on ATS which provide valuable information in various matters; some are even unique compared to the rest of the internet. Some threads are like mini-scale researches’, which include both pro and con viewpoints, while delivering critical information for those, who wish to seek. Even that many of the important threads may not be conclusive in respect of the information they provide, they nevertheless may provide valuable information.

I am unsure whether there have been such attempts in the past. I did some searches and didn’t find any relevance to the keywords I used. The case might be that I used wrong keywords. But I am sure that if this thread won’t find resonance in ATS members, or such attempts are made before, this thread will drown under the pile of threads along with the rest of the threads

Why did I created this thread, even though ATS boards include the ‘search’-function? Basically because I thought that it might be a good idea to have also a collective thread, where members can list their favorite threads, and then other members may rate them by giving stars to the listed threads. The aim is, that in the end on this thread will be listed myriad of threads, and with a quick glance a random ATS member can view through the suggested threads and see whether it has received approval of other members in form of stars they might’ve received.

Let us begin. Please keep in mind that this thread is experimentation. It might fail or it may prove to become valuable resource. Basically, much depends on you, dear poster. Show the quality of ATS membership and contribute accordingly.


1. Please refrain from discussion in this thread. This is only for thread listing purpose. If you feel the urgent need of commenting this thread, please U2U me. If you like the idea generally, you can always star and/or flag, no need for individual comments.

2. Once more, refrain from idle chatter or posting comments! It is very important in order to make any use of this thread.

3. Try to list important threads that provide decent information. Of course, the importance of information is always judged by the poster himself.

4. Yes, you can also post your own threads, but please keep in mind, that other members may find it funny if you keep posting some irrelevant or annoying propaganda.

5. Try to hold it up with the format, because for the sake of the value of this thread, it is important that following characteristics are found in posts: The name of the board, where the thread was posted. The title of the thread (as a link) and the name of the author, short abstract and then perhaps you individual comments below. You can also post multiple threads in a single post. You can also use another type of format, but it is highly recommended that preceding things are found in each post, for the sake of the readers. (Two of my next posts should give you better idea about it.)

Thank you.


posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 01:57 PM
Science & Technology.

TEQUILAsunrise - AKA Norway Spiral - Proof it was a scientific experiment
Author: danman23

Abstract: This thread provides interesting information about “Norwegian Lights” that occurred in the sky 9th of December 2009 in Norway.

Comments: I found this thread really informative. The author had put some real effort to research the phenomena. This in an example post to demonstrate the intended format.


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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 01:58 PM
Psychology, Philosophy and Metaphysics.

Discussion of the Meaning of Our Lives in a Currently Unraveling Drama, and the Logic of Our Centers
Author: orwellianunenligtenment

Abstract: The thread approaches the human ego from both, social and individual perspective, presented in stream-of-consciousness type writing. Addresses issues like ego, consciousness and humanity in general.

Comments: I found this thread very intriguing. While it has been typed in unprocessed format, the information value in my individual opinion was absolutely massive.


General Conspiracy Discussion.

NAVY Space Command Uncovered
Author: zorgon

Abstract: This thread provides information for those, who are interested about UFOs and their relationships with the US army.

Comments: This was another example of the format – while the format is not strict; following things should always be mentioned: 1) Board it was posted on. 2) Name of the thread and a link to it. 3) Author of the thread. 4) Abstract or short description what the thread is about and last 4) your own comments if you have any.


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posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 02:33 PM
Aliens UFOs forum:

USO Research




Fascinating thread which deals with the subject of USOs (Unidentified Submerged Objects) and contains some extremely interesting accounts,reports and testimony from the world's Naval Officers, Ship Captains, crewmen, sailors, submariners, coastguards, sonar operators, fishermen, pilots and policemen.


Awesome thread with a huge amount of credible,intriguing reports - the sheer number of which is quite surprising.
Came away from this thread thinking that the subject was a very real one and that UFOs and USOs are one in the same.


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posted on Dec, 22 2009 @ 02:46 AM
Ancient civilizations, myths and Legends.

E-Books of Interest
Author: serbsta

Abstract: There are some free online books listed on this thread. A good source of resources for those that are interested in matter.

Comments: What can I say? An important and good thread, which should not be lost. While not maiking opinion on the correctness of the information in those books, some of them are still worth of read.


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