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The *real* battle for the ionosphere: HAARP v. Collective Conscious

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posted on Dec, 20 2009 @ 11:12 PM
There are many questions about HAARP, but one question no one is asking is why is this specifically targeting the ionosphere? Whatever HAARP does, whether it's weather control, mood control, or something else, why is it pointed there? Why not the troposphere, or stratosphere, or magnetosphere? What is so important about the ionosphere that all of the HAARP energy needs to go there?

well a search of this site for "ionosphere" will give you some startling clues as to a battle that may be going on for control of this layer.

I was watching the new Quantum Physics video "Small Secrets"

Quantum Physics - Small Secrets

and towards the end something jumped out big time.

Part 14 talks about energy (measurable voltage spikes) transmitting from the sun to our human bodies at faster than the speed of light. This is worthy of further investigation, as well as the question of "can we talk back?"

Part 16 (final part) talks about the collective human emotions on earth, and that they gather in the ionosphere. The sensor experiments from these guys sound fascinating, including what they measured on 9/11.

Global Coherence Initiative

There are more topics here on ATS about this as well. So the ionosphere is like the collective "emotion" of all humans on earth? And if you wanted to block, control or manipulate this collective force, you'd need multiple weapons around the globe directing energy into the ionosphere.

So China and Russia making their own HAARP-like energy weapons may be part of the plan. My theory is that these weapons aren't meant to fight each other. They are meant to work together to dominate the ionosphere and take control away from our collective conscious, and whatever we could potentially do with the 90% of our brain that we haven't figured out how to use yet.

As a Scientist and Engineer I have always been skeptical about the whole "cosmic powers" stuff, but this video and all of the physics involved are giving me a new take on this.

The more I learn about 2012, the more I am starting to realize that this is some type of evolution event for the human race, where we can start using more of our natural abilities of our mind, heart, and body, that we don't know how to use yet. Perhaps we will start to learn some form of telepathy, new healing mechanisms, whatever. But we'll never get there if our collective emotions are full of fear, hate, and negative emotions. So perhaps this whole 2012 disaster fear-campaign is a psy-op to keep us from focusing on the real potential we could be unlocking for ourselves.

posted on Dec, 21 2009 @ 08:12 AM
reply to post by tonygal

Because the ionosphere can reflect electromagnetic radiation, and that's useful for communication.

Everything is answered here. the people who think HAARP is anything more are just being ignorant - HAARP's abilities are well-known, and it's rather boring - communication.

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